First Time Hotwife Fantasy

First Time Hotwife FantasyThis story involves me, my wife and a friend we skype chat with in a group (Just us three) He sends my wife videos and messages. She send him photos)So me and Ashley were talking about her enjoying another cock and she liked your cumshot so much she agreed to meetshe liked that I got so hard thinking about her having some funShe chose you Raj, because she was so impressed by your cumshot in the shower…..The day came closer and Ashley wanted to check I was still happy for her to meet you. She was wet and horny thinking about it and teased me willing me to confirm I was ok for her to do it, now she had her mind set on enjoying Raj’s cock.Ashley met Raj at a Hotel barAnd was so horny, she couldn’t help but flirt with RajRaj was so turned on that he couldn’t stop himself from touching Ashley. He knew he had to have her.Ashley told Raj that Tony was in the room waiting to enjoy a showAnd she walked off to the hotel roomRaj didn’t hesitate to followRaj helped Ashley undress in the room as Tony watchedTony already had his cock in his hand. It was rock hard. Tony enjoyed watching Raj undress AshleyRaj couldn’t hold back. He kissed Ashley and she kissed back. It was so eroticAs they kissed, Raj swept his hands over Ashley’s body. He was so impressed at how firm and sexy Ashley felt. He thought to himself, She even more sexier in person.He felt her firm breasts and moved down between Ashley’s legs. She didn’t hesitate to spread her legs allowing Raj to feel her soft pussy which was wet with anticipation.Ashley moaned with pleasure as she enjoyed Raj’s touch. It felt so naughty, BUT so right.She stoped for a second and wondered if it was right to continue, with her husband there. She felt a little self conscious…..But as Raj bent forward to kiss Ashley’s nipple, Tony got up and kissed her. He could see Ashley needed a little encouragement to let herself go and enjoy the moment. He whispered in her ear……..go bursa escort on darling. I want you to enjoy this. You are amazing and deserve to have fun. We are here together so let yourself go and relax….Ashley watched as Raj took out his cockThis was all she needed to see along with what Tony had whispered in her ear…..She knew she could enjoy itShe had after all been fantasising of this moment since Tony had first suggested it.Tony leaned in and kissed Ashley as she took both his cock and Raj’s cock in her hands…….Tony’s kiss making her immediately meltIt felt good holding two cocks……something she had never done before but soon realising how right it felt. She was in control of this momentAnd she was going to enjoy herselfAshley took Raj and lay him down, before taking hold of his cockTony got ready with a camera and filmed Ashley enjoying the taste of Raj’s cock.Ashley took it deep in her mouthas she looked at Tony and then at Raj.After a few moments, Raj stopped Ashley. He though to himself, Wow Ashley sucks cock so good, but I need to give her some attention. He was so turned on her Ashley and her sexy bodyAshley lay down……She felt vulnerable waiting for what was to come, but when Raj kissed her nipples, slowly sucking them, she knew she was soon going to be in heaven….Raj moved down Ashley’s body and Ashley let out a quiet moan as she pushed her hips forward to Raj’s mouth in anticipation…..This first kiss from Raj on Ashley’s pussy was electric…..sending waves of pleasure through her body. Ashley looked at Tony, who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he watched Ashley enjoy the moment.Ashley instantly loved the naughtiness of another man pleasuring her in front of Tony. Raj continued and before long, Ashley was moving her body in sheer pleasure and rhythm.She realised quickly how good Raj was with his tongue and she knew she couldn’t hold back much longerShe enjoyed every flick of his tongue on his escort bursa clit.she pleasure was building upShe thought it felt so good.She asked herself why she had waited so long for this momentAnd then it happened………The feeling came in waves, It was like an explosion of pleasure throughout Ashley’s body as she came.Raj continued…..and then asked Ashley to sit on his faceAshley moved into positionshe felt Raj’s tongue on her pussyAgain, it was amazingShe was so wet and was in heaven again.This time however she wanted more….She knew she needed to feel his cock in her pussyShe moved onto the bed and lay down, softly telling Raj, “Fuck me. I want to feel you inside my pussy “She was surprised that she had said this, but knew it had to happen. She wanted it. Tony has said it was ok. So why not.Raj moved his hard cock over Ashley’s pussyHe teased her clit making her want him more. It felt so goodAnd then came the moment she had wanted since Tony first mentioned his fantasy…..Raj slid his cock inside her, slowly but firmly.Ashley’s eyes rolled back in pleasure. Tony watched intently……This was the moment he had waited for. To watch his wife have fun and take another cock inside her. He was so happy and still rock hard. He was so turned on that his cock was leaking precumRaj began to move back and forth, fucking Ashley. He was enjoying it so much too.Ashley’s pussy felt amazing. It was tight and wet. Just right.Raj fucked Ashley and then they swapped positions so Ashley was riding Raj’s cock. Both were lost in sheer pleasure, enjoying each other. The raw passion was evident to Tony and this only turned him on more, watching them bothAs Ashley got on her hands and knees, she knew this was her favourite position. She wanted to feel Raj deep inside her as she looked at Tony.Her look did not need words…..Tony knew Ashley was so happy at that moment, knowing she had a loving husband that wanted her to enjoy fantasises together görükle escort with her. She felt relaxed and it gave her confidence that they were going to enjoy this together more. Ashley and Raj tried more positions, both having a great time enjoying the feeling of each otherIt wasn’t long before Ashley felt another wave of pleasure take over her body as she came again.Then Tony moved over to enjoy her alsoHe caressed Ashley as She enjoyed Raj’s cockAshley could see how hard Tony was and wanted to pleasure him to thank him for making this night happenShe took Tony’s cock in her mouth as she moved back and forth on Raj’s cock. This was great for Raj to feel. Ashley was enjoying Raj’s cock so much that she turned around and watched him face on as he fucked her. It turned hr on watching his face as he slid his cock in her pussy as she wanked Tony’s cockBefore long she felt the build up of pleasure againand forgot about Tony’s cock for a moment and she enjoyed the feel of Raj’s cock in her pussyAshley rode him hardand she kissed Raj played with her clit. She then shuddered and came. It was so intense. More so than normal.This was a huge turn on for Raj who was also close.He whispered this to Ashley and she smiled, telling him to let himself go tooRaj pulled out and sprayed his hot warm cum onto Ashley’s stomach.He kissed Ashley as he came, and she kissed him back. Both enjoying the moment.Tony was also stroking his cock and was overjoyed when Raj came. It had been amazing to watch Ashley cum as Raj fucked her, but watching Raj cum, made Tony feel amazing. He knew his wife was so sexy and other guys were turned on by her amazing figureTony could hold back no moreHe came on Ashley’s beautiful breasts. His orgasm was similar to Ashley’s. Much more intense than usual. All three lay there and enjoyed the moment with a Tony and Raj cuddling up to Ashley from either side. Her body was warm and soft. She kissed Raj thanking him for an amazing experience and then kissed Tony, telling him that he was amazing as always.Raj then got dressed and left Tony and Ashley, but not before arranging to speak soon and discuss another fun night together.

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