First Sex… and More



Forgive me if this doesn’t make the best reading material. I certainly have better stories to tell in the future, but seeing as I’m writing them in chronological order, this needs to be my second story. Also the events that occurred on this day played a pivotal role in giving me the sexuality I have today. I know guys like to read stories about girls in their early teens supposedly reaching their sexual awakenings, and they might well reach some sort of physical sexual maturity at that age, but it isn’t until later when females really discover their true sexual identity. When they have sex because of intrinsic needs, as opposed to peer pressure, companionship or numerous other teenage reasons – that’s when they really hit their sexual peak, and that’s what happened to me this day.

I was 27 when this day unfolded and it was such an important day for me, not because of one specific incident, but because of the numerous “firsts” that occurred all within 24 hours. It was the first time I had sex with 2 men in the same day, the first time I had a wet dream (or whatever the female equivalent is called), the first time I enjoyed watching porn, the first time I dabbled with exhibitionism, the first time I had anal sex, but I will remember it most for the first time I had sex with my future husband.

As I alluded to in my first story (First Blowjob), I was unhappily still living with my ex. Our relationship was now officially over, but I’d been with him for such a long time I was finding it difficult to finally part ways and actually move out. We were sleeping in the same bed but hadn’t had sex for months, until one morning. I was asleep, in the midst of a very vivid sexual dream. To this day I can clearly recall the vision of myself in the shower with another woman. She was a beautiful blonde, and with my back to her, she was soaping me up all over, rubbing her hands over my boobs and then slowly between my legs. That was as far as the dream progressed because I had a full blown orgasm in my sleep. I’d never experienced such a thing just from dreaming (and apparently none of my girlfriends have either), but there I was coming out loud, and needless to say my ex woke up with a start.

Our relationship illegal bahis had deteriorated to the point that we were barely speaking, so it was embarrassing to say the least. But I was so overcome and turned on, I looked at him and said, “Fuck me.” He said nothing; his expression didn’t even change, but he took his shorts off as I removed my underwear, he climbed on top off me, and within moments was inside me. The whole time he just looked down at me as he thrust in and out, a look of disdain on his face. I’m sure he knew I was already seeing someone else, and it was almost as if he was begrudgingly giving me sex, just because he wanted to get laid himself. I didn’t care though. I was just so horny, I needed it, even if it was from him. But then he came, pulled out, expression still unchanged, and said nothing. He just put his shorts on, and left the room. I lay there for a minute, emotionally and sexually unfulfilled, thinking what a total asshole he was and decided that really was the nail in the coffin of our doomed relationship. I showered, put on a sexy summer dress, with no underwear, and within 15 minutes I was at Francis’ house.

When I got there, he was watching some old porno with his roommate Bob. He lived in the typical bachelor pad, with a steady diet of fast food, beer & porn, so I can’t say I was too surprised to walk through the door at 11am and seen Ron Jeremy on screen. What did surprise me however was my reaction when a lesbian scene started up. I was sitting on the sofa with Francis, Bob in the armchair away to our left, when two girls started having sex in the film. I was captivated. I just sat and stared, oblivious to what the boys were saying. I’d seen bits and pieces of pornos before at parties, but thought they were either ridiculous or plain nasty. But now, all I wanted to do was lift my dress and touch myself. I thought back to the shower scene in my dream and was as horny as I ever remember being. If I was half the woman I am now, both Francis and Bob would have been getting their brains fucked out but this was still early days for me – I’d given Francis head a few times before, but we’d still not had sex. We’d agreed to save it until I’d moved out – a sort of “going away present” for us both. So I resisted taking any sort of initiative illegal bahis siteleri and just focused on the TV.

Fortunately Bob popped into the kitchen to make some lunch, which gave me the opportunity to lie back on the sofa, and slowly lift my dress above my knees, and move my legs apart. Francis’ jaw dropped. I moved a hand in between my legs, inserted a fingertip, then slid the same finger into his mouth. He sucked it, like he was giving it oral sex, and was just moving his own hand towards me when Bob came back into the room. I reluctantly brought my knees together and pulled my dress down – I really couldn’t have cared less if Bob caught a glimpse; I was feeling that naughty – but as I said, me & Francis seemed destined for a long term romantic relationship so I didn’t want to be one of their bachelor pad whores.

We were probably only watching the porno for another five minutes, but it seemed like hours, as I ached for Francis. I crossed my legs, and readjusted a few times, so Bob could have definitely seen everything I had to offer, if he was looking at me instead of the screen. And maybe he did out of the corner of his, because it was him who suggested Francis & I “go into the bedroom and get it over with.”

I’d been in his bedroom a couple of times before, for the few oral encounters we’d had, and each time I was sure to close the door tightly behind me. This time however I left it open about 8 inches. I’m still not sure whether it was so I could hear the porn in the background, or just the thrill of Bob potentially seeing us – he had to pass the room the get to the bathroom – either way, that open door just took me into another gear again.

Francis laid on his back, but rather than just crouch on my knees and blow him, I lay on my side next to his midsection, and with my legs apart, craned my neck to the left and sucked him from the side. It was such an erotic position for me because anyone passing the bedroom would immediately see my open legs. I thought about what I’d do if Bob did pass by, and pictured him flinging the door open and sliding into me, but it didn’t happen, so I eventually got on top of Francis and rubbed myself against him.

We’d done this a few times before – just like when I was a virgin with canlı bahis siteleri my first boyfriend, and wanted to feel him partially inside me without any real penetration. But this time around we were both too aroused and probably too old to be playing such games. We knew it was going further than we planned, so when he looked up at me and asked, “are you sure?” I just let myself fall onto him.

I rode him, unable to determine whether this day was becoming beautifully romantic or terribly dirty. When he was close to coming, he pulled me up and licked me as I hovered over him. It was amazing, but I wanted him back inside me, so I moved back down and pulled him into me again. I leaned towards him and we kissed passionately, as his hands moved down my sides, over my bum, down my crack, and then all of a sudden I felt a finger rubbing my bum, the tip delving inside me. I was so wet, it really didn’t take much as the finger was exchanged for a middle finger, which was slowly inserted right the way in.

I’d touched myself there before whilst masturbating, very gently, as it seemed to heighten my orgasm, but I’d never really thought about anal sex before. The whole idea seemed a bit disgusting to me. But suddenly here I was riding a guy, wishing he’d replace his finger with his penis. I rocked back on his finger, bouncing up and down with more and more vigour. He had to half sit up so he could get his arm around me, and his whole finger right up into me. I thought my more intense breathing and semi-orgasmic moans might have tipped him off that I really wanted it, but he didn’t seem to get it, so I made the decision to go for it.

I pulled him out of me, leaned forward a couple of inches and then positioned his penis where I wanted it. I sat down slowly, the slight pain easily eradicated with the sheer pleasure I was feeling. I felt like a new person. It was so liberating after years of the missionary position to have my body experienced sexual rapture like this. Steadying myself with one hand, I rubbed my clit with the other and the sight of this sent Francis over the edge. He came inside me – a very unusual feeling for those ladies who haven’t had anal sex – and the sensation brought me to orgasm at the same time.

We lay together in each others arms for an hour, had a bath, went down on each other, had sex again, and basically spent the whole day talking and fucking. Bob never did join us, but my body and mind had officially been opened to a new level of sexual pleasure.

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