First Time With My Teacher.


First Time With My Teacher.Im, 18 years old. You are my 40 year old teacher. Every day in class, i sit in the front row. You always see that I am hard every day. Always fidgeting with it. Today, you decide to tease me so during the test, you are sitting at your table in front of me, wearing a very sexy skirt. U see me peeking at your legs and cleavage and slide one leg high while they are crossed, giving me a peek at your garters and bald teacher MILF pussy. Nibbling on a pen and playing with your shirt, exposing more buttons. The test is finished, and i cant even get up, because im so hard and there is a wet spot on my jeans…im so embarrassed.The whole class leaves and the school day is over. You ask me y I am still there and i just blush and say, i wanted some extra help with my studies ms mona. You sit on the edge of your pinbahis yeni giriş table, legs crossed and tell me u saw my hard on in my pants and ask if it was from you. I turn completely red and duck my head in shyness. You tell me its ok, and offer me a ride home as i have missed my bus. I accept. On the way, i realize you arent going to my house, so i ask y. you say you need to feed your dog. We get to your house and i sit on your couch. You come over and sit in front of me on the coffee table. You lean over and kiss me, your hands sliding up my thighs. Your tounge moist, and dancing skillfully with mine. Now my hard on is about ready to bust out.You spread your legs, take my cock out, and bend over, starting to kiss it softly. Its wet with pre cum already and you lick it all off. I lean my head back pinbahis giriş and moan in ecstasy. you do this, quite amazingly for a short while. until you take me upstairs and lay me on your bed. You stand at the foot, slowly unbuttoning your blouse, and removing your bra. You take my pants off and shirt, leaving my underwear around my ankles. You are kneeling now, over my cock, and hike your skirt up, exposing your dripping, married pussy. You slowly slide down onto my 18 year old virgin cock and move up and down slowly and skillfully.We hear a voice from downstairs…a sexy female voice… say its ok and do not stop. A woman comes to the bedroom door and her jaw drops. You introduce me to your neighbor veronica. She is about 40, 5’6″ brunette with small breasts. She is wearing surgical scrubs…she is pinbahis güvenilirmi a nurse….she comes to the side of the bed…all the while, you are still riding me slowly, it feels amazing….and she leans over and kisses you, and then me. She proceeds to disrobe climb onto the bed and kneel over my face, facing you, and kissing you. Instinctively, i start licking her pussy and asshole. You are screaming in ecstasy for the 3rd or 4th time, and she is moaning with joy. After a few minutes, she asks if you will switch with her, you oblige. You get off of me and take her spot on my face…i lick you and taste my pre cum inside you…it tastes delicious. She climbs onto my cock and rides me for a few minutes until i cant take it anymore….I explode into her pussy, screaming in pleasure as i do. she climbs off of me and lays next to me. You go to her pussy, and suck all of my cum out…there is ALOT, you come up to her mouth, kiss her and give it to her… you the lay down, and she lets it drip[ from her mouth all over your face and chest…we just lay there, drunk with ecstasy for hours

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