FIRST TIMEThis story is complete fiction:-Ask yourself, what age were you when you had your first gay experience, what age was the other person, your age, younger or older? Well, me, I was f******n and he was 44, my karate instructor at the time. He was a big, rough, muscular man with what I was about to find out was one hell of a size of a cock.It was a Tuesday night and I was at my first class of the week, I go on a Friday too. On this particular night, the weather was really bad and there were only a few students managed to make it into training.We practised extra hard that night with the Sensei, as he had more time to spend, one-on-one, with each of us. I was knackered by the end of class, sweat pouring down my body, after such a gruelling workout. As we had finished early, I decided I had time to go for a shower before heading home. All of the others had left, well, so I thought.There I was, standing under the relaxing hot water, soaping up my chest, when suddenly I felt a hand touching my back. I jumped out of my skin and turned around to see the Sensei standing there with just a towel round his waist. I don’t know why I didn’t shout or try to run, but I just stood there as he moved forward and took the soap from my hand. Slowly, he started to rub my chest, getting it all covered in lather.I just stood there gazing, wondering what the hell he had that was pulsing away below the towel. As it got bigger and stood further out in front, my heart started to beat faster in my chest. By this time his hand, that had the soap in it, was wrapped around my back, rubbing my ass, letting one of his fingers trace a hard line up the valley between my cheeks. His other hand was cupping my balls so dikmen escort soft and so gently, that I realised that I wasn’t frightened or disgusted at what was happening, but was actually having a lovely, warm feeling running through my entire body.Suddenly his hand wrapped itself tightly around my already hardening shaft and he was expertly rubbing me to a fully engorged erection. He gently started to push one of his thick fingers into my tight ass. It was sore at first, as I had never had anything up there before, then all of a sudden he stopped what he was doing and dropped the towel to the floor. Christ, did I get a shock when I saw the size of that huge thick, vein covered cock, it looked so massive compared to the ones I had seen on the boys I was in education with.He had now taken hold of my hands and placed them, one on the swollen head of his cock, while the other was placed on his warm hairy balls. With my hand still covered by his, he started to rub firmly up and down the length of his shaft, while the other slowly massaged his balls. This went on for a short time until he released both his hands and firmly placed them on my shoulders, roughly pushing me down onto my knees. There, standing erect like a marble statue, directly in front of my eyes, was this solid, throbbing cock, that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a horse! He looked longingly down at me, then he pulled his foreskin fully back and said forcibly, ‘lick it all over’, so slowly I did as I was told. The smell of his sweaty balls was making me feel funny, in a way I had never felt before. So I started to lick him harder and more greedily, so then he said if I liked it that much I should suck his demetevler escort cock into my mouth, so once again I just did as I was told.I realised I liked this taste, all sticky and salty. Suddenly he grabbed me by the back of my head and forced his cock deep into my mouth. I flinched with unease, not knowing what was expected of me, so he stopped and realising this, said I’ll show you what I want.At this point he dropped to the floor on his back, and pulled me down on top of his firm chest, in the 69 position. Then just as quick, my aching cock was in his mouth all the way to my balls. He was sucking me so hard I started moaning loudly with pleasure, so he just pushed his mouth even harder over my cock, forcing the tip of it down his throat. Instinctively, I leaned forward and sucked on his truncheon of a knob, forcing myself to take it as far down my throat as I could, trying to emulate the feeling of his mouth sucking on me.Suddenly I felt a feeling building up inside me, so intense my whole body shook, then I came, I had what I was later to understand to have been my first true orgasm. He hungrily swallowed all my cum. I didn’t know that’s what you did, so, when he came I started to swallow, but there was so much, it dribbled out the side of my mouth and onto his balls. When I took his cock out my mouth I leaned forward and licked the rest of his cum off his balls without him asking. He said I was a natural and asked was I really a virgin gay.He got up onto his knees and roughly grabbed me up onto all fours, I had no idea what was coming next. He took the soap and started to lather up my ass again, this time paying a lot more attention to my tight little çankaya escort hole. Every so often, he shoved one then another of his huge fingers up me. He gradually got harder and faster with the treatment his fingers were giving me, then he just stopped dead, pulled his hand away and nothing. I waited wondering what had happened, had I done something wrong, I hadn’t, as out of nowhere I felt this smooth warmth touching the rim of my asshole.He pushed slowly and it p*****l, I tried to pull away, but not too much though. Then that huge tip was in my cock virgin passage, at first he just stayed there for a little bit, letting me get used to the sensation. But then, he pushed again and I cried out as he forced most of that hairy big cock up my tight sweet ass. He put his hand under me and felt my rock hard cock, and exclaimed, I was to stop crying as I was obviously enjoying the ordeal as much as he was. He started to pump his meat into me harder, deeper and faster, pushing the full length into me till his balls were slapping against mine, in perfect time with his thrusts. He was breathing deeply, sweat pouring off him all over my back and ass. Then without warning, he grunted, his cock got fatter and he filled my painful ass to overflowing. The sensation was so good that I came at the same time. He turned me round and told me to lick his cock clean, which I obediently did.We had our fun twice weekly for more than a year. A couple of times he was so rough, I swear he did d**age to my insides, but it was so good I never complained, I just took it all the more from him. On a couple of occasions when we were in the showers after class, a friend of his joined us, and I got spit roasted, a game I loved to play. Once I had to take both cocks up my ass at once, It was truly painful, but I just wanted it again and again. That was my first Owner, the start of my training as a submissive sex slave, something I never have regretted and don’t think I ever will !!

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