Flight Attendance Ch. 01


Flight Attendance Part 1 – Take Off

I stepped into the foyer of our apartment, relieved to be able to put down my bags and kick off my shoes. The best part of a business trip is coming home. Knowing you are waiting for me.

Twenty-four hours ago as I boarded the plane I had held an image of you, fired by that last crazy night of phone sex – me in the enveloping warmth of a London hotel room, glad of the retreat from the bitter, wintry street; you stretched languidly on the window-banquette in our Sydney apartment. I imagined the gentle caress upon your naked body of a late summer zephyr, breezing through the open window as we exchanged endearments, then the kind of raunchy talk that gets me off so easily! I am such a sucker for an earful of smut!

It was an almost empty flight, and apart from a pair of men in Row 1, I was the only passenger up front. I was in the 3rd first class row, right in the middle, occupying one of the brand new “capsule” style fully reclining bed/seats. As I stretched out, the airline blanket draped loosely over me, I felt hot with anticipation of you. My fingers stroked my wetness, explored my fleshy folds, and rolled my hard nub of zinging nerves, til I finally rested, and dozed.

While I slept, the blanket dropped to the floor. My business skirt was bunched around my waist, my fingers still in my hole. Ankara bayan escort I awoke as Gloria, the first class flight attendant, replaced the blanket over me. She smiled and leant to whisper to me “Someone special waiting at home, honey?” I smiled, and made a slight nodding movement in reply, and watched as Gloria’s nipples visibly stiffened under her light wool French Navy top.

Gloria seemed keen to talk a while, so I moved slightly to allow her to settle on the side of the bed. I learned she was only working the first leg of the trip, as far as Singapore, and then, rather than stopping over, was continuing on to Sydney as a passenger to enjoy some well-earned leave. She was especially looking forward to a school reunion coming up, and catching up with old friends she hadn’t seen in ten years since she had been based in Melbourne. Eventually she asked about the “friend” I was flying home to. I noticed she carefully avoided using any personal pronouns, leaving the gender of my friend unstated. Her tone inspired confidence, and I just love all mention of sex.

Thus encouraged, I said, “ Lin has the most desirable body I have ever known. It is sex personified. Just thinking of our reunions every time I return from business trips makes me wet with anticipation. The only way I can make the endless hours of flight pass is to frig myself until Escort bayan Ankara I can sleep.”

Gloria replied that was hardly unusual, and since the introduction of the fully reclining bed-like seats, the action in first class was relentless. Not a few orgies had taken place in flight as nature’s desires were fulfilled. Then she said “But most of it is boy-and-girl action. I feel most for the single lesbian on board. Traditionally, there has only usually been only one on each flight, and the Seven Mile High Club possibilities are rather limited.”

Gloria took my hand and ran my cunny-smelling-fingers across her mouth, breathing in deeply to capture the smell of sex upon them. She was looking into my eyes as she did so. “Luckily”, she said, “with the on-board service I can provide, many are now frequent flyers, and I am increasingly able to introduce my business women clients to each other!” She now placed my index finger in her mouth, moistened it with her tongue and lips, then held it to the soft folds enveloping my cunt. She guided my finger along my slit, circling the entrance to my velvet cavern. Still holding my finger she plunged it deep inside me, then joined my finger with one of her own. I arched my arse and hips to allow the fingers to penetrate more deeply.

My God, I thought, if only Lin could be here. She would so get Bayan escort Ankara off on this! I thought of making an inflight call to her, but before I could even reach for the phone, Gloria was kneeling on the floor in the space between the end of my seat and the back of the one in front. She pressed the button and made the chair retreat slightly upwards. She then separated my legs and her head disappeared between my thighs. I gasped as she began to nibble all around my sex … eventually her tongue circled around and around my clit, then she used her lips to suck and pull at that teeny, action-packed nub. She increased the pressure and sped up the sucking and licking actions until I was bucking and thrashing in my seat, sweat pouring down my face, and creamy cunny juice running down my thighs. I came; I came in a lather of excitement, biting down on my hand to avoid making TOO much noise!

Just as the cum spasms subsided, Gloria stepped up the action, thrusting her tongue as far as it would reach inside my box. After licking me out for some minutes, she looked straight into my wild eyes, and thrust three fingers high into the deepest part of my cunt. One finger she hooked around the curve and instantly found that most magical spot. Oh, bliss, oh joy – a clit cum and a g-cum one after the other. At the moment she also found my clit again my body was wracked with shuddering orgasm

Gloria re-emerged, a huge smile on her beautiful face. I shook my head in amazement, speechless, but smiling broadly. Gloria straightened her clothing, said “Ah, work to be done”, and disappeared into the cockpit up ahead.

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