First Shopping Trip


First Shopping TripSo it was the afternoon of Sunday 10 June 2018 and I was doing my usual Sunday afternoon cam session. I was wearing this outfit for the session: a lot of my regular viewers come to view so it was a nice chatty afternoon and though, yes I did a bit of ass wiggling for the guys there was nothing too sexual going on.The conversation got around to some of the guys wishing they could meet me and me telling them I’m not confident enough in my look to actually go out in public. I have been out in public a number of times, but usually either late at night or early in the morning when it will be quiet so less chance of being seen or worse outed! All my viewers complimented my look and started saying that if I wanted to get out I should just do it. Posing for them to check if I was passable the only thing they recommended changing was my skirt which they thought a bit short for a first daytime outing. Well I agreed to change my skirt for them, so went to my bedroom and returned dressed like this: agreed I looked just fine and should go out for a walk! Well I had another drink for courage while my viewers continued saying nice things and suggesting I just do it as they knew I wanted to and that I’d love the experience. Still very nervous about the idea I wasn’t sure where to bursa escort go to if I even left the building. Then someone suggested I go to a shop and buy a newspaper! I explained that the nearest shop was about a 5 minute walk from my home which they all agreed was perfect as it would keep me outside for about 15 minutes in total. I told them that they would be watching my cam and all they would see was an empty room but they didn’t seem to mind. I’ve only been in the shop once before, about 2 months ago, so I wasn’t worried that the shopkeepers would recognise me, if I did this task.Suddenly it felt like I was gonna have to do it, my viewers were keen I did and got me to close my balcony doors, get my handbag and keys, then pose so they could check my appearance. Now there were comments suggesting that I’ve got all prepared so just go do it. I agreed, asked them to wait, took a swig of my drink and walked out the door, closing and locking it behind me!Walking along the corridor past my neighbours doors very aware of the sound my boots made and scared that a door would open, but I made it to the door by the lifts and walked through it and on into the stairwell, certainly wasn’t brave enough to use the lift. Once in the foyer I looked out the glass door, there was nobody to be seen, opening the door there was still nobody there, but I could hear sounds from flats in the building, but that was bursa escort bayan to be expected after all it was 5pm on a bright June Sunday afternoon. I walked out and let the door close behind me, wow the door seemed to make a loud noise as it shut and my boot heels seemed even louder on the tarmac as I walked through the car park.Rounding the corner down a slight slope out of the car park I was suddenly face to face with a couple walking in to the car park, trying not to panic while gripping my handbag tightly I kept going, one of them stepped off the kerb as we passed. Looking up while crossing the road I saw a family going into the leisure centre opposite. Then I realised a guy was coming down the road behind me and would be following me, this made me very aware of my walk and the way my long skirt swished around my legs. Was he checking me out, was he watching my ass wiggle? I’ll never know, but he was walking quicker than me and overtook me.So I’m now on a straight road to the shop, there are a few people opposite, who I ignore and just look ahead. My mind turns to the shop hoping there’s no customers in there, but the guy who overtook me goes in and I know I have to follow. Stepping through the door I see the woman behind the counter and the guy at the back of the shop. Remembering the newspapers were to the left I go straight there and pick one up at random, checking the price as escort bursa I don’t usually buy papers. Walking to the counter the guy is approaching it too carrying a few items, but he steps back to allow me to go first! That felt quite good. Putting the newspaper on the counter, the woman asked for the £1.60 as I opened my handbag, took out my purse and counted out the right change, she said “thank you” as I put the change in her hand and I replied “thanks”, my voice was probably barely audible, but at least I spoke with her. Walking out I wondered if the shop worker and the guy commented on the tranny! But again I’ll never know.There were still a few people on the opposite pavement, but my return walk was uneventful. Going back through the car park I even looked up at the building and saw a few people out on their balconies, they paid me no heed. Getting to the front door I retrieved the keys from my handbag, entered the building, checked my mailbox then pressed the button to summon the lift. Was nervous that when the doors opened on my floor there would be a neighbour stood there, but no.When I re-entered my home I was almost dancing with joy, I grabbed my glass for a swig and almost ran to the PC to show off the newspaper I had bought and tell my viewers all about the experience. They were so pleased for me and I very proud of myself for getting over this big milestone. Next time won’t be as nerve wracking and yes there will be a next time!Here I am showing off my first purchase: me longer to type this than it did to do the task! But hopefully someone will enjoy reading it.

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