first time group male sex

first time group male sexAll of my life I have been what I considered a straight male. The last few years have proved a different story of my sexual turnons. While masturbating to porn magazines I was at first turned off by the images of the shemales throughout the magazine promoting phone sex. As time passed I started looking a little more until I was really turned on by the thought of a nice hard cock. It went from shemales to males and here we are. I started looking at ads on craigslist hoping to have some nice cock to suck and maybe do some anal on me. It worked out but one ad really got me turned on. It was an ad about a group of guys inviting anyone to join them at a motel for some group sex. The first time I answered the ad they gave me the location and the rules of as soon as you get there you have to at least get down to your underwear if not completely naked plus chip in $10 to help pay for the room. This ad only comes up every couple of months or so so I thought I should check it out even though I was pretty nervous about it. When I got to the room a guy answered completely naked and asked if I was there for the party which I replied yes to. He let me in and I gave him the $10. I could not take my eyes off all of the sex going on in the rooms and all of the hard cocks. I was really getting turned on watching guys sucking each other and having some intense anal sex. He kind of laughed and asked if I liked what I saw and I assured him that I did at which point he said that I would have to at least get down to my underwear. I would casino şirketleri have done anything then so I got naked and walked into the room. Right away a guy came up to me and started making out with me. All I could feel was his hard cock rubbing against mine. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then. I started kissing down his body until I reached his nipples and then sucked one after the other until he was moaning with pleasure. I slid my tongue on down his body until I felt the tip of his cock on my chin. It was dripping precum and I had to have all of that. I slowly slid his cock in my mouth and took as much of it as I could. His precum tasted so good I wanted every drop of his cum in my mouth. He slowly started face fucking me until he could not stand it anymore. He pulled me off of his cock and led me to the bed. It was his turn to suck my cock then. I was so turned on I was ready to cum but he had other ideas. He slid his tongue on down my cock and started licking my ass and fingering me. I never had so much pleasure in my life. Finally getting me good and loosened up he slowly started slipping his hard cock inside of me. When the head first touched my ass I was so turned on. He slid it in a little at a time making sure I was ready to take all of him. All I could think about was how much I wanted him inside of me so I started lunging toward him trying to get all of that beautiful cock up inside of me. I felt so good when he was all the way in me and I could feel his balls against my ass. I was on my back casino firmalari at the time with my legs spread as wide as I could get them when I felt a cock rubbing against my face. Eventually it got to my lips and I knew then that I was a slut. I wanted to suck that dick so bad and have that one filling my ass full of cum at the same time. I opened my mouth and he slid that hard cock all the way in and part way down my throat. What an unbelievable feeling it was having that nice hard cock inside of me and the other one fucking my mouth. It did not take long and I could feel the cock in my mouth grow even harder until he shot load after load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed all I could and caught the rest on my hands so that I could lick the rest of his cum off of my fingers. When he came it sent the other cock in my ass over the edge and I could feel load after load of warm cum shooting up inside of me. At that point I could not hold back any longer and shot a nice load of cum all over me. After sucking all the cum off the cock in my mouth he finally pulled out while the one in my ass rolled over completely drained. I got up on my knees and proceeded to lick all of the cum off of the cock that was in my ass. While doing so I felt another cock pushing against my ass. He shoved in all the way and started fucking like a crazy man. God it felt so good. I just wanted a cock inside of me at all times. Two other guys got in front of me and I took turns sucking each of them until I had all of their cum in my mouth. During the course güvenilir casino of the night I must have sucked 10 cocks and felt 15 cocks shot their loads inside of me. After cumming the third time it was time to give it a rest although I was still turned on thinking about all that had happened. Besides the time was up and everyone was clearing out for this session. I did get several names for some one on one sex. My truck was at the end of the parking lot and once I got there I was startled by a guy coming out of no where. He asked if I had been at the party and I told him yes. He was young and said that he wanted to go but chickened out at the last minute. I looked down and could see a nice hard bulge in his pants so I reached over and started stroking him right there in the parking lot. He moved closer to me wanting to see how far this would go. I unzipped his jeans and reached in to rub his cock. He had no underwear on which started getting me hard again. At that point I did not care who was watching I just wanted that hard dick in my mouth. I undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees and proceeded to suck his cock in the parking lot. It did not take long and I felt his cock tense up as he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth. After sucking all of the cum out of him and cleaning his cock with my mouth he gave me his phone number so that we could make this more private at a later time. After he left I was so turned on I got completely naked in the parking lot and decided to drive home this way while I jacked off. What a turn on when I got up next to truckers on the highway and they could look right into my cab and see what I was doing. I cannot wait until the next post comes out about a group sex night. I will be the first one there and the last one to leave. Cannot get enough cum.

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