First Visit to Green Door Las Vegas

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First Visit to Green Door Las VegasIf you are new to my stories. All the stories are true; some details have been changed to protect the guilty. If you are new, a little background about me. I share these stories in order to document the progression I made from a shy virgin to a DOM BBC Bull. It was a normal week at work and, as usual, I had made the decision to go to Vegas for the weekend. I drove down to Vegas on Friday after work. I hadn’t taken the time to make any plans for meeting and women or couples that weekend. In that case, I usually would just go to the casino bars and pick up some women but I wanted to see something different this weekend. In addition to loving having sex, I have always bit a bit of a voyeur as well. I also enjoy listening to sex through walls in hotels (not sure what that’s called clinically). I was always curious about going to a sex club. Vegas has a famous one called the green door. After getting settled into my hotel room, I pulled out my computer and went to their website. After finding the location and map, I decided that I would head over there after I got some dinner. As I arrived in the area where the club was supposed to be, I was convinced that I had made a wrong turn. I was in a run down shopping district off of Sahara ave. I wasn’t scared because I am a large black man. I was a little worried about my nice car getting stolen while I was inside of the club. I drove around the run down shopping center until I saw the club. It was still fairly early (around 10 pm) when I arrived. I walked to the front door and the bouncer let me inside. I was led directly to the ticket booth. It was $100 for single males. I thought this was fairly steep but I figured it would be worth it. Once I paid, I was admitted into the club. The first thing I noticed was how dark everything was. The first room I entered was an empty bar that had no one in it. I walked around all of the first floor and there wasn’t another soul around. “This is disappointing”, I thought. It took me a while to figure out that there was a second level. I soon found the stairs that led to the second level and the smell let me know I was in the right place. The smell of kağıthane escort sex is unmistakable. The first room I entered was fairly large and had a lot of round beds and a few stages with stripper poles. It was empty when I first walked through. I walked down a long hall way and then I realized this place was much bigger than I thought. This is also where the majority of the people were. Unfortunately for me, at this early hour, most of the people here were either staff or other single men. Most of the other single men visiting were older fat guys who walked around wearing just a towel or naked. I heard a lot of activity in a room at the end of the hall. I walked down to see what was going on. This room turned out to be the BDSM room. In the room there were about 5-6 couples. One woman was tied naked to a wall and a male was flogging her. BDSM is not really my scene (except for giving a woman a good spanking when she needs it) but, I stayed and watched for a while. After getting my fill of the BDSM room, I decided to check out some of the other rooms. Down one hallway was a bunch of rooms that just had enough space for a bed. Couples could go in and close the door behind them (No fun for me). I walked to the other end of the hall and found an open area that had four beds on one side of the room and chairs lining a low wall on the other side of the room. Only couples and their guest were allowed in the room. Single men could watch the action from outside of the wall. By this time, a few couples were fucking on two of the beds. A few other couples were sitting in the chairs inside of the wall watching the action. Right on the other side of the wall from me was a couple who were watching the action. The woman appeared to be in her 20’s in great shape. The man was much older. As I looked down on them I noticed that he was fingering her under her jean skirt. She was also rubbing her breasts through her blouse. That action was pretty hot but I wanted to keep wandering around to see what else I could see. I entered another room that was a series of stalls about the size of a walk in closet. They each had a bench bakırköy escort that was wide enough to support two people. These stalls didn’t have doors, so anyone could watch what was going on inside. It was obvious that the etiquette was for singles to not enter unless invited by those inside. I watched an Asian couple fuck for a few minutes. They were having fairly boring sex so I kept moving. I saw a couple go into another stall and I decided to see what they were up to. They both appeared to be in their early 30’s. She was black and skinny and he was white and skinny. They both started making out and fondling each other. At first, from their look and behavior, I thought they were both drunk. After further looking, I realized they were both high (probably on meth). At one point while I was watching them, the woman looked over to her man and pointed at me. She said, “I want to suck his cock”. I appreciated the offer but by the looks of them, that would have been a bad idea. I declined the offer and decided to check out a different room. Across the hall they had a larger room. In one part of the room was a bed with glass walls around it. When I walked in there was an older man who had brought his younger white wife in there. He was allowing any guy to go and fuck his wife as long as they wore a condom. She was fairly hot but, the gang bang scene wasn’t my interest. I did stand and watch the show for a while. There was a couple standing next to me watching. It became apparent that the woman of the couple was getting horny watching the old man’s wife taking multiple cocks. The woman next to me kept turning around smiling at her husband and rubbing his cock through his jeans. She grabbed him and left after a while. I went looking for them a few minutes later but I think they had jumped into one of the private rooms and locked the door. I walked back to the room with the circular beds. On one of the beds, another old guy with a young Asian wife was there. He was also letting any guy come up and fuck his wife. I watched this action for a few minutes and decided to keep moving. By now it was around midnight and şişli escort the place was starting to really get crowded. I ducked into the room with the open stalls. After checking the action in the various stalls I decided to keep moving. On my way out of the stalls I came face to face with a female co-worker. We both pretended to not see each other. I kept walking out of the room. She and I were not really that close. We were more acquaintances than friends. She had a great body but an ugly face. She was there with her husband. What a funny surprise to see a Mormon couple in a sex club in Vegas. I thought it would be for the best if I left the club at this point. As I walked down the stairs I was imagining how crazy it would have been if I had him fucking her later in an open stall. As I got back down to the first floor, I noticed that there was a lot more activity than when I first arrived. I heard the sounds of moaning and I was drawn to an area that I missed the first time around. The area was almost completely dark. There was a room that could only be entered by couples and their guest. The room had a bunch of beds and couches in it. The room had a dark mesh wall on the outside. With the low light and the dark mesh it was nearly impossible to make out faces in the room. You could make out body shapes. There was a few men watching in the dark with me as well. In fact, I was in the second row of men watching. Luckily I was tall enough that I could see over all of the other guys. In the room right in front of me were three couples going at it. The girls were very vocal as they were getting fucked. I don’t know why but, after watching all of the sex from that night, the pressure got to much. I just had to stroke my cock. It was dark in the room no no one could see what I was doing. I suspect some of the guys might have been doing the same. After a few minutes, I let go a shooting load of cum. It was dark so I couldn’t see exactly where it went but, most likely it probably went on the back of the guy in front of me. I felt relieved and decided to call it a night. I exited the club and was happy to see that my car had not been bothered. I drove back to my hotel and realized that I was horny again. Luckily in Vegas, 2 am is still prime hunting hour. As I walked in from the front door I was stopped by two older ladies. I talked to them for a bit and… well, remind me to tell you that story another time. No, I didn’t have a threesome with them but, I didn’t end up horny at the end of the night.

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