First time with mom

First time with momIt was just a normal evening at home. Mom, in her nightdress, was sitting in her armchair watching a game show on tv. Me, in pyjamas, sitting on the couch contemplating the news I had to give her.Plucking up courage I said: “Mom Lucy and I are getting engaged.”I expected problems, but not the reaction that followed.She shot from her chair, hands extended and pink-painted fingernails aimed for my face.”That girl’s not having you,” she screamed.I grabbed her by the wrists, gradually forcing her slim frame back so that I could get up.Swiftly I pushed her back and before she could resist I had turned her to face the wall. She struggled violently and as she did so I felt her buttocks pressing against my groin through the thin material of our nightwear.Suddenly my cock was standing to attention like a drilled guardsman. The more she struggled the harder I got. Letting go of her wrists I put my arms round her chest and took her medium-sized saggy tits in my hands.As she quietened down I began massage her nipples as they grew tight and canlı kaçak iddaa hard. She began to push her ass onto my cock. Releasing one of her tits I brought my arm back to release my cock from the restraining material.Lifting the hem of her nightwear I pushed forward, slipping my engorged member into her crack and moving it up and down.By this time I could tell she was getting very excited. She appeared subdued so I relaxed my grip and her allowing her to turn and face me. Her arms went immediately around my neck and she kissed me full on the mouth while one of her hands found my cock and began to rub it.I didn’t think I could get any bigger, but I did. She moved my cock to her wet, hairy slit and began to slide it up and down.My precum lubricated her even more and I could feel the juices running down our legs.Mom moaned in my ear: “Lets get comfortable on the couch.”Taking firmer hold of my cock she led to over to the couch. I couldn’t believe how things had changed so quickly.She sat and then lay back, opening her legs wide so canlı kaçak bahis that I had full view of her hairy snatch.Holding her arms out in invitation she told me:”Come on son, I’m ready, I haven’t had cock in more than five years.”I wasted no time, almost leaping on top of her, slipping my cock deeply into her love hole. I was in heaven, her warm, wet vagina gripped me tightly and I just shot my load into her. She held me to her and urged me to keep on pumping.I settled into a comfortable rhythm as my cock slid in and out and my tongue licked hungrily at her nipples.She began to gasp, pushing her hips hungrily upwards. The movement was so urgent that it almost threw me off. Suddenly she was gasping and crushing me to her.”Oh,oh, oh,” she cried. “Deeper please, deeper.”She came with a sudden shuddering that seemed to go on for ever. We lay still for some time, sweat and bodily fluids mingling.After what seemed like an age she pushed me off her. As we stood looking at each other she took my hand and led me towards the stairs.Making bahis siteleri canlı clear that the night wasn’t over she took me to her bedroom. She removed my pj’s and then stripped herself before sitting on the side of the bed. Reaching out she took my cock in her hand and then closed her wet, warm mouth around my nob.This was my first oral and it felt delicious. Quickly I began to cum. She swallowed noisily and sucked so hard that it felt like my insides would following into her mouth.Releasing me she lay face down on the bed spreading her legs and humping her tasty butt upwards.”You satisfied two holes and now its time for the third,” she whispered. Climbing on top of her I immediately began to masterbate in order to get a good hard on. As soon as I felt really good and hard I placed the tip of my penis against her anus. Even with the amount of bodily juices coating our bodies it was difficult getting inside her. Her hole gave way quite suddenly and I was inside her pumping like a madman.She groaned and wriggled her smooth buttocks pleading for me to give very every last drop I’d got. Dutiful son that I am I fulfilled her wishes by the bucketful.We slept together that night, our sleep interrupted several times when we felt the need to fuck once again.Mom and I have been sleeping together ever since.

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