First Gay Massage 3rd Meeting


This story continues from Second gay massage where Greg and I had our second encounter with both of us enjoying the other.


As we had discussed the evening before about meeting again for a day of sex, Greg text me that he had cleared his entire day, ready for me to come around. I grinned wildly at the thought of spending an entire day pleasuring each other, my cock stiffening instantly. I finished my coffee and headed out the door, eager to get to Greg’s.

I soon arrived at Greg’s house, heading around to the side door as always. As I got to the door, I saw a note saying “come in, lock the door and find me!” I liked this plan, quickly locking the door behind me before slipping my shorts to the floor, allowing my very hard cock to spring free and taking off my shirt. I walked to his bedroom where to my delight I found him laying back on the bed, his hand wrapped around that amazing 7″ cock with his legs spread wide, that smooth hole waiting for me.

Greg looked up at me with lust in his eyes, released his cock and asked what I wanted for breakfast. I said I wanted a smorgasbord, ready to have a bit of everything before moving between his legs, pushing them up to his chest with his arse right before me. I lowered my mouth to his arse, softly pressing my tongue at his hole while my hand worked over his balls, caressing them gently before ending up wrapped around his cock.

While tonguing his arse, Greg moaned in delight, telling me he could not wait for me to come over in the morning, eager to have me take his length inside my tight hole. Lifting my mouth from him for only a moment, I said I felt the same, that I wanted to please him, to get his cock hard and wet by swallowed him before taking his length inside my eager arse again. With that, I moved up the bed a little further, bringing my mouth to the head of his cock.

As I lowered my mouth to him, I took in the manly scent he was giving off, causing me to want him even more. I pressed my lips to his knob, allowing it to push between my lips, taking him ever so slowly. I eased further down his cock, enjoying every vein and bulge as it entered me. Eventually I had my lips at the base of his cock, feeling his knob down my throat as I sucked him hard, swirling my tongue around his shaft.

With his cock buried inside my eager wetness, Greg let out a moan, begging me to fuck his cock deep with my mouth. I gladly obliged, lifting my head just enough his knob slid from my throat before dropping back down to his base. With this, Greg began panting hard, thrusting his hips to meet my mouth as it engulfed him.

I continued this until I could take his cock pounding my throat no more, lifting my mouth from him, as I moved my body up his. Still in ecstasy from my deep throating he had his eyes closed until he felt me push his legs together and me straddle him. I held his cock the whole time, still working my hand up and down him as I reached for some lube, applying a fair amount to his cock, working it all over with my hand.

His eyes rolled back as I brought my arse over his cock, resting myself on his awesome swollen knob. With him almost entering me, I let go with my hand, lowered my body against his chest and looked into his eyes. I gave him a soft kiss, receiving one in return as I asked him if he wanted me, if he was ready to have my arse take his length. He moaned in pleasure telling me he was beyond ready, that I needed to take him right then.

Being as eager to take him as he was to be taken, I gently lowered myself onto him, enjoying the entire sensation of his cock easing inside me, loving the feel of his large mushroomed head entering me with a “pop” before his throbbing shaft slid deep within me until I had taken him completely. Having engulfed his length, I sat up, taking a little more inside me, feeling it pressing against my insides.

I held myself there for a moment, letting my arse get used to him again before he looked up at me, ran his hands up my chest, over my shoulders and down my arms then pulled me izmit rus escort back onto his chest. He continually looked into my eyes as our mouths met, our tongues entwining each other as I began to rock back and forth on his cock, feeling him deep in my arse.

Breaking the kiss, he said how great my arse felt, how he had wanted it wrapped around his cock since last night. A agreed, saying he felt good inside me, also wanting him since last night. Still rocking on his cock, I again lifted myself up, sitting hard on his member as I rested my hands on his chest, lifting my arse off his hips, letting him slide almost from me before letting myself down on him again.

I continued this for some time, picking up the pace until I was fucking him hard and fast, both of us grunting and groaning the entire time. Greg kept telling me to fuck him hard, to ride his cock till it exploded inside my arse. I gladly obliged, lifting myself up and slamming hard back down onto him. I could feel a deep pleasure growing inside myself, feeling as if I was about to cum but slightly different. I became aware what the feeling was when suddenly I orgasmed with almighty force, but not cumming as I fell onto Greg’s chest, my heart racing!

Greg held me close asking if that was my first anal orgasm which I confessed it was. He said there was nothing like it and glad to give me my first. As I regained my composure, Greg asked if I wanted to rest for a bit. I said that I still wanted to be fucked so he could fuck me for a while but I don’t think my legs will hold me up at the minute. With that, Greg rolled me off his chest, letting his cock slip from me and let me lay along side him, still reeling from my orgasm.

While laying there, Greg, lifted himself up, moving between my legs, pulling them wide so as to get good access to my now gaping hole. Looking down as he positioned himself at my entrance, he said how he still could not believe he was lucky enough to be taking such a great arse before pressing himself against me. As I was still open and wet from riding him, he slid easily inside me, giving me his length. I wrapped my legs around his waist, telling him he felt so amazing inside my arse, pulling him as deep as possible into me.

With my arse full and Greg eager to fuck me, He slowly began to thrust in and out of me, letting me feel his length working back and forth. I was loving the feeling, willing to let myself be taken by Greg’s every desire. As he fucked me passionately, I begged him to have me as he wished, to fuck me like I was his own sex toy. He was obviously thrilled at me saying this as he told me he was going to fuck me like his little cum whore, that he wasn’t going to stop until I had taken his load. I happily agreed, telling him I wanted his load so bad, to fuck me hard until I have taken his seed.

Before long, I noticed Greg’s face start to twist in delight, knowing he was on the verge of cumming, I begged him to fuck me, to fill me up. Greg gladly did so as before long, he grabbed my hips, pulled me to him as I felt his balls slap my arse and his cock hit my depths, holding me there as he shot his hot sticky load over and over into me. I lay there blissfully taking every drop until he was spent, shooting his final load into me before collapsing on my chest, both of us panting hard.

As we both regained some composure and got control of our breathing, Greg brought his lips to mine as we began an extremely passionate and loving kiss unlike anything we had earlier. I felt Greg’s softening cock slip from my arse and a good amount of cum ooze down my crack as he lifted himself up and lay beside me, embracing each other like lovers.

While laying there, Greg said that I keep amazing him with how good our sex is, how it gets better and better every time we fuck! He had no arguments from me as even though I was still somewhat inexperienced, I felt he was getting the best from me but I wasn’t done yet, still eager for more! We lay there for some time, Greg, stroking my semi hard cock izmit escort as I ran my hands over his chest, occasionally pulling his face to mine for a quick kiss.

Almost drifting to sleep, I felt Greg get up off the bed, telling me he would be back in a minute with a drink. Laying there almost asleep, I recounted the mornings events, how I enjoyed taking him fully down my throat, the pleasure of him first entering me, the delight of riding him to my first anal orgasm and finally him taking me until he came inside my arse. While thinking of this, I felt a tingle in my cock, reaching to find it starting to grow.

Soon Greg returned with a drink but was stopped at the foot of the bed by the sight of me stroking my hardening cock. Without opening my eyes, I heard him put the drinks down beside the bed then felt the bed move as he sat beside me. As I continued to play with my now hard cock, I opened my eyes to see Greg watching me intently. Greg saw me looking at him before saying what a good sight it was coming back into the room to a hard cock being stroked!

With a look of want in his eyes, Greg leaned over my cock, telling me he would give some help. He moved my hand from my cock, replacing it with his as he lowered his head to my knob. I let out a moan of pleasure at the feel of his expert lips engulfing my knob, enjoying it even more as he worked my full 6″ down his throat, pleasuring me in ways I never thought possible. As he slid up and down my length, I could feel him sucking hard, pulling my cock back into his throat. I tipped my head back into the pillows in a world of ecstasy, not being able to comprehend the pleasure I was getting!

After a while I didn’t want to, but asked Greg to stop sucking me as he was going to make me cum before long. He lifted his head from me long enough to tell me he wanted me to cum, to give him my load before dropping his head down my cock, taking me balls deep. He kept sucking me hard, almost bringing me to orgasm, somehow knowing this before slowing down, letting me calm down a bit before bringing me close again. He kept me in a moment of almost cumming for a fair time until eventually I begged him that I needed to cum, to suck the cum from my balls.

With my desire to cum heard, Greg picked up the pace, pumping his mouth up and down my quivering cock, taking it from tip to base over and over when suddenly I grabbed his head, pulled him to the base of my cock as I thrust up into him, grunting loudly and unloading what felt like the biggest load I had ever cummed down his eager throat. Greg managed to swallow most of my sticky mess, as I released his head, Greg letting most of me slide from his mouth, holding my knob between his lips and sucking the last drips from me.

With my cock spent and Greg’s mouth coated with my cum, Greg moved from between my legs and beside me on the bed. As he lay down, I said that was the best head job I had ever gotten bar none, and couldn’t believe he was so good. Greg said he was glad he did a good job before bringing his lips to meet mine. Although I had tasted cum a few times, I was startled at the thought of tasting mine from his mouth but couldn’t turn back as Greg pressed his lips to mine, pushing his cum covered tongue inside my mouth. I suddenly realised that the taste was ok but the erotic idea of sucking my cum from his mouth grew to be something exceptional.

After kissing for a while, we eventually relaxed, embracing each other with arms and legs entwined, talking of how good it all was. We both agreed that there was nothing that we didn’t enjoy, every part being amazing. I did however tell Greg that the only thing we hadn’t done that I wanted was to let him have my way with his arse! Greg said the day was only young and that I could have his arse whenever I wanted. With that we lay close, drifting off to sleep.

I awoke several hours later to the sensation of my cock being nice and warm. Opening my eyes slowly I looked down to see Greg’s arse near me and his mouth sucking on me, taking my not so soft cock into his kocaeli escort mouth again. Without him knowing I was awake, I lay there quietly, letting myself grow in his mouth, allowing him to take advantage of the guy sleeping in his bed. After some time and my cock hard, a let out a soft moan, letting Greg know I was awake and enjoying his mouth, Greg moaning in return.

Laying there enjoying Greg’s expert mouth once again, I reached up to his nearby arse, running my fingers up and down his crack. I felt he had already lubed his arse and must have been playing with his hole because as I found his opening, 2 fingers slid inside him easily. Greg let out a pleasing moan as I began to work my fingers in and out of his arse, pressing them to my knuckles each time. We kept this sucking and fucking for some time until Greg took his mouth from me, stroked my cock, looked back at me and said my fingers fucking his arse felt good but my cock would feel better.

Without being told twice, I lifted myself up, still holding my fingers inside him as I positioned myself behind him. I pressed a finger from my other hand into his wet arse, pulling him open, working his arse ready for my cock. With his arse open and ready, I slid my fingers from him, lifting my knob to his opening. My heart was racing at the sight before me, a hot wet arse eager to take me as I please. I pressed my cock to his hole and slid into him with ease, both of us letting out a moan. Greg pushed back to me, taking my length, my legs almost giving way from delight.

Now deep inside Greg’s arse, I grabbed his hips, pushing as deep as possible into him. Greg moaned that my cock felt as good in him as my arse felt on his cock. I loved hearing this, saying we have only just begun. Still holding his hips, I started to move back and forth, easing myself in and out of him. I was amazed at the way Greg was able to control his arse muscles, squeezing my cock every time I slid it from him, giving me tingles all over.

I soon began to fuck Greg harder, both of us moaning, groaning and breathing hard. Greg looked back at me occasionally, unable to speak but the look of pleasure on his face said it all. I was loving having his arse encasing my cock, the feeling of my balls slapping against his as I bottomed out in him, the sensation of his arse massaging my shaft, the whole experience being pure bliss!

With Greg’s muscles working me, it wasn’t long before I was going to cum. I grabbed Greg’s hips hard and grunted that I was going to cum. Greg looked back saying he wanted my cum inside his arse so bad, to fill his arse like he had me. I had full intentions of such, thrusting into him only a few more times before I felt my balls tighten and the surge run along my cock. I pulled Greg’s hips to me, driving myself deep as possible in his arse as I unloaded again with an unbelievable force, causing Greg to moan beneath me as he felt my cum pump inside him.

Once I had drained my balls inside Greg’s arse, I slid my cock from him, pulling him down on the bed beside me. As Greg lay down, he grabbed my softening cock, worked the last few drops of cum over my knob before bringing it to his mouth, cleaning his fingers of my cum. We again lay close, entwining our bodies as we kissed passionately, caressing each others worked bodies as we once again drifted off to sleep.

It was well after dinner time when I woke, Greg still asleep beside me. I decided to go have a shower, while he slept. Once in the shower, I let the warm water run over my body, soaping myself up, causing little jolts of pleasure dart through me as I touched my cock or arse. I was totally delighted with all that had happened that day, wishing more would happen. I finished cleaning myself, got out of the shower and dried. As I walked back into the bedroom Greg was waking up. He looked over at my clean naked body and complimented its amazing abilities. I told Greg he wasn’t too bad himself, can’t wait till next time!

With that we agreed to meet as soon as we could again but next time we would make a weekend of it! I slipped back into my shorts and shirt, gave Greg a short but passionate kiss before heading out the door. The drive home was like being on cloud nine, still thinking of how great the day had been.

To be continued

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