First time at bar

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First time at barAll I wanted to do was dress real sexy to turn some men on and give some of them my email information so we can talk dirty to each other through messages later. After having already done this online, I was ready for the next step, actually letting some strangers seem me dressed as a woman in heat. The next step was to be out somewhere that was transgender friendly. So I found a bar that a night where crossdressers and other transgender would frequent. Near the bar was a motel that was only a few blocks walk. So I put on a short hot red dress that was a little too loose for me but short, silver colored high heels that showed my toes, and G-string. I figured I would show off some and see what it made the guys do. After putting on girlish make up, I chose a long blonde wig and started my walk to the bar. The walk was scary and I was nervous but once I walked through the door it seemed to be better. No one gave me any troubleThe bar was kind of empty but had a few s**ttered about talking. It did not take long for a man to buy me a drink. I was only half way done with the one I was on when the bartender told me the next one was on the man across the bar from me. He winked and walked on over. We started to talk and I told him about my dressing and how I had been online for years teasing men. I told him all I wanted to do was get some attention. He was full of compliments. He told me I was smoking hot and it was a waste for me not to have let anyone inside me yet. He started making moves on me as I lost my inhibitions. He would put his hand on my thigh and rub and I would just let him but he did not try more. We continued to drink and when I would get up to go to pee I noticed I was off balance. This was kind of scary. He noticed too. I had already given him my email and told him we can stay in touch online. He said he would contact me for possibly later fun. That seemed good to me. We continued to drink and he even leaned over and kissed my neck. I giggled and smiled. We had another drink and now I was pretty wasted. I had to walk back bursa escort to the room. I told him I was ready to go and he said you can’t walk back alone, that is too dangerous. I was flattered that he cared. He said let me walk you back to protect you. He was quite a bit larger than me so I felt protected. I was like, ok sure. We headed out the door and to my motel. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. I let him. He reached down as we walked and felt my ass. I was just trying to walk so I did not stop him. We walked past these brick buildings that looked somewhat abandoned and all shadowy, dark. He steered me in that direction even though I told him my room was up ahead. He said let’s just stop and rest for a minute. Maybe have another swig of a bottle as he pulled out some rum. I took a drink and then we leaned up against a wall and he faced me. He started to kiss me and push up against me. I was sort of letting him but not full out make out. Finally I opened my mouth to accept his tongue. He forcefully but gently kissed me. It was so dark that I could not see what he was doing. He kissed me more forcefully and pushed me against the wall firmly. Suddenly he had my knee pulled up and he had his cock out and was trying to enter me with my G-string pushed to the side, my dress was partially falling off. I pushed down and he said come on baby you know you want it. That made me relax just a little and that is all it took for him to enter. The size of his cock frightened me so I said no I am not ready you are too big please stop and he said don’t worry baby you will love it besides I bought you all these drinks and you know you want to get fucked. He then smoothly pulled out a tube of some kind of lube and put some on the head of his cock. He did it so fast and did not even skip a beat still kissing me. Before I knew it he had both knees up and was all the way inside me. It only hurt a little because he was skilled or something. Still making out deeply as he started to pump upward and pull me down by my shoulders. One leg dropped down and the bursa escort bayan other he pushed up higher almost on his shoulder. That hurt so I tried to lift the other up again but he was thrusting too hard for me to do anything. It just dangled. I mean, he was fucking me hard! I could feel my back against the brick wall. I started to moan because I did like it. He then lifted both knees up again. He said you little tease this is what you want. He put the other leg down and stretched me hard as he fucked even harder. My back was getting somewhat sc****d on the wall and I even found myself whispering fuck me. After a few minutes of very hard thrusting he started to cum. He bit my neck as he did and I tried to stop him to kiss instead and moaned so it would feel good. It seemed like he came a lot because I could feel the warm fluids inside me. After he was done, he continued to kiss me which I liked. He slowly pulled out and we started to head back to my motel. It was only a block away. It was incredibly flattering and nice for him to keep walking me back. He walked me all the way up to my room and helped me in. He then walked in and the door shut behind us. I said thank you for walking me back and put my arms around him like a woman would and kissed him. He said now I want you to really thank me. I was unsure because he had just cum and I did not know how he would be able to again. He got out his cock and it was hard. I was like what the fuck? He said you are going to suck me until I cum again and I am not leaving this room until I do. I asked how he would be able to cum again so soon. He said I was sexy and he had lots for me and he does this all the time. I thought about how long it might take for him to cum and how long I would be sucking cock. He said, “you let me fuck you up the ass and have my seed in you and now you will let me fuck your mouth.” Again that flattered me and made me pretty hot so I started to kneel. I stroked his cock lightly and asked, “So you want me to give you a good blow job then?” He said yes until I cum in your mouth. escort bursa I looked up at him and back at his huge cock. I could not believe I took that inside me and I was sore. He seemed so huge. I was a little afraid of what might happen if he tried to deep throat me. He then told me that he wanted me naked when I gave him head. He wanted to see my whole body. That again was very flattering so I slowly removed all of my clothes, got down on my knees and without hesitation I took him in my mouth. I could taste my ass on his cock and also his cum. It was really quite erotic! I looked up at him with slutty eyes and then closed my eyes and lost myself sucking his cock. This was purity. I liked him a lot, was drunk, and was giving my first blow job to completion. Every now and then I would get tired of the same position and change some. We would move from him standing, to laying on the bed, to him sitting on the chair back to standing. He was a gentleman and did not try to deep throat me. That made me do it even more enthusiastically. At one point he pulled out, bent me over the bed and started to fuck me holding my wrist all firm. That only lasted for about half a minute or so. He pulled out of me and shoved it back in my mouth. This is when he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. He was now gagging me with his cock because it was hitting the back of my throat. He was not fucking my mouth as hard as he was fucking my ass but it was pretty hard. Once he slowed down, I sucked hard and the gentle and looked up at him. He started to make the motions with his hips like he was about to cum. I did what I would want a woman to do for me when I am cumming. I relaxed my mouth and tongue, and wrapped my lips around tight and just let him cum with my mouth being as much like a pussy as I could. He started to cum hard. I could feel the spurts hitting the back of my throat. I kept my mouth there with watery eyes looking at him like an innocent girl giving her first blow job to completion. And it was. I was swallowing as he was cumming. Once he was completely done, he pulled out of my mouth and got dressed. He said he would contact me for another fuck and blow job sometime. When he left I passed out on the bed and when I awoke I was ready for another round.

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