First time with a new bull.

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First time with a new bull.”Well how was it?” I asked as my gorgeous but somewhat dissheveled wife returned to the house after her first date with a bull she’d met online.”Oh honey he was so handsome, and HUGE! As soon as he kissed me and I felt that bulge in his slacks, I knew it was going to be a VERY special date indeed.” She said.”Tell me all about it” i said exitedly.”Well I let him kiss me some more, and drop my blouse off my shoulders, he went after my tits like he hadn’t eaten in months, all the while exploring my pantiless pussy under my skirt with his talented fingers. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I undid his belt and zipper and let his trousers fall to the floor, like me he was ready, no shorts, and his cock was a mardin escort monster. I tried to wrap my hand around it but it only went halfway, So I took him in both hands and still had enough room to stuff him into my mouth.He tasted Soooo GOOD! I sucked him for a good half hour, I thought he had cum in my mouth, but I soon found out that was just precum!””Fortunately for me he was considerate and brought lube, but I was so wet by that time I didn’t need any for my drenched pussy. He slid it in gently at first, but once he found out how wet I was, he started pounding my cunt like a jackhammer, I must have cum 5 times before he flipped me over, grabbed lubed up my ass and went to work, again considerately mersin escort slowly, but once he got it in,I almost passed out from the sheer ecstacsy of this huge black cock in my ass. after another 20 minutes of fucking all three of my hot holes he asked me where I would like his load…I told him to pump my pussy full so I could bring it home for my hubby to eat out. He cheerfully obliged.””You mean you fucked him barebacked and let him cum inside you too?” I asked.”Sure sweetie, I know how much you like to eat your own loads from my pussy, so i thought I’d bring you a treat too. Come on get in there and suck that huge load out, I can’t hold it in there forever you know!” She teased.As I was licking escort bayan the last few drops of his sticky load from her clit she moaned “I’m glad you liked it honey, cause I invited him over to the house next Saturday for more, I want you both inside me at the same time. Oh and he said he was ok with you shooting pictures if you want. You do want to have some shots of me wrapping my stockinged around his back now don’t you?””You know I do” I said licking the last drops off my lips. “And I know you want to be only the second man to fuck me in the ass as I take his hot hard cock in my cunt to the hilt this time I want to try and swallow both your loads! Think I can make you both cum at the same time?””Oh I don’t think that will be a problem at all! I am so glad you told me of your slut wife fantasy, I’ve always wanted to watch you get fucked by other men so they could appreciate your incredible talents as I do.””I love you honey!” she said, “I love you too sweetie I can’t wait for Saturday!”

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