First time experience on craigslist


This is a true story about how I managed to get involved with another man. I’m a 54 year old married man and would of never thought I could get involved with another man. It all started about a year ago when I was looking at some items on craigslist when I noticed the personal section. I was at work at the time and wasn’t busy so I clicked on causual. I then noticed that there was a m4m area which I thought was strange, but did click on it. I started reading some of the posts and was shocked what they were asking for. There was even pictures of cocks, asses and even faces of the ones doing the posting. For the next few days when I found time I would again to the m4m site to read some of the posts. Every time I read a post my cock became very hard.
I have always love masturbating since I was a kid, and have continued even after getting married. I also enjoy getting naked and sometimes take my clothes off while driving and then jo until I shot my load. There were also times when I would find a safe area and get behind some trees and then get naked. It was always great to have the cool breeze blowing on your cock while your jerking off.
One day while on m4m site I decided to reply to one of the posts. I opened up a new aol account and replied to a man who was looking to either give someone a hj or bj. It made me very hard writing my reponse. I told him I was new at this and wondering if he was interested in meeting up with someone with no experience with other men. It only took a few minutes for him to respond. He said that if we met he would only do what was comfortable for me and that would love to meet somewhere. I responed back and told him that I was interested in meeting sometime and wanted to know where we could meet. He responed that he wanted to meet tomorrow night at a park he had picked out. He also gave me directions and time to meet and that he would be driving escort kocaeli a black Chevy blazer. I wrote back the discription of my vehicle and explained I would be more comfortable if he got in my car. He agreed and told me he was looking forward to playing with my cock.
When he wrote back and told me he was looking forward to playing with my cock I was really hard and needed a relief. I went into the bathroom and unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor. It was a one person bathroom so I knew it was safe. I removed my shoes, shocks and shirt and then pulled my pants and underwear off. I was completly naked and could hear people of the other side of the door. I started jacking off and after a few minutes shot a big load into the sink. I just sat there a few minutes and then got dressed and walked back to my office.
The next day all I could think of was the meeting in the park. After telling my wife I had to work late, I headed to the park. I had no idea what was going to happen in my car, but I was hard by the time I arrived at the park. He was already waiting for me and after parking beside his car he got out and into my vehicle. He was about 5 9 and weighed around 200 lbs and nice looking. We talked a few minutes and then his hand was on my crotch. He rubbed my hard cock through my pants and my cock was straining to get free. He then unzipped my pants and opened them enough to feel my cock through my underwear. He asked if I would take off my pants for him. With out thinking about it I removed my shoes, shock and pants. I was now sitting there and enjoying another man rubbing my cock through my underwear. This time with out asking he grabbed a hold of my underwear and pulled them off me. His warm hand was around my 7″ cock and stroking it so slow and soft. He then unbuttioned my shirt and removed it and I was sitting naked in my car with a stranger playing with my kocaeli anal yapan escort cock. He had me lay my seat back and then started licking the pre cum off my hard cock. I thought that felt great, but when he put my cock all the way in his mouth, it was like the most sensual thing I have ever felt. He then put some spit on his finger and inserted it into my ass. I was really to explode when he sat back in his seat. He asked me if I wanted to see his cock. At this point I would agree to anything in order for him to start sucking on my cock again. He unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel this huge cock through his underwear. He told me to pull his underwear down. I grabbed the wasteband of his underwear and pulled them down to his ankles. I couldn’t believe the size of his cock. I guessed it had to be 9″ long. He then took my hand and wrapped it around his huge cock and asked me to stroke it. I slowly started stroking his huge cock and and surprised how much I enjoyed having my hand around another man’s cock.
I must of stroked it for five minutes when he grabbed the back of my head and started pulling it down toward his cock. I was hesitant at first but he was not letting go of my head until I had his cock in my mouth. As I got closer I could smell the precum. I started licking the precum and then slowly starting taking his cock into my mouth. At first it felt strange but the more I sucked the better it felt. He kept pulling on my head until I had all 9″ in my mouth. He then started fucking my mouth and after a few mintutes I felt this warm liquid shooting down my throat. I swallowed it all and he told me to lick every drop off his cock. He then asked if I wanted to shoot down his throat. I said hell yes. He told me first I had to do some things for him. I izmit yabancı escort wanted to have him suck me off so bad I would do anything at this point. He told me to not put on any of my clothes and to follow him in his car. He pulled up his pants and then got into his car and drove off. I was scared at this point what he might have planned for me but I was so hard and horny I didn’t care.
He drove futher into the park and parked in a very dark area with lots of trees. He got out of his car and told me to get out and follow him naked. I enjoy being outside naked so that was no problem. Once we got out into an open spot in the trees he stopped and then started taking off all of his clothes. He had a great body and I loved seeing his huge cock again. He ordered me to get on my knees and start sucking his cock. I obeyed him and started sucking on his cock. After a few minutes he told me to go lean over a picnic table that was sitting there. I did as he said and then he came over and started playing with my ass and then rubbing some lube in my hole. I had a good idea what was going to happen but it became real when I felt the tip of his cock stick in my ass. Slowly he started pushing in a little at a time. It hurt a first but later it felt so good I didn’t care. After working it in and out for a few minutes he had all 9″ in my ass. He started pumping me real hard and it didn’t take long before he shot warm cum in my ass. As it came out of my ass he caught a lot of it and told me to lick it all off his hand.
He then told me to lay on my back on the picnic table with my legs hanging over the side. He bent down and started sucking once again on my still hard cock. It felt great and didn’t take long to shoot a huge load down his throat. He got dressed and walked back and got into his car an left. i just laid there for a while and couldn’t believe what had happened to me. I finally walked naked back to my car and got dressed and went home.
Since then I’ve had some meetings with other men and would share some if interesed. I can tell you after that first night I can truly say that I’m now Bi.

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