Fly Me Sexy


I travel a lot. Mostly through my work, occasionally for pleasure, and totalling maybe 100,000 miles a year. Flying, of course, and I have my favourite airlines. Air travel is generally boring once you’ve got over the excitement of being 6 miles up in the air and watching the in-flight movies. Generally, I find it boring now.

But on one particular flight, things were different. I was returning to London from Delhi on Fly-India flight number 131. Take off at 06.20 and expect to reach Heathrow Airport at 11.00 the same day, taking into account the clock-delay. Very convenient but I was still expecting it to be as boring as ever. But things were different on this flight.

I was booked into a Business Class cabin of 35 seats. But only seven passengers appeared to be checked in, and the cabin crew asked us all to move to window seats, whether we’d selected those or not. I was happy to move and so were all the others. I thought that perhaps this was something about the efficiency of the meal service, or perhaps the balance of weights, or a desire to economise on power supply to the in-flight screens. This left the entire central bank of seats empty. Five rows of three seats.

The plane took off, and a meal was served after about 45 minutes. During the meal, one of the men cabin attendants came to the central seat-bank and drew curtains all along both sides, down both aisles; so that those seats formed a separate space. It wasn’t possible to look across the cabin from my side to the other; which I thought was a strange arrangement. But I dismissed it from my mind and settled down to a snooze. All the window blinds were pulled down and my fellow travellers all covered up, and went to sleep.

I never sleep well on planes and was awakened by a small gust of cool air as someone walked past me, down the narrow aisle between my seats and the curtained compartment. I watched to see who it was and saw it was one of the women cabin crew. Dressed in a sari with neat little sandals and her midriff showing, of course. She went to a fold in the long curtains and let herself into the hidden seats.

“Going for a quick lie down and sleep,” I thought to myself; and closed my eyes again.

Then another woman member of the cabin staff appeared from behind me, in Economy, and also squeezed herself through the curtain fold. She was dressed in airline uniform suit; dark jacket and skirt, with nylon tights and low-heel shoes. Very smart, I thought.

And a third woman came, also dressed in the uniform.

Now I was getting interested. For a start, was it airline company policy that cabin staff should use Business Class seats to catch up with sleep during long flights? It didn’t seem likely, so I watched some more; though pretending to be asleep.

There was some agitation behind the long curtain, as if the three women were moving around. Then it went quiet, and I felt disappointed that my sleep-theory seemed to be correct after all. I closed my eyes again.

Through my dozing, I became aware of more movement in the aisle and opened my eyes a little. Two men in white-shirt uniforms were letting themselves into the curtained area. Quietly. Surreptitiously, I seemed to me. Secretly. Now my interest was truly ignited.

There was more commotion behind the curtains but my fellow-passengers slept through all the sounds and slight curtain movements. I decided to find out what was happening behind that curtain; so I stood up and went to the lavatory. On the way back to my seat, I glanced around to see if anyone was watching me, and no one was. So I took a grip on the curtain, at one of the overlaps, and peeped inside.

Well; what can I say? In the front row nearest to me, the sari-girl was kneeling on the middle of three seats, with her sari pulled up to her waist. If she’d had panties, I couldn’t see where they were, but I could see her hips and her bottom. And her vagina, into which one of the two men was oscillating his erection. His trousers and briefs were around his ankles, and his knees were bent slightly as he shunted her while holding her hips.

Her head was buried in one of those passenger pillows but, even so, I could just hear her groans and squeals. I could just see one of her arms stretched down between her legs, so I assumed she was pleasing herself. Her legs were as wide apart as the seat arms would allow; which was a long way since these were Business Class seats. Even in the few seconds I watched, he came to a shuddering climax; with a sudden burst of speed in his fucking and then a final thrust as he unloaded all his juices into her with his back arched and his hands tugging her close to him; and his eyes closed.

He stayed still for some time. She was playing on herself and suddenly buried her face even more deeply in the pillow with a little cry. She bucked her hips around, impaled as she was istanbul escort on his remaining erection, and it was obvious that she reached her own orgasm.

Then two things happened. First, as they relaxed, he noticed me watching from the curtain. He left her body and turned away so as to hide his diminishing erection. She was still in the same position, with her bottom in the air and her face in the pillow. I could see all her pussy features; and their juices slowly oozing out from between her labia. Her anal sphincter was twitching and I could sense the tensions inside her body as her orgasm worked its way through her entrails.

At that same moment, I saw one of the other girls, one in uniform, was in the next row of seats with the second man. He was sitting on the seat, which was in the lounge position, and she was astride him. Fixing herself on his erection, and bouncing up and down. He was holding her waist and she had her hands on his chest. Her skirt had disappeared and his trousers were thrown over the next seat. So they were both naked from the waist down. Both had their eyes closed, so they didn’t notice me. It seemed they’d only just started their fucking, and orgasm would be some time off.

It was at that point that I chickened out. I withdrew from the curtain fold and stood in the aisle for a moment; going over in my mind what I’d seen in the previous 30 seconds. Then I returned to my seat, obviously aroused and wondering what else I could arrange to see in those secret seats.

I needn’t have wondered for long. After a few minutes, the second uniform-girl came out of the curtains and towards me. She leaned over, touched my arm and whispered,

“Come in here with me. Let me show you something.”

I didn’t need to think about it but rose immediately; as did my own erection at the thought of what I might witness.

I followed her through the curtains, to find the other four people had left; presumably to the other aisle, away from me. There was no one in the compartment except her and me, although I noticed that there were white hand towels spread over the backs or arms of most of the seats.

She turned to me and I got a good view of her face. She was pretty; olive skin, full red lips, deep dark eyes, shiny black hair pulled back into a bun, and a slim throat.

She came close put her hands on my chest; and whispered to me again,

“Please be taking my clothes off.”

Her English was not perfect but her meaning was very clear, exciting in her inflection, and also in its imperfection. I was beginning to burn inside and must have looked doubtful or at least uncertain in some way.

“You can be doing with me anything you want to do.”

Now I was boiling, and reached down to her jacket buttons. I looked into her eyes throughout the unbuttoning and she smiled softly at the while; looking straight back into my eyes also. Her breasts stood out beautifully in the white shirt she was wearing as uniform.

I lifted the jacket off her shoulders and laid it in a nearby seat and then knelt in front of her. I reached up and round her back to the zipper on her skirt; a struggle if I’m honest, to reach so far but I didn’t want to leave the view of her face or her breasts. Slowly, and with a little wiggle on her part, I pulled the skirt down to her ankles and she stood out of it. I laid it alongside the jacket and stood again. She’d already taken off her shoes.

The sight of her in shirt and underwear inflamed me almost to bursting. My erection became painful inside my trousers, so I undid them and took them off. All the time, looking straight into her eyes but fully aware of the breasts pointing towards me and the legs in their nylon covering. My erection sprang out and I removed also my own briefs to give it freedom. She gently reached down and brushed it with the back of her hand, as if checking that it would suit her purpose.

Quickly I removed my own shirt and stood there just in my socks; like an English idiot-lover that you read about in stories. I left the socks in place for now and unbuttoned her shirt as a priority. Slipping it off her shoulders, I saw her bra and breasts for the first time. And she was not dressed at all as I expected. Young women seem to go for small and flimsy underwear these days but she was contained in a long white bra; all the way down to her waist, and with a cuff encircling her.

And then for the rest of her torso, she was wearing a tight brief panty-girdle. The sort I didn’t think any girls wore now. So tight that I couldn’t slip a finger under the edge either at her waist or along her thigh. I laid my hand on her hip and moved it round to her bottom. Man, that girdle was as tight as her own skin. I don’t know how she put it on but I began to plan my taking it off! She avcılar escort was totally contained from shoulders to thighs in tight white corsetry from the 1960s or 70s. Amazing.

Also as a surprise, the girdle ended in 4 long suspenders which held up her dark brown nylon stockings. I was inflamed further by the sight and knowledge of her underwear which matched my own preferences perfectly. It had been years since I was able to make love to a woman in these classical styles of foundation garments. Mind you; there was no way any man could penetrate that girdle; it was ferocious in it tightness and its construction. It had to come off but, first, I decided to have a good feel and enjoy the sensation of her body in its covering.

I went round her back and held her waist, and then pushed my hands through to hold her breasts in the long bra. Her underwear was tight and firm and stiff to my touch. How she spent a whole day in these clothes, working in this busy plane, I couldn’t imagine. But I was so glad to feel her and to run my hands over her figure. The shape of her hips and the taut flatness of her abdomen. The round hardness of her bottom and the smooth shape of her hips inside the girdle, down to the suspenders and her thighs. Even the stocking tops and the gap with her beautiful olive-coloured skin inflamed me even further. I was a man bursting to get inside this lovely woman but also enjoying every second of the situation and the feeling coming through my hands and my skin as I rubbed against her.

The stockings came off first, as I knelt again and unfastened the suspenders, before peeling each stocking down her legs. And then the major task of getting her out of the panty girdle. I tried to push my fingers under the waist band but, of course, it lay underneath the cuff waist of the long bra. After a moment of awkwardness, pulling the bra cuff upwards by an inch or so, I still couldn’t get my fingers under the girdle waist. It was so very tight. So she took over and slid her smaller fingers into the top edge of the girdle and looked straight into my eyes with her eyebrows raised, as if to say, “You take it now.”

So I did and gradually by sheer force I got that girdle down over her hips and her legs until it lay on the floor, with the suspenders spreading out from it; as if it were a living creature that had been encircling her. Her belly and bottom showed the marks of the girdle, its seams and four long bones that had held her in place and prevented it turning over at the top. I stroked and smoothed her skin over her body from waist to knees and she mewed like a kitten as I did so. For the first time since we entered the compartment, she closed her eyes and her lips opened a little.

I let my hand stray over her groin and into her pubic area. Then a gentle exploration with fingers under her pubic bone and onto her labia. She was warm and wet. I almost bent her over and took at that moment but controlled myself in the knowledge that more was to come if I waited a little.

Standing behind her again, I started to unhook the long bra; it had 12 hooks and was so taut on her body. I wondered again how she could stand this pressure on her skin and chest all day in her work, from such a hard and unyielding garment. But then I stopped and decided to leave her in the bra. It held her so wonderfully and shaped her breasts like a classical statue, pointing ahead of her. Otherwise, she was naked and in my arms, and I was going to do whatever I wanted with her.

I turned her round and held her to me as I kissed her full on her mouth. She was open to me and I felt her tongue on my lips; so I kissed her deeply with mine. Round her teeth, under her tongue, into her throat. She just took everything, stretching her neck up to meet my kissing. And pressing the long bra into my chest, full of her breasts.

I sat her down on an airline seat, and pressed the button to lay it flat. She lay back, her bra-contained breasts pointing towards the roof; and lifted her legs also towards the roof of the cabin. I was looking at a beautiful pussy, nicely trimmed and glistening slightly in her anticipation. Her stomach was flat, her waist small, her hips smooth and her legs shapely, stretched out for me to occupy. The marks of the girdle were still on her skin as I lowered myself onto her and slid my erection into her with no difficulty whatever. She was ready and the angle was right and we just connected. She felt amazing; tight, slippery, humping back and forth slowly as I moved in her.

Now a moment of confession. I always had a problem ejaculating. It simply doesn’t come quickly. Sometimes not quickly enough so I’ve had to leave a lover with me still stiff but her satisfied and tired. I don’t know why it happens and it isn’t always a problem, on this occasion, on this flight, with this delightful Indian şirinevler escort lady; well I was just nervous and expecting the worse. And so it happened that way.

After some minutes of shunting, and her pushing and pulling against my movements, she put a hand down to pleasure herself. Two minutes later, she shuddered to an orgasm. And I was stiff and nowhere near a climax. Quite simply no sensation of orgasm at all; just the pleasurable sensations of moving in her. Her legs began to descend and her body relaxed further. She was beginning to enter into a post-orgasm slumber, if I let her. I held her legs as she flopped and put them on the reclined seat. And reach over to get her skirt to lay over her belly for the few minutes she could lie there with her eyes half-closed.

It was at this moment that another three girls came through the curtains and also two men. All in uniform. They saw me and my recent lover, and smiled as they started to remove their clothes. Within a minute, the two men were playing around with two of the girls, preparing for humping. The third girl sat to one side of a couple and played with the man’s thighs and round to his bottom. I watched for perhaps 10 seconds but then my lady reached out to me and took hold of my still-stiff erection.

“You are still needing me,” she said softly; not in a whisper but soft enough for no one else to hear.

I just nodded, not sure what words to use.

“I told you — I am ready for all you want,” she said just as softly, “I have made everything ready.”

She swiftly raised herself and knelt on the seat, with her head low down in the back, on a pillow. She parted her legs, and reached round with one hand to part her buttocks. I could see that she was glistening all around her anus. She’d lubed herself in anticipation.

With the hand she had behind her, she reached out as if searching for my erection and I stepped forward a little so she could hold me. She tugged me towards her anal opening and I let her.

She let go of me just as I touched her sphincter, so I took hold of her hips again and pushed gently into her orifice. She was slippery and ready for me. And she was empty inside. Clearly she really had made everything ready.

I didn’t think about it at that moment but it occurred to me later that she was accustomed to anal sex. There was no resistance to my progress, and soon I was totally installed in her cleaned and greased bowels. She stiffened her body as I impaled her to my full length and pulled back on her hips; and she made little grunting noises as I plunged. Not the soft mewing sounds of the previous sex.

She was firm and rippled inside her rectum and now I could feel my orgasm growing in my abdomen, sinking into my groin and aching in my scrotum and towards my erection. I knew I would be coming soon and held her close to me with no further movement. I was trying to prolong my climax instead of wishing to hasten it as I had been 5 minutes earlier.

But her bowel was on the move and she must have been clenching and relaxing her sphincters, both of them. And so I came in her intestines. A long and very satisfying orgasm, which emptied my vesicles and made my prostate ache with its squeezing. Fabulous.

As I pulled away from her, she oozed my cream from her anus; but only a little. Much less than you would see from a vagina. She was holding my juices inside her as much as she could. She relaxed again and turned round, facing me. I stood up and she raised herself also, grabbing two of the hand towels from the next seat. She gave me one as she held me round my neck and kissed me; pressing herself against my chest. The long bra was still holding her; it was still stiff and shaped and I delighted in the feel of the firm fabric pulsating with her beautiful flesh. We started to wipe ourselves.

Only at this stage did I realise that the other people in the compartment were watching us. They were humping away slowly and quietly but watching us out of the corners of their eyes. One of the girls gave me a big grim, and one of the men winked at me. My girl giggled softly and moved over to the pile of her clothes. We both dressed as smoothly and respectably as possible in the circumstances; and she kissed me before disappearing out of the curtains in the direction opposite to my seat.

As I went through the curtain on my side, the girl nearest to me reached out and took my hand.

“Our secret, yes?” she whispered.

“Our secret,” I replied and returned to my seat.

At that moment, I thought of the dangers of unprotected sex. At my age, with my experience of life, and being a real pessimist; you’d have thought I would have been looking for condoms over the past hour. But no: unprotected sex had been great and memorable. And scary.

Later in the flight, I caught the eye of one of the men whom I’d seen behind the curtains and spoke confidentially to him.

“Why was I allowed in there?”

“Because you knew, and you could tell. But now you are one of us,” he replied and gave me a big smile.

I held out my hand and we shook, almost as friends; certainly as co-conspirators.

A flight never to be forgotten.

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