Fishing Buddies


It was going to be a great weekend, weather wise. It would be a shame to miss getting to go fishing for lack of a fishing partner. My wife hated it when I had to go alone, so I always tried to find a partner to take. This weekend was no exception, however I was having trouble finding anyone available. I was in the front office asking one of the young faculty that had gone with me before.

“So Jerry, you interested in going out this weekend and slay some fish?”

“Sorry Mike, I can’t this weekend.” Jerry answered.

“Ok. Maybe next time then.”

“Sure thing.” Jerry answered as he picked up his mail and headed out the door of the administrative offices.

I collected my mail and shook my head in disgust at striking out again.

“Can’t find anyone to go fishing with?” Jenny asked from where she was sitting at her desk. Jenny is one of our secretaries that came to the department a bit over a year ago. We had talked frequently and become good ‘work’ friends. Nothing would ever go beyond that for two reasons; first we were both married, me for over twenty five years and her for just over two. The second thing is that she is way too young for me. At twenty four she is half my age, and I have a daughter that is her age. But she is fun to talk to, and for reasons I never quite understood, she will confide her deepest secrets to me. She is also very easy on the eyes. Even though I’ve never seen her in anything other than professional dress, a number of occasions she has shown me a considerable amount of cleavage, one time even pulling her top away to show me her sun burn, giving me an almost unobstructed view of her tits for an all too brief few seconds. She is built like a brick shit house; large tits, maybe a thirty-eight double D that I knew from one dress she wore, didn’t need a bra to hold their shape, and an ass that I would kill to see naked. Her slim body, other than her tits and ass, couldn’t weigh more than a hundred and twenty pounds. All in all, enough to make me wish I was twenty four again just so I could try to get her naked.

“Fraid not, and my wife really doesn’t like me to go alone. I guess she’s afraid I’m going to fall in or something.”

“Why don’t you take her?”

“I would, but she’s going shopping with my daughter in law.”

“I know that feeling. My husband is going fishing for the weekend with some buddies. He never wants to take me along either. Says I’d just be in the way.”

“He a big fisherman?”

“He likes to think so. Really I think he just likes to go hang out and drink beer with his buddies.”

“Sorry to hear that. Do you like to fish?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Never tried, but I’d like to learn.”

“Too bad he won’t take you out and teach you.”

“I know. How about you? You could teach me.” She said with a smile.

“I’m not sure my wife or your husband would appreciate that.”

“So, who’s going to tell them?” she replied with a grin.

I thought about it for a minute. Probably a minute longer than I really should have, given the situation, and then heard myself agree. If my wife found out this would definitely be trouble.

“Great!” she said, leaning down to scribble on a pad. “Here’s where I live. What time are you going to pick me up?”

“Five-thirty Saturday morning.” I answered, not sure what kind of trouble I had just started.

“Anything I need to bring?” she asked pulling the pad out to write on again.

“Well, it’s going to be hot in the afternoon and chilly in the morning, so dress appropriately. You also want to wear a hat… you need some lunch and drinks… oh yeah… you need to go buy a fishing license.”

“Got it.” She said as she scribbled the last of the notes on the page. “Anything else?”

“Nope that’s it.” I said as I got ready to head back to my office.

“Great. See you Saturday then!” she said with a bright smile.

“Ok.” I said as I headed out. “See you then.”

I shook my head as I walked back to my office. This was definitely a bad idea, but maybe there would be a silver lining. I might get a chance to see a bit more of her body in more casual clothes. As long as my wife doesn’t find out it might work out ok.


I felt pretty good as I drove to Jenny’s house on Saturday morning. I had successfully gotten out with my wife believing I was going alone, and I was kind of excited to see how she looked in something other than professional clothes. I found her house easily and parked on the street, not wanting to have to back the boat if I didn’t need to. I was on the way to the door when she came bounding out with a small backpack in one hand and a small cooler in the other.

“Morning!” she called cheerily. “All ready?”

“Ready if you are.” I answered, reaching for her cooler and bag. She handed them over so I could put them in the back of the suburban. I put them into the truck, somewhat disappointed. She was defiantly ready for the cool morning, wearing a pair pink sweats that hid all the best parts of her body. The sweat shirt hid all but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the general bump of her big tits, but the bottoms did a bit better job of outlining her round ass. She had worn a hat as I suggested, a cute pink ball cap with her blond ponytail sticking out the back. “This is going to be fun!” she said with a big smile enhancing her cute face and sparking blue eyes.

“It should be interesting.” I said as I walked around to climb back in.

We headed off to the lake, an almost two hour drive, most of it on winding two lane roads, with Jenny chattering away a mile a minute.

I did my best to keep up with her string of questions about how we were going to fish, what the lake was like, that kind of thing, until she finally slowed and just sat looking out at the passing scenery.

We did finally get to the lake, and then my work really started. It only took me about ten minutes to get the boat uncovered and ready to put in the drink. My boat is an interesting set-up. IT started life as an open bow runabout, with seating around the bow that easily sat 4 bikini clad girls (but that is another story) and a walk through folding windshield. The cockpit was a split design, with two sets of back to back seats on each side. These could fold down into two long benches. The engine of the I/O was covered with a large padded housing with a forward facing seat on each side. The pads of the seats could be moved up to create one long padded surface for sunning or taken out to give access to the rear swim platform on the port side. My modifications started after that. The basic boat was well suited to cruising and tubing, but in order to troll for walleye, which was what we were after today, I needed an additional small gas outboard, known as a kicker. Trying to troll with a hundred-fifty horse I/O was both fuel costly and hard to keep slow enough. The small four horse unit that was mounted on a bracket on the starboard side of the boat allowed me to easily troll all day between one half and three miles per hour. I had it set so that I could sit on the stern and run it comfortably after removing the one seat cushion. I also had an electric trolling motor on a removable bow mount bracket that I created, so that it sat outside of the grab bar rail that ran around the open bow bench. Running that motor was easy, since it was an electric wireless remote, allowing me to control it from anywhere in the boat. The whole setup allowed me to fish for about anything I wanted, and still have a comfortable cruiser with plenty of comfortable seating.

“I think we’re about ready.” I said as I put the coolers in the boat and got ready to drop it in the water.

“Cool. What do I do?”

“Well, to be honest, once I put the boat in the water, do you want to pull the truck up and park it in one of the spots up there?”

“Sure!” she said brightly. “I’ll do whatever you say!”

I stopped short and though about half a second. “You should be careful making offers like that.” I joked. “Someone might take you up in ways you don’t expect.”

“Oh don’t worry. I’m confident you aren’t going to ask anything I’m not willing to do.”

I climbed in before I responded to that with something that might get me in trouble.

I backed the boat down and pushed it off the trailer, allowing it to slide gracefully into the water. After walking gingerly down the trailer beam, I unclipped the winch line and climbed in, pushing off as I did.

It only took me a moment to get the big engine to fire up, and I allowed it to idle while she drove the truck up and parked it in one of the long slots at the top of the ramp. I idled over to the dock to pick her up, watching her bound down the hill, practically skipping. Even with the looseness of the sweat shirt, I could clearly see her tits bouncing as she came down the dock. It was enough to make my dick start to grown in my shorts. Fortunately it was hidden by the pair of nylon wind pants I was wearing.

One problem with the design of the boat was that when I was sitting on the stern to run the kicker, I would frequently get splashed as waves or wakes hit the stern. It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t fun to sit for several hours wet, and over time I learned to wear only things that dried quickly or shed water. Today I was wearing an underarmor t-shirt, a pair of ventilated synthetic shorts and a nylon wind suit over both. And yes, there was no mention of underwear. Sitting in soggy cotton briefs for hours is a good way to end up seriously chafed.

I held out a hand and helped her climb in and then we took off for the area I planned on fishing, about a fifteen minute run down one arm of the lake. This particular lake was completely surrounded by state forest land, which made it really nice. There were no houses at all on the lake proper, and docks were only allowed in certain areas. The lake was not heavily traveled, even on weekends, so there were lots of nice coves and cuts that could be fished undisturbed. Today we were going to be working güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a mudflat that extended out from a couple points.

I rigged lines and explained how we were going to fish, and stood next to her while she tried casting it a few times. The boat rocked gently in the wakes of a few other fishing boats that went by, causing her to rock and bump into me a few times. She seemed unfazed, but the smell of her perfume and the closeness was having an effect on me. I was glad I was able to finally go to the back and adjust my hard dick to a less prominent location.

Jenny sat down in the bow leaning against the most forward pad, and put her feet up, one on each side of the walk through part of the windshield. I wondered if she realized that as I was running the boat I had no choice but to continually look at her body and wonder just exactly what that sweat suit was covering.

Oh well. Onward and fishward…

We fished for nearly two hours before the sun started to get to me in my dark blue nylon suit. I propped my rod so it wouldn’t fall out of the boat and then proceeded to work my wind suit off while trying to keep the still motoring boat on the track I was trying to take. I was finally down to just my boat shoes, shorts and t-shirt, feeling quite a bit more comfortable.

“That looks like a good idea! What should I do with my rod?” Jenny asked from the bow.

“Just go ahead and reel it in for now.” I called back.

“OK” she said as she quickly reeled the line in and then got up from her comfortable lounge seat. She stepped into the cockpit between the two front seats and turned to face the bow. I watched with interest as she bent over slightly and hooked her thumbs in the top of her sweat pants. She pushed the material down, wiggling her hips slightly to work the tight waist over her round hips and ass. My dick jumped to full hard and I almost creamed myself as I watched her naked ass come into view, each creamy inch at a time. At first I thought she was complexly naked, and I would soon be seeing her bare pussy, but to both my disappointment and relief as she bent over farther I realized she was wearing an extremely tiny thong type bottom, a tiny pink patch of material covering her pussy lips, held in place by a single tiny string up the crack of her fantastic ass.

She bent over even farther, working the material down her legs, kicking her small deck shoes off to pull the sweat pants off her legs. The farther she bent the tighter the tiny slip of material pulled on her pussy, soon giving me an incredible view, improved even more as she lifted her legs one at a time to pull the sweats all the way off.

I did my best to readjust my rock hard dick and point it down my leg to make it a bit less noticeable, but the reality was that I wanted to just step behind her and stuff my dick into her.

Once she had tossed her bottoms onto the seat, she pulled her hat off and then, still facing the bow, pulled the top of her sweats off. From the back, other than a tiny string around her hips and down her ass crack, and a tiny tie around her neck and back, she looked completely naked, much more skin than I had ever seen on her, and all of it very sexy.

She pulled her hat back on, poking her pony tail out the hole on the back and then turned to face me.

“So what do you think?” she asked as my eyes took in her almost naked body. The front of the tiny bikini was almost as sparse as the back. The tiny slip of material covering her pussy barely came up to the top of her lips and a slight amount of her obviously hairless mound. I looked up to her fantastic tits, and saw that the top was little more than two triangles of material held on by a few strings. Her tits looked like two half cantaloupes stuck on her chest, the tiny triangles barely big enough to cover her hard nipples and areola.

“WOW!” was all I could say.

“That’s the same thing my husband said when I put it on. But he hasn’t seen me in it other than in the house. He won’t let me wear it out in public because he says it’s too tiny, and he won’t take me anyplace like this that I can wear it.” She said, turning side to side while looking down and adjusting the tiny pieces of material.

“It is tiny.” I agreed, my dick already creaming on its own.

“It is. It’s so small I have to completely shave my pussy, see?” she says as she pulse the tiny slip of a bottom aside while she bows her legs out, flashing her completely shaves pussy and lips at me. It wasn’t a long look, but it was enough to burn the image into my mind of that sexy pussy. I didn’t say anything as she turned and want back to the bow, tossing out her line and then setting back into the same position again. This time I had a lot more to look at, and it made handling the boat ever harder.

“I like wearing this suit. It makes me feel sexy!” She said from the bow.

“It makes you look sexy.” I mumbled.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing!” I called back.

“Come on. I know that wasn’t what you said.” She güvenilir bahis şirketleri encouraged.

“Ok. I said it makes you look sexy!”

“Oh… Thank you. That’s nice of you.” She said sweetly.

“I better put some sunscreen on before I get burnt though.” She said as she reeled her rod in. She set the rod down and then got up and dug through her bag, to find her sunscreen. “There it is!” she said brightly, flashing me her almost naked ass again as she turned to go through the window to the bow. She sat down in the bow and started putting sunscreen on her leg, lifting it high in the air as she worked the cream into her calf. I watched her hands work higher as she worked cream into her thigh, stopping in just short of her fingers slipping under the edge of her skimpy bottoms. Once she had done both legs, she went to work on her arms. I watched as she continued down to her shoulders and neck, and finally across the top of her chest. She worked the lotion into her chest, and the tops of her tits, making my dick grow even fatter.

“You know… this is just in the way, and you can basically see all my tits anyway. You don’t mind if I take it off for a minute do you?” Jenny asked sweetly.

“Uhhh No.” I said stupidly as she had moved to untie the top even before I answered.

The tiny slips of material covering her nipples quickly disappeared in a wad as she pulled the top off and tucked it on the seat next to her. I thought my dick was going to blow its wad right there as I watched her squirt white cream onto her tits and then use both hands to massage her firm tits and hard nipples. I watched her squeeze her nipples a few times as she squeezed and massaged her tits. Finally, almost thankfully, she moved to her firm stomach, rubbing more lotion in there, occasionally a hand moving back to tease one of her nipples.

“Would you mind doing my back?” she asked sweetly, as she got up and moved toward me. I was unable to tear my eyes from her tits as she walked back toward me and I decided I better kill the engine before I drove the boat right up in the shore. I tucked my rod down by my feet and reached back to kill the engine.

“Ohhh I see you’re as turned on as I am.” She cooed as she looked down where the head of my hard dick was now sticking out of the leg of my shorts.

As I sat back upright, she handed me the tube and turned her back to me, stepping right up so the backs of her legs were touching my knees. The boat rocked gently and she reached down to hold my legs for balance while I started rubbing lotion down her back. I felt like I was about to blow my load any second as I worked the lotion closer to her bare ass.

“Just pull the string down as far as you need to.” She said over her shoulder as my fingers reached the tiny string around her hips.

I slipped my fingers into the string on each side of her body and gently pushed down, dragging the tiny string down her ass crack as I did. I wasn’t sure how far to really go, but as horny as I was right then, I was going for broke. I pushed the tiny string down her ass and didn’t stop until I had it almost to her knees, dragging the tiny slip of material from between her legs. With the strings no longer in the way I squirted some cream across the top of her ass and started to massage it into her firm creamy ass.

“that’s nice.” She said as she bent forward a bit. “Make sure you get all the way down between my legs too.”

“Yes maam.” I said stupidly as I began to run my fingers down the crack of her ass and across her bare pussy lips.

“Oh… you have a nice gentle touch.” She cooed as she bent over even more, allowing me to stroke her now exposed pussy as far as I wanted.

“You have a nice pussy.” I said stupidly as I let my fingers slide all the way between her lips and across her clit.

“ohhhh do that some more.” She said breathlessly

“Uh huh.” I grunted as I stroked her pussy, allowing a finger to slip inside her unbelievably tight tunnel. I was just starting to think about stuffing my dick into her when her whole body shook in orgasm.

“OH GOD!” she cried loudly as her body shook and trembled. I continued to stroke her clit while she panted and shook in front of me. I was wishing my dick was stuffed inside her feeling her pussy contract and milk me instead of feeling it on my finger. “damn that was nice.” She said finally pulling off my finger and stepping away. She wiggled her legs to let her bottoms fall to the deck and then crouched down in front of me. “I think I need to return the favor now.” She said as she pushed the leg of my shorts up my leg, freeing my dick and balls.

“Ohhh god.” I mumbled as she wrapped her hand and lips around my raging hard on. “I’m not going to last long with you doing that.” I grunted

“Good. I want you to cum all over my tits!” she answered before putting her lips back around my dick. She slid her wet tongue around my head while she stroked her hand up and down my saliva slickened shaft.

“Oh fuck.” I grunted as my body suddenly jerked, squirting the first shot of hot cum deep into her mouth.

She quickly pulled her face from my dick and aimed my hose at her firm tits, stroking and coaxing each shot of cum out and onto her tits. When my dick finally reduced to a slow drool, she moved her face back to my dick and licked and sucked my cum covered dick clean.

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