Found out and Sissified by Wife Part II


Found out and Sissified by Wife Part IIAfter our first encounter Karen began buying me more frilly girly things and making me dress up for her. Pretty soon after that she started putting some makeup on me and bought me a blonde wig. I really liked the way I looked all made up in slutty clothes and heavy makeup and she did too. Then we would sit in front of the computer and we would watch porn together. It started with femdom stuff, with the girl fucking the guy with a strapon. Then pretty soon it graduated to CD porn, with sexy CDs sucking cock and getting fucked. Pretty soon after that it was just gay porn, usually guys sucking each other off. She could see that it excited me greatly and she would reach into my panties and stroke me a little. Then she would make me kneel in front of her. She spread her legs over the arms of the chair to expose her dripping wet cunt and make me eat her until she came. Well she didn’t really have to make me, I gladly ate her hot cunt and then she would allow me to masturbate until I came. But true to her word, she made me eat every drop of my own cum and I loved it.Several months into this, as I was all dolled up, and practicing sucking my silicone toy cock for her amusement she suddenly stopped me. “Come on faggot, get up, we’re going shopping”.”Okay let me change” I said. “Nope, you’re going just like that”. I looked down at my see thru panties, fishnets and nightie and swallowed hard. “I can’t do that, people will see”. “That’s the whole idea faggot”. In the back of my mind I knew that this day was coming and here it was. She gave me a pair of black heels to put on and threw an overcoat at me. “NOW!” she screamed and I obeyed. We got in the car and she started driving to the seedier side of town. “What are we shopping for?” I asked meekly. “A real cock for you to suck on” she said and my stomach immediately began to do flip flops. Was she serious? I didn’t say anything else.Pretty soon we arrived at an adult bookstore where I had been many times by myself. “You know this place right?” she asked. “Yes” I said sheepishly and to my dismay I was growing hard again in my panties. The bookstore also had private booths for viewing and a theater upstairs. We got out of the car and she led me right upstairs to the theater where we sat near the back. There bahis siteleri were probably a dozen guys s**ttered through the shadows watching a gay porn flick. A couple of young twinks were onscreen sucking some huge black cocks. “Do you like that? White boys sucking black cock?” She asked as she reached under my coat and felt my hard cock and the wetness on my panties. “Oh my, yes you do. What a fag!” I was embarrassed but I couldn’t hide the way it affected me.We had of course attracted a lot of attention from the guys in the theater and I could feel their eyes upon us. She unbelted and unbuttoned my overcoat and instructed me to stand up and take it off. I did so and could see that my cock was stretching out the front of my panties which made her giggle a little. I sat back down and we watched the movie a little. She stroked my cock through my panties with one finger. The feeling was sensational and the realization that I was sitting in an adult theater, dressed as a girl, watching gay porn made my head swim.It didn’t take long before one of the men got up and moved near us. His zipper was down and his cock, which appeared to be 8 or 9 inches was sticking straight out of his pants. He stood right next to me, on the opposite side as Karen. “Touch his cock” she whispered in my ear. Nervously I reached up and placed my hand on his cock. I rubbed the precum around the tip of his cock and began to stroke it a little. I was mesmerized at how it felt. So hot to the touch, both rigid and spongy at the same time. “Squeeze it” she said and I did. A big drop of precum oozed from his slit and he moaned in pleasure. “Wipe it off with your finger and put it in your mouth” and I did it without even thinking. I loved the taste of it and I closed my eyes as I savored it on my tongue “God your such a fag. You don’t deserve a masculine name like Bill anymore. From now on you’re Betty. Got it?” I nodded in agreement.”Do you like Betty?” she asked the stranger. Would you like her to suck your cock? I got that funny feeling in my stomach as she said it and I knew I would soon have this strangers cock in my mouth while my wife watched.”Yes. Betty suck my cock” he said and quickly took charge. He moved closer and put a hand on top of my head to draw me closer and pushed his cock toward my mouth. canlı bahis I parted my lips and suddenly I had my first real cock in my mouth. He pushed it in farther and farther until it was touching the back of my throat. I choked a little at first but soon recovered and I started moving my mouth up and down his cock sucking as I had done on my toys many times. He moaned more and more and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Karen had hiked up her dress and was rubbing her cunt with her fingers.”That’s it faggot slut. Suck his cock, make him shoot his load down your throat” Karen sad out loud, not bothering to whisper anymore. Several other guys began moving toward us to watch. They gathered in the rows in front of and behind us, most of them stroking their cocks, some hanging out, others through their pants. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was being surrounded by guys stroking their cocks and undoubtedly waiting for their turn to fuck my mouth. “Lick the shaft and suck on his balls Betty” Karen instructed me and without missing a beat I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began licking the shaft of his cock from tip to base, occasionally sucking on just the head. Then I sucked one of his balls into my mouth gently, then the other one. He was cleanly shaven and I loved the sensation as I sucked on his smooth balls. He continued moaning and slapped me in the face with his rigid tool. The whole time Karen was talking nasty to me about what a fag I am and instructing me to suck his cock like a good little sissy cock sucker.”Oh fuck I’m gonna cum. Oh you fucking nasty slut” he said and Karen grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back as the gut stroked his cock. Suddenly heavy ropes of cum were coating my face and in my open mouth. As soon as he was done he moved off to the side and another guy moved quickly into his place. Karen still having a hold of my hair pushed my face forward forcing his cock into my mouth. “SUCK IT FAGGOT” she screamed at me. as she unceremoniously pushed my head up and down on his cock. I could hear some squishing sounds and I knew Karen was coming all over her fingers watching her husband get turned into a cock sucking sissy faggot right before her eyes. The second guy didn’t last long and he came güvenilir bahis in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it was such a huge load some of it oozed out and dripped down the front of me. Then he moved off and another one came over. It want on like that for another half hour, Karen screaming insults and calling me names and strange men fucking my mouth and dick slapping my cum covered face. some came in my mouth and some came on my face. By the time they were done I was a mess with cum dripping off of me. My own cock was almost painful it was throbbing so much and the front of my panties was soaked with my precum, but Karen had not given permission so I didn’t touch it.When there were no more cocks to suck Karen instructed me to get up to go. I reached into my coat pocked for a rag to wipe my face off. “Oh no you don’t. Sissy fags have to display who they are. You’re going to walk out through the bookstore with all of that cum covering your face. And leave your coat open”. I was filled with dread and horror. There must have been 9 or 10 guys out there looking through porn and several couples looking at toys and lingerie. Karen led and I followed, cum dripping from my face and the front of me covered in it as well. We walked out through the store and I could feel all eyes on me and I heard some whispers. My cheeks were burning red and I thought it was the ultimate humiliation until I heard the clerk at the register call after us “Come back any time sissy”. Karen stopped and turned and announced to everyone “Her name is Betty and she will be here to suck cock every Friday at 10:00. Please fuck her mouth and maybe more” and with that whirled about and out to the car. My humiliation complete I lowered my head and followed, or so I thought.When we got to the car, as I was about to get in Karen said “take your panties off”. What here, outside?” I asked. “YES, DO IT” loud enough for the people at the gas station next door to turn and look. I did as instructed, holding my moist panties in my hand. “Put them in your mouth” I put the edge of the waistband between my teeth. “NO YOU STUPID FAGGOT LIKE THIS” and Karen grabbed the panties, balled them up and stuffed them into my mouth. “Now get in the car”.As we drove home, mouth full of my panties, covered in cum, Karen asked me “did you like that? Being a sissy faggot slut for all those men?” I had to nod in agreement because I had. “Maybe next week we’ll let some guys fuck you too” and with that I knew my sissification and humiliation was not complete yet.

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