First Man


Guys remember the first time they kissed a girl. The memory is usually a vague one as it probably happened so long ago. Guys also remember the first time they had sex with a girl. Often this memory is purposely vague as first time sex was most likely an inexperienced, premature ejaculatory event.

Nevertheless, all guys have experienced these first ever events, admit to them readily and embellish upon the circumstances to others. However, fewer guys have experienced another first time event, almost never admit to it and need not embellish upon the facts because I promise you the event was very intense.

What could this mysterious event be, you ask? Well, guys are intensely sexual creatures. And few heterosexuals will admit their homosexual curiosities, let alone admit to acting on those curiosities. But being sexual creatures, some times you find yourself in the right place, at the right time and magic just happens with someone of the same sex because of this intense male sexuality coupled with those curiosities that many secretly harbor.

My name is Mike and his name was Stan.

We were roommates in college and were just finishing our senior year at the University. Now being college roommates meant we knew each other well and had talked about nearly everything but naturally we had this male ego thing. Because of this macho thing we had going, if Stan had any homosexual curiosity, that’s one thing I didn’t know about him.

I mean he didn’t walk around the dorm naked and he’d make homosexual jokes a lot. It was his thing.

We were athletes and physical education majors. We had plenty of girlfriend practice for sure. So bragging was over girl conquests and the mention of homosexual activity was done to ridicule each other, not something you explored.

Nevertheless, I’ll secretly admit I was curious. I even bought a dildo a couple of years earlier and found that masturbating with the dildo up your ass was a great experience although I rarely got to use it because guaranteed privacy in college is hard to come by. And I certainly didn’t want Stan to know.

Now I don’t know if it was because I had learned in a sociology class the week before that some studies had shown that virtually all males had thought or fantasized about having a same sex experience whether they would openly admit it or not. Or whether it was because Stan and I found ourselves in a hotel room with only one bed that started it my to thinking. Or maybe it was both.

Either way, we were two hundred miles away from the college and going to attend a friends wedding that weekend. The hotel only had a room with a double bed. Stan made some comment at how he had a virgin ass and we’d take the room if I could restrain myself.

Stan was always using homosexual humor. It’s why the sociology study kept popping into my mind. Was he homophobic or was it his way of working through his homosexual curiosity? Maybe I was thinking too much, but that course got me thinking about what others true thoughts were deep down.

Now I didn’t agree to the weekend in order to test my theory that Stan had hidden desires similar to mine. In fact, it never entered my mind. Until we learned the city where the wedding was being held had little in the form of nightlife, so we were relegated to watching TV in the hotel room. Stan ordering porn on the TV didn’t help.

We each took turns in the shower in between porn flicks; mostly, cold showers to cool off. So the last porn flick we watched, we were ready for bed. There we were under the covers in just our underwear. Each of us wore those tight whitey jockey shorts.

We edged to our respective sides of the bed as far as we could as if there was a brick wall between us. The covers were pulled up to our bare chests and naked couples fucked feverishly on the small screen. It was getting dark and the light from the screen flickered about the room.

As the porn flick ended, Stan noticed more than the end of the film.

“Wow Mike.” He got up and disappeared briefly in the bathroom.

“What?” I asked.

“Take care of that before you go to sleep with me man.” He walked back in the room and pointed at the bed sheet over me. I looked down and sure enough, I had an erection that tented the cover up. Stan tossed some lubricant on the bed then turned off the TV.

He quickly slipped into bed before I thought to look to see if he had an erection. To be honest, I had been admiring his tight ass as he walked to the bathroom. Those hidden desires had been surfaced by the porn and Stan’s muscles were stimulating.

“What, you want to see me jack off?” I offered actually secretly hoping he’d say yes. I probably would have gotten up the nerve to do just that right in the same room; if he had said so, but he didn’t.

“Naw man. I just don’t want you to get dangerous with that thing is all with the lights out.” He said.

“Chicken.” I said.

“Faggot.” He replied as he turned off the light. It was his favorite comeback.

“Tight ass.”

“Wouldn’t escort izmit you like to know.”

“You couldn’t handle it.” I said.

“You ain’t got enough dick.” Mike rolled on his side and pulled the covers up to go to sleep.

“You’ve been peeking. And you call me a faggot” I put the lubricant on the nightstand and pulled the covers up to go to sleep as well.

“Just stay on your side.”

“But you make me hard.” I teased. It was a typical exchange between us; but always in humor. I never seriously took it beyond the joking.

“Go jack off.” He said, on his side facing away from me.

“Come on Stan. You got hard watching the porn too, didn’t you? Why don’t you go jack off instead?”

“I can control my dick.”

“Let’s see.”

“Go to sleep or go jack off Mike.”

“Stan has a hard on.” I sang. Now I realized I was testing the waters to see how far Stan would go with his joking.

“Do not.” He said.

“Prove it.”

“It’s bedtime. You can’t handle a man’s dick.”

“Bet you do.” He seemed to want to keep playing the game so I reached on the outside of the covers and pretended to grope for his dick.

“Go away. Pervert.” He said and pulled the covers tighter.

“Come on Stan. I’ll jack off if you will.” It seemed like a safe comment. Not heterosexual or homosexual. Just building on his suggestion that I jack off and I would have settled for a mutual jack off session as a way to fulfill my same sex curiosity. But what I didn’t expect was what I call the moment.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that moment when you’re with someone. It’s an awkward moment as you cross a boundary. If the other person rejects the crossing of the boundary, then the moment becomes a disaster.

Like if you touch a girls breast for the first time while you’re making out; if she is offended and pushes your hand away, it will probably be your last date with her. It’s a disastrous moment.

On the other hand, if the other person accepts your boundary crossing and crosses it with you; then the moment becomes a beautiful one and changes the whole relationship.

Like touching the girl’s breast. If she moans and urges your to feel her some more rather than rejecting your advance; then there are no longer any barriers between you. It’s a defining moment that pushes things further. It’s a magic moment.

Stan and I reached one of those moments in our teasing that night which we had done countless times before in the dorm rooms. But in past times, a defining moment never happened. We just dropped the joking and that was the end of it. Looking back, maybe we each were waiting on the other to test the waters by stepping over the boundaries we guys set between each other.

I reached under the covers and pretended to grope for his dick. I guess that was one of those types of tests. It was a defining gesture that could go either way if you will.

He was still on his side facing away from me. I expected him to stop me but hoped at best he’d then relent and agree to jack off before we went to sleep. I could at least get to see his dick which although we were roommates, guys were still pretty macho about that sort of thing and didn’t parade around naked very much.

But it didn’t work out the way I had planned. Oh, if Stan had been truly homophobic it might have worked. He would have jacked off in macho fashion and we’d gone back to bed. But we had one of those moments that the situation presented.

As I reached under the covers, Stan didn’t stop me. He protested verbally but as my hand reached over his hip, he just held onto the sheet as I slid up behind him and reached over.

I could have grabbed his dick immediately. But I was sure he would stop me. Oddly he didn’t. I was lying on my side directly behind Stan. My dick strained against my underwear and barely touched his underwear. I faked trying to find his dick by feeling of the bed in front of him but he just laid there in verbal protest but not stopping me.

“Go away.” Stan said.

“Where’s your dick?” I teased.

“It’s big enough you should be able to find it.”

“So you do have a hard on.” I said.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“I will if I can find it.”

“Go ahead.” He said it like it was a dare. So I summoned up the nerve and slid my hand toward his body and found the bulge that I knew I’d find straining against his white jockey shorts. I half expected the game to end there.

I felt its length through the fabric. He was hard and about the same size as my own dick. It was then that the moment occurred. Stan didn’t say anything and neither did I. I just held his dick in my hand for a moment. He accepted my hand on his dick.

Without saying a word I then slipped my hand slowly inside the elastic waistband and pulled it down enough to free his erection. I then grasped his dick with my hand and caressed it for a minute.

Now if Stan were homophobic; this was his chance to pull up his shorts and tell me so. But it didn’t happen. Instead he izmit escort said nothing. The joking and teasing stopped. I slowly caressed the velvet softness of his erection while nervously waiting his reaction. It was the longest few seconds I can remember.

If having another guy stimulate him sexually had ever entered his consciousness, we were entering a defining moment. Apparently, the sociology study was correct.

That’s when the moment occurred. Stan hummed softly and moved his hips toward my hand in a slow fucking motion as if to fuck my fingers. I stroked his dick gently and slid closer to his back. So close in fact that my own dick pressed against his ass.

Stan felt every move because he then pressed his ass against my dick. At first, I thought maybe he was just getting comfortable. So I slowly pressed my hips forward against his ass, pushing my dick against him even firmer. Stan hummed again and pushed back against my dick with his ass.

He was reciprocating my every motion. His fantasies were my own and we had crossed that boundary. And if that were so, then a simple juvenile circle jerk was not going to quench our mutual fantasies.

If there had been barriers of nervousness, reluctance and macho posturing before; those walls suddenly disappeared. The change was sudden.

A spell fell over us at that moment. I remember the dark room was pierced by a soft light filtering through the window casting long shadows as our eyes adjusted to the dim light. The room looked like a black and white movie.

It was quiet. My heart began to pound in my chest. My breathing quickened. For some reason, I had a strong desire to continue pushing boundaries. Because now I knew we must share hidden desires. I wanted him. So I leaned forward and kissed his neck. Stan hummed.

I rubbed his dick some more and finally he moved his hands toward his waist. But it was not to stop me; it was to remove his underwear. He slid them off and kicked them off his ankles. I grabbed my own underwear and did the same. We both were suddenly naked.

There is something indescribable about two men naked in a bed. Silent. Hearts pounding; light filtering softly through a darkened room. The possibilities were endless. The mood of the room changed dramatically.

I was reached over Stan’s hips again after slipping off my underwear and caressed his dick some more. He was still on his side with his back to me after we had freed ourselves of our only clothing. Instinctively, my dick pushed against his ass. He hummed and moved his ass against my dick.

I rubbed again, allowing my dick to slide between the cheeks of his ass. He sighed softly. I released his dick and grasped his hip and slowly rocked my pelvis forward and back, my dick gliding up and down between the cheeks of his ass again. Stan moaned this time.

Kissing his back, I slowly dry fucked his backside. It may seem awkward, but it felt so natural. But it was in those moments that an erotic atmosphere began to fill the room. Soft moans and heavy breathing hung in the air as our two male bodies began to writhe.

You could hear our breathing and the crinkle of the bed sheets as we gyrated against each other’s flesh. We dry humped. My dick pressed against the firm cheeks of his ass. His ass squirmed to feel my dick.

For a moment I wanted him to turn over and kiss me. But instead, he reached back and grasped my dick and helped rub my dick against his ass. It made me wonder if he secretly had a dildo of his own.

“Stan. Your body feels good.” I kissed him below his ear. It was all I could say at the time.

Stan moaned. He released my dick and raised one leg up. My dick slipped between his legs from behind and the tip of my dick bumped against his balls. I grabbed his hip and again dry fucked him between his legs a few times.

We were simulating fucking. We wanted each other. Our bodies were aligning themselves with the other.

I kissed his neck and had an overwhelming desire for this man came over me. I reached down and did something I had never fantasized about but it was instinctive and spontaneous. I felt between his ass cheeks with my hand and found his puckered asshole and ran my finger around the rim a few times.

“Do you want me?” I kissed his neck as I fingered the rim of his ass.

Stan moaned.

Do you want me? I asked again trying to push my finger in his ass gently, rubbing it more firmly.

“Yes.” He whispered.

“What do you want me to do?” I rubbed his ass with my hand from his balls to the small of his back then down again as I kissed his neck.

“Fuck me.” He said softly.

“Are you sure that’s what you want.” I rubbed again and stopped at his asshole testing its rim with my finger. My tone was hypnotic and didn’t seem to be my own.

“I want you, Mike.” Stan said.

I reached back behind me and grabbed the lube that was on the bedside table. As I did I heard the covers snap and Stan had kicked them off of us and rolled onto his stomach.

As izmit kendi evi olan escort I lay on my side my heart leapt at the sight. Stan and I lifted weights as part of our athletic program. We both were toned. The dim light shimmered off his skin. His shoulders were broad and his back muscles were clearly defined by the sharp shadows of the moonlit room.

His broad shoulders tapered quickly to a narrow waist. His ass was round and tight as he lay on his stomach. Sure I had fantasized about my homosexual curiosities but never thought I’d be so aroused by the sight of a naked man in bed with me. It was more beautiful than in my dreams.

Stan’s body looked so manly and strong in the subdued light of the moon glimmering through the window. But at the same time, lying on his stomach with his bare ass waiting for me; he seemed so vulnerable as well.

I lubed up my finger and rubbed it between his ass cheeks. I quickly found his ass hole and inserted a lubed finger. Stan moaned. I lubed it some more and inserted it again even more slowly. He relaxed and let my finger slip within him.

I was content to finger fuck him for a while. My eyes drifted from the rippled muscles of his upper torso to the sexy curve at the small of his back that gave way to two firm mounds of flesh that formed the tight buns of his ass cheeks.

Between those mounds my hand caressed his ass and my finger fucked him gently. Stan spread his legs so I could gain more access. He moaned and clearly enjoyed the sensation.

Soon I was able to add a second finger with more lube. Stan moaned and I found myself humming as well. Stan was soon slowly raising his hips to meet my finger probing. It was long rocks of his pelvis, like he was fucking the bed below him in slow motion.

I began kissing his back while I finger fucked him. I kissed between his shoulder blades then to the back of his neck. Stan turned his head to the side. I kissed his cheek as well.

“Fuck me, Mike.” He whispered.

What was surprising was not his words but their quality. This guy who was always making homosexual jokes with a deep voice and macho mannerisms mouthed the words in a sultry tone that belied his masculinity.

“I want you, Mike. I want you inside me.” He added; his voice dripping with desire.

I got up from my place beside him. I let my finger slip from his ass hole and crawled behind him and knelt on the bed between his legs.

As I lubed up my dick, my mind began to grasp what we were doing. My best friend lay before me; face down on the bed, hugging a pillow under his head, his legs splayed wide and the mounds of his ass directly in front of me. He was waiting.

My dick throbbed. The lubricant glistened on its shaft. Slowly, I rocked forward on my knees and lowered my pelvis behind him. I guided the head of my dick between the firm folds of his ass cheeks.

It sunk between his mounds of flesh. Stan spread his legs wider and reached back with both hands to spread his ass cheeks open for me. You’d think we had done this before. Maybe we each had done this in our dreams but now the dream was coming true.

In the subdued light, I could see his puckered ass hole still glistening with lube. I pressed the head of my aching dick against it and pushed gently at first. Then as I encircled the rim of his ass I applied more pressure and soon the folds of his ass began to give way like the iris of a camera lens opening.

Those folds slowly enveloped the head of my dick and invited more of my flesh to enter. Mesmerized, I watched every millimeter of my velvet shaft snake its way into the depths of that wondrous cavern.

As he felt me enter him, Stan released his grip on his ass cheeks as my body followed my dick. I lowered myself onto my lover ever so slowly. I felt my dick continue its slow descent until the cheeks of Stan’s ass meshed with the front of my hips.

Lying on Stan’s back, I was then fully impaled within him. We lay motionless for a moment and enjoyed the union. I kissed the back of his neck then instinct and lust took over.

Slowly, I slid my dick back just a little then slowly pushed it forward into my lover’s ass. Stan moaned. I repeated the motion. Stan moaned again. I rocked my hips a little faster the next time. Stan groaned even louder. We were fucking. We were making love.

“Your ass is so tight.” I whispered in Stan’s ear.

“You feel good, Mike.”

“Damn you do too. I want you man.”

“Fuck me, man. Damn your dick feels good.”

“I want you, Stan.” I drove my dick deeper within him. His ass accepted me easily now. We fucked steadily.

The room was filled with the sounds of humping. We moaned and grunted. The sounds were clearly masculine. A musty smell of sex began to rise in the air.

The bed strained under our gyrating bodies. Our fucking was just fast enough to want more but not quite fast enough to gain the friction I needed for orgasm. Our bodies continually desired more and more of each other’s flesh.

So our bodies danced an erotically forbidden dance. Two men were joined in intimate union. Flesh molded with flesh. The shaft of a male dick continually impaled itself within another man’s ass over and over. It was the most erotic experience of my life.

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