First Time on Stage


First Time on StageThe music was pounding faster and faster in time to her own heartbeat. Standing off to the side of the stage, Vickie was waiting her turn, feeling nervous and a little scared, but excited—very excited at the thought of all the men in the club watching her take off her clothes. And she loved the idea of making every one of them want her in the worst—or best—way possible.As a Girl Scout, babysitter, and honor roll student, everyone knew her as a nice girl—and she is nice—but she also had a wild streak that needed exploring. And what better way to do that than by auditioning at a strip club in a nearby town. If she didn’t like it, then it winds up being an exciting, one-time-only experience. But if she did enjoy it, maybe it could be something more.All that mattered was is that she made the most of the opportunity, which was just about to begin. Vickie was more than ready to play the part. While she normally wore her hair tied back, that was not the case tonight. Her lush, wavy brown strands flowed along her face and neck, caressing her bare shoulders and the tops of firm, round breasts. In short, her hair looked like sex itself—untamed. Then there were her eyes, which always looked impeccable. But for her dance debut, Vickie went for something more slutty. Her soft, brown eyes were set off by black eyeliner and black eye shadow that was smudged to provide a smoky, sultry appearance. If eyes are windows to the soul, Vickie’s soul was craving sex, and nothing more.And her full, pouty lips? They were glossy pink. Her outfit was the clincher. A thin red bra clearly showed the hardening nipples on her size C boobs. And she wore black panties over a one-size-too-small thong—also black—and four-inch heels. She had the look, and after spending hours online watching videos of dancers performing their moves, she couldn’t wait to show her stuff.The time had come.Vickie walked down the length of the stage looking straight ahead as she let all the men check out the “new girl.” Relishing the moment, she turned around, then bent over to give them a clear view of her round ass. She swayed to the music, took a few spins on the pole—not yet her strong suit—and ran both hands over her barely-covered breasts and smooth thighs. Dropping to the stage, she opened her legs to show off the soft flesh that was pushing against the tight fabric of her panties.She hoped the men felt half as hot as she did.Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone approach the stage. Another dancer told her that if she played the first tip right, it would encourage other guys to come forward. Vickie got up from the floor, smiled, and looked him straight in the eyes as she walked his way, moving her hips as seductively as she knew how.With her back facing him, she bent over giving him a close-up look at her booty and ran her finger slowly over her panty-covered pussy. She then backed up and rubbed her ass against his crotch. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her closer, and she continued grinding, knowing that the thin layers of their clothing were all that separated his cock from her flesh. She turned around and squatted, her face inches from his crotch, and ran her hands up his thighs, closer and closer to his cock, then pulled away. As a dancer explained, don’t give away too much too soon. Make the customers want to return with another tip, so they can pick up where you left off.She pulled out the front of her panties, letting him feel for just a moment that he could leave the tip inside. After the slight tease, her hand moved to the strap of her panties, where he left his dollar bill. She took him by the shoulders and leaned in, so that he could feel her lips and breath against his ears as she softly said, “Thank you.”She pulled down her panties—revealing a skimpy thong—and moved back to the center of the stage. Looking sarıyer escort around the club, she saw several men reaching into their pockets to pull out bills, which told her the first tip went well. At that moment she saw a familiar face. After taking a second look, she recognized him as Mr. Bradford—or Stephen, as he asked her to call him once she came of age. But after years of babysitting for him, she found it difficult to switch to a first-name basis. He was still Mr. Bradford.Their relationship was always proper, a little like a father and daughter, until she turned older, at which point it felt more like a friendship. Though she found Mr. Bradford quite attractive with his strong shoulders, deep-set eyes, and firm jaw, she never dreamed of being sexual with him. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She would occasionally finger her pussy in the privacy of her own home, imagining it was his cock finding its way inside her.Sure, she read stories online about babysitters seducing the dads, but it was never something she considered acting on—not even once. She liked him too much and didn’t want to risk their friendship.But now she felt their relationship was at a turning point.Mr. Bradford would often call her a sweet girl, and she was now afraid that he would think less of her; it was a thought she couldn’t bear. Her first song ended, and she saw Mr. Bradford getting up from his chair, her heart sinking at the thought of him leaving the club. Having no choice, she forced a smile on her face and started moving her body to the music once more. But her anxiety soon turned to relief when she saw him approach the stage. She did all she could to keep from breaking out into a schoolgirl giggle. He stayed!Vickie looked him straight in the eye, put her arms around him, and thanked him for coming to the stage. He told her he was enjoying her performance and wanted to show his appreciation. A smile betrayed his thoughts as his eyes moved up and down her body, taking in a side of her that he had never seen before. While not sure how to act with him, Vickie knew that she couldn’t hold back, not if she wanted to make an impression on the club’s owner, as well as the other customers.She backed away to give him a better view, then reached behind her back to undo the bra, letting it drop to the floor. She put her hands behind Mr. Bradford’s head and pulled his face into her chest, letting him feel her breasts on both sides of his face. He kissed her right tit, then her left and moved his hands along her back. Squatting in front of him, Vickie slid her hands up his legs, “accidentally” letting one brush along his crotch as she rose to her feet. She pulled out her thong, giving Mr. Bradford a clear view of her pussy, hoping he’d take the hint on where to leave the tip. But always the gentleman, he put a five-dollar bill in the elastic band on her hip. Leaning forward she nibbled his ear and thanked him. They stood there for a several seconds, neither one of them wanting to step away. But she noticed several men now standing at the stage waiting for their turn, so she moved to the right to greet the next customer. Once her three-song set was over, she gathered up her tip money, put on her bra, picked up her panties and worked her way through the crowd to thank everyone who came up to tip her, leaving Mr. Bradford for last.Vickie instinctively tried to cover herself as she walked up to his table, but figured she wasn’t fooling anyone. He had, after all, already seen her tits and more.”Hi, Mr. Bradford. It’s good seeing a familiar face tonight.””First, you have to start calling her Stephen, especially here,” he said with a smile.”OK—Stephen. Thank you for the nice tip. You really didn’t have to.””It was definitely my pleasure. How long have esenyurt escort you been dancing here?””This is actually my audition. We’ll see what happens. So far, I think the men like me.””Yeah, there’s definitely a lot to like,” he said, pushing the boundaries a little further. “Have you done any private dances yet?””No, and I’m a little nervous about going in the booth with a complete stranger,” which was only a small lie. It’s true that the idea made her a little nervous, but it was also something that turned her on. Right now, though, she was more turned on by the thought of having some private time with Stephen. She prayed he would take the bait.”Maybe your first private dance doesn’t have to be with a stranger.” Her heart pounded as she heard those words. They looked at each other for what felt like minutes, their mutual gaze only broken when he reached for the wallet in his back pocket. Her pussy was getting wet at the thought of spending five minutes alone with Stephen. She went with him to the bar so that he could pay for the dance, and stared as he handed over a combination of 20s and 10s—enough for 30 minutes.She felt that some part of her would explode before they got into the booth. Just what did he want? Was he simply being supportive of her audition or was he looking for a little stripper love? Whatever it was, she was all too happy to find out.Thirty minutes got them into the booth in the far corner, the one with a door instead of a curtain. The other dancers told her the camera in that booth often “malfunctioned”—code for being turned off. The club’s policies are best described as loose, and the booth was apparently the best place to push the boundaries.Once inside, she set down her purse and panties on the small table, and he took his place on the cushioned sofa. Her nervousness gave way to raw excitement as she considered the possibilities that lay ahead. Ever so slowly, she walked toward him, feeling his eyes explore her body, with most of his attention focused on the flimsy material that kept her tits and pussy from full view—at least for now.She pushed his legs a little closer together, making it easier to straddle his lap while facing him. Her ass moved lower and gently rubbed along his crotch. Leaning forward, she let out a soft whimper as she let her lips and warm breath graze his left ear.A half-hour session meant there was plenty of time to tease as she coaxed their relationship to a new level.”Stephen, why don’t you take off my bra?” she whispered in her most seductive voice.He paused at the words and audibly swallowed as she pressed her chest against his, giving him plenty of room to reach behind.With the clasp undone, she leaned back waiting for him to finish the task. After a pause he slid the straps down her arms and removed the bra, tossing it into the corner. He then simply looked at her, admiring her soft breasts as he did before, only this time, he had her to himself. Sensing he was still unsure of how to react with his babysitter, she took his hands and put them on her breasts, helping him massage her soft flesh. She straightened up and moved closer, allowing her tits to brush his lips. He took the hint, taking one breast into his mouth, then the other, sucking the nipples until they hardened in his mouth. She turned around on his lap and moved her hips back and forth, massaging his covered cock with her ass. Leaning back, she positioned her face against his. Needing no guidance this time, Stephen ran his hands up her sides and back to her breasts, massaging and rubbing, before moving them below her waist, pausing on her thighs. She felt his hesitation and decided to give some final guidance, bringing his hands to her thong. His finger found the opening to her pussy over the thin fabric, massaging it up and down. Feeling avrupa yakası escort emboldened, his hand moved to her waistband where one finger, then another, disappeared under the material. Detecting no resistance, he let his whole hand move inside where he could directly rub the lips of her pussy. His middle finger massaged the opening up and down, entering deeper and deeper with each movement. She cooed, knowing she could have stayed there for hours, but she wanted more, and now was the time to go for it. Moving off his lap, she faced him, putting her fingers in the straps of her thong, and moved the final garment below her thighs and knees until it was off her body and on the floor. For the first time, she was naked—head to toe—in front of Stephen. They faced each for several moments until she climbed back on his lap, knowing full well there were few—if any—boundaries left between them.His hands roamed along her shoulders, breasts, and waist, until they once again found her moist cunt. He massaged her clit, then easily pushed a finger back inside her. She arched her back, let out a moan, then got lost in the moment, kissing his neck, ears, and cheeks, until their lips locked in their own warm embrace. She pushed away and stood in front of him, her pussy just inches from his face. Without hesitation, he leaned forward to kiss her flush on the clit, his kiss turning into a suck. His tongue began playing with the opening of her pussy, working its way inside, tasting her over and over. His hands reached behind, pushing her ass closer so that his tongue could move deeper. Neither one wanted the moment to end.But this wasn’t enough.Vickie moved away from his kisses and knelt down in front him, feeling his anticipation match her own. Her face caressed his crotch through the material of his pants. At the same time, her hands moved up his thighs to his waist and chest, then down to his rock-hard cock. He leaned back on the sofa, looking at her with a combination of pleasure and disbelief. Was this really the same girl he had known all these years?She caressed the length of his penis, listening to his breathing quicken with each stroke. Suddenly she stopped stroking, causing him to look down. But a smile soon crossed his face as she undid his belt buckle, unfastened his pants, and pulled the pants and undershorts down his legs, tossing them to the corner. His cock now stood straight up, beckoning her—and she complied.Her tongue slowly licked the length of his penis, first one side, then the other—again and again—teasing him till he found great relief in having the head finally enter her mouth, going deeper and deeper. Her lips and tongue massaged his cock as her mouth moved up and down. He felt her hands run along his thighs and chest, finally massaging the base of his penis. Gently pulling her mouth away to look at his face, she saw that Stephen had his eyes closed and his face turned upward, wallowing in the moment. Her mouth returned to his cock to finish the job that she started.She kissed him from the base of his shaft all way to the head—once, twice, three times. It was now time to give him what he longed for.His cock disappeared into her mouth. She moved her head up and down as she sucked on his throbbing member, letting her lips and tongue massage every inch. Picking up the pace ever so slightly, she tightened her lips, feeling his cock throb and his hips squirm. At that point, his writhing stopped and his cum exploded into her eager mouth. She welcomed the warmth of his sweet cream and savored every drop as it filled her mouth and worked its way down her throat. His hips buckled some more as he finished emptying his cock into her mouth. When he stopped, she pulled her mouth away and swallowed the last of his cum with her eyes locked on his. Vickie softly rubbed and kissed his penis and climbed back onto his lap, wanting to spend their final minutes together in a warm embrace.While other customers would not be getting the same treatment, she knew she could more than handle the job at the club—she would relish it.And more than anything, she was looking forward to her next babysitting assignment with Stephen.

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