First Hunt

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First HuntThere was a slight chill in the brisk autumn breeze. The leaves, turned red, brown, and yellow, Quivered on their branches. The moonlight shining through the bare branches seemed to warm my soul, or lack there of.This was my first hunt. I’d trained in Tracking and stealth. Still an amateur in the ways of the dark I was anxious for my first kill. The time was about 1:35 and the bars and clubs would be closing soon. Surely there would be a suitable suitor traipsing along out of one of these dens of depravity. I needed a companion. My sire had taught me enough to send me out on my own. Our tastes differed slightly but I was confident I would be able to find a candidate worthy of both of our affections. A steady stream of young revelers came flowing out of a club. It was then I saw my Aphrodite. Her hair was a halo. Almost as blinding as the sun, her petite frame was more gorgeous than a thousand sunsets. Her slim toned legs were those of an exquisite dancer, her firm body called to me. I would make her mine before the night was through!She was alone waiting for a cab so I strolled up to her. As I gazed into her eyes I felt canlı bahis alive again. I introduced myself and asked if I could have the pleasure of taking her home and to my surprise she agreed. She said her name was Sarah and I told her mine was Michael. We slipped into my truck and headed to her place, an apartment off of 23rd and Vine. I parked and she invited me up for a night cap.She floated like an angel to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of red wine. We sipped the wine slowly and discussed out lives. Her lips were blood red and I read desire in her piercing emerald eyes. I could see the depravity under the surface of this divine specimen in front of me. I knew I had found my perfect companion. I placed my finger to her lips as she started to tell some story or other and willed with every ounce of my being her to stop speaking. I lowered myself to her for a light brushing of our lips and my body reacted instantly. She returned my light kiss with one of her own and our lips parted for a meeting of tongues. As our tongues gently massaged each other in a flurry of muted passion, it was all I could do to keep from taking bahis siteleri her right there. I willed myself to wait for the perfect time for I knew that there was much more fun to be had before I turned her.Her skin felt on fire and glowed with a shimmer that I had only read about. I tested the waters and gently nuzzled her neck. I proceeded to take only a nibble ever mindful of my weapons that would soon make her mine for eternity. My hands explored her nubile young body and I could almost not contain myself. The creature inside was roaring with a blood lust that was more powerful than any I had felt before. As I fought against my nature I was even more sure she had to be mine. As I was fighting my urge to turn her here and now I was nibbling her neck and ear side to side and exploring her body. Sarah slipped out of the tight blue blouse she had on and my hands found their way to her beautiful supple chest and explored the small peaks making sure not an inch was untouched. My hand moved ever so slowly down her smooth stomach stopping only to make small circles around her belly button before continuing to the scorching valley between güvenilir bahis her legs. Her panties were quit wet and I rubbed over them gently as Sarah gently moaned. My hand went under the blue cotton panties she had worn as I smelled the desire from her moist cavern below. I gently rubbed her on either side of her lips getting ever so close to her button that would make her loose control. As I teased her with my fingers I kissed all over her chest lightly from one breast to the other. When my finger finally came to work with her clit I took her left nipple into my mouth at the same time. I slowly worked in a circular motion around her tiny little bud as my tongue made a light trail from her left breast to her right. I increased my speed and as my speed increased so did my ladies breathing. Faster and faster round and round my tongue and mouth back and forth from left breast to right. when I thought my soon to be companion was going to hyperventilate she let out a shriek of ecstasy as the walls of her pussy contracted and spasmed under the work of my digits. She slowly recovered as I held her in my arms and kissed her gently. Fighting my demons urge to take her life in her ecstasy. She had the most bewitching satisfied smile I had seen in years. She looked into my eyes and said Your Turn………………………To Be Continued

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