Five Minute Fun


Per usual, we had been texting all day. Just the mundane goings on of life and what we were up too. We had long ago perfected the art of keeping each other company over the phone. Finding time to meet up was always a challenge but when it did happen it was always something I looked forward too.

Today was like any other but our messages were a little more flirty and sexual in nature than they usually were. Your appetite for sex never ceased to amaze me. Our conversations about sex had you on my mind a lot that day. I kept picturing you sitting on top of my cock like you had last time we met up. That was an incredible night, buried deep inside you.

Alas, today I was working my regular job and then my side job in retail until almost 10pm that night. As badly as I wanted to do things to you there didn’t seem like there would psychically be time, unfortunately. Still you mentioned that you might stop by to see me while I was working.

We texted some more and before long a few hours had passed. We were starting to get flirty again and my mind drifted back to thinking about your body. I wanted so badly to do things to you tonight. I was getting hard just thinking about filling you up with my seed and I told you as much. My forthrightness probably caught you a bit off guard but I could tell you wanted it as badly as I wanted to give it.

My night was going along pretty much as it usually does. I dealt with a mix of regular customers who were both friends and some assholes. It had gotten pretty busy and I wasn’t able to text much until about 7:45pm had rolled around. Then I got a text from you and it read “I’ll meet you at the cabin in 15 minutes”. You knew I was at work although it was dying down. illegal bahis After that text I got another one. “It will be worth your while, just be there.”

Worth my while sounded like something I could look forward too. I responded back “Okay, but I can only stay like 5-10 minutes tops”. Those next few minutes seemed like an eternity but when the time came I told my co-worker Kevin that I had to go run an errand really quick. I wouldn’t be gone more than 20 minutes, I promised him. It was quiet and so he didn’t seem too concerned. “Shouldn’t be a problem” he said.

7:55pm finally rolled around and I was out the door like a bullet. The cabin was only about five minutes from the store although in my excitement I probably made it there in about three. You were already there waiting out front in your car. I hopped out greeted you and we both made a beeline for the door. We knew what we were there for and we also knew we didn’t have much time. I had to get back to the store and you have to get back home too.

Normally when we meet we talk for hours and hours before we ‘get down to business’. This time was definitely different. I opened the door for you and you headed straight in. “What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Keep the lights off and get over here.” you replied. I stopped to take off my coat and when I turned around you were already working your leggings down around your thighs. Your little strip tease revealed some sexy lace underwear that looked incredible on you.

As I got closer you told me “Here’s your chance.”

“My chance for what? I replied.

“Don’t give me that.” you added. “You wanted to fill my pussy with your cum. So do it”.

I almost couldn’t believe illegal bahis siteleri the words coming out of your mouth. At the same time though hearing them made my cock rock hard. As I got closer to you I watched as you seductively removed your underwear down to around your thighs. Hurriedly, I fumbled with my belt and then zipper to get my jeans down around my knees. Part of me still couldn’t believe this was happening.

With my jeans now around my ankles, I shuffled closer. With one hand on your ass I guided my cock towards you. It slid down between your pussy lips and over your clit. Normally I’d try to work in a little foreplay but that’s not what we were there for. I drew it back and placed the tip at the entrance of your warm, wet hole. You must have been thinking about this on the ride there because you were very, very wet.

Slowly I pushed inside you. Deeper and deeper until my hips pressed against your ass. There was something incredibly sexy about seeing you bent over, shirt still on and my cock in you. I leaned forward and caressed down your body. My hands ran over your bra covered breasts and then back down.

“No time for foreplay, you better get down to business.” you told me. I could tell damn well that you enjoyed telling me that. Your beautiful body was literally right on my finger tips but I have to concentrate on other things. Which I supposed wasn’t a horrible consolation prize.

I turned my attention back to fucking you. In the darkness of the night I could still see my cock sliding in and out of your pussy. The warmth of your body surrounding the shaft and the coolness of the night as I withdrew it. After pumping you for a few minutes I new that I needed to get back canlı bahis siteleri to the store before anyone missed me. I’d need to finish things up here.

I grabbed your hips and began to fuck you even harder. With both hands I pulled your body onto my dick with more and more urgency. I could feel an all too familiar sensation in my loins and could tell my orgasm was close. I pinned your body against the arm of the couch and pounded you from behind. I tried to shove every last inch of cock into your wet pussy. Your soft ass bounced with each thrust until finally you had given me all I could take. I grabbed your shoulders and forced myself inside you.

My dick tensed up and I could feel the warm milky fluid coarse through my penis and shooting inside you. I pressed into your ass again as a second shot found its way out of me in deep into your vagina. Several more times I ground into you. I tensed my cock up to drain everything I had into your soft opening.

Exhausted I just stood there for a second not fully realizing the somewhat awkward situation of you being bent over a couch and my cock still resting comfortably inside you. I finally came back to my senses, thankfully. I quickly pulled out and just as soon as I did that you were reaching for your underwear and leggings. I was still in a bit of disbelief that this had happened.

“Well that was fun” you said. “But I know you’ve got to get back to the store”. Honestly the store was the furthest thing from my mind up until that point. I looked at my watch, almost 20 minutes had passed.

“Shit, I have to get going. Sorry. Trust me I wish I could stay”. And with that we locked the place up and headed out to our vehicles.

“Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe.” I said. You nodded a content nod and we were off.

A few minutes later I strolled back into work as if nothing had happened.

“Get everything done?” Kevin asked.

“And then some…” I replied.

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