Footsie the Cuck Trained to Obey


It had all started with my craving to worship female feet. Especially the feet of exotic dancers who heard fetish requests all the time. Their feet were regularly on display to perv and lust after. Some of the girls exploited the fetishes of men like me not only inside the clubs but outside as well. One such dancer was Amber who had blond hair, long legs and extremely enticing feet.

I had done a private session with her that was interrupted when her boyfriend came home and discovered us. That resulted in me being humiliated, degraded and turned into his foot slave. And I was forced to pay for the session. Pictures were taken of me worshipping his feet and I was told repeat performances would be required. I dreaded the thought of what might happen if the blackmail was executed against me. I would soon find out.

It was over two weeks since the session that started my decent into a level of submission that I could not have imagined. The ping on my computer announced an incoming email. The title of the email was “footsie the cuck”. I was devastated as I read the contents. It was from the dancer Amber and it said she was sending it at the command of Master Bigfoot. I knew this meant her boyfriend who had humiliated me. It said I was to report to them that night at 7 PM. It was not a request but an order.

I was nervous and a bit frightened during the day and had trouble concentrating on anything other than what might happen that evening. At the appointed hour I parked in front of the trailer and got out and knocked on the door. Amber answered the door and was barefoot in a shade of blue polish on her toes that was enticing. She let me in and seated on a big recliner was Master Bigfoot. He was barefoot and in jean shorts with no shirt on. He was a big man and he laughed at me and the look on my face as I entered.

“Rule number one footsie. When you enter my house you get on your knees and bow your face to the ground.” He commanded. I responded immediately and got on my knees and stared at the ground. Amber came over to me and told me to slowly undress. I could see her beautiful feet as I took off my clothes. It was hard to get my shorts off while kneeling but I succeeded. She gathered my clothes but I had no idea where she was taking them. I guess it didn’t matter as I was under their control.

“Now crawl to my feet footsie. And when you see my feet bow down to them and kiss my toes.” He ordered. I followed the command and when I saw his large feet I bowed my head down and çorum escort began kissing his toes. His feet were actually smooth and though I had no prior experience with men I found them fine to kiss. Amber had returned and as I continued kissing his toes reverently I saw her feet near his.

“Know get up and kneel before me. I have something for you to wear.” Master Bigfoot told me. He took a leather collar out of a bag and I could see it had the word footsie on the front of it. He fastened the collar around my neck and admired his work. “You are now my collared slave and will be our foot cuck,” He said this as if was as natural as breathing. “You will serve me as your Master and the slut when I order it. Look at her.” He ordered. I glanced at her and saw she was topless and had a chain hanging from her tits from clips on her nipples. She had on a matching leather collar that said slut slave on it. Seeing her like this excited me. But I had a Master to put first.

Amber took a leash from the bag and handed it to the Master. He attached it to my collar. He stood up and began leading me crawling on a collar and leash into the bedroom where my problems began. Amber had removed her shorts and was now naked. She took off the Master’s shorts and they relaxed on the bed. He took her by the hair and led her head to his cock. I was kneeling at the foot of the bed and watched this unfold. His cock was not hard yet and she took the head into her mouth. She sucked and the cock began to grow. At the same time he stretched out a foot and pointed to it as he looked down at me. “Lick and suck my foot and make your cuck ass useful as you watch the show.” He commanded. My mouth went to work on his big foot and I felt my cock grow watching her service his now long, thick cock. I licked the toes and in between them. I was starting to feel as this wasn’t so bad after all. “Now get up here and lick my balls while the slut sucks the cock.” He ordered. I had no idea I would have to serve his balls. I somehow thought it would be only the feet. I knew I’d get smacked hard with any hesitation so I got on the side of the bed and lapped his big ball sack with my now slave tongue.

I could watch her take his long cock deep into her mouth over and over again. I tickled his balls with my tongue in hopes I would not be forced to even attempt sucking that big cock. But my hopes were dashed when he ordered us to switch places. I was now going to have to suck his big cock with no experience. He started çukurambar escort by smacking my face with the big meat. And then he told me. “I am going to make you take it. You will learn to do it well but right now you are going to suck the head and then down a couple inches. Do what you are told and the reward will be sucking the sluts feet later while I vibrate her clit after her fucking. Do your best to please your Master and get rewards. Fail me and you’ll suffer. Do we understand one another footsie?” He questioned.

“Yes Master!” I replied humbly and the cock head was forced into my mouth. Then more cock was forced in and I was told to suck slowly up and down. I could see Amber’s long tongue flicking at his balls. I did my best to fit the thick long cock in my inexperienced mouth. I didn’t have a choice and now I wanted the reward. So I tried to take more cock in my mouth as I sucked and felt it reaching the back of my mouth. I sucked slowly and heard a small moan from the Master. I was being degraded as a cocksucker but I felt proud that he seemed pleased. After what seemed like an eternity of cock sucking he pulled my head from his cock.

He ordered Amber to climb onto the cock and for me to lick both of their feet while he fucked her. I was excited to see her fucked and be able to indulge my fetish. So I knelt to my task as he began to deeply pound her cunt. He took her by the hair and made her suck his nipples while he relentlessly pounded her. I sucked his toes to show my servitude. I kissed her feet a couple times but strangely felt the need to worship him. She was moaning wildly and he grunted a few times as he drilled her cunt. I felt like his slave and sucked his big thick toes wildly to match his thrusts. Her soles where there for the taking and looked beautiful. But still I sucked the Master’s toes instead. What the fuck had had he done to me.

Then I heard him command me. “Get up here and switch between licking my balls and sucking her asshole.” I had no hesitation and started at his balls which now had cunt juice on them. Lapping at them like a slave in heat I cleaned the juice before running my tongue up her ass crack and probing into her exposed asshole. It was a new act and taste which I had never experienced. But I was serving my Master. I could not believe the thoughts going through my head and the actions which followed them.

He pumped her cunt and I went back down on his balls. Then back to her asshole and she moaned ankara escort each time my tongue probed it as deep as I could. I have no idea why but I felt like I belonged in service to this Master. I wanted to please him.

He finally stopped pounding her cunt. He made her get off. I was told to clean his cock. I knelt on the bed and took the thick cock in my mouth and sucked away. I licked up and down as well to get the juices off. I did not stop my cock cleaning until he commanded me. He then made her suck him deep. She was clearly much better than I was. He began to jerk from her sucking and made her take his full load in her mouth. But he ordered her to keep the cum in her mouth.

Then another humiliating command. “I want the two of you to french kiss so she can get her ass taste and footsie can taste Master cum!! I could not imagine this but refusal would get me beat. I matched lips with her and probed her cum filled mouth with my tongue. He laughed. She returned the tongue probing. We kissed until ordered to stop.

While this was happening he reached under the bed and pulled out a large hitachi wand vibrator and plugged it in. Amber was ordered onto her knees on the bed. I was on my knees at the foot of the bed. The buzz of the vibrator took over as he applied it to her clit. I was ordered to lick and suck her feet. The same feet which got me into this situation. I had cursed my fetish the previous two weeks but not now. She began to convulse from the vibrator and I sucked the toes while watching. Her panting was mixed with moans as the device took over her body. She was writhing and cumming repeatedly but made no attempt to escape her fate. She must have been trained of the consequences if she did. I was told to lube my cock and stroke it. Her cums were getting more fierce. I was jerking myself off as I lapped her smooth long soles. He told me to get up on the bed and cum on her face. I stood up on the bed and while she panted and moaned from the cums she could not control I unloaded on her face.

Then the inevitable command to lick the cum from her face and swap it into her mouth and mine. I was on my knees in a position any other man would have balked at. But I was broken by my Master and tasted my cum and then forced it into her mouth. She made no move to resist and accepted her fate as well.

We were exhausted from the long session and ordered into the shower to wash each other off. When we finished we went back into the bedroom and knelt as the Master’s feet. The Master removed the leather collar. He told me to get dressed and leave and await further instructions of servitude. I knew the cash in my wallet would be empty but I did not care. I was now footsie the cuck. And was semi hard thinking about what the future might hold.

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