Five Fridays, Second Friday


Debbie belatedly realized that she might have forgotten her evening ritual when she noticed her CycleBeads on her nightstand. She looked at her calendar and counted the days since the Monday over a week ago that she had circled when she started menstruating. That was eleven days ago. She then counted the beads on her CycleBeads from the brown bead. The marker ring was only on the ninth bead. She should have moved it to the tenth bead last night. As she advanced the marker ring, she took notice that it was on the third white bead. The realization evoked memories of four Fridays ago then the nervous wait a week ago Sunday and Monday that in turn provoked a disturbing combination of anxiety and arousal. She briefly contemplated canceling her date, but cancelling on such sudden notice would be unfair as well as frustrating. She rationalized that the marker ring was only on the third white bead rather than the fifth and that she had already gotten away with it once.

Debbie was setting her CycleBeads down when she heard David walking out of their bathroom. As he was toweling himself dry, her gaze was drawn to his penis and testicles nestled in his graying pubic hair. Her husband no longer seemed quite so… “adequate” as she had described him to her friends on a few occasions. As she turned towards him, she became acutely aware of her choice of lingerie for the day. She watched as her husband inspected her as she stood before him in her garter belt, stockings and shelf bra.

“Going commando again? This must be your Second Friday,” David speculated nervously.

Debbie stammered, “You aren’t angry with me, are you?”

“I promised you Five Fridays,” David conceded reluctantly. “However; I was beginning to hope that there wouldn’t be a Second Friday. I am also jealous. I can’t remember the last time that you wore a garter belt and stockings much less that shelf bra for me. Is it going to be just dinner and dancing, then hanging out in your van for a few hours while you sober up?”

“I promise you that I’ll wear a garter belt and stockings the next time we go out,” Debbie said apologetically. “I thought that it would be just dinner this evening, probably without dancing, then hanging out in his hotel room.”

David asked, “are you going to spend the night?”

“I haven’t decided,” Debbie answered truthfully as she noticed his penis swelling slightly. “Are you certain that it would be okay?”

“We already discussed that. Unless you cut your date short, a Friday evening almost inevitably becomes a Saturday morning. The only question is how much of Saturday morning. Just remember that this Cinderella turns into a pumpkin at noon rather than at midnight,” David admonished her.

“I guess I should pack an overnight bag,” Debbie speculated as the encouraging erection became more evident.

She felt her husband watching her as she chose a simple, bandeau style summer dress for Saturday morning and packed it into a small bag. She added a toothbrush, a hairbrush and a few other essentials. When she turned towards her husband, she was greeted by an undeniably erect penis. “What the Hell is wrong with him?” she thought to herself. “He should be angered rather than aroused by the situation. Thank God that he is aroused.”

Debbie stepped towards her husband to give him a hug then whispered, “Thank you for being so understanding.” She canlı bahis was rewarded by the sensation of his penis swelling to full erection against her sex. She felt him pressing between her labia as David maneuvered to penetrate her. She giggled as she felt him struggling to plunge of his penis into her but given the angle only his glans was able to penetrate her. She tilted her head to kiss him as he struggled.

Debbie was surprised by the realization that while she was aroused by her husband’s obviously urgent desire for her, her desire was not for her husband. As their kiss ended, she glanced at her CycleBeads. She saw the disappointment in his eyes as his gaze focused on her beads. Although they had eagerly relied entirely on the Pull and Pray method during the early years of their marriage, it had been a question of when rather than if she wanted to get pregnant. Once she discovered CycleBeads, they had become somewhat more circumspect and often abstained or enjoyed other pleasures when her beads warned that she might be fertile.

Debbie’s guilt compelled her to placate her husband. “May be tomorrow?”

“You have a date,” David answered as he gave his wife a few more strokes before reluctantly withdrawing. He stepped back and watched as his wife put on her dress then dithered with the buttons at the bodice until she was satisfied that it revealed only a tasteful hint of cleavage. He suddenly felt embarrassed about being naked and humiliated by his arousal. He felt reassured when Debbie bent over to kiss his penis then take it in her mouth to fellate it for a few seconds before leaving for work.

David awoke to find himself alone in their marital bed. He had slept amazingly well once he finally nodded off. He glanced at the clock on Debbie’s nightstand. He had slept until ten.

When David’s gaze wandered from Debbie’s clock to her CycleBeads, the sight of the marker ring on the third white bead revived the anxieties that had plagued him last night. He reminded himself that it was only the third white bead. He also took solace in the hope that Debbie had perhaps chastised her paramour for his recklessness during their First Friday. The Pull and Pray method had been reasonably effective during the first decade of their marriage. Debbie’s CycleBeads were merely an extra precaution to remind them when he needed to exercise extra restraint. Unfortunately; David could not be certain that a wife’s paramour would be more careful. He found himself thinking about an old slogan, “Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody rides for free.” The exception to that admonition was when you are riding another man’s wife. David took solace in the hope that Debbie would not have risked a Second Friday if her paramour hadn’t agreed to exercise more restraint.

David checked his cellphone for messages.


David was encouraged. Going out for brunch would keep them from lingering in bed where they would no doubt fuck again and may be again. It was humiliatingly easy for David to imagine that Debbie’s paramour was exceptionally virile. She had described him as “younger” than she was and very athletic. Debbie had also confessed that her paramour was black and that part of his appeal was the thrill of violating a taboo that had been instilled in her by her somewhat backwards parents.

David had been surprised that Debbie’s revelation bahis siteleri that her paramour was black had provoked his panic and despair. He had until that moment been able to rationalize granting her an indulgence of Five Fridays as an alternative to a trial separation by reminding himself that she had only recently become a Born Again Virgin when he began courting her. She had confessed that if he did marry her, his penis would be neither the first or the only penis that had entered her. He had been able to convince himself that since she had been mildly promiscuous during her youth, having yet another penis inside her would not be so profound. He had considered himself to be enlightened to become so alarmed by the prospect that it would be a negro rather another white man that might be fucking his wife. However; the image of a big, black cock plunging into Debbie’s vagina had terrified him.

David had been compelled to do a lot of soul searching during those two nervous weeks of waiting after Debbie’s First Friday then the two extra days when her period was a bit late. He had realized that his desperate desire for his wife had been inspired by the subtle nuances of her aroma and flavor that had revealed that her paramour had not restrained himself. That fear had on only a few occasions overwhelmed David’s better judgement. He had made love to her without reservation or restraint. Debbie’s failure to become angry as she gently chastised him for his recklessness had only inflamed his anxieties. However; the prospect of having to wait nine months for his fear to be confirmed or alleviated had in turn inspired David to be more careful. He had been astonished by the realization that he would not have been so overwhelmed with anguish if her paramour had been white because if she did become pregnant, no one would know if the baby was his or not.

The reminiscing about Debbie’s First Friday and the nuances of her aroma and flavor that had evoked David’s terror provoked another erection. As David yielded to the temptation to massage his swollen penis, he bereted himself for his weakness. He had disgraced himself twice last night before finally falling asleep.

In an effort to distract himself, David climbed out of bed and walked to their bathroom. His rampant erection softened as he brushed his teeth. However; his penis swelled again as he shaved. David finally put his razer down and began to masturbate furiously as he imagined a big, black penis thrusting relentlessly into Debbie’s vagina. It took a humiliatingly brief time before the thought of that big, black penis erupting in a powerful ejaculation to flood Debbie’s womb with his Negro semen triggered David’s own ejaculation. As he watched his semen splashing into the cold, hard porcelain, he was tormented by the image of a Negro’s semen flooding Debbie’s vagina and tens of millions of sperm penetrating her cervix to reach her fecund and still fertile womb. As he rinsed the sink, David was acutely aware of the irony of his anxiety inspiring him to waste his precious sperm and literally flush it down the sewer.

David decided to use his remaining time before Debbie was supposed to be home to take a shower. As he lathered himself, he was dismayed to feel his penis swelling again in response to his anxieties, but also relieved that he could still get it up again. His resolve to save some sperm bahis şirketleri for his wife dissuaded him from yielding to temptation yet again.

David was just getting out of the shower when Debbie walked into their room. Her hair was still curly from her recent shower. Her bandeau style sundress looked very alluring on her. The top had slipped down to expose her deep cleavage. The upper edge of one of her dark areolas was even peeking over the elastic fabric.

David was elated when Debbie greeted him with a passionate kiss. As he explored her mouth with his tongue, he wondered if she had given her paramour a blow job. The idea of a black man perhaps persuading or even coercing his wife into allowing him to ejaculate in her mouth was distressing. However; the possibility that she had swallowed at least one load of his semen was strangely reassuring.

David was surprised when Debbie pushed him backwards until he was reclined on their bed then climbed up to straddle his head. She had always enjoyed having him pleasure her orally, but never so demanding. As David began to please her with his lips and tongue, he noticed the not so subtle nuances. Debbie’s paramour had inseminated her again! As David continued to pleasure his wife, he prayed that her paramour had ejaculated inside her only once during their final copulation when his semen would be depleted from previous ejaculations.

David eagerly acquiesced to Debbie’s demands that he pleasure her. When she was finally satiated, she repositioned herself so that her sex was against his revived erection. He entered her almost effortlessly. “Your paramour is bigger than I am,” David observed rather than asked.

“We shouldn’t talk about that,” Debbie pleaded.

David asserted, “but he is, isn’t he!”

“Yes,” Debbie reluctantly confessed.

“Did you enjoy having him fuck you with that big, black cock?”

“Yes,” Debbie nervously admitted as she began to flex her pelvic muscles around David’s penis.

David asked, “How many times did he fuck you?”

“I don’t know,” Debbie responded. “I wasn’t keeping count. Probably at least half a dozen times. Does that make you angry?”

“It makes me feel jealous and inadequate as well as fearful that you’ll leave me for him, but I can’t be angry with you. I did grant you an indulgence of Five Fridays.

David was dismayed to feel Debbie raising herself up off of his penis, but as she began to slide her hips down his legs he realized that she was going to grant him a pleasure that had become almost taboo in recent years. As her mouth eagerly enveloped his penis, he realized that she seemed to have remembered her old techniques. Obviously, she had gotten some recent practice.

The thought of his wife performing fellatio on her paramour’s big, black cock was heartbreaking, but it was also strangely reassuring. It was also arousing. David’s ejaculation was sudden and unexpected. However; Debbie knew him to well. She managed to pull her mouth off of his penis just as the first spurt of semen was about to erupt from his glans. She gently bent his penis downward so that he could ejaculate on her breasts rather than in her face.

As his wife cuddled up to him, David said, “it has been a long time since you’ve actually gotten me off with your mouth rather than perform fellatio as foreplay.”

“I figure that I owe you something for granting me the indulgence of Five Fridays,” Debbie explained. “I guess I owe you five more blow jobs?”

David asked accusingly, “are you trying to drain my testicles?”

“Yes,” Debbie answered coquettishly.

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