First Time Interracial Guy Anal Painfully Short


First Time Interracial Guy Anal Painfully ShortMy asshole is still aching every time I need to take a shit and I hold it, and it feels shamefully good when I go as it slides out my destroyed gaping ass. My cock has been getting rock hard when I notice the pain in my ass as I’m sitting in my meeting trying to re-adjust my position. It’s the perverted disgusting little things that made getting ****d worth it, but I guess you can’t really call it that when you ignore every instinct and put yourself in a situation like that.I was feeling horny, desperate, working a lot and stressed out… for whatever reason searched and actually found a decent guy to meet up with, and found out last minute he was a big toned black guy with a massive 9″ cock. I instantly decided to just quit and forget it, but found myself smoking up a lot more before work ended, and ended up taking whatever else and was fucked up by the time I left the office. I remember a fan messaging me right before I left, and he masturbated and came for me on skype and I was beginning to feel a bit curious again. A part of me was scared and didn’t want any hassle of questions or thinking, just walk in and get thrown on the ground and just feel lube being poured all over my ass and a fat cock being shoved in. He said he had some lube ready and asked if I could pick up some condoms so I stopped by the gas station on the way over, and smoked another hitter right before parking and walking around the back of his house. He let me in a nice average house with a custom sun room built facing the back yard that stretched along the corner block. He let me in and tried to make me feel comfortable, guiding me through the kitchen and into the massive living room. He already had a blanket sprawled on the carpet with a few pillows piled neatly on top. I nervously looked around wondering if I was going to be ****d and beaten and robbed or some ridiculous shit as he was trying to get me horny. He told me to make myself comfortable and we could start right away so without thinking I just took my clothes off like any other escort I was about to shove my cock in, but this time around I felt very naked in front of this muscular black man, I didnt even dare look down to see his massive cock, limp and hanging and not even hard yet. He told me to relax and asked me if doggystyle was okay, türbanlı zonguldak escort and I havent really had any successful experiences so far, so I agreed, even though I remember a tranny telling me never try doggystyle for my first time I get penetrated deep, just lay down, relax, and take it on my back. I just dropped to my knees and bent over the pillows, positioning my cock so it felt good rubbing against the pillows laying down. Without hesitation I felt his firm hands reach around my ass and spread lube between my ass. I could feel the cold liquid sliding in between and dripping down my balls as he picked at my hole with his cock, trying to get hard. I could tell he was trying to get it up and was dry humping me riding his cock along the crack of my ass. Surprisingly, it felt good and I found myself rocking along with his body, and letting him push my body into the floor as my cock rubbed back and forth. Out of nowhere he grabbed my hips and thrusted slightly and tried to pry his bulging cock into tight fucking hole. I felt my entire body convulsing and being forced forward and felt the weight of his entire body being shoved into my asshole. I reached forward to stop myself and found myself grabbing at the air and tried to grip the carpet as i instinctively clenched, and tried to relax my body at the same time, he tried to soothe me as he tried again, with no remorse or care in his words, just thrusting his cock forward deeper into my tight hole that suddenly knew cocks weren’t meant for that particular hole. One more thrust and I couldn’t take it anymore, I started screaming and tapping the ground and kicking trying to get out of his grip. His cock was burning and turning my entire lower half on fire, and it hurt so fucking bad. He pulled his cock out fast and rough and I felt every single tiny bit of his cock as it tore through releasing itself from my tight anal grip. I helplessly turned over and clenched my ass to protect it, and to do whatever it took to get rid of the intense burning sensation which made my cock hard and limp at the same time. I didn’t know what I was feeling but I suddenly had the feeling of disappointment, as if he wasn’t man enough to just take me like a little bitch and fuck me. To teach me a lesson about asking for a türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan stranger to stuff his tight little virgin ass. I laid there trying to get my mind off the pain and debated on whether to visit an escort afterwards or not. He gave me a moment to relax and calm down, and asked me if he could try one more time, promising to be more gently and slow. I agreed and acted as if I was scared and worried, but I could give a fuck less. I bent over and got into it fully, wishing he dressed me up like a little sissy for my first time. I arched my back and he spread my ass open, positioning my ass in the air making me feel like some anal gaping pornstar that gets double penetrated and fisted with no hesitation. I braced myself and clenched the ends of the blanket and pillow as he lubed up my ass one final time before he placed the tip of his cock on my swollen little star, and pushed forward using his hand, probably watching the tip of his cock being engulfed by my ass, cutting off his cocks circulation.I felt myself reaching back and trying to slap at his body telling him he was going too fast, that it hurt even more than last time. I felt his body fall forward and on top of mine, with his wrists around my waste holding his body up as his cock came down harder and harder as he thrusted, trying to force his big fucking black cock inside. I suddenly realized he wasn’t listening to me anymore and he was going to fuck me until he came. I was being fucking ****d. Holy fucking shit, I was screaming at him to stop and he wrapped his hand around my mouth. And I was disgusted thinking he lubing my ass and stroking his cock fucking me. I couldn’t feel anything but pain anymore, and at some point felt the EXACT same visuals in my head, of a thick cock sliding back and forth inside the human body, female or male, it didn’t matter. I now felt what it was like to have a thick fat cock slide back and forth inside of your body. He was thrusting and pounding me, banging my cock hard into the ground to a point where it was unpleasant. I reached out in front of me for whatever in the open carpet desert, and I found my body giving out, just going limp and taking whatever he was going to do to me and making the best out of my horrible decision. I felt my cock türbanlı escort zonguldak slowly fading away and feeling as if I was being fucked like a little whore, and I began thinking disgusting dirty thoughts of myself if I was a girl, and how the situation would make me feel, and wished a pussy was around to play with in the midst of me getting my ass completely filled. I felt my body surge with disgust, pleasure, and wanting just pure perverted sex. It wasn’t the act that was turning me on, it was the rawness, the openness of pain and pleasure or whatever crazy fucked up thoughts I was having high as hell getting pounded by some random black guy like in all the porn I’ve watched, bent over sticking my ass out like some whimpy emo k**. Whatever it looked like, I knew it didnt look pleasant, hot, pretty. Fucking disgusting, nasty, sickening, wrong, most people would probably gag watching a grown working professional suddenly bending over and taking a big fat black cock from a guy he met just an hour ago. Most wouldn’t even try to understand. Imagine if they could see what was going inside my head, wanting to get ****d harder, hoping more guys would emerge from the shadows of the other room, maybe even start tying me up and beating up, ultimately torturing me in their basement for weeks making me a cum bucket until they found another poor slave before they finish me off by making me choke to death on one of their cocks, or slowly cutting and stabbing me during anal intercourse. Just fantasies… sick thoughts… while being fucked in the ass.I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to pleasure my nasty mind long, he finished and came within what seemed like less than a minute or so… and once again… disappointment. Regret only because it was not worth it, waste of my time, wanted something much more. Afterwards was a downhill slop of me trying to get my dick up to fuck him, then when I finally get it up he was too tight and I was having a hard time and frustratingly stroked myself on the couch furiously trying to cum watching porn on his phone as he watched. I couldn’t believe how fast he finished. I thought only lasting twenty minutes on some nights was bad but suddenly had an ego boost after my first anal experience. He had asked for a ride to the train station so I dropped him off and he is open to future play, but currently undecided about how I feel. The pain and pleasure trade off is still up in the air, and just wish I could enjoy these things with my girlfriend without being judged. I wonder some days if I should just phase out of it and be done with it, at other times feel it is an important part of my sex life. I am still undecided but can’t help but feel whatever it is, it isn’t normal.

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