first time seeing her in 2 years


first time seeing her in 2 yearsIt had been almost 2 years sience me and the ex had any real talking. We had dated when I was in collage for about a year or soon. It started off pretty norm I guess. Meet her at her job to get some parts for my car and she was telling her boss about how she couldn’t get her car running again. So I offerd to help in exchange for a few nice hot meals. Needless to say I got it running. Now fast forward 3 years almost and I am back from school in az and I am visting a friend when I get a text form her. All it said was he thro me and my ex have had some real shitty luck with past relastionships. Most ended bad. So this time she was homeless and living on couches of friends. That was how we started talking again just with bull shit. As I was still pissed at how everything with her ended the first time. Well after some time of talking and getting things back worked out she needed help to get a car so I found her a truck and bought it for her fixed a few things on it and told her that she would have to come and get it. And she jumped at it. Keep in mind I live on an island and she hates I will say I didn’t think she would so as when I was in az I snet her money to see me and that didn’t happen at all so I really was thinking that I was getting myself a nother truck. But she did get her ass on a boat to come see me and get the truck. Now I must say I have a vary big thing for this girl always have for some reason and I have always bahis siteleri tried to help her as much as I enough with that bs back was a nice sunny day and I was at work on a Friday. Nervous as all hell waiting for a text form her saying that she was not coming. She had a 3pm, boat. I got the text that she was on the boat at 305. It is almost a 2hr boat ride so I had time to show and shave and get ready for her to get here. I left my house at 415 to meet her at the boat. Drove around to kill some time. Ended up at the wrong boat all together lol. Finely get to the right dock and as I am driving down the hill I see her. My hart dropped. She looked so good. And happy. When I got out of the car she jump right on me to give me a kiss and a hug. On the way to my house we made small talk showed her a few things on the ride. When we got home bourght all her stuff in to my room. We started to kiss and make out some and I looked right at her and new that this time would be different. She said that she wanted to go she her new truck and I told her ok but I started to make out with her and in seconds I had her bent over my bed and I was fucking her tight so tight pussy. I raild her hard and fast making her scream and mone. Then I just stoped. Pulled up my pants and told her lets go. There is a few things that piss her off. 1. Not getting off 2. Not getting to swallow and 3. Well we will get to that later.after we got back from getting her truck and we went out to diner canlı bahis we where back in my room. Where I was going to finish what I started earlier that day. I didn’t give her a chance to say no. I striped her down and went to work fucking her. Had her bent back over and fucked her hard. Pulling her hair slapping her ass the works. Made her ride me too. I love watching her go up and down on my cock with her pussy. I could tell she hadn’t been fucked like that since the last time me and her fucked. And for me the last time I got some was a year and a half before. When I was ready to cum I put it right in her mouth so she could taste it. After filling her mouth and her swollen it I was thinking. God dam that was fun. And I still have 2 more days. We fell asleep shortly about 3am I woke up and I was all over her again. And she didn’t stop me. We fuck again for a good hour and a half. I cam in her mouth again and we went back to bed.6am same thing again then off to work we went.after work it was another round of hard fucking. After we where done I got the box that I had got for her. Had a vib ball gauge and a collar in it. The collar said bitch on it her faverit thing to be call when getting fuck. We fucked a few times that day till later that night.that night was a good nightgot back home after dinner. Told her to strip down. Put the collar on and we went at it. I layed her out on the bed and started eating her pussy. God she is sweet taesting and always wet and güvenilir bahis ready. I came up and slid my cock in her tight little pussy made her eyes roll back. I started pounding her right there till I put her on top and she road me like it was the last cock she would eer have. She cam a few times like that. Then I bent her back over and fucked her silly building her up and not letting her cum did that till she was getting pissed. I didn’t let her cum till I flipped her back over fucked her hard and had my hand around her throught. Told her to cum for me and cum hard or I would cum on her face and not let her cum. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she cam like it would never end then begged for me to cum in her mouth. It was a hot night. I also got to watch her fuck herself with the vib witch I love to see.Sunday. Started out first thing with more hard and long fucking. Then we went for a ride in her truck to christen it. Out to the beach we went. She pulled her pants off and jumped on my cock and started to fuck me god it was hot. Not having to do the work and out where we could get cought was hot. We went at it for some time she wanted me to cum but I was not done with her yet. I wanted to put her on the hood and fuck her some more but some one showed up so we 48 hours we fucked 15 times. I cam 9 times in her hungery mouth and we both wanted to go more. In a few weeks I will be seeing her again. For a weekend but she is not the ex any more. Now she is my wife and I got a few more things up my sleve for her hahathis is just the start of the storeys I have. And yes I know my writing sucks. This is just the first try at it. I will be getting into more details as it goes on.

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