First Time Slave


When I was 24 years old I had an insatiable love for sex. I wanted to try everything. I decided to answer an add looking for a sex slave. A week later I received a letter in the mail with strict instructions to address him as Master….I am his Slave. He included pictures of girls tied up and being whipped in different positions. He wanted to know if it turned me on….oh yes It did! We went back and forth with letters and pictures….Then came the time to meet. Wearing nothing but a long grey coat and white heels I met him in the parking lot of a very nice upscale hotel. He takes my hand and brings me to his room through a side door.
As soon as we enter the room he tells me to remain in character unless he says otherwise. All I could say was “Yes Master”.
I felt my insides doing a roller coaster effect. I was so turned on and ready. He was a Middle aged man who was pretty good looking. He said that he was pleased with my looks. I was about a size 14, Blonde hair/blue eyes. He took me to the bathroom where he proceeded to take my coat off. He then started to give me a sponge bath. He had me spread my legs open and he ran a washed cloth up my inner thighs and right to my pussy. He said he needed to clean me before he makes me dirty again. When we were done he directed me to the living room and had me kneel down on the floor but sitting up. He then tied my wrists behind my back
He takes out a huge 8 inch dildo that was about 2 inches wide and puts it in my mouth and says “ hold this in your mouth and without biting it or getting lipstick on it AND DON’T DROP IT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH”!!!!! “ Yes master”……As I kneel down I feel the dildo slipping from my mouth. I begin to panic..I have no idea how I can hold this in my mouth much longer. My body starts to shake. My master is sitting on the couch stroking his rock hard cock…yelling at me “ DON’T DROP IT!!!!
Just as he finishes his last word the dildo slides down my chin and drops on the floor. He stands up and grabs a flat paddle escort kocaeli and smacks me across my ass…..I flinched with the pain but kept my screams inside. He then spread my legs open and while I’m still kneeling he shoves the dildo up my pussy.
As he slid it in I can feel him spread me open and my juices rush over the head of it. He then says “keep this inside you…..I want to see how strong your pussy is.” My Pussy feeling full I whimpered out “ Yes master”. I felt such pleasure and a little bit of pain all at the same time. My Master again sat on the couch rubbed himself telling me that Im a good little slave and hes very happy that I can keep this huge dildo inside my pussy while soaking wet. He then tells me to drop the dildo….I release my muscles and out it dropped onto the floor….”Holy mother look at all that cum dripping out of your pussy you fucking slave”
As hes saying those words I can feel the string of cum that is dripping out of my throbbing pussy down to the floor. He unties my hands and sits back on the couch. “ come over here slave I want to show you how to suck my cock”. I crawled over slowly and got between his legs. With a very hard and strict voice he says “ I want you to put your tongue at the bottom of my balls and lick me like a little dog up to the top of my cock! “ Licking my lips like im ready for dinner I say “ Yes Master”. My tongue started at the bottom and slowly I went all the way to the top of his head over and over til he said “good suck my cock like a whore slave”. At this point I can feel the juices flowing down my leg. I look down and see a big wet spot on the rug…ready to please I lick up his shaft and in one stroke his cock was touching the back of my throat.
He pushes my head on to him and I choke with the fullness filling my mouth. The tears start to run down my face along with my mascara! I sucked his cock so good and so hard he exploded into my mouth “ Eat my cum slave…..your such a good little slave…that’s right take it all!!” I felt his cum sliding kocaeli anal yapan escort down the back of my throat. I was so pleased he was happy with my performance. For so long I always wondered what it would be like to be a slave. I was so excited my pussy was a big puddle at this moment. I was ready for the next thing to do. He tells me to go into the bathroom so I can rinse my mouth out. He tells me NOT TO WIPE MY PUSSY!!!!!
In the bathroom I look at my face and all I see is black running down my face. I rinsed my mouth and wiped my face. Taking a deep breath I come out of the bathroom to find my master now in the bedroom with ropes and the dildo on the bed…”Are you ready for more slave?” I walked into the room “Yes Master im ready”.
He had me lay across the bed on my tummy. He put my arms over my head and my feet hung over the other side. He then tied my hands and feet with a rope that was under the mattress coming out of each side. I felt completely helpess. I was not scared because he was soft spoken but stern. He didn’t make me nervous. He then took out a whip that had lots of strings on it. They call it a cat of nine tails. He begins to move the whip along my back down my ass. He stops there and just keeps taunting me and saying he’s going to make my white skin turn pink. “ would you like that slave..” I said the only thing I could say “Yes master”
He then takes the whip and smacks my ass over and over. It burned my skin with every hit. At this moment I remember that if I didn’t like it or if I was hurting I can say a safe word. This is a word that your Master gives you when you need to stop. I did not need this word at all that night! He moved the whip down my leg with little smacks and then he got to my feet. I am a very ticklish person so this was hard for me. He proceeds to smack my feet over and over. I couldn’t hold it in all I can do was laugh. “ ARE YOU LAUGHING SLAVE…YOU THINK izmit yabancı escort THIS IS FUNNY” Holding back my laughter “No Master its not funny..It tickles” He then whipped me again and harder than the first time. I fely my pussy throbbing and dripping all at the same time.
He then came around to the front of me and picked my chin up and shoved his raging hard on into my mouth. He fucked my mouth for about ten minutes whipping me at the same time. My screams and moans were muffled by his cock. Tears again running down my face. I feel myself cumming.
My Master then untied me and put me onto the bed with my head against the headboard. He tied my hands above my head and the put my les up so my feet were up near my head. He then tied my feet to my hands. My pussy was right there out in the open. “ You have a very wet pussy slave…hmmm what should I do about this?” then I see him pick up that huge dildo and he started tapping it against my pussy. “ You are so wet slave Im gonna fuck you with this until you scream and explode. How would you like that” I softly said “ oh yes please master” At that very moment he jams the dildo right into my wet pussy. I felt the 8 inches fill me up as the 2 inches spread me apart. Very fast and very hard he fucked my pussy over and over. I screamed in pleasure as he fucked me until all I could do is squirt my cum all over the dildo and all over his hand. Cum was going everywhere. “Your such a good little slave cum all over.” He then took his cum filled fingers and put them in my mouth.
I sucked my own juices off his hand like a dog in heat. God I tasted so good I wanted more. He stuck his fingers in my pussy and then again in my mouth. I sucked his wet fingers like it was his cock. “ ohh so I have a slave who likes to taste herself..dirty girl” I remember feeling so dirty so bad but oh my did I feel good. He untied me and I went to the bathroom and washed up. When I came out he said I was a good slave and that I was released out of character. He then said thank you very much did you have a good time? I said I had a great time and was happy with the visit. As I walked to my car I felt the cum dripping out of me just thinking about what I just did. I felt like a sexual goddess…..and still am 

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