Five Star Service – The Next Day


Five Star Service – The Next DayRita ended up working a couple of hours overtime. She had called her daughter, Debbie to let her know she was working late. Debbie was just as happy, since it gave her a chance to go for another ride on Mark’s tree trunk of a cock. This time, he lasted much longer and she rode him through three massive orgasms that had her screaming loud enough Mark was sure the neighbors would call the police. But there was enough distance between houses that no one could hear. Mark did not have that much experience fucking a woman and had no idea what a high quality orgasm from an excellent fuck was like for a woman. Her first cum scared him to the point he almost went limp. But she calmed enough to reassure him that her screams and writhing were an excellent sign that he had done well. She also pointed to her hard nipples that stood out a full half inch from her tits as an indication that she was truly aroused. Then she resumed fucking him and suggested that he tug on those huge, hard nipples while she bounced on him, threatening to drive the bed through the floor and into the living room below. When she had finally had enough, they were both exhausted and she just laid on top of him. Her massive tits spread wide, wrapping themselves around his chest with her hard nipples leaving little dents in his chest when she finally arose. His cock was still deep inside her and she then realized that he had not cum for his second time. Her pussy was feeling a little tender because of his size and because of how long it had been since her last fuck. She wasn’t up for continuing the fuck, so she went down on his large cock and wrapped her beautiful, full lips around his cock head and began sucking for all she was worth. They both knew he could not be that far from cumming, so she rubbed his balls and sucked hard, pumping her face up and down on his log. Below her mouth, her hand was pumping up and down the rest of his shaft. He briefly noted that her motions in combination looked like an odd form of resuscitation. The thought zipped on through his mind as he was close to losing it. He whispered that he was about to cum, giving her a chance to pull away if she wanted to. He wasn’t totally comfortable with cumming in her mouth because he was sure it would be his usual very heavy load and he didn’t want to choke her. But Debbie prepared herself for the rush of cum she knew was about to hit the back of her throat. She felt his muscles tense up and she closed her throat. He let out his own howl of pleasure as he rocketed stream after stream of cum that splashed against the back of her mouth and jetted back out and down her hand and his cock into a large pool that coated his pubic area and balls. “Shit, boy?! Where do you store all that baby batter? I ain’t seen that much cum since the last gang bang porn movie I watched. But that took four men to put out that much! I can’t tell you how glad I am I didn’t try to swallow all that. I’d a drowned for sure.”Now, mama’s gonna be late, so we’s going to have to wait and see if we can work that python of yours into her tomorrow. You ain’t working tomorrow are you?””No, I have the weekend off,” Mark said. “I was trying to think of somewhere I could take you and your mom for the day that you would enjoy. Anything around the area that you like, but don’t have the time to normally do?””Mama and I like the art museum at the university, but that is like two hours away. Let’s see how you are feeling tomorrow and we can see if mama has any other ideas. I personally would be just as happy wearing out that pole of yours with mama’s help this weekend, but we might be able to do both.”Debbie picked up her clothes and headed for bed. After three warm whiskeys and two major fuckings, Mark fell asleep in no time and did not stir the entire night. When he awoke the next morning, he felt like a new man. He got up, showered, dressed and headed for the kitchen to get some coffee. Debbie was already up, but had not yet started breakfast. Normally her mother was responsible for breakfast, but Debbie had left her a note telling Rita to sleep in and Debbie would take care of their guest. “What would you like for breakfast this morning, baby?” Debbie asked, looking over her house guest with a horny, “come fuck me” stare.”I am just fine with coffee and maybe some cereal this morning,” Mark said.Debbie looked at him in disbelief. “You gonna need more nourishment than that, sweetie. I got plans for you today. So I am gonna fix you eggs and bacon, a couple of pancakes, and juice to go with your coffee. Can’t have you gettin’ all weak kneed on mama and me at the wrong time, if you know what I mean.” Debbie smiled at him again with a devilish grin and surprised him by flashing him when she untied her robe to reveal her nakedness underneath to him. “Careful, Debbie, if you give me a boner in these jeans, my cock will stick out the top and untuck my shirt.”Debbie burst out in laughter at the visual his comment gave her. “Now I’ll have to do it just to watch it happen!”Mark was just about to finish breakfast when Rita entered the kitchen. She looked sleepy, but not haggard. She was used to being busy and working long hours between the house and her job. But she was grateful when Debbie ushered her to the kitchen table, sat her down and served her coffee and the same breakfast that she had fed Mark.”Girl, this is wonderful! Thank you. There is enough here for both of us so sit down and join me, please.” Rita said with a warm, loving smile for her daughter.”You know, Mark, I am so lucky to have a daughter like Debbie. She spoils me every chance she anadolu yakası escort gets and is always worrying and fussing over me.””From what Debbie has told me, you do the same with her. Sounds like you are both lucky to have each other. And I am lucky to have found such wonderful hostesses.” Mark was sincere and the women knew it. Debbie was looking at him lustfully again, but stopped before her mother noticed.”What are your plans for the day, Mark?” asked Rita. “I only ask because I want to be sure I plan your meals properly for the day.””Actually, I was telling Debbie that I would like to take the two of you somewhere you enjoy and she suggested the art museum at the university. If you want to go, lunch and possibly dinner will be on me and you don’t have to worry about meals today.” Mark searched Rita’s face for a nod of approval.”That sounds wonderful, Mark. But I can’t have you spending money on us while I am charging you rent. That wouldn’t be right.””That’s not a problem, Rita. My company said that since I was willing to stay the weekend, saving them additional airline tickets to go back and forth, they are paying my weekend rent and giving me a spending allowance, so it won’t cost me anything out of my own pocket and we can all enjoy the day together.””Well then, sounds like you have a date!” said Rita. I better get myself ready to go!”Rita left the room to shower and dress. Debbie sidled over to Mark and played with his cock through his jeans until he was rock hard. Sure enough, his cock began to creep out the waistband of his jeans as it hardened and nearly brought his shirt out with it. Debbie giggled and then giggled some more as he stuck his hand inside her robe and squeezed her massive tit and pinched her nipple until it hardened. Debbie stood and left the room to get herself ready as well, leaving him to figure out how to calm his boner and get it back in his jeans.The trio left about mid-morning and drove the two hours to the university. Before going to the museum, Mark encouraged them to pick out a favorite lunch place. Through the entire drive and all through lunch, Mark barely had to say a word because both women talked nonstop. They were fun to be with and Mark felt more relaxed than he had in weeks. He had forgotten how long it had been since he had just mentally leaned back and enjoyed a day. It hadn’t hurt any that Debbie had fucked his brains out the night before for his first real all-the-way fucking.They spent most of the afternoon at the art museum and Mark was amazed at how much both women knew about art and how they appreciated some of the works, most of which he knew nothing about. Mark would ask questions and one of the two women nearly always had an educated answer for him. Rita’s knowledge and her tasteful wardrobe choices gave her the aura of someone who could have been the curator and Mark told her so. Rita was pleased by the compliment and gave him a hug. Mark thought it was his imagination, but he could have sworn her hug had more behind it than appreciation. For one thing, her arm around him landed a little bit low, with her hand on the upper part of his ass just about hip pocket level, and for another thing, the hug lasted a little longer than seemed appropriate. He thought that she actually enjoyed the physical contact. Debbie raised one eyebrow at her mother’s maneuver and then winked at Mark knowingly. That was all Mark needed to affirm it was not just his imagination.By the time they left the museum, it was nearly dinner time, so Mark again took them to one of their favorite places to eat in the city. And the women chattered all the way home just as they had on initial drive. “Mama, when we get home, don’t you think it would be appropriate to open a bottle of wine for a nightcap since Mark showed us such a wonderful time today?””That is a great idea, Debbie! In fact, we may go through two bottles tonight.” Mark noticed from time to time out of the corner of his eye that Rita seemed to be gazing at him instead of the road and absentmindedly fiddled with her necklace from time to time as if she were trying to keep her hands occupied. Once home, the ladies kicked off their shoes and Rita retrieved a couple of bottles of wine, opening and serving the first. She leaned over with a glass for Mark and he got a clear glimpse of her significant cleavage. He quickly lifted his gaze to Rita’s face, hoping she didn’t catch him peeking down her top. But she had caught him and she smiled. They all made small talk, recapping the day and their favorite works of art. Debbie noted that the nude sculptures were her favorites and Rita had to agree. “They should use women like you two as models for their sculptures,” said Mark. “The talent was obvious, but the sculpted women seemed so ordinary.””Aren’t you a flatterer!” said Debbie.Rita laughed, “They couldn’t make one that looks like Debbie. It would be too top heavy and have to constantly worry about it toppling over.””You should talk, mama! You ain’t that much smaller upstairs than I am!”They all laughed and Rita piped up again. “And you want to complain about the women being ordinary? What about the male sculptures? Did you see any that were hung like an elephant? All I saw was a bunch of dinky dicks. Ain’t gonna get the girl equipped like that!”They were all practically in tears from laughter with their crude jokes about the statues. They were about half way through the second bottle of wine and all three were getting a little fuzzy-eyed when Debbie suggested that each of them should imitate their favorite pose and do it in the nude to prove pendik escort their points about choosing a truly erotic subject for a sculpture. Mark thought she was joking, but Rita got a lewd look on her face and stood up. “I think that is a wonderful idea, c***d! I will do it if you and Mark are willing to go first. You on?”Debbie looked offended that her mother would doubt her resolve. “Hell, yeah, I’m on. And you better be prepared to let it all hang out in front of both of us mama, because we are going to give you a show!”Rita returned with another bottle of wine just as Debbie was removing her last bit of clothing. “Looks like I better turn up the thermostat, baby, before you catch your death of cold! What do you think, Mark? Is that a vision of beauty fit for a sculpture?” Rita asked as if there were any questions in anyone’s mind.”Damn right, she is! I’d want to make love to her even if she were carved from stone!””Sounds like the artist had better know how to make the statue anatomically correct, then,” Rita said as she burst out in laughter. Debbie struck her favorite pose and held it there while her audience of two assessed her skills as a model.Debbie finally stopped and told Mark it was his turn and he had better keep his end of the bargain. Mark set down his wine glass and unceremoniously undressed with his back to the women who were sitting together on the couch. Rita had her arm around her naked daughter and playfully reached under Debbie’s arm to playfully lift one of her huge tits and let it bounce. Debbie just snuggled in closer, tucking her legs under her but and put her hands between her legs, surreptitiously fingering herself without her mother noticing. Rita made a similar comment as Debbie’s the night before about what a nice ass Mark had and he blushed a little more than the wine had already caused. “Alright,” Mark began, “You have to promise not to laugh when I turn around. Debbie’s poses have me a little aroused, so don’t make fun of me.””Honey, I have seen white dick before and it’s an old joke. I won’t laugh.” Rita then burst out laughing even before Mark could turn around. “I’m sorry, baby. Turn around and show us you got more to work with than those dinky dicks at the museum.”Mark turned around to reveal his huge, erect cock and Rita gasped in spite of herself. “Well, fuck me blind, honey! I could hang a swing from that tree branch! You look human, but your papa must have been a bull moose. Do you get light headed when your pole gets stiff? Takes a lot of blood to fill that fire hose!”Debbie was giggling uncontrollably. “Mama, quit talking and just get undressed and play with your new toy.””Honey, you might as well go on to bed, because your mama is going to keep this stud busy all night. Mark, I am guessing you have busted a lot of cherries and broken a lot of hearts with a tool like that!””Actually, I have only had one girl who could take it.” he confessed without outing Debbie.”Then you haven’t done a very good job choosing your women. Honey, unless you put up a huge fuss, I am going to show you how a real woman handles heavy equipment like that.””Now, mama. You ain’t going to have him all to yourself. You are gonna play nice and share like you know you should and we are both gonna have fun with him. ‘Cause actually, I am the first girl to take all of him, and I’m gonna do it again. We are going to take turns. I am pretty sure he can fuck all night, so there should be plenty for both of us.””Baby, you were able to take all of that lumber? You ain’t all that experienced. How did you manage that? I thought sure I was the only woman in the state that could take that much meat at one time! Well, okay. I have no problems with sharing. But you better be able to multitask, because when I ain’t getting plowed, I’m gonna be riding your face, sweetie.””Deal!” said Debbie, “now quit talking, and start fucking. I’m gonna want my turn soon.”Rita was undressed in a heartbeat and rubbing her naked, dark brown body against Mark, wrapping both hands around his rock hard shaft. “I can tell by the pre-cum that we just need to get busy and fuck,” said Rita, “and as wet as my pussy is right now, it ought to sound like the sloshing of a waterbed when start driving that thing home.”Rita pulled him to the floor, spread her legs, and tugged his cock with both hands to her wet love hole. Mark was in no mood to go slow. He took her at her word that she would have no problems handling his length or his girth and he drove it half way in on his first thrust. “Oh, fuck! Fuck! That’s it! Fuck! Drive it home baby. I want to taste you in my throat. That’s how deep I want you to drive it in me.” Rita was not just on fire. She was possessed. Her huge firm tits, only somewhat smaller than those of her daughter, jutted in the air, nipples pointing straight up. Her tits were so firm still, that they barely spread to her sides as she laid there, getting rammed on the carpeted floor. Mark’s second thrust, went the full distance and he felt his balls slap against Rita’s ass. Debbie had done all the riding the night before, so this was his first experience of having his balls slap against a woman’s ass as he fucked her.Like a referee at a wrestling match, Debbie knelt to the floor beside her mother and Mark, using one hand to fondle her mother’s tits and the other to toy with Mark’s balls. She watched as her mother rode one wave of orgasm after another under the constant pressure of that big cock on her clit. Mark could feel the rising intensity of the coming climax of his own. It started deep in his balls and his cock began to tingle and twitch. tuzla escort “I think…yeah…I’m gonna cum any second now.” he said, breathing heavily.”Pull out and cum on me, honey. I wanna see you splatter me. I wanna watch you gush.” Rita was panting heavily herself. Mark pulled out, grabbed his cock and stroked himself the rest of the way, Lines of heavy white cream shot from his cock head, Three streams landed from the bottom of Rita’s tits in a continuous streak to her neatly trimmed pubes. A couple more shots only made half the journey to her tits and then he left a small pool where his remaining cum dribbled from his cock directly to her pubes below him. Through the heavy breathing, Rita looked at the evidence smeared across her torso, running her fingers through it as if to make sure it was real. “Okay, Deb…maybe he can fuck all night, but you are right. We’ll share. I need a breather before I go for another round. It’s a good thing I have a whole case of wine. I think we are going to go through a lot of it tonight. Besides, cock and wine make a good combination!”Debbie began to suck on Mark’s cock in an effort to keep him hard. There wasn’t much risk of him going soft on her. The two women had him completely in their control and he was finally happy to know that there was a place where his big dick could find true pleasure. Rita came back with another bottle of wine and found Debbie on all fours and Mark taking is slow and easy from behind, fucking her daughter doggie style. Mark loved having his hands on her plump bubble ass, occasionally smacking Debbie’s ass lightly. Rita pulled up the ottoman, shoved it against the couch, and sat on the ottoman and laid back with her legs spread, making it possible for her daughter to begin eating her recently fucked pussy.Debbie slid her hands under her mother’s ass so that her thumbs could play with her mother’s pussy and her asshole while her tongue lapped at her mother’s clit. Mark’s size provided the advantage of constantly rubbing a woman’s clit with every stroke, no matter what position he fucked in, so if a woman was going to cum, his cock was going to make it happen. He reached under Debbie through a few strokes to play with her heavy tits and tugged on her hardening nipples. It was hard to distinguish one woman’s groans from the other and both were rather loud and demonstrative it their pleasure and didn’t care who heard them. The two women seemed at ease with each other as if this was not their first time pleasuring each other and possibly not their first time sharing a lover together as well. Debbie, like her mother and like the night before, came several times and screamed herself nearly hoarse with each climax. She was so wet that Mark’s cock was making squishing noises as he thrust in and out of her. His cock gleamed with her wetness on his shaft and he just watched himself fuck her, watching his cock sliding in and out of her. As he felt her begin to approach another climax, he moved his thumb to her asshole and, without penetrating her ass, pressed hard against her sphincter. The added sensation made her next cum all the more intense and she arched her back even more. Her pussy walls clamped down tightly on his cock and took him to the edge of his second cum. He put his hands on Debbie’s shoulders for leverage and when he came, he pulled back on her shoulders as he drove as deep as possible, shooting what he knew was another hefty load of cum as deep into her as it could go. Mark was covered in a light layer of sweat as were the women. For several minutes, the only noises in the house were those of the heavy breathing of the trio. Mark finally pulled together the strength to stand up and sit in the middle of the couch and bringing mother and daughter to each side of him. He never faded to less than half hard and the women, each with one hand, slowly stroked his cock in unison until her was fully firm and appeared ready to go for another round. He was pleasantly surprised when, without a word said, both women leaned over and began licking the sides of his shaft from the base of his shaft to the crown of his cock head. They could taste his cum as well as each other as they licked him. They all just relaxed in the activity for a full thirty minutes before Rita decided she was up to another round of getting drilled. Mark had hopes that he would have several more rounds in him. As the night gave way to morning, all three of them were pleased to find that indeed, he was up to the challenge.At some point, the three of them moved to Rita’s king size bed for the last couple of rounds before they all fell asleep. They had slept most of the morning. When Mark finally got up, he realized that he had a missed call from his boss back in his home office.He stepped outside to return the call and spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone. When he came back in, he had a somewhat distracted look on his face. Debbie came to him at the kitchen table and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Is everything okay?”Mark pulled out of his introspection. “Yeah, it’s all fine. The group I am working with these two weeks are so pleased with my work, that they asked my boss if they could keep me for the next three or four months. My boss said that if I agreed, he would work it out. I told him that as soon as I found out if I could continue to rent from you and the company would pay for it, I would let him know. Can you rent to me for that long?”Rita smiled at him. “If you are willing to keep coating our insides with your butter, I think we can make it happen. Debbie, what do you think?””Yeah, I think as long as we can working things in and out on a regular basis – like every morning and night – we can all be good with the arrangement.””Let me call my boss back and tell him we have a deal and then we can take care of the morning part of the arrangement.” Mark was secretly hoping it might become permanent…

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