First Time as Bottom

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I was hitch hiking from Colorado to Illinois. Eighteen and ready for anything. Almost to my destination, only a few hours left if I had a ride but I walked all night with nobody even slowing down. After dawn I finally got picked up and I was grateful. The car was shit, the guy looked creepy but I was moving again and didn’t care.

We made the usual small talk and then he prompted me to open the glove box to check out some special pictures. So I did. It was some well worn porn from Europe, group sex, nothing special. I got the idea right away.

Let me give this some background. I was a virgin with women but no stranger to sex with men. I had been hitch hiking for a few years and had several encounters with men who wanted to suck me off. I had fucked a gay friend of mine to prove bisexual was really a thing. He had been sure it was one or the other, that nobody was AC DC. It was wonderful but the guy then fell in love with me and I wasn’t ready for that.

So back to my story.

I put the porn back and closed the glove canlı bahis box. I told my ride I knew what he was up to and I was happy to oblige. This was before bucket seats and seat belts so I was able to lean over and unzip his pants. I pulled out his dick and started to suck him. I was eager but this was my first time giving a blow job and he was not happy. He complained about me using my teeth.

I told him to relax, this was a thing that was really good, better stimulation, etc. He muttered something and stomped the gas. Then he was slamming on the brake and pulling into some rest area. I said something like “What the hell” but he didn’t respond. Suddenly the car stopped and I was grabbed and thrown at the car door. He had completely turned me around, facing the door. In one smooth move he then shoved me down so me face was in the seat and my ass in the air.

My thoughts were chaos. What was happening? And then when he ripped my pants down exposing my ass, I suddenly Knew! I was gonna be fucked and there was nothing I could do about it. This was going to happen and happen right now. I wondered if it was going to hurt.

I bahis siteleri think he stuck his thumb in first, I don’t remember for sure but I’ll never forget his big cock entering me. It was a dry fuck and yes, at first it did hurt. But I was so turned on. Soon he was plowing deep inside me and things were getting wet and slippery so what had been a bit painful started to feel good and then felt wonderful.

I started to wonder how long this was gonna keep happening. He was holding my hips to gain leverage, thrusting deeper and deeper. I was leaking cum and loving this. Now I knew what I really wanted in life. This was it. I had found my calling. I wanted to be a cunt, a cock whore.

It seemed to go on forever although I’m sure it wasn’t all that long. His breathing became gasps and then with one final shove he came. Then he collapsed on top of me. It was over.

After that he was kinda apologetic. He said he would take me out to eat as a thank you or something. So that is what happened, he took me to a restaurant and fed me. His plan was to leave me there but I had other ideas. I asked him to please fuck me again.

He bahis şirketleri was hesitant at first. He didn’t think he could get it up again. I told him I was sure I could get his cock hard if he would only let me put it in my mouth. Nothing doing, he wasn’t into my blow jobs but this talk was getting him excited. He took me back to a secluded parking area and he did fuck me again.

The second time was better. I was ready and willing, presenting my ass to him and he was hard and huge and fucked me deep and long. This time he lasted what seemed like forever. I was getting sore but I didn’t want him to stop. Man O man I was loving this. Finally he came again, thanked me and sent me on my way. I will never forget the feeling of being under his total control and taking his monster cock balls deep.

Years later my therapist told me what had happened was technically rape but I didn’t think so. Yes I was forced but I was ever so willing and it changed my life. Later that year I lost my “virginity” with a woman and it was wonderful but I prefer to be the one getting it in the ass. My second wife thought this was fun and fucked me with a strap-on but I still prefer the real thing.

Feedback welcome. Hope you enjoyed this true story. I have lots of fiction to write and hope to write at least a few stories. Thanks for reading.

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