First experience with mature woman whilst at colle


First experience with mature woman whilst at colleHi everyone. This is my first time writing about my experiences so I hope you enjoy. This is a true story about my first time with a mature woman whilst at college in London. Btw, I am Ryan. I am fairly athletic build, semi pro boxer, about 5 ft 9, olive skin, short hair. 8 inch cock, very thick and fat.I went to one of those higher education colleges so there was a large number of mature students. People who were coming back to study… Government was paying their fees to help them get into work. In my class there was a girl called Sarah. I was 17 and she was 30. She was a mature student who decided to come back to get an education. When I was 17 I was not as athletic, I was slim but still strong.Sara was slim, pale, boobs,were about 36, brunette. Even though she was petite she was very toned… I loved to look at her sexy legs in class.We were good classmates and always flirted with each other…. She was very maternal… I just enjoyed being friends with someone so sophisticated and classy. And she treated me like an adult. And you know it’s like at college, all the boys think they are cool and all the girls are either book worms are slutty.We stayed close friends for the whole year and at the end of the year we were studying together to prepare for our modular exams. One day, I met Sarah as usual in the library. But that day she looked different. She was wearing a red low cut v neck t-shirt… showing her lovely pale skin and the cleavage of her milky boobs. She was almost always modestly dressed, and I had never before seen her cleavage… To be honest I didn’t even realise her boobs were that big… And seeing them made me skip a heart beat. She also wore a black skirt that was thigh length… It was not a tight skirt but one that was loose and flairy… Like, a summer skirt with pleats in it. I could see her very sexy toned legs and her beautiful thighs. They were not skinny but beautifully curvy.Seeing her like that I Immediately had naughty thoughts, I’m a guy after all. I tried to shake off the dirty thoughts And sat next to her and started working on our revision. I did compliment her on her outfit and she smiled and told me she had a party to go to tonight so was making a bit more effort. As I sat next to her with my head buried in my books I was trying to concentrate on my studies. But in the corner of my eye I could see down her top… She had a red bra on… I could only just see the top of it, but it made me really really hot. At that age it didn’t take much to get me going ;)Sarah clearly noticed me enjoying her boobs with my eyes and being a flirt she gently leaned in closer towards me… She gently scratched the top of her boobs as she read her book….. Teasing me. I could see that in the middle of her bra was a little black bow… I found that insanely sexy. Her bobs were big but her bra separated them.I was getting really hot, I could feel the blood bursa escort gushing in my cock and starting to make it erect, leaving a very visible bulge in my jeans…. It was getting uncomfortable so I started twitching in my seat. I love the feeling of getting an erection…. It’s hard to explain but it feels so nice when it happens just by looking at something rather than playing with your dick. Sarah noticed me twitching and then looked down at my bulge, knowing she was looking at it made me feel more aroused.She softly put a hand on my thigh and leaned over to me… She gently whispered in my ear… ‘Ryan you naughty boy, we are here to study’. Her voice was deep and soft. I was so embarassed and went bright red….her voice was very husky and I had never heard her speak in such a way before. Like a fool I could only say to her ‘I’m sorry, seeing you in this outfit is very distracting’.She then gently stroked my thigh with her hand and looked at me, I could tell she was thinking something, she didn’t say anything for a few seconds…a small smile appeared on her face and then she whispered to me ‘okay, well let’s remove the distraction, follow me’. I guess the bulge was very big, all 8 inches of my v v thick cock coiled up in my pants like a snake…. There was no mistaking what was inside my pants 🙂 The head was clearly visible… You could trace it with your fingers… That’s how clear it was.Sarah took her hand off my thigh and then grabbed my arm gently, she stood up and pulled me behind her. Her confidence, boldness and domination turned me on even more. My legs were frozen and I think I was in a bit of shock, not sure what was going on… Also my cock was so hard as I stood up it was poking out of my jeans….. I was worried someone would notice the bulge.I followed her to the back of the library where it was very quiet and dark…. She then took me between two shelves of books. From here we could see anyone approaching, but they could not see us until they got really close…. I could see the naughty look in Her eyes… She was a woman possessed. She dropped down to her knees, looked up at me and smiled as she unbuttoned my jeans… She looked excited… Like she was about to unwrap a present… Lol.She grabbed the side of my jeans with both hands and pulled down my jeans and underwear together. She did this very slowly, purposefully and teasingly… As she pulled down below my thighs, my fully erect cock flicked out. It was like a coiled snake that sprung out. Almost slapped her across the face… Hehehehe.She giggled and told me how thick my cock was… And that she had never seen one this thick. I think she was being polite, but either way it made my day.There was a small bead of precum on my cock. The bead of precum slowly got bigger and then it was starting to slowly drip… Sarah quickly took the tip of her tongue and licked the head of my cock to stop the precum from hitting the floor.Her tounge bursa escort bayan was wet and warm, the feeling of this was so intense… My cock was throbbing. I have a vein that runs from tip to base of my cock, it’s thick and when I get really erect as the blood flows through the vain the cock twitches, like a mini heartbeat.She giggled and said ‘this cock is alive’.She then, opened her mouth and placed her lips over the head of my cock….She gently and deliberately pushed her mouth in…. Her mouth was now covering the entire head, her mouth was really wet and warm and it felt awesome. She gently rocked her head backwards and forwards and with every motion she put her mouth in deeper. I found this very stimulating, my knees were feeling week and my balls were tightening…. I needed a break so I gently grabbed the back of her head and pulled it away from my cock. I rested my cock on her face, my cock was glistening with wetness. I arched my back, exposing my balls. She didn’t need an invitation and knew what I wanted. She first licked them delicately and then sucked each one into her mouth one at a time, whist gently stroking my cock. It didn’t take long for my balls to tighten up again as the cum was filling up. I grabbed Sarah by her arms and made her stand up, I switched positions with her and went down onto my knees. I gently stroked the inside of her thighs and lifted her skirt up, I noticed she had matching panties and also there was already a massive wet spot… Also the smell…. THE SMELL!!! so sweet and enticing.I caressed her buttocks and worked my way up to the top of her knickers, I gently pulled them down her things and then they fell around her ankles. She had very luscious pussy lips and a big clit protruding out between them. I pushed her legs apart and then took my tounge and softly placed it right at the base of the vagina near the ass hole. I slowly and purposely licked up, gently inserting my tongue in between her lips, all the way up to her clit. Her pussy tasted amazing…. I started licking up and down and with every stroke I tried to get my tongue in deeper.Being somewhat inexperienced at that age, I was trying to pay attention to her body, her reactions and her quiet moans to work out what her sweet spot was. I realised she liked it most when I went anywhere near her clit so I decided to focus on that area…. As I was sucking, licking, biting and rubbing her clit with my tongue I took a finer and made it wet with her pussy juices. I then put the finger over her ass hole and gently caressed her ass hole, I had once seen this in a porn film so thought why not try it. And she loved it… As I continued i could feel her asshole twitch – it was spasming. Her pussy released a lot of juice and she grabbed the back of my head as she grinded my face with her hips. Her moans became louder and she sounded breathless. Suddenly she pushed her nees together and pushed my head back, almost knocking escort bursa me over. I then stood up, we passionately kissed for a while and then she told me she wanted my cock inside her. I told her I don’t have any protection and she told me she is on the pill.. Being 17, having a wet inviting pussy in front of me and a throbbing hard cock between my legs I didn’t think twice (looking back now, how stupid of me). As we were both standing I asked her to lie down on the carpet. She obliged. I got on top of her and then gently rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy and clit. I was doing it to lubricate my cock but she seems to like it so I did it a bit longer. I then gently placed my cock between her wet lips and pushed forward with my hip.I was surprised how tight she was… My cock would only go in half an inch… She told me to gently rock my cock in and out. And with every stroke I got a bit more of my cock in.Once I had all 8 inches inside her she told me to rest a few seconds…. I could feel her vagina mould around my cock as it got used to this thick cock. I started to fuck her using the 7-1 rule that I read about. 7 shallow thrusts and then 1 deep thrust. The 7 shallow ones were fast and hard, and the 1 deep one was slow and teasing.As I had her on her back, her boobs were spilling out of her bra, so I took a hand and pulled her top and bra down. She had amazing perfect pink nipples, about an inch long. I took my tounge and licked around her nipple, in circles slowly closing in on ther nipple. Once on the nipple, I licked it, pushed it in with my tongue, sucked on it, bit it gently with my teeth and flicked it with my tongue.So as I am working on her nipple and also fucking her pussy, I could feel her body getting very twitchy. She was matching my thrusts with the grinding of her hips. And she was biting my ear lobe as I was working on her nipples. She put her hands on my ass and started to pull me in deeper…I was now very breathless and could feel my balls filling with a lot of cum, I told her I was about to cum and needed to pull out. She said no. Actually she almost commanded me. She told me to keep going as she was close and wanted us to cum together and inside her. Her nails started digging into my ass as my thrusts got deeper and faster. She arched her back, her eyes rolled into the top of her eyes and seeing her in this state I could not hold on any longer. Involuntarily my cum exploded inside her. And it was not just one release. After the initial explosion, for about another 5 strokes more and more cum exploded out…. As I started cumming, and my hot cum hit her pussy she also climaxed and her vagina nearly tore my cock off, she gripped it that hard. I could feel her orgasm, the muscles in her pussy pulsating and gripping my cock.I laid on top of her for a few moments and then slowly pulled out my cock. There was a large pool of both our cum on the carpet and her pussy was completely soaked with it all dripping down her thighs and also down her vagina and over her ass hole. We both got up, and walked back to the desks.We never spoke of it ever again and continued to stay friends for a few years until we lost touch after university.

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