Flying High


Tabby found her seat on the Airplane and managed to fit her carry on under the seat ahead of her. She was one of the first to board, because she had a window seat. She liked the window, no one could sit next to her on that side and she could crawl away from what ever was seated next to her. The only disadvantage was if she had to get up to use the lavatory.

Settling into her seat, she collected her book and i-pod from her purse. She was set on tuning out everyone around her. With the headphones in her ears, she opened her book. Ah… a novel she could really sink her teeth into. It was Vampires, sex and chocolate all wrapped up into one book. A tingle nipped at the bottom of her stomach and straight down.

Looking out the window she could see the mountains from the tarmac. It was always so nice to visit Colorado again. With a sigh, she thought about last night. Wow! What a night! She had not anticipated seeing Jim again let alone. She blushed profusely at the thought of what she had done. Why were things with him always so… Spontaneous?

She closed her eyes replaying the previous night in her mind. It was so hot and exciting. Oh how she wanted more of him. Too bad this stupid flight was so early in the morning. I could have asked him to stay the night in my hotel with me. If only. His huge size had filled her so completely. It was almost painful at first, but once he was inside of her. She felt like she could orgasm right there just thinking about him. Closing her legs together she had to stave off her desire. What am I thinking? I’m not usually like this.

It wasn’t that she was wearing jeans or anything constraining. Quite the contrary she knew she wanted to keep her clothes loose and without metal for coming on the plane. So, here she sat in her thin cotton Yoga pants, a loose t-shirt and a wire free bra, thinking of the man, she had in the park the night before. I hope the passenger that sits next to me doesn’t notice how turned on I am. This was a fleeting thought as she looked down for a moment to see her nipples were sort of pushing little points through her thin bra. Ugh… why did I wear this one?

Turning up, the singer on her i-pod she did not hear when her neighboring passenger arrived, but she felt him. For some reason without even turning her head, she knew it was a man. He was situating his carry-on in the overhead compartment before sitting in his seat. She turned her book over so he could not see the trashy vampire romance she had selected for the trip.

I can still smell Jim’s aftershave.

Hating, not being able to hear, she turned down the i-pod and looked forward not wanting to glimpse at the man next to her. She was still too hot and bothered by her daydreams of last night’s encounter.

She nearly jumped when a hand touched her arm. Whipping her head toward the offensive hand, she caught the identity of the man next to her. Her eyes widened when she saw, Jim! “I didn’t realize you were on this flight?” Her voice was breathless as she yanked the headphones out of her ears.

“Like wise.”

“Are you going to KC?”

He nodded, “I live near there.” He gazed at her body noticing her loose clothing and how her round breasts were pointed through her shirt slightly. I could take her here. He mentally licked his lips trying not to salivate on her. He could barely sleep last night thinking of her. And here she is! “Are you staying in KC?”

She should have remembered that from the night before, but so much happened. “I’m there this week. My job sends me a lot of places. I was just happy to get to Colorado for the weekend.”

“I’m happy too.” He said with a wink. bakırköy escort “Now about that interest?”

She laughed and their discussion turned to other more innocent topics. After all, they did not know who might be listening to their conversation.

The flight was short, but they ran into some turbulence due to a storm that was doing damage to the middle of Kansas. She was grateful to have Jim’s hand to hold while the cabin bumped around. It was a longer flight then it was supposed to be, but eventually they landed in KCI and she let out the breath she did not realize she was holding. Her hand was sweaty in his but he did not seem to mind.

“Thank you for holding my hand,” She said to him as the plane rolled along the ground.

“Anytime.” He did not let go of her hand right away and grinned again. “You still owe me interest.”

This made her giggle as she wiggled her hand away from him to put her unused book and i-pod away. “You…” She stopped not knowing what sort of time crunch he was on and she realized she was not exactly dressed to go anywhere outside of Fast Food.

“Hmm?” He raised his eyebrows from behind his glasses.

That expression was so hot! “Oh, nothing.”

“You want to go to an early dinner with me?” He offered seeming to sense that was what she wanted.

She nodded unable to say more, “But perhaps I should go to my hotel and check in and change before hand.” She pulled at her t-shirt. “I really only wear this stuff for traveling, because I hate the idea of being stopped at the gate.”

He laughed, “Well you look great.”

His compliment made her blush again. Why am I blushing so much today? I was so willing to… last night. She could not even admit, she had had wild passionate sex with this same man the night before.

After off loading the plane they went separate ways so she could get her rental car and he could pick his up from the long-term parking lot. Since, she knew her way around Kansas City, she let him know to meet at her hotel on the Plaza. They could probably find somewhere nice to eat there. She said she would text message him with her room number, so he could meet her at her room while she put her luggage away and changed.

She was pleased with the room her company reserved for her as she walked in the door. It was a one-bedroom suite with a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. She sighed with longing at the idea of having him in this room.

Pulling out her cell-phone, she sent him the text message to come find her room. An evil thought slipped through her mind as she put her luggage in the closet and hung her suits for the week’s business meetings. She would simply be naked when he arrived. The thought of him ravishing her body again was too irresistible and she stripped her clothes off.

Her nether regions got wet just thinking about his response to her. She lay back on the bed and put her hand between her thighs and started to rub her clitoris with her fingertips. Closing her eyes, she thought of his mouth and tongue taking the place of her fingers. How divine the sensation was in her mind. She rubbed harder catching her breath in gasps as her other hand touched her bare breast and pulled at the nipple.

“I wonder how many times I can cum before he arrives.” She thought naughtily in her mind.

Her fingers rubbed her bringing her higher and higher. She would soon… “Ah…” she breathed. But his knock on the door interrupted her. Released from her peak, she jumped off the bed ready to tear him apart. She ran to the door and checked the peephole. He was there and alone. She opened the door and made beşiktaş escort sure to keep the door between her and the hall.

“Come in,” she cooed.

He hastily entered the room and she closed the door behind him. “Nice room.” He commented before turning to look at her nude body. “Oh, you are ready to continue with the interest.”

“Only if you are.” She offered as she stepped forward and kissed him wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her. She wanted more than his mouth but was content to start with it. When she let go of him, she suddenly felt funny standing completely naked with him. Why did I feel compelled to do this? I mean last night in the dark it was one thing, but the sun is still coming through the blinds.

“You are beautiful.” He had to take a long pause and calm his growing bulge. This was more than he could have hoped for. His hands started to move over her curves feeling her soft flesh under them.

She shivered at the sensation of his touch. I’ve wanted him so long and now here we are again. I want to make it better for him than it was last night. She put her hands on his belt and started to unfasten it. The material of his pants was strained against his erection and she wanted it in her mouth. Right next to the closed door she pulled his pants to his ankles and kissed the tip of him as she kneeled down. His feet were confined to his clothing so he was now hers. Wrapping her mouth around him she consumed him with fervor. His flesh felt so wonderful and hot on her tongue. She pulled back and scratched the bulbous tip with her teeth. Checking his reaction to her biting she continued to lick and suck on him like a luscious treat.

All she wanted was to see his expression as he released in her mouth. He would do that today and not get away with putting it over her chest. Although being covered in him on the way back to her hotel after they parted made her feel so seductively dirty. It made her want him more. Using her hands, she worked him in and out of her mouth moaning as she took him. The moans were almost animalistic, because she knew this was one of her powers as a woman. She could make him orgasm on her command. Well… maybe not like that but it sure did feel good to cradle his testicles as they tightened while he stiffened. For a split second she wondered if she really wanted to swallow him, but that was too late as he cried out releasing into her mouth.

The salty bitter taste hit the back of her throat and she swallowed him. He kept cumming and she kept sucking on him, not able to get enough of the groans he was making. His orgasm filled the room with his endorphins and her mind swam with the excitement. Although, she remembered he was quickly aroused again last night. Can I keep up with him?

“I can sure try.” She mumbled as she stood grinning at him.

He opened his eyes from his ecstasy as she kept her hand moving along his length. “Try what?”

Not answering she pulled his face to hers and kissed him again. She felt like every part of her body would die if she did not get more of him. Her hunger was suddenly insatiable.

Releasing him from her hand, she started to strip him he was still clothed and now it was time to feel his skin against hers. She pushed his shirt up and over his head. His glasses moved with the material but he quickly adjusted them. He was so good looking with those glasses!

Again, she kissed him sharing her passion with him. He had to know, she wanted this possibly more than he did. It was like twenty years of pent up sexual frustration. Frustration she had let him go!

Kneeling beylikdüzü escort before him again she kissed him as she helped him remove his shoes, and then the material trapping his legs. He was now naked. This was utterly delightful for her. She stood and winked and ran away from him, hoping he’d take the hint and chase her. She always loved a rousing game of chase and possibly being tagged by his hard cock inside her would be a delight for being caught.

He took the hint and ran after her as she ran around the small living room and through the double French doors into the bedroom. She wasn’t going to let him catch her too easy and jumped over the bed but that slowed her down. He caught her by grabbing her wrists and pushing her back down onto the bed across it so her feet still dangled. His face met hers and they kissed letting their tongues join and dance.

She wrapped her legs around him and felt him right at her entrance. She wanted him, but was not done playing games. This was her moment to have fun with him and enjoy his body joined to hers. But, what fun is it, without a little bit of foreplay?

Kissing him more, she then wiggled out of his grip and slipped away. He caught her again on the couch this time she tried to slip away but managed to mash her womanly scent right in his face. His mouth met her nether lips and she moaned. She was sitting with her buttocks on the back of the couch as he licked and nipped and sucked at the folds of her skin and clitoris. To hold her in place he slipped two fingers inside of her and started to rub looking for her G-spot. Which when he found it, it made her body instantly start to spasm.

She moaned as she stopped thinking coherent thoughts. He was making it feel so good. Playing off of her fascinating reaction, he kept at the mysterious spot inside her as he continued to suck and nip at her clitoris.

Her head lulled back and she felt almost faint, because the sensation was sending wave after wave of pleasure screaming through her body. This was the one spot she could not resist and when combined with external stimulation it controlled her. She lost count of her orgasms as he helped her down onto the couch continuing to stimulate her sensitive areas. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she grabbed his shoulders.

“Now!” She ordered.

He almost didn’t listen to her wanting to see how many times she could be taken over the edge. She pushed his face away from her and pulled it simultaneously to her face kissing him and tasting herself on his lips. The smell and taste drove her to the edge of her sanity and she used her ankles to pull them around his back and herself to him. She was not going to play anymore he was going to be inside of her.

He entered her instantly. Her body shuttered at the slight pain from having been stretched by him the night before, but she had to have it. The pain flowed quickly into another orgasm this one brought on just by the mere sensation of having him inside her body.

Since her body was quivering around him from the time he entered, he had to take several moments to pause or be swept away too quickly by her. She let him as she reeled in the waves her body was producing.

Everything about her was shaking with excitement. She had never been more ready in her life to take someone to the next level of passion. When he started to move in and out of her it was slow. Soon with her joining him and sharing in the rhythm he sped up to keep pace with her hips. Her zeal was overwhelming and no matter how much he tried to restrain his passion it soon bubbled up and spilled over like a teapot boiling. He yelled out her name as she returned his with the same squeal of delight.

They ended as a tangle on the couch, their dinner plans forgotten as they rested together panting. Her body had not given up the aftershocks of a powerful orgasm and she wondered if in a few minutes he’d be willing to take another year of interest off.

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