Five Minutes

Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


Dave came back from the bar and handed Ed his pint of bitter…..”Fuck Dave, have you seen that fit blonde next to the pillar?”

Attention was now focused on an extremely vivacious looking female, bottle blonde, electric blue eyes, very tidy figure, shapely “please warm my ears” legs and the tightest arse imaginable.

Ed seemed overcome by the mere sight of such a such an extent that he hadn’t even taken a drink from his glass.

“Fuckin’ hell Dave, I’d love to give her one up the arse! Make that two or three up the arse and a few in her other tight wet holes!!”

“OK ” said Dave “Let’s go over and chat, I’ll take care of her three mates!!”

“You fuckin’ would as well ” replied Ed and took his first taste of his beer.

They walked over to the group of girls, and before they could say anything, the blonde , looking at Ed quipped ” I know you Ed Case!!”

“You had your knee reconstructed last year at the Alexander Clinic!!”

“I did ” replied Ed, now transfixed by the hypnotic stare from the blonde’s eyes.

Well I’m Kaz, the physio who nearly treated you for the first three days after your operation….but you got Sue instead and she told me what a nice package you had hidden by those shorts.

Ed was taken aback by the confident direct pendik escort approach, especially that look which translated in his mind to “How would you like me to fuck you Ed?”

“I don’t remember you ” said Ed

“Well I had dark brown hair then, and I didn’t get to lay my hands on you, or you certainly wouldn’t have forgotten”

Getting into his stride Ed ventured ” just bend over young lady”, she turned round and offered him two gorgeous cheeks covered in clingy lbd material.

“Now I know you, I couldn’t get that arse out of my mind for a couple of weeks or more”

“I see you still fancy a go at it now”

Ed spluttered..”What do you mean?

“I can lip read Ed, and there’s nothing more I’d like at the moment than to have you up my arse round the back of the pub..two or three times would be a bit greedy, as long as we are back in here in five minutes flat, my arse is yours!!”

Ed didn’t get chance to speak, Kaz grabbed his hand and lead him from the bar, much to the amusement of her mates and Dave.

The night was very cold but being hardy northeners Kaz was wearing her little black dress, stockings and heels, Ed was sporting his usual denims , T-shirt and Converse boots.

Kaz appeared to know where she was going and soon had found a stack of escort pendik empty kegs, where upon she sat Ed down on one unzipped his fly and started sucking a cock which almost sprung into her hand…..”Well Ed, this one doesn’t need much more stiffening, you still might have time to fill two holes!!”

Ed was flabbergasted by Kaz’s confidence and utter frankness. Flabbergasted but hugely turned on as his stiff shafted, purple headed cock bore witness to.

“Jeez Kaz, you’re hell of a woman”. Soon his cock was rock hard, the kind of hardness that doesn’t appear very often, the sort that hurts when bent too much.

Kaz deemed Ed was hard enough, so she unbuckled his belt and dropped his Levi’s. She pulled her dress up to her waist revealing black holdup stockings and a black silky thong, which she quickly moved to one side revealing a beautiful pair of glistening deep red pussy lips and a quivering star shaped ass hole….”C’mon Ed, it’s all yours, you’ve only about three minutes left “

“Well what’s firs……..” Kaz had not time to finish before he thrust his shiny rampant cock into her wet, pouting cunt…..”Ooooh!!” she gasped “Fuck that’s so hot” groaned Ed….”Now fuck me fast and hard, c’mon let’s see if that new knee can take the load!!

Ed couldn’t but help let out pendik escort bayan a chuckle at Kaz’s matter of fact humour… he pistoned in and out of her hot.wet gripping pussy, his thighs slapping against her firm yet soft skinned ass cheeks.

“Have we time for one in the arse?” said Ed breathlessly….”I should hope so, but you must give it me harder than in my cunt”

Kaz dropped her hips slightly, Ed withdrew his slippery cock from her pussy, it’s mushroom head appearing ready to explode.

Quickly he wet a finger with her juices and screwed it into her arse hole, immediately his finger was gripped.

Ed withdrew his finger just as Kaz turned her head to see him suck her wetness into his greedy mouth.

Ed grabbed the shaft of his dick and guided it’s swollen head into the most fuckable “O” he could ever remember. The tightness was unbelievable, he was letting out low animal grunts and Kaz kept up the encouragement to fuck harder…..three more wild thrusts and Ed collapsed on Kaz’s back, her anal passage tingling with hot sloppy cum.

“Oh fuck Kaz, that was mind blowing, you were so hot and dirty”

” Why thank you Mr Case, you have a very handy cock there!!”

Ed wiped clean the wetness between Kaz’s legs, leaving the combined juices on his cock and quickly zipped his fly……they both straightened their hair, had a look at each other and walked back in the pub.

“Five and a half minutes ” exclaimed Dave

“Time added on for injury ” said Kaz with a smile

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