First Love!

“Once inside I stood there unsure of what I should do as Joan put her purse down on the dresser as I followed her example, did the same with mine.

I just stood there feeling excited, but a little nervous. She sensed it and told me to relax and have a seat while she got out a bottle of wine that she already had chilled in a bucket of ice. She poured us both a glass, then joined me on the bed.

She went on to tell me how she admired long hair. I had it up in a bun and she pushed a strand off my forehead.

“Do you mind?” she asked, as she touched it and removed my barrette. I shook my head slightly still a bit nervous, letting it fall over my shoulders. After a few moments of chit chat she asked me to stand up and have a look at myself in the closet mirror. My hair came to about the middle of my back and standing behind me so we could both see ourselves, she took my hair in her hands telling me how lovely it must be to have such beautiful hair, and began stroking it.

“Grace,, it’s so soft and silky,” she whispered in my ear, letting her fingertips brush my neck.

I found her touch seductive and lifted a shoulder into it. I lifted a hand, and trapped hers for a moment before relaxing again, allowing her to continue. I began to turn and face her, but she asked me to stay still so as to continue stroking my hair. She put her hands on either side of my head and placing her thumbs together, brought my hair away from my neck, causing it to cascade down my back. This she did several times, then buried her face in it, to inhaling the aroma Ankara escort of it.

I was loving the attention and she kissed the nape of my neck. She flicked at it with her tongue and nibbling at my ear. This caused a tickle, and I bent my head over my raised shoulder to stop her. She chuckled, and continued telling me how beautiful I was as she moved to the other side of my neck.

When she started to undo the zipper of my dress I felt the butterflies in my tummy start to flutter as they took flight. Still standing behind me her hands came around to my front where she found and started to undo the small belt attached to its front. Pushing her body into my back as she did, she pushed it off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

I wanted so much to face her, but she told me to keep still as she started caressing my back, and lightly run her fingers up and down my arms, sides, and down over my bum and finally around front to my tummy. Repeating this a few times, she finally cupped my breasts, one in each hand. This was followed by my bra being unhooked and I just let it fall off.

I was very much aroused by now and wanted to sit, lie down or at least touch her but she was quite insistent I stand there so she could ‘worship me’ as she put it. Moving round to face me she removed her blouse and bra, and I saw her tits which were heavier than mine.

She took one in each hand pressing them together as she watched my face and as she came to me I put my hands out to touch them, but she took my wrists and held my arms out as she moved in close Ankara escort bayan and holding me tight she kissed me. She pressed her breasts into mine as she gave me a long tongue probing kiss and I held her as I returned it, the skin on her back felt so warm and smooth, our tongues meeting as we French kissed each other. This was incredible.

Her breathing became heavier, her mouth partially open with her tongue licking and flicking over her lips and the look on her face, or rather her eyes. They were more glazed than shiny, a look of passion or lust or something between the two. I felt her ‘heat’ as my own body responded to her need, she was pushing her own big tits into mine as we kissed.

This was so different in a way, here was a woman who wanted me so badly I felt it in her body as it was pressed to mine! Her hands moved down my back to slip her fingers inside my pantyhose and panties to clutch my cheeks and press her hips into me.

Holding me with one hand like that she brought the other round to the front and pushed it between my legs to hold my vulva in her hand. I pushed my pelvis forward opening my legs inviting her to feel me and she held me like that for a moment. I managed to undo the button and zipper at the waist of her skirt and push it down over her hips to the floor.

By now I was gasping, my breath coming in short gasps, her face was sweaty as she pushed my pantyhose and panties down over my thighs and she moved me backwards ’till my legs hit the bed. I half fell, half sat down, and in doing so she had them down Escort Ankara past my knees.

Kneeling she pulled my legs apart and planted a kiss on my nether lips, her tongue probing between my labia’s as I raised my hips to meet her. I was quite vocal and squirming by now and cursing my ‘fucking pantyhose’ as I tried to free my legs, and calling out as I enjoyed a beautiful powerful orgasm, I called her name and described it to her twitching as the waves of pleasure subsided.

She didn’t stop there either, bringing me again and again I looked at her as she finally removed my pantyhose altogether, smiling at me, her face around her mouth and nose covered with her saliva and my juices. I reached over and kissed her on the mouth, tasting myself and letting me pull her onto the bed. Her panties were soaked at the crotch as I removed them to free her sex, and she was wearing a girdle and stockings that I found to be exciting. To this day I love running my hands over nylon clad legs and up onto bare flesh and feeling the heat and dampness of a waiting pussy. Best of all, her pussy was bald! As bald as a coot. For some reason I wasn’t expecting this and it looked beautiful.

I kissed her there and felt the stubble with my tongue as I explored the depths of her pussy sucking on her clit giving her that beautiful gift only women understand. We made more love and I finally got her out of her girdle and stockings, I was to find she had a bit of a complex about her figure. We finally fell asleep together ‘spooning’ as she held me, and we woke early to make more love before we took a shower together washing each other, kissing and fingering each other.

It seemed like we couldn’t get enough and finally I watched her shave her pussy before I left, returning to my room to dress for the day.

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