For Marion’s Pleasure Ch. 03


“Crawl over to us puppy. As you can see, your Master is having a post-coitus snooze. He has fucked me wonderfully as usual, as you never could, and his ejaculation is starting to ooze from Mummy’s cunt lips. I need you to be a good clean up boy and swallow all his jism before it drips onto the sofa. That’s it pet, long slow licks from my ass all the way up to my clit.”

“Mmmmm! Good dog, did you get all of that one babykins? Keep watching. Watch carefully for each load of cum as it dribbles out of me. Lovely yummy spunk just for my husband. Am I good to you hubby? Do I look after you?”

“Oh, I can feel another load coming out. This is the second one honey, let this one ooze down to my shit hole before you start licking. On second thoughts, just ease the end of your nose into my hole and then rub your face upwards all over my cunt so I can see it on your face. Use your face as a cum towel baby. Good dog.”

“That’s it, now let me have a look at you. Oh, don’t you look sweet? I can see my lover’s cum in your eyes and you can’t see can you. Does it sting honey? Yes? It won’t last long sweetie, don’t fret at all. Mummy is here to look after you isn’t she? Now baby, keep watching as I can feel the next one slipping out. Stick your finger in to help honey. That’s it. Oh yessssss.”

“Now look at you. You have more cum on your hand now than at any time I’ve instructed you to ejaculate on it haven’t you? Aren’t your Master’s testicles just wonderful? He is such a total man don’t you think? Lick it all off babykins. That’s it. Do you love the taste of it? Can you tell the difference between Master’s cum and my other men? Yes?”

“Do you prefer it to the other cum I’ve served up to you baby? Oh shit, quickly babe, there’s another load coming out.”

“Swallow it all down. Good boy. I think that might be the last one, so why don’t you clean Master before all that cunt slime and cum dries on him. Start with his testicles baby, lick and suck them gently. Smells yummy doesn’t it?”

“That’s it puppy, suck one ball at a time, and don’t suck too hard or you’ll wake him up. I want you to get him ready for me again darling so I can straddle him. I love his cock so much baby and I know you do too. Now start licking his shaft gently. Good boy. Now his balls again. Long licks from his balls all the way up to his helmet. Look honey, it’s starting to grow.”

“Aren’t you proud of what you can do? It’s still flaccid but easily twice as thick and twice as long as your dicklet when it’s hard. Now take the end of his knob into your sissy mouth and suck ever so gently and feel his manhood swell up. It’s gorgeous isn’t it darling? Just so fucking gorgeous. Hold his balls and squeeze them, but not too hard!”

“Now start bobbing honey. Fuck yes that looks so good. It’s still not totally hard but it’s over 8 inches long and you will have to deep throat him to feel his balls on your chin won’t you babe? Keep sucking faggot. I want him rock hard. Now put both hands on his shaft. One near the bottom and the other just under his helmet. Good boy. Wank him into your mouth babe. Wank him and suck him. God, I love the fact that you can’t get your fingers all the way round his pole. It’s just so fucking big!”

“Now lean back and look at your handy work. It’s fully erect and a foot long! Just look at it baby. Give it little kisses all over honey. Blow on it. Don’t just suck it, make love to this beautiful penis because that’s what it deserves. Adore it. Worship it. Now ask me.”

“Mistress Marion. Please Mistress Marion. I’m so sorry for being such a pathetic excuse for a husband. Please lower yourself onto this beautiful penis so I can see how a real man fucks his woman.”

“Do you feel pathetic baby?”

“Yes Mistress Marion.”

“Good. That’s because you are. An utterly pathetic excuse for a man. Now hold him and guide him into me. Oh sweet fucking Jesus. That’s sooooo fucking wonderful. Tongue fuck my ass hubby. Now squeeze his balls hard and wake this stud up! He only shot his load into me half an hour ago and the beautiful black motherfucker is hard inside my cunt again! Work that tongue inside my shithole baby, good boy.”

“Oh Hi Sweetheart, I thought you’d like waking up with a hot cunt on your dick! Did I think right? Kiss me honey. Then tell me how tight I am on your cock. And honey, do you mind if hubby fucks me in the ass while I’m riding you?”

“I can never take all your cock in my shitter baby because you casino siteleri are just too big, but faggot boy’s little dicklet is just perfect and I really want him to feel you inside me. Your huge ebony fuckpole and his tiny weenie. Say yes baby, please say yes. He’s been licking it for a few minutes and I’m ready, please baby?”

“OK you horny bitch.”

“Puppy, get behind me and say the words.”

“Mistress. I am not worthy of this honour. Please may I enter you beautiful pert asshole. Master, please may I enter my wife, your slut?”

“Yes baby, but remember you are not allowed to cum under any circumstances. Now, mount up. Push tiny into my ass. Oh that feels quite nice. I want you to feel a real man’s dick close to your own pathetic excuse. Can you feel your Master’s cock in your wife’s cunt baby?”

“Yes Mistress, it feels so big. I’m so happy for you Mistress.”

“Now boys, I want you to both start fucking me, hard. Make me feel like a woman should. Come on Daryl, wake up you beautiful black lover of mine. Show my hubby how it’s done. Show him how to make a woman cum on your pole. Fuck my ass little puppy, be a good little boy.”

“Why are you groaning puppy? If you cum in my ass without permission I promise you, you will regret it! You know that don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, but I’m so close. Please my I withdraw? If I don’t I will cum. I can feel Master’s cock rubbing against mine and I can’t help it Mistress. Please can I withdraw?”

“You have been instructed to fuck my ass without cumming you fucking dog. Follow your instructions. I don’t care about your premature ejaculation problems.”

“Oh God Mistress. Oh fuck I’m shooting my load inside you. Oh fucking hell. Please forgive me Mistress.”

“You have only been inside me for a minute and it’s all over isn’t it? Pull it out. You disgust me you pathetic excuse for a man.”

“I’m sorry Daryl but I have to punish him right now. He must learn to do as he’s told, especially when he is allowed to assist in the bedroom and he ignores my direct instructions. Will you help me baby? Will you help me punish my husband? I know you think it’s a bit kinky but in the long run, if he is to serve us both as fluffer, maid and clean up boy, he must recognise right from wrong. His training is very important to me, as I want him to be perfect for both of us, and just now he committed a cardinal sin. He actually ejaculated without permission, which I find unforgivable.”

“Of course sweetie, he deserves to be punished, and you know what, I’m quite getting into your domination of him. I’d like to take control on this one as I was really enjoying you riding me and the bitch brought that to a close.”

“I like the thought of my husband as your bitch honey. I like that very much, so what do you have in mind?”

“First off you’re going to squeeze all that cum of his where it belongs, into his mouth. Get on your back bitch! Squat over his face babe and let me take your weight. That’s it, lean back against me and I’ll spread your cheeks. How does that look bitch boy? Now just relax and use his mouth as a toilet. Squeeze hard honey, and serve him his just rewards.”

“Oh my God Daryl it’s coming out like I’ve got the squits! And there’s more than just his cum, oh fuck that feels so overpowering. Shit, he’s leaning up and sucking on my ass to get it all, the dirty grovelling bastard.”

“That’s it puppy, suck on your wife’s hole. Is that it all baby? Then let me lower you onto his face. I want you to smother him so he can’t breathe. Just let all your weight ease onto him. He’s in heaven now babe. I just know it. Keep still until he starts to buck. When he does, lift one leg up, allow him to draw breath and then drive your heel into his balls. He’s struggling now, so just do it.”

“Oh God Daryl, I know I really hurt him then.”

“He’ll pass out any time now baby, so lean forward and punch him as hard as you can in the same place, in those tiny little balls of his. I know you want to…..well done baby, now I’ll take your weight for a second so he can breathe.”

“See how quickly he recovered? Now down again, and take no notice of his crying. Punch him again baby, that’s my girl. Are you getting wet? This time we won’t leave it for so long, just 30 seconds or so. Punch his balls and I’ll lift you up and we’ll get into a rhythm.”

“Look Daryl, he’s hard again. We’re really abusing him, torturing him and he’s rock hard. I want canlı casino to try something I’ve never done before. Get him on all fours honey. That’s it. Now kneel in front of him and push you cock into his throat, oh Jesus you are a foot long again so you won’t be able to!”

“Won’t I though? Just watch me.”

Puppy was barely conscious and had no resistance at all. He was like a puppet with its strings cut. Daryl just slid his helmet into his mouth, grabbed him by the back of the head, pulled his chin up at a ridiculous angle and slid it all into his face until his balls were up against his chin. His throat was obscenely swollen, and then he just started fucking him.

Puppy could not breathe. My lover was raping my husband’s face in a way I simply could not believe, and puppy was rock solid. All 4 inches were totally turgid. My beautiful black lover had all of his 12 inches down puppy’s throat. He was ready.

I took my place behind him, took a step back and then kicked him as hard as I could between his legs. He lurched forward onto Daryl’s cock and a muffled scream escaped from his horribly stretched lips. I kicked him again, and again. Daryl was pumping his throat like a machine, but finally, before he suffocated and died, slowly withdrew his pole and puppy gasped for air, and crumpled into a heap on the floor, breathing madly.

“Daryl, will you please fuck my husband in the ass? I want to see you bury all of that lovely meat inside him. I want you to rape him as hard as you can. Don’t lube up either. It’s time he truly learned the consequence of disobeying me.”

Between us we had him on all fours again, but this time he was draped across the settee so he could not move forward. I sat on the other side of the room looking into Puppy’s eyes as Daryl positioned himself at the entrance to his hole. Puppy could not speak. I think Daryl must have damaged something in his larynx or something. He just looked at me imploringly, tears streaming down his face in a mask of pain.

“Are you ready for your final punishment Puppy Dog?”

Puppy nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Are you ready to become your Master’s fucktoy, his ass bitch?”

Again, a slight nod.

“Will you disobey me again?”

A definite shake of the head.

“Very well, please proceed Master Daryl. Make his ass your own. Rape your bitch. Sodomise my useless cunt of a husband. Tear him in half with your magnificent cock. Put your animal in its position. “

It took my lover only 3 plunges, until my poor little hubby had a foot of black cock deep inside his ass. He screamed on the last plunge. A rasping agonising scream as his Master buried himself in his bowels, and then he just visibly crumpled before my eyes as my Daryl started a steady rhythmic pumping.

He quickly became a voracious black animal fucking with a passion with only one thought, that being to lay down his scent, deep inside his bitch. Daryl stood up and just took puppy with him. He fucked him with incredible strength. None of puppy’s arms or legs touched the ground. It was if he held a tiny little girl in his arms. A rag doll.

My husband’s body was literally shaking from the intensity of the fucking. He was bent like a hairpin, impaled on a massive rigid black horse cock. His moans were just too fucking wonderful for words. Ten minutes it took, and my husband was looking into my eyes the whole time as if begging for forgiveness.

He was close to passing out with the pain and emotion when the massive load of black slimy jism started spurting inside him, but he whispered something unbelievable “I love your beautiful penis Master Daryl – I can feel your hot sperm in my bottom, it’s so wonderful.”

Daryl was a black fucking machine, glistening with sweat. An unbelievably powerful alpha male, putting his mark on his breeding stock, covering one of his females, claiming his territory, fucking his bitch. When he finally shot his slime inside my husband it was with a jungle like roar escaping from his lips.

He hesitated for a moment, crushing my husband’s torso in his vice like grip, then just let go. Puppy’s ass slid away from the foot long glistening pole and he just fell to the carpet like a bunch of unwanted rags. He had been unmercifully ass fucked. Raped by a magnificent black bull who was the head of his herd. Daryl roared with delight, like an animal. Hubby was crying. It was so perfect.

We carried Puppy outside and handcuffed him kaçak casino naked to the garden bench. I could have pushed a rolled up newspaper up his ass without touching the sides. Massive amounts of cum oozed out of him. You could literally stare into his bowels. As the moonlight lit up the scene Daryl left his final mark on my husband by pissing all over him, but keeping a good cupful for his slightly open mouth. He urged me to squat over my husband’s face and relieve myself too, after which we retired to the marital bed and slept for 10 hours straight.

The following morning, I went outside to inspect my property. I approached him in 6 inch heels and nothing else. Puppy was waiting for me on all fours, freezing, but attentive.

“Do you have anything to say to me Puppy?”

“Mistress, I humbly offer my apologies for disobeying a direct instruction. I deserved my punishment.”

“Good boy. You are forgiven, and I hope you have learned from your lesson? Now I don’t want sex this morning, so you are to go and find your Master and make love to him like a little girl would. Make love to his manhood. Show him you are the best slut he will ever have. Be sure to pay particular attention to his bumhole with your tongue. Rim him like your life depends upon it. Swallow all his cum then clean his ass, cock and balls with your sissy mouth. Tell him you adore him. Kiss his feet and then make us both breakfast. “

“Is this an instruction you will obey little one?”

“Yes Mistress Marion.”

“Very well, run along, that’s a good boy. And puppy?”

“Yes Mistress Marion?”

“How does your ass feel this morning?”

“So sore Mistress, and so stretched, but so satisfied as well. I need his cock in my ass again Mistress. Do you think he will let me ride him?”

“Oh yes I’m sure he would but that’s for another day sweetie, when you look far, far prettier than you do today. When you can fit into your size 10 maid’s outfit, and after your implants have healed. Are you looking forward to showing off your beautiful new breasts babydoll?”

“Now that reminds me, be sure to take your hormones babykins. You’re almost hairless now and it’s only been six weeks. Your voice is starting to break too, and with the treatment around your little weenie you will soon be as smooth as a little 5 year old girl won’t you?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

“Mistress Marion?”

“Yes baby?”

“Do you think I will become a pretty little girl with all the hormones I’m taking every day? I so want to be a pretty sissy for you. Do you think boys will fancy me? Will boys want to fuck me?”

“Oh yes sweetie. Daryl and his friends will not be able to keep their hands out of your nic nics will they? Now be a good little girl for Mummykins as I don’t want Daryl’s fuckpole this morning. I tell you what, why don’t you slip into one of my negligees and wake him up with a little cutie pop smile.”

“Put on some lippy and my chanel and talk like a little 12 year old virgin. Tell him Mummy wants you to pwease him with your little virgin pussy and mouth. Say pwease Master Dawill. Can I pwease lick your bottom and will you pwease, pwease shoot all your yummy cum all over my pwetty face?”

“And when he does it my little cutiepop husband, come down and show me how my Daryl has covered you in his ejaculate. Am I good to my little girl? Can you feel how wonderful it’s going to be having breasts that men will gawp at?”

“And not having those little balls that cause you so much pain? Can you imagine how you will feel strolling into a bar in your heels and mini skirt, showing your cleavage, wriggling your hips, knowing that all the black cocks in the bar are getting hard for you? All that meat growing in thickness and in length simply because you walked in the place?”

“Oh yes Mistwess. I will feel so very pwetty and sexy and slutty. I will be a whore for all that cock Mistwess.”

And so I watched as my sissy tinkered off upstairs to where her Master awaited her. Life was getting to be so fucking good! Now should I call Mistress Stella now or later? That beautiful dominant T-Girl bitch had told me why I should have hubby castrated, and the thought had made me so wet. It was Stella who had arranged and paid for hubby’s breast implants. Thinking about it, she was really falling for her, and her lovely thick cock. It was like having an affair with a beautiful woman in just about every way, save for the fact that she had no pussy, but her black penis more than made up for it, and boy was she dominant with hubby. I’ll call her later, first I want to watch puppy doing what sissy white boys do best i.e. making love to their black Master.

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