First Little Piggy Pt. 02


A sharp “Knock, knock, knock” at the door startled Milly out of the Gothic romance story she was reading. She shot up out of her seat, holding the book defensively before her, heart pounding she crept towards the door, half convinced she would see the villain from her novel through the peephole.

However, a quick glance had her sighing in relief, it was just her formidable but brilliant boss. She reached out and pulled open the door.

“Lady Wolf, how good to see you, won’t you come in,” said Milly with a genuine smile.

She had always admired her boss, the woman would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. Milly could only hope she was as successful in her own career.

“Why thank you my dear Milly,” said Lady Wolf entering the small modest wooden lodge, that Milly called home. Glancing at the weapon/book in Milly’s hands, she smirked. “You do like to bury your nose in trash, don’t you.”

Milly’s cheeks flared red in embarrassment, and she thrust the book under a cushion out of view. “Erm, wh-what can I help you with today Lady Wolf?” she stuttered trying to regain her composure.

Lady Wolf focused on Milly’s face with a sad look, “Well my dear I’m afraid to say, I’ve got to let you go, your role within the company has been made redundant.”

“What!?” cried Milly dismayed. “But I need my job, and I love working for your company, its the only decent paid place in town, isn’t their any other roles open I could apply for?” she asked desperately.

“Hmmmm…well there is one, but I’m afraid you’re not suited to it my dear.”

“No please, you have to give me a chance, at least tell me what it is, couldn’t you at least give me a trial?” asked Milly, nearly in tears now at the thought of not having a job.

“Well I suppose it’s only fair I give you a shot at it.” said Lady Wolf with a warm smile “You have been a very good employee over the last year. Here take this bag into the other room, you’ve got 10 mins to decide, then the offer is off the table and you won’t get the chance again.”

She thrust a small backpack into Milly’s hands, pushed her across the çankaya escort room to the bedroom and shut her in leaving Milly alone.

Not wanting to waste any time Milly opened the bag and pulled out a piece of A4 paper, it read:


Personal Pig to be owned by Lady Wolf

Job details:

Accommodation will be provided in the barn

Meals will be provided and served from a trough

Preferred characteristics:

Be fluent in oinks, grunts & snorts.

Have a desire to crawl around the barn all day, wallowing in mud.

Minimum requirements:

Must be willing to act as a pig for as long as Lady Wolf desires.

Must play well with others of both genders.

Must wear pig ears, nose & tail at all times.

Pig will be naked at all times.

Well Milly’s brain might not quite know what to make of that job offer, but her cunt appeared to know what it wanted. She was so turned on by the thought, she could hardly resist from touching herself. Curious she looked into the bag again and pulled out some pink pig ears, nose and a butt plug, with a spiral pigs tail. There was a little tag on the plug that read “if you accept the position, the job will start as soon as your decision time is up, be ready!”

OMG! thought Milly I get to try this out right now! With her cunt already gushing and the image of credit card bills rolling in her head, she decided to throw caution to the wind and just go with it. She stripped off her clothes quickly, put on the pig nose and ears, skipped over to her bedside table for some lube and expertly inserted the plug into her waiting hole. A quick glance in the mirror told her she looked very cute, she gave herself a quick ass wriggle for luck, making the tail bounce, and then she determinedly made her way out of the bedroom, back to the waiting Lady Wolf. She was going to rock this position!

As soon as she walked back into the main room, Milly had her eyes locked on Lady Wolf, hoping she liked what she saw. Lady Wolf’s eyes lit up with savage delight when Milly appeared, but as çankırı escort Milly approached, the small smile that had been forming, quickly turned into a frown. Milly paused wondering what she had done wrong already, she thought quickly, and then with a flash of inspiration instantly dropped to her hands and knees, crawling the rest of the distance to Lady Wolf’s feet. Glancing up she was delighted to see the smile back on Lady Wolf’s face.

“Well my dear, you certainly look the part, but I had no idea you’d be such a natural, I am impressed so far…hmm, let me hear how fluent you are in piggy.”

Milly wished she had taken the time to practice a bit before she left the bedroom, but she tried out a few snorting sounds, and was surprised how well they sounded. Spurred on by Lady Wolf’s delighted laughter she continued with enthusiasm “snort, snort, oink, oink, grunt grunt grunt.” she chorused.

“Oh bravo, my dear little pig.” smiled Lady Wolf. “My little pig deserves a treat for that, here have a truffle.” and so saying she dropped a chocolate truffle on the floor in front of Milly.

Milly ate it up right off the floor with delight, she loved chocolate!

“Very good, now follow me little pig I have someone I want you to meet.” Lady Wolf headed out the door at a quick pace, and it took all of Milly’s attention to try and keep up with her, on her hands and knees.

As they progressed down the road Lady Wolf would occasionally drop truffles, that Milly happily ate up as they went. It was slow progress, as occasionally the truffles would bounce off the road and Milly would have to go scampering off after them, and found herself bounding through bushes with her nose to the ground on the hunt for the elusive truffle.

They had nearly reached a little thatched cottage, when Lady Wolf dropped another truffle to the ground in front of Milly, but then trod on it before Milly could get close enough to get her mouth around it.

“Oh dear” feigned Lady Wolf in mock contrite, “I guess you’ll just have to lick it off the bottom of my boot.” And so propping herself up against çayyolu escort the fence for balance she held her foot out expectantly.

Milly thought to herself, that this had been one of the most enjoyable hours of her life and she was going to stop at nothing to make Lady Wolf happy, so she ambled over on all fours, and obediently licked enthusiastically at the bottom of Lady Wolf’s boot, adding in a few grunts and snorts for good measure.

When Lady Wolf had inspected the bottom of her boot to ensure Milly had done a good job, she pushed open the gate which led into the little thatched cottage, ushering Milly in before her.

Inside Milly stopped with a start, across the other side of the garden was a large busted woman, naked apart from the same pig accessories Milly had on, but absolutely covered in mud, she appeared to be sun bathing, but as soon as she heard the gate slam shut behind them, she was up like a shot and bounding over to them, snorting and grunting in greeting.

She looked at Milly with interest, and then up at Lady Wolf with full admiration and lust.

“Hello Tilly, have you been having fun in the mud?”asked Lady Wolf with a warm smile “I’ve brought you a friend to play with. I’ve got another errand to run, but whilst I’m gone I want you two to make a good start on getting to know each other, and I’ve got just the game for you to play. Tilly, bend over and stick that ass high in the air for me.”

Tilly obediently did as requested, and squealed with delight as Lady Wolf thrust two fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt. “Mmm, lovely my dear, hear I have a little something to occupy that gasping cunt of yours.” And so saying she took the last remaining truffle and shoved it deep inside, making Tilly squeak.

“Now Milly, it’s your job to get the truffle out using only your tongue!” she said very firmly and waited until Milly warily nodded her head in agreement, before continuing. “Tilly my dear, you can make it as easy or as difficult as your like for her, I suppose it depends on how long you want to keep that eager little of tongue of hers fastened to your cunt.”

Tilly’s face lit up at that thought and she smirked at Milly, with lustful delight in her eyes.

“Have fun my little piggies!” said Lady Wolf with a smile and sauntered out of the garden, on the hunt now for Little Piggy No. 3…

End of part 2.

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