Found My Own Fun: Part 1



One summer evening I was driving around and stopped by a friends house, Chloe, who is 16. She is a very good looking girl. I have seen her grow up since 1st grade.

I walked up to her house, I already know where her room is. She had a one story house, bricks on the side, at least 3 or 4 trees in the yard, and she lives on a corner of two streets.

I walk up to her window which has a massive bush in the way. So i go around and am pressing up against the house. I cut the screen and lift the window up very slowly and carefully, not to disturb anyone, and I look inside. No is there, so I wait for 10 minutes and than sit down and wait till I hear something. I hear a door get pushed open; I get up and watch her enter the room with only a towel on covering her boobs and pussy.

She closes the door and locks it and immediately drops the towel to the floor. Her black beautiful, clean, elegant, curvy, and delightful body is completely exposed without her knowing.

I talk a bunch of photos of her. She has at least C cup size boobs and had a light bush on her pussy.

I have been dreaming of this for the past 2 years. Basically when we were freshman in high school.

I come back everyday at the same time watching her get dressed after a shower.

One day I come back with a printed photo of her naked and I tape it to her window with a message that says, “After your shower tomorrow you will masturbate or this photo goes to everyone in school.”

I come back tomorrow and she comes out of her shower and just sits on her bed. I think she is contemplating what she will do.

She eventually opens up her legs and starts şişli bayan escort to rub her now shaven clean pussy towards the window. I take photos of that too.

Chloe gets really into it and starts to get faster and rougher with herself till she has an orgasm with 3 fingers inside her clean shaven pussy.

I come back tomorrow same time, but this time she isn’t there. I wait again sitting underneath her bush in front of her window.

I hear her door open and close. I get slowly and carefully.

Today she has a friend with her who I used to date. She has a defined butt, just like Chloe. Except her friend, Julie, wears sexy leggings all the time.

Chloe and Julie take turns changing into swimsuits in her room. So one faced the door while the other changed behind her.

When Julie was changing I took photos of her C cup boobs, and clean shaven pussy. She has the same body type as Chloe but Julie is white not black.

They than leave Chloe’s room to get into her hot tub. I walk around to Chloe’s fenced in yard. As I walked, I noticed that none of Chloe’s parents were home.

They got into the hot tub and talked for a bit and than they started to rub each other and began to kiss lightly. Nothing intimate, until Julie made the move to grab Chloe’s ass cheek. I heard a very faint moan from Chloe.

Chloe put out a hand into Julie’s inner thigh and began to move her hand up and down. Julie, in response, pushed Chloe onto her back, on top of the hot tub, and began to eat Chloe out hardcore.

Julie rushed her hand up to Chloe’s tits and ripped off Chloe’s bikini top while Chloe let out a massive moan.

I took photos of course. şişli escort

Julie gave Chloe probably her biggest orgasm ever. Chloe than pushed Julie onto her hands and knees inside the hot tub and proceeded with, what looked to be probably a 10″ dildo.

Chloe hardcore pushed the dildo in out of Julie’s ass and Chloe was know intimately kissing Julie/Julie’s nipples. Julie eventually cummed all over Chloe’s boobs and stomach.

I came back the next day and they were together. I taped a picture of them having sex with a message,”Take your shower Chloe and wait in the bathroom with Julie for 10 minutes. When you hear your the door knock open it.”

I come back for the newly found fun. I’m wearing a ski mask and have been saving up cum for weeks now waiting for this moment.

I cut even more off from Chloe’s screen and push the window open as wide as it can go. I jump inside quietly and I waited till I hear the shower go off.

I opened up Chloe’s room door and looked into the hallway making sure no one was around. I got to the bathroom door. I knocked and Chloe opened the door and let me in and Julie was also waiting naked.

I locked the door behind me and just looked around at my surroundings for a moment.

Chloe’s bathroom is a 7×7 bathroom with a tub that acts a shower along the entirety of the back wall with a curtain. The toilet is next to the shower and there is sink with 2 draws underneath it.

As I looked around Julie and Chloe both got on their knees in front of me and they both opened up my jeans to reveal a massive tent waiting to be released. Julie moved first, as expected, and removed my pants and boxer briefs. mecidiyeköy escort

She put tried to put her hand around my 10″ cock and 4″ girth. They ended up tag teaming Chloe got up to kiss me and let me play with her pussy as Julie sucked away on my cock.

Julie could only get half way down my shaft. That will come in time. And Chloe was getting frisky with her tongue trying to get her tongue down my throat.

I just pushed 3 fingers into her freshly cleaned pussy. After 5 minutes I push Chloe down and pull Julie up by her hair and they switch jobs.

Chloe was able to get 3/4 of the way down my shaft surprisingly, but she does have a nice big mouth. Julie on the other hand was doing a great job at kissing but was so tight I couldn’t put any fingers in except my finger tips.

I push Chloe back bend her over the tub and push my 10″ cock full length into her pussy. She lets out a massive scream for being so tight. I start moving in and out going full length out and in. I gradually get faster and rougher with each thrust in.

Julie is underneath Chloe licking her clit and massaging my balls. Julie moves underneath Chloe and starts kissing Chloe and pinching her nipples.

I try to get as deep as possible with each thrust. Chloe moans, “That’s….my….uhhhhh….uterus.” I give a grin and start pounding her tight pussy. While I slap her jiggling ass cheeks.

Chloe’s boobs are making a loud clapping noise, as she moans loud and hard. She can feel my cock start twitching inside her fertile pussy. “Please…don’t…mmmhhhh…cum in me.” I reply, “Too late.” And I thrust deep into her and cum directly into her open penetrated uterus.

I drop Chloe into Julie who than moves to clean up any cum coming out of Chloe.

Julie gets up and tries to run out of the bathroom in fear of getting pregnant.

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