Foreign Exchange


During the entire flight, Lena wondered what she was getting herself into. Spending a semester abroad hadn’t been her idea, but it was something her brother had pioneered, and she was expected to follow suit. She was nervous, and already a little homesick, but most of all Lena wondered how she’d fit in. Prior to her departure, she’d read up as much as she could about America, and the places she’d be, but none of that told her how the other students would be, or how they’d treat her. Her phone conversations with the girl who’d be her roommate were reassuring, Racheal seemed to be quite nice and very understanding. From the way she sounded, Lena hoped she’d be one of the more popular girls, and able to help her fit in. They’d also exchanged photos, so each one knew what to expect the other to look like. Lena’s final thoughts were interrupted as the stewardess came over the intercom, announcing that their flight was in it’s final approach. Lena listened carefully to the well spoken words, wondering when the next time she’d hear her native German again would be.

Once Lena got off the plane, she struggled a bit with the airport’s directional signs regarding her luggage. She knew that she had to act quickly, for her new university shuttle bus was scheduled to leave soon. It was a frantic rush to make her way through the unfamiliar airport, and Lena was beginning to worry that she’d be stranded here. Finally she found the baggage carousel, and she searched through the bags to find her own. Just as she managed to wrestle the last of her bags off the conveyor, a familiar voice called out her name, “Lena! Hey, Lena, is that you?”

Lena’s eyes scanned the crowd to see who it was that knew her. It took her but a moment, and she recognized Racheal calling and waving to her. Those phone conversations and their exchange of photographs had been worth it. Lena waved back, “Hello, Racheal, here I am.” Her English was colored with a slight accent, not the comical German from Hogan’s Heroes, rather a very refined voice, well studied in languages. Racheal saw her and hurried over.

“Hey, there, how was your flight?” asked Racheal. They embraced in a hug, so common to young girls, and Racheal moved to help Lena with her bags.

“I am tired, so dead tired,” was Lena’s reply, although she was happy to see her new roommate cared enough to come meet her. This was starting out so much better than her first year in the university back at home. Racheal certainly seemed friendly enough, and the two of them soon had all of Lena’s bags in tow and were heading out for Racheal’s car.

“I thought you might be tired, it’s a long flight isn’t it?” asked Racheal. Lena nodded in response, and Racheal continued. “So anyway, I figured you’d rather get a ride to campus instead of getting crammed on that shuttle bus. Besides, it gives us a chance to get acquainted, right?”

Lena had to agree with Racheal’s thinking, and the two girls got everything packed into Racheal’s care and headed off. Along the way, they discovered that they shared many common interests. Chief among them was swimming, Lena and Racheal would both be on the women’s team at the university. Otherwise, they chatted about how life at the school would be, it seemed as if Racheal was involved with anything and everything, for she was very outgoing. This was very much unlike Lena, but she was glad to have such an extroverted new friend who could show her around and introduce her to lots of new people. Soon enough, they reached the dorms and got the car unpacked. Lena was off on her grand new adventure.

Several weeks later, Lena was still a bit unhappy. The only place outside of class that she really seemed to shine was swimming. There was no doubt that she was one of the best competitors on the team, and it was not an unusual sight to see her sleek form gliding gracefully through the pool. Her relationships with her teammates was cordial but that was as far as it went. While she had generally fit in, she was still a little quiet and shy around the other girls. Racheal didn’t seem to have that problem, and Lena was desperate to fit in like her new friend. While it would mean she’d have to be a bit more outgoing than she currently was, Lena couldn’t see any alternative but to seek out Racheal’s help. One night as they finished their workout, Lena and Racheal found themselves changing together. It was then that she decided to approach Racheal for some guidance. Seeing that no one else was around, Lena spoke. “Racheal,” she began, “I was wondering if you might be of some help to me.”

Racheal looked over at her friend. Lena was already out of her bathing suit and was starting to get dressed. Already Racheal could see a lot that Lena was doing that set her apart from the group, and decided that she should help the girl rectify this. They talked while they dressed, with Lena explaining to Racheal how she didn’t feel like she fit in with everyone else, and Racheal had to agree. She suggested to Lena that she be a little more outgoing when the swim team was together, and maybe they could all go out together or something. Lena agreed to that and they headed up towards the dorm. She knew that changing parts of her personality would be difficult, but Racheal said she’d Ankara escort help. As they walked, Racheal pointed out a few things that she believed would really help Lena fit in.

To start with, Racheal noted that most of Lena’s wardrobe was nearly identical. Beyond that, the colors were all earth tones, and while that worked well with Lena’s fair complexion, it was a little boring. Besides, it almost seemed like the pale colors helped Lena to blend into the background, and that wasn’t what she wanted. Racheal explained that because she was so quiet, Lena had come across as very distant, and very conservative. From the time Racheal had spent with her as a roommate, she knew better. Lena could be very fun loving, but that side of her just didn’t show when they were out together. The two agreed that Racheal would help her work on that the next day.

Lena was delighted to hear that Racheal would help her out, and they soon reached the room they shared. Both girls undressed for bed, and Racheal glanced towards her friend. Lena was rather slim, but she did have decent muscle tone. Most of this showed in her legs, and ever Racheal couldn’t deny that her friend had a gorgeous ass. Her breasts were petite little things, which gave Lena a pixie-like appearance. Racheal both envied and pitied her, for her breasts were very full and heavy, however they always seemed to catch the right guy’s attention. That had its own drawbacks, but Racheal liked her voluptuous figure. She was nowhere near as graceful in the water as Lena, but her curves were quite well proportioned. Both women were blondes, but Lena’s hair was finer and lighter than Racheal’s, who had considered bleach to enhance her hair. Facially, Lena was possessed of very delicate features, and she had lovely green eyes that sparkled. Racheal watched her stripping to her white cotton underwear, and couldn’t contain herself any longer. “Lena,” she began. “If you don’t mind my saying so, the underwear has to go too.” Lena looked at her, puzzled by that, but Racheal continued. “You’re wearing the same kind of stuff you would’ve worn when you were twelve, and I think that some of the girls think that’s kind of weird.”

“Weird? What do you mean weird?”

“Well,” Racheal continued, “no one wears stuff that plain anymore. Liven it up a bit. I’m not saying that you have to dress trashy, but everyone sees you change in and out of your bathing suit everyday. Just try something to fit in.”

Lena wasn’t quite sure she liked the sound of that. Before she could come up with a counter, Racheal added, “Also, you don’t have to dress exactly like me, that wouldn’t work for you. Just a little less plain.” That seemed to reassure Lena. She had seen Racheal’s undies, and wasn’t quite sure if she liked them, for like several other girls on the swim team, Racheal lived in thongs. In fact, the one Lena saw her wearing right now was so skimpy it barely qualified even as that. She couldn’t imagine how Racheal could be comfortable in that, the material was so tight over Racheal’s pussy that her lips were practically wrapped around it. Lena shuddered at the thought of having something like that on all day. In the end, she did agree to go shopping with Racheal to find some clothing that was a little less bland.

The next day, after they were finished with their classes, Racheal and Lena headed out to the mall. Lena was excited to finally be able to pick out some new things for her wardrobe that were more colorful. After all, she’d spent part of the afternoon looking over her things and couldn’t believe how plain they were. No one should own so much in browns and greys, thought Lena, Racheal was right. I do look boring when we go out. At last that was going to change. Racheal too seemed to be excited as she weaved her way through traffic to get to the mall. There were so many styles out there that would look wonderful on Lena, and she wanted to see her friend try them all! Racheal steered Lena towards one of her favorite stores, and the serious shopping began.

With Racheal’s help, Lena went on a tear. She went through rack after rack, picking out outfits that she’d only dreamed of. For the most part, Racheal steered her towards better choices in pants, while Lena’s were of the current low-waisted fashion, Racheal never thought anyone would own light brown everything. So with that, she helped Lena select a few more pieces, making sure to pick colors that worked well for Lena. Mostly, she liked a couple of black pairs, and some jeans of course, but Lena also selected a pair of white pants as well. All were tight fitting around the waist and hips, then flared out around Lena’s ankles. She looked hot in all of them, especially with her sweet buns being so tight. Racheal had to admit to herself that while she herself filled out a pair of jeans nicely, Lena seemed to be made for them. After Lena made her purchases, Racheal led her to another store that specialized in youthful fashions, and turned Lena loose on its inventory as well. Shirts were the name of the game here, and Lena tried to find some that helped to accentuate her slim figure as best she could. Racheal picked out a couple for herself that Lena liked also, but there was quite a difference when they tried them on. Racheal’s Ankara escort bayan was nearly bursting at the chest, while Lena’s showed only the barest hint of cleavage. She got the tight fitting top anyway, because it was still flattering on her even if she didn’t fill it out as nicely as Racheal did.

Racheal and Lena continued to cruise the mall, stopping in at a few more stores to add to Lena’s new and improved wardrobe. Racheal could tell just by looking at her friend what an incredible boost that this had been to her, and she fervently hoped that this would help Lena to fit in with everyone else as well. They were just about done with their shopping trip when the two of them walked past the mall’s lingerie store, and stopped to take a look. In particular, Lena was doing some serious window shopping, something that got Racheal’s notice. She had a feeling her friend would want to give this place a try, but might need a little prodding. Carefully, she took Lena by the arm, and led her inside. Lena protested a bit, but she really did want to give this place a look, privately she was glad Racheal had taken the initiative.

Once inside, Racheal selected a few delicate items for herself, then turned her attention to her roommate. Lena seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by the choices before her, and Racheal tried to help her as best she could. While it was tempting, Racheal steered Lena away from the dressier pieces of lingerie, figuring that for starters, some nice bras and panties would help. Lena pored over the available selections, nearly overcome by the myriad options she had to choose from. In this, her conservative background kicked in, for in the end, the pieces she picked out were fancy, but not overtly sexual. At least they weren’t as racy as the couple of thongs Racheal picked out for herself. Lena did try one on, to be sure, and she wasn’t quite certain that she liked the feel of it. Nevertheless, with some prodding from Racheal, Lena got a couple of them as well. Perhaps later she’d ask Racheal how she could stand it. Her friend’s tastes were definitely different than her own, but her help was valuable. With guidance from Racheal, the sets that Lena picked out were a huge improvement over the plain cotton undergarments she was used to, and the colors were mostly subdued. Rachel figured that pastels like lavender, pale pink, and light green were more suited to Lena’s personality. She did acquiesce to Lena purchasing a black satin panty set, but steered her roommate away from bright red. That could always come later, when Lena had someone to undress for. This store was the last one on their list, and when Lena was done paying, the two happy girls headed back home.

They had shared a good time, spending the night and their parent’s money at the mall. The time they’d spent together really worked to solidify their friendship, and Lena had an idea now of how the American girls thought, and how she could fit in better. Racheal and Lena sat up talking for hours that night, which was something else new for Lena, who was usually one to turn in early. Eventually, she did realize that it was getting late, and she started getting ready for bed. Racheal followed suit, and before long both girls had stripped down to their underwear. Lena noticed Racheal was wearing one of her thongs, and she finally broke down and asked “How can you stand to wear that thing?”

“What, you mean my thong?”


“Well,” began Racheal. “It does take a little getting used to.”

“I imagine it does. It just looks so uncomfortable,” continued Lena.

“It can be,” Racheal continued. “But it can have a nice effect too. Didn’t you buy one today?”

“Yes,” said Lena. “But I wasn’t sure if I like the feel, so I only got the one. What I’ve got on was nicer, I think.” She was wearing her black panties, which were made of a shimmering satin. The back gave her full coverage, but the sides were more like a string bikini. Racheal had noticed that the contrast between Lena’s fair skin and the black material was very appealing. She had Lena turn around so that she could see all of it, and Lena peeled her top off, inadvertently giving Racheal a show. It was very impressive, and Racheal felt her pussy moistening at the sight of Lena’s tight body so tantalizingly close. Her figure was so slim, yet her curves beckoned to Racheal. As Lena turned, she got a wonderful view of her tight little butt, and Racheal ached to see even more. Her fingers were drawn to the crotch of her thong, slowly creeping over her thatch when an idea hit her.

Without taking her eyes from Lena’s trim body, Racheal asked “Lena, have you tried on that thong again?”

“No, but I was thinking about wearing it tomorrow. Why?” was the answer Lena gave, and also the one Racheal wanted to hear.

Thinking quickly, Racheal came up with a reasonable excuse. “Well, if you are, you should try it on now. We might have to see, to see if, uh…” Her fake stammering was perfect.

“We have to see if what?” queried Lena. She stood facing Racheal now, hand on her hip and a very inquisitive look on her face.

Racheal continued to pretend she was embarrassed to ask. “We have to see if anything will show,” and she added raised eyebrows as Escort Ankara a flourish. Her body language was perfect, for Lena didn’t suspect a thing. When she caught Lena’s eye again, Rachel gestured slightly towards her crotch. That got the blonde’s attention, and Lena looked a bit horrified.

“Oh, my God, Racheal, I never would have thought of that. Thank you.” With that, Lena turned and reached for the bag her purchases were in. With her back turned towards Racheal, she peeled off her panties, then bent over to remove them. Racheal sighed as she saw the barest hint of Lena’s pussy lips framed by that lovely ass. She turned away quickly when she thought she saw Lena’s head coming back in her direction, as it was she turned away just in time.

Lena pulled her thong into position gingerly, trying to adjust it as best she could. Without warning, Racheal reached over to help her. While Lena looked on, shocked, Racheal slid the white lace front into position, and ran her hand along the back to make sure that was situated correctly as well. Her hands wandered freely as she did so, caressing Lena’s bush and ass liberally. That drew a barely perceptible shudder from her friend, but no complaint. Lena followed Racheal’s guiding hands and sat down on her bed. Wordlessly, she spread her legs at Racheal’s bidding, allowing an unrestricted view of her barely concealed pussy. Racheal let her eyes scan over the thin white thong, and she traced a finger over the edge of it. With a smile, she looked at Lena and said, “Good news, doesn’t look like you need to shave.”

“Shave? Do you have to shave, Racheal?”

“Yes, I do,” came Racheal’s reply as her finger slowly hooked under the waistband of Lena’s thong. “But it would be a crime to shave such a lovely bush.” Racheal peeled Lena’s thong back off of her, revealing the soft downy hairs of her little blonde bush. As the white lace peeled back, revealing more of Lena’s crotch, Racheal leaned in closer. Soon, Lena’s soft pink pussy lips could be seen. A gentle finger brushed over them, pulling Lena’s pussy apart slightly before Racheal leaned all the way in, darting her tongue out to touch her.

The feeling of Racheal’s hot wet tongue on her pussy surprised Lena to say the least. She gasped out loud as the wet probing tongue darted inside her tight slit and ran along its length, only to pause on her clit. She remembered feeling slick fingers caressing her sweet pussy on occasion, often her own, but a boyfriend back home as well, yet nothing compared to the feeling of Racheal’s tongue as it glided over her. For whatever reason, Lena kept her legs spread wide for Racheal, silently begging her to continue. She had heard of women doing these things together, and while she’d never really been curious, Lena couldn’t bring herself to make Racheal stop. Instead, she sighed contentedly as Racheal’s nimble fingers played with her clit while her tongue worked its way all over Lena’s cunt. From the skill Racheal was displaying as she licked and sucked Lena’s pussy, it was clear that this wasn’t her first time making love to another woman. Rumors had abounded about certain members of the ladies swim team, but Lena never dreamed that her dear friend was one of them. She didn’t care either, surrendering her moistened pussy to Racheal’s desires. Racheal definitely seemed to be enjoying the taste of Lena’s sweet pussy, for she couldn’t tear her mouth away. That cute little blonde pussy was so pink, so sweet looking, Racheal knew she had to have it. Lena’s pussy hairs tickled Racheal’s nose as she darted her tongue deep inside, feeling that tight pussy surrounding her, and Racheal knew Lena was ready for more. She expertly slid her tongue along Lena’s swollen lips, smoothing the way for her fingers to slip inside.

“Oh, oh!” moaned Lena. Racheal’s fingers gently probed their way into her cunt. Her lips had found Lena’s hard clit, and she was now sucking on it gently while finger fucking her. Lena’s pussy was tight, and although Racheal knew she was no virgin, she was certain no more than one or two cocks had found their way inside this sweet young treasure. By now, Lena’s own juices and Racheal’s saliva loosened her cunt enough so that Racheal could dare slip a third finger inside. It was a tight fit, and Lena writhed a bit, but started moaning out loud once again as Racheal eased her fingers together, then slowly pumped them in and out of her hot pussy. Lena wiggled her hips a little, trying to move in time with Racheal’s hand. Her own hands had wandered by now, and she’d pushed her bra cups out of the way to let her fingers squeeze her puffy little nipples. The sensation of her breasts being manipulated coupled with Racheal’s probing fingers was too much for Lena to take. She tried to keep from screaming out loud, but the feeling of Racheal sucking her pussy while finger fucking her drove her completely wild. What had started out as soft moans steadily grew louder and louder, until Lena was clamping her thighs together against Racheal’s head while screaming and moaning with sheer delight. Nothing would stop Racheal’s mouth, however, in fact Lena’s cries enticed her to suck her clit harder and harder, and to finger fuck her harder as well. It wasn’t until Lena’s cries reached a crescendo that Racheal slowly subsided, kissing her clit gently and finally sliding out her cum soaked fingers. She took one last taste of Lena’s pussy by licking off her fingers before meeting her roommate in a warm, loving embrace.

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