Subject: Foreign exchange student chapter 3 Lets keep this amazing site up and running, please consider making a donation to . Chapter 3…giving my virginity to dad. after that first night that I engaged with the family and had sex, I was changed. My hormones were raging, I was horny all the time, dad usually came in our room every night to say goodnight, he would start with Gunther , kiss him on his sweet lips, pull the blanket back and suck him and do the same to me. I could tell it just wasn’t just sex for him, he truly loved his boys. One night when he came to my bed, he leaned over to whisper in my ear, he said how would you like to sleep with me tonight? I nodded my head yes, and took his hand, passing Gunther’ bed, he said with a smile, don’t worry, he will be gentle. I followed him into his room, he asked if I wanted to shower with him, I gently nodded. He set the shower, got in, he started to soap my back, running softly. He continued down my ass, squeezing as he went. He began to finger me, first with one finger, that added a second then a third. All I could do was whimper against the shower wall, his only words were I believe you’re ready. He took me to his bed, put me on my back, lubed my already opened ass, he said I want to look upon you as I make love to you. For as big and Macho looking as he was, he was an intense lover. I felt the pressure of his cock pushing on my boyhole, instinctively, I pushed out and he entered me, the pain was there, but not as bad as I thought it would be with his size. He would inch in, stop and let me get used to it, proceed some , stop again . It took about 10 minutes to be completely inside me, I whispered in his ear, please fuck me he smiled and started pulling out and thrusting back in, I tried to stay quiet but on every stroke going in, he hit my prostate, making me moan so loud. we fucked for 20 minutes than he had me get on my knees, he pushed back in without stopping this time, kaynarca escort he started pulling me back and forth on his cock, after a while, he changed positions, he laid on his back, had me climb on top and ride him, god this man could fuck. His breathing was changing, he was about to cum, he said where do you want me to cum? I said please cum inside me, I want to know how it feels. A few more strokes, my body started to shake and I starting cumming all over his chest, he grabbed my hips and slammed in me. I could feel his dick pulsing and the cum hitting my anal wall. I laid my head on his chest trying to catch my breath. He slipped out and spooned up behind me and we both fell asleep, A couple hours later, I woke up, needed to use the bathroom, came back to bed, looking at dad laying there, naked, I wanted to pleasure him like he did me, I lightly started stroking him. When he was completely hard, I started tonguing his piss slit, and went down, sucking as much as I could, after a few minutes, he placed his hand on the back of my head, I continued to blow him, his breathing was changing, I knew I wanted his full load of cum in my mouth, he whispered “I’m gonna cum soon, if you don’t want it your mouth” I kept sucking and a minute later, he tensed and started cumming in my mouth, I couldn’t keep up, some leaking down my chin. When he finished shooting, I licked all the cum I spilled, he pulled me back up to him and we both fell back to sleep. when I woke up the next morning, dad was already up and gone to work. I went downstairs, Gunther and Eldrich both with a knowing grin, Gunther asking so how was it? I must have turn 4 shades of red, but laughed it off saying if was fun. Eldrich added so, how many times did you get fucked? I said only once, but it was an awesome fuck. a little while later, we heard the door open, the boys jumped up to see who it was, Eldrich jumped up and down with excitement, Nicklaus had orhanlı escort come home to visit. after a few minutes of them hugging and saying hi to him, he offers his hand , I extend to shake his hand, he held on longer than usual, eyeing me up and down, grinning the whole time. He announces he going upstairs to change into something more comfortable, he comes down a few minutes later completely naked. My eyes must have bulged out of my head, here was this Adonis of a guy, six pack, about 6′ tall, had a dick about 5″ soft, my mouth watered at the thought of what it taste like. After some small talk between the brothers, Nic looked at me and said so, how does father’s cum taste? The boys started giggling, I of course was embarrassed. He said I’m kidding, I know exactly how it taste, having swallowed quite a bit of it myself. He shakes his dick, which has gotten hard, man he’s big, not the girth his dad has, but still nice, eldrich ask, how long has it been since you came last? Nic said it’s been a couple of days with finals going on and Eldrich got on his knees in between Nic’s legs, wrapped his hand around his shafts and started giving kisses to the slit, Nic just laid back, I watched as the younger brother started going down on his oldest brother. It was an amazing sight to watch this 10 yr old suck. I could tell Nicklaus was going to pop soon, a couple of upward thrusts into Eldrich’s mouth, and the floodgates opened, eldrich tried to swallow all of his cum, it was just too much, I wanted a taste, so I knelt down and helped clean up his cock, I don’t know what it was about this family, but all of the ones who could cum tasted delicious. Dad got home a little while later, just as Nicklaus and I were coming out of my room, we’d gone in a few minutes after Eldrich’s blowjob. Nic asked “how many times I’d been fucked”, I replied only once by dad, he said with a grin “ok, I’ll be gentle”. He had me lay on my side, picked my tepeören escort leg up and started eating my hole, god I was so horny by the time he pulled his face out of my ass and slid up behind me and pushed in, I could feel all 6.5 inches as he pulled and pushed back in. He was hitting my prostate with every stroke and I started cumming without even touching myself. He asked “can I cum inside you” I said “god, please breed me, you feel so good inside me. 3 strokes later, he thicken some and I could feel him pulsing inside and I felt my insides getting warmer. We made out for a little while after, he was just as an intense lover as his father was. Dad saw us and smiled, gave his oldest a hug, kiss, and an ass cheek squeeze. Nic laughed, and said “you can have this later”. It was getting late, I was tired from my earlier activities, so I said my good nights and went to bed. A couple minutes later, Eldrich came in and asked if he could go to bed with me, I didn’t mind, he climbed in gave me a kiss and laid his head on my chest. I rubbed his back, he was soft, I couldn’t help but rub his ass, it was so supple and smooth. He asked if I was horny, I said ” yeah, how did you guess “? He said he could see my cock getting hard. He whispered in my ear, “will you fuck me, I really want to feel you in me again? I had him lay on his stomach, I needed to eat his ass again, it was clean and smelled so fucking good, I parted his cheeks with my thumbs and started to feast on his rosebud. He kept squirming and moaning, “please put your dick in me, I need to be bred” he said. I came out of his ass, lined up and slid right in, he was so smooth and felt tight at the same time. Midway through our fuck, Gunther walked in, stopped and watched, it was hot having him watch as I fucked his younger brother. I wasn’t going to last very long, I started to tense, and shot 6 hard shots if cum inside him. I pulled out, layed beside him, kissed him and he said “thank you, that felt awesome ” he got up, I could see he was leaking my cum, he passed his brother, gave him a kiss goodnight and left the room. I looked at Gunther who hadn’t said anything yet, he just smiled and said, “welcome to the club”.

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