First time in a Class room


First time in a Class roomThis story was real and it happened two years ago (2011)I was in Grade 12 when this happened. It was the day of my high schools senior basket ball team first game of the season. I was very nervous for this game because all eyes were on me. Especially this one girl. We were playing our rival school team since my first year of high school. It was the 4th quarter, the other team was leading by two points. Our options were either score the easy two or take the three and win it all, we decided to shoot the three. The coach made the play for me. My heart was about to drop because the win was in my hands. As we got onto the court I noticed the girl who I liked. She was beautiful, pretty face cute ass and decent sized breast. She was giving me a shy stare. The ref blows his whistle indicating play can be started. betist giriş We went through our play just like how our coach wanted us to. The other team assumed that we were going for the easy two, i was left open. Quickly, my teammate swings the ball to me. My heart stopped when i got into my fluent shooting position. SWISH! The ball goes in and there was 3.6 seconds left on the clock. The bench and the people in the stands went crazy, and when I looked over where the girl I liked was sitting, she was gone and I was upset.As I left the gym with flying hugs and handshakes, the only thing that was on my mind was the girl. I went back to one my classes since I have accidentally left my textbooks in there. Right before I rushed into the classroom, I heard soft moaning. I took a small peek and there she was betist yeni giriş masturbating to a picture of me on facebook. I silently entered and right when I was a few feet away from her, she stops and turns around. She was so surprised and she did not say anything. I started to say “Maybe this is better than your finger” when I pulled down my pants. She said “I do not want anything to happen” As she was pulling up her pants, i grabbed her hand and stopped her. She obeys me and I started to slide my cock around her pussy. She was trying to push away but I can tell she was being pleasured. I pushed her onto a few desk and we started doing. As we were having sex we agreed with each other that we cannot just moan out loud since there are still some teachers roaming around the school. I was fucking her fast betist güvenilirmi so chances of us being caught is low. She was moaning very quietly and her moaning was making me cum. I told her that I was about to pop and she pushed me off and starting sucking my cock, then all of a sudden she had a mouthful of cum and some were dripping onto the floor. We quickly dressed our selves and cleaned up our mess. Then right before we walked our own ways she kissed me on my cheek and she said “Pick me up tomorrow night around 9” Then off she went. I just stood there in the hall way stunned. This feeling was even better than hitting the game winner.The next day we saw each other in our 3rd period class, which was a computer science class. We sat together and under the desk she started to stroke me over my pants and I popped within 5 minutes for two reason, being an amateur and not wanting to get caught. Until now were are still seeing each other and I love her very much. I am sorry I did write too much dialogue since this was my first post and sorry for not stating any names. Thanks for reading 🙂

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