Founders School for Boys

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School has one more week left, and I have spent most of the weekend talking to Mikey and Lewis about maybe becoming a Crossman. I told them what Roger told me about cutting the extra skin off my dick, and neither of them seemed to think that was a big deal. Mikey was the first to remind me that there is more to it, “I think that it”s great Rob, that you want to join us. I am really excited to have you as my new friend and brother, but you are forgetting one big part of becoming a Crossman.”

“I am, what and I forgetting?”

“The sex part. Losing the skin off your dick, putting on a PCU, and getting rid of all of your body hair is only part of what will be expected of you.”

“Yeah, you guys talk about it, but it doesn”t really happen, right?” They just looked at me, “Oh man, it does happen. What else don”t I know?”

“Two things pop into my mind right away. First is that you call them Roger and Drew. Once you are a Crossman you will either have to call them Mom and Dad, or Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg.”

I laughed, “I am supposed to call Drew Mom? Why would I do that?”

“You will have to talk to him about that, but as a Crossman kid, you are not allowed to call any adults by their first names, and it sure would sound weird calling them Mr. & Mrs. Goldberg all the time.”

“Ok, so what is the second thing?”

“Sex. You will be expected to service any man at any time. At first it will just be blow jobs.”

Lewis jumped in, “At least until after your mounting. Then that is also expected of you.”

My head started spinning, I just thought that they were messing with me about the sex. now what do I do? “But… I am not gay!”

Lewis drunk down the last of his juice box, “You are way over thinking it. I am pretty sure that I am not gay, and I love the sex.”

Mikey said, “Rob you are going to have to rethink your definition of the word gay. Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg are gay, because they are two guys, who love each other very much. That is gay, because that is who they are, not the sex they have. Sex is the way Crossman kids show their respect to the men. We give ourselves to them for their pleasure. Just know Rob, that it is not one sided, I get lots of pleasure from the men as well.”

“So what does that mean, I have to go to a man, bend over, and let him put his dick in me?” I know that sounded sarcastic, but I asked the question with all of the fear that I was feeling about this.

They both laughed, “Remember my dad saying that the PCU was the second step in my journey as a Crossman?”

“I guess I do.”

“The first step is the mounting. It may scare you right now to think about it, but the first mounting is a huge deal. Once it is finished, there is this huge party to celebrate it.”

I am sure I lost all the color in my face, “Wait a minute, you mean that it is done in front of everyone, like your PCU was?”

“No, you and your man are in another room, but we will hear it all in the great room.”

“Who chooses the man that mounts me?”

Lewis said, “It is always the dad. Since your dad is gone, I guess it would be Mr. Goldberg.” Looking at Mikey, “Right?”

“Yes it would be him, because he is your dad now.”

That still scares me, but maybe a tiny bit less. The guys decided I had enough of that, and we all spent the rest of the day swimming. I went and found Art around three, “Hey buddy, are you ready to go home yet?”

“But Rob, it”s still early.”

“Ok, I will be right back.” I went and found Mikey, “I am going to take off, I have a few things to do. Art wants to stay a while longer. Do you think you could make sure he gets home?”

“Are you ok? I know we laid a lot on you, but if you want to talk I”m here.”

“I know you are, but I feel like it”s Drew I need to talk to, and I want to do it before Roger gets home.”

I could see the relief wash over his face, “Sure I will make sure my favorite “little” gets home.”

“Thanks, I will see you later.” I went looking for Art again and found him playing a game with some of the other littles, “Art, I am going to head home now. You can stay as long as you promise me that you will find Mikey when you are ready to leave and only head home when he is with you.”

Ben spoke up looking very angry at me. I am not sure why, but I don”t think he likes me “Hey, he”s not a baby you know.”

“Oh I know, he never lets me forget it. However, he is still my little brother, and he knows I love him and want him to be safe.”

Art said with all seriousness, “It”s ok Ben, I know he loves me and wants to protect me.” He looked at me, stood up, and held out his arms for a hug. I picked him up and he hugged me tight, “I love you to Rob, and I will walk home with Mikey, I promise.”

I hugged him back, “Thanks buddy, and I love you too.” As I was walking home I realized how nervous I was about the conversation I was about to have. I was also relieved that Art would not be there. I am not sure what he knows or doesn”t know, but I want to do this without him involved.

Drew was sitting at the table reading when I walked in, “Excuse me, did you forget something?”

I looked around, not sure what he was talking about. I checked the door to make sure it was closed, “I don”t think so?”

“Where is your little shadow. I never see one of you without the other.”

I laughed, “I decided to come home early, and he wanted to stay, so Mikey will bring him home later.”

“Why did you come home early, are you feeling ok?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you before Roger got home.”

“Ok, have a seat and let”s talk.” I sat down but didn”t know where to start. He put his hands on mine and I just stared at them. They looked more like lady hands than a man”s. I guess I never really notice it before, “Ok baby, what”s up?”

I took a deep breath and said, “I have been doing a lot of thinking about this whole Crossman thing. After watching all the other kids and how happy they are here, I know I am going to do it. I kinda already decided, but I have some questions and I am not sure how to ask them.”

“In my experience, the best way to ask an uncomfortable question, is to just ask it, don”t think about it, just ask. We will never judge you for asking a question, but understand, I won”t lie to you or hold back, so make sure you really want to know the answer before you ask.”

Nervously I said, “I guess you are right.” I took another deep breath, “So, I talked to Roger about getting rid of my body hair and getting a PCU, but he said I would have to be circumcised first, and not only that, but Art would have to have it too.”

“Ok, I get your concerns, but you have already talked to Roger about this. I guess my question is what do you need to talk to me about, that you didn”t already talk to Roger about?”

“Well, I was talking to the guys, and they reminded me about the sex. Everyone talked about it, and I guess I thought about it, and even got scared in the beginning. I just mostly figured that it was everyone messing with the new kids, I really never believed that it happened, I mean I never saw it.

“Roberto, we never hid that fact from you once you got here.”

“No, I”m not saying that. I was just telling the guys about what Roger said had to happen before I got a PCU, and both of them looked at me like I was an idiot, like I should have known that, and it was not a big deal. The thing is, that they were telling me how I would be mounted. I asked who would do it, and they told me it would be Roger, because he is now my dad, and you are now my mom. I don”t get that. I guess it never really registered when they would say Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg, until today.”

“I can see why that would sound strange to you. I guess the best way to explain it would be to tell you that in a Crossman home there is never an equal power structure. There is always a man, who runs the household and makes the decisions. In most cultures afyon escort with the exceptions of a few, this is an outdated way of thinking. However, it is a very big part of our way of life. It used to be that the woman stayed home and took care of the house, the kids, the laundry, and so on. Up until about forty years ago, a woman”s education stopped at the end of high school.”

“But I have met Mikey”s and Lewis”s moms and they are pretty smart, and both have jobs and everything.”

“Yes, because the powers that be, figured out that it was wrong for the children to see the women being denied the education that was afforded the men.”

“I don”t get it. Why would they allow women to be educated, but not be equal to the men in the house?”

“Tradition. It may sound stupid, because I have met women that are way smarter than the men they are with. The thing is Roberto, educating a person, so they can follow their dreams was one thing, and would in no way change the structure of a society like the Crossman. However, changing the way the household is run, would have destroyed what the Crossman are all about. In the Crossman world, the home is run by the men, not the women, and certainly not by the government.”

My head was spinning, “That makes no sense, how could a woman having power over a man ruin a society like the Crossman?”

I could tell he was trying to figure out a way to explain it to me, so I would get it, “Have you ever heard the saying, “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians?”

I thought about it of a second, “No I don”t think I have.”

“What is means is that there should always be one person in charge, so that way everyone knows who to follow. All too often when a man and woman share power, the kids play one against the other. I am a teacher and I see it all the time. We see that a lot in the government, business”s, and even in the home. The Crossman love what we have, it has kept us happy and a family longer than anyone can remember. If it ain”t broke, don”t fix it.”

“Ok, I can see that, but what about gay marriages like you and Roger have.”

“Even in gay marriage, there is going to be one that is more dominant than the other. That person will take the role of the man. My case is a little different than you would see anywhere else.”

“Why it that?”

“I know you were told that I lost my balls in an accident, but that is not true.”

“I don”t understand, why would my dad have lied to me about something like that?”

“I am ashamed to say, it was because we lied to him about it. If he knew the truth, he would have looked at the Crossman as something bad, when it isn”t. You see Roberto, when I was a child, the Crossman kept their eyes open for young boys that were obviously gay. I was one of those boys. My dad suspected I was gay when I was seven but knew for sure by the time I was nine. In those days, if a boy was gay, and they found it before puberty set in, his balls were removed, so he would not form the male features like most boys do. As you can see, it also keeps me looking like a little boy or girl.”

I couldn”t believe what I was hearing, “But what is the point of that? That is just cruel.”

“You are right, but unfortunately for me, that was figured out too late to save my balls. My brother is older than me and was away at camp when this happened. I remember the beating my brother took when he got home.”

“I don”t get it, why would he get beat?”

“Well he just got home and came into my room to check on me and tell me about camp. I love my brother and he loves me, so when he found me in my room and saw the bandages, he asked me what happened. Boy, you could have heard him yell on the moon when I told him. He ran down the hall, jumped on my dad”s back and just started hitting him.”

“I sure can understand that. I would have done the same thing if I found out someone did that to Art.”

“Of course you would, but as a Crossman, the man can make those decisions for his family, and everyone is expected to accept it.”

I jumped up and said, “Bullshit, no one better lay a hand on Art, I will fucking kill them.”

For the first time since I have known him I saw Drew mad. Before I knew what happened Drew backhanded me across the face and pushed me back into my chair at the same time. I swear I never saw it coming. “Roberto, I will stand for a lot from you, but you will never talk like that again in my house, and if you don”t like it you are invited to leave.”

I was rubbing my face and kinda mad that he hit me, “I will never allow anyone to hurt Art.”

“That is fine, but you and I were having a discussion and if you would have let me finish, you would have found out that the practice of removing a gay kids balls was outlawed by the board shortly after it happened to me. Now go upstairs to your room and calm down. If you want to finish this conversation, we still have an hour before Roger gets home.”

I ran upstairs and into the bathroom, so I could look at my face. It was red, but I was fine. He didn”t hit me hard it was mostly just getting hit. I have never been hit before for just saying a bad word, or anything really. I am trying to be really mad at Drew, but I guess that maybe I deserved it. I washed my face and went back downstairs, “Drew, I am sorry for talking to you that way.”

“I accept your apology. Do you want to tell me why you acted that way?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I got scared I guess. I love you and Roger, but you are not my family. All I have left of my family is Art, and I will do whatever I have to do to protect hm. Just the thought that someone could hurt him or do something to him while I am gone scares me to death.”

“I get that, and hope that sometime soon you will accept us into your family. As for the way you felt, I would like to tell you that I can understand that kind of fear, but I have never had to feel it. My brother on the other hand, he would not leave my side for weeks after that. Everything was good and we were all happy, until I turned thirteen.” Still rubbing my face, “My dad and Rogers dad decided that I would marry Roger, I was scared, I mean I was just thirteen.”

“How old was Roger?”

“He was twenty-six.”

“Why would your dad do that to you?”

“It is just the way it is. The fathers have the right to choose who their children marry.”

“So you are saying that if I am a Crossman, that Roger will decide if I am marrying a man or a woman? He can even decide when I get married?” I asked in a panic.

“Yes and no. He will not decide if you marry a man or a woman, that is your choice. If you turn out to be gay, than he can, if you need it, help find you the right husband or wife, depending on your needs. It is important to find a mate that fits your personality and your dreams of the future. Otherwise, he can, if needed, help you find the wife that fits the same criteria. As for marring you off at thirteen, that is only for boy wifes. Although Crossman law allows the father to make that decision for you, it is rarely done anymore. I have not heard of a father forcing his child to marry young in many years. As I said, the laws changed from when I was a child.”

“This makes no sense. How will Roger and some girls father ever decide who is right for me?”

“I may have said that wrong. You have the right to find the woman or man you want to marry, unless you turn out to be too shy around your preference. In that case Roger will step in. Once you are settled here, and you develop, let”s say an interest in girls, you may find someone you like, and develop a good relationship with. You will spend time together and learn about each other. The PCU stops you from having sex until marriage, but not things like kissing and hugging. You will spend time with her father, both sexually and just hanging out and talking. The girl will do the same with Roger. As long as both fathers approve of the other child they, when the time is right, will give their permission to be married.”

“Wait a minute, you mean Roger will have sex with her before I do.”

“I guess you don”t fully understand, the girls service the men just like the boys do. However, we are only talking about anal and oral sex. A girls vagina will stay virgin and will never be entered by anyone other than her husband.” I must have been looking stressed out, “Roberto, I get this is a lot to take in all at once, but you asked me a question and I will always be honest with agrı escort you.”

Just than Mikey and Art walked in. Art ran to Drew and started telling him about his day. Mikey pulled me outside and ran his finger over my red face, “Looks like you ran your face into Drews hand.”

“Is it that bad?”

“Not really, but you will see that on kids from time to time. Let me guess, he said something you didn”t like, and you cussed at him.”

“How could you have known that?”

“Crossman don”t often hit their kids but cussing at them will get your face slapped every time. The only question is, did you deserve it?”

I looked at the ground as I said, “Yes, I guess I did.”

“The best way to avoid it is not to do it again. You were lucky it was your mom, and not your dad. He would have spanked you solid.” I shook my head, “What”s wrong?”

“I get that Roger and Drew are now my parents, but how will I ever get used to calling Drew mom?”

He laughed, “You will figure it out, since everyone who talks about them will call him Mrs. Goldberg.”

School ended and I have been using the new soap for about two weeks. I no longer have any body hair at all, and I won”t lie, I actually like the way it looks. Now I am lying on my bed thinking about the next steps to becoming a Crossman, and if I am sure I want to take them.

Art comes into my room, crawls up on my bed and lays beside me, “What ya doing Rob?”


“About what?”

“About whether we should take the next steps to becoming a Crossman or not.”

Art jumped up all excited, “Are we going to do it? I know that we can only do it if you want us to, but I really want to, please.”

“There is so much more to it than that.”

“Are you afraid of getting mounted?”

Now I sat up and looked at him, “How do you know about the mounting?”

He just giggled, “You know all of my friends here are Crossman silly.”

“Duh, how stupid am I?” I said as I hit myself in the head with my palm, “Yes, I guess that is part of it. If I say yes, than I am saying yes for both of us. It also means that both of us have to be circumcised, and that scares me a lot.”

“What is that?”

“It means that the skin on the end of our dicks has to be removed. I am a little scared, but I am not sure I have the right to make that decision for you.”

He grabbed the skin on the end of his dick, “Is it going to hurt?”

“Roger says that it will hurt a little, but not for long.”

I could tell that this scared him, but he looked at me and said, “Then we will do this together. I really want to be a Crossman.”

“Are you sure? Once we tell Roger we will do it, there is no going back.”

He jumped off the bed and said, “Well come on, let”s get this over with.”

We went downstairs together. Roger and Drew were snuggled up on the sofa watching a movie. I was a little scared to do this, but Art kept pulling forward. When we were within their view, they paused the movie, “Hey guys, what”s up, do you want to join us for the movie?” Roger asked

I kinda stuttered a little bit, “Ca… can w…” I took a deep breath, “Can we talk to you for a few minutes?”

“Sure you can, have a seat.” They both sat up on the sofa, and Art and me sat on the coffee table, “This sounds serious.”

“Me and Art have been talking, and we have decided that we want to be Crossman.”

Roger said, “Roberto, are you sure about this? You and I had an agreement, and you still have time to think about it.”

“The thing is Roger, that we have made great friends here. The only friend I have outside this place is Jarod, and he will still be my friend, but these guys, and even the girls are so different. I never feel like I have to put up a front to fit in, I just do. I know that probably doesn”t make any sense.”

Drew said, “That makes perfect sense. I see the way the Regulars are around the school. They are always trying to impress each other when there is no reason to.”

Roger said, “I need to make sure you both understand what taking this step means. You will both have to be circumcised, and Roberto, you will be put into a PCU as soon as you heal. You will also be mounted. Both of these thing will hurt, not for long, but they will. You will lose your red wrist bands, and both of you will be expected to service men when required. Roberto are you going to be ok with that. Art will be taught to perform oral sex on a man, just like you will be. You will have no say in that at all. Will you be able to accept that?”

I looked at Art, “Is that going to be ok with you?”

He smiled ear to ear and held out his left wrist, “Can you take this off now?”

“Wait a second, will you be teaching him?” I asked, looking at Roger.

“No, Ben”s dad will teach him. That way Ben can help him through it. I don”t want to scare him, and I think that will be the best way.”

I was super worried about this, but I felt better knowing that Roger had thought this through and wanted to make it as easy on him as possible. Art still held out his wrist and just looked at me. I took a deep breath and hoped I was not making the wrong decision. I held out my wrist, “Dad, Mom, Art and I would like to be Crossman, with your permission.”

Drew got up and went into the kitchen and came back with scissors and cut both of our wrist bands off. Art threw himself at him, “Yea, I have a Mommy and a Daddy now.” He got hugs from both.

Roger said, “Why don”t you boys run upstairs and get a shower. I will make some popcorn and we can watch a movie.”

Art and I took our showers and went back downstairs. We snuggled up like we always do, and Roger started the movie. There was a difference though, normally I lay against Roger and Art lays against Drew. They drape their arms over us and rub our stomachs and chests, which Art and I love. Tonight though, they were rubbing our butts. I looked over at Art, and he was loving it. I was not sure how I felt about it, I mean it felt good, but it is my butt. After a while Roger… I mean dad, slid his finger between my butt cheeks and started rubbing my hole, or as Mikey calls it, my cunt. At first I thought it was just gross, but after a minute or so, my dick got hard, and the feeling was… OMG. My whole body was tingling.

When the movie was over, Art was asleep, so dad carried him to his room and tucked him in. However, instead of kissing him on the cheek they both kissed him on the lips. I was not sure how I felt about that, I mean I know Art was asleep, but he smiled. I went and brushed the popcorn out of my teeth and went into my room. Mom and Dad, I thought to myself, I still have a hard time thinking of Drew as mom. I thought calling another man Dad was going to be hard, and it is a little, but I know my Dad would want me to move on, so I will. I laid down on my bed with a book when they both came in to say good night. Yes they both kissed me on the lips, and it was not bad really.

I tried to read but could not concentrate on the book. I got out of bed and headed to Mom and Dad”s room. The door was open, but I knocked anyway, “He bud what”s up?” Dad asked.

“Can I talk to you for a little while?”

Drew pulled back the covers, “Sure, climb on in.”

I did this a lot with these guys when my Dad was coming to the end of his life, but never naked. I leaned into dad and put my head on his chest. Just like earlier, he put his hand on my butt. “Dad, I am really scared.”

“Of what exactly?”

“Of the sex. I have never thought about having sex with a guy before, and now I will be doing it for at least the next six years. What if I can”t do it? The other guys grew up doing it and don”t think anything of it, but what if I am no good at it?”

“Hey, hold up a second buddy. You will be fine at it you are just overthinking it right now. Sex is a natural body function, that will bring pleasure to all involved.”

“But the guys said that until my mounting I will be giving out a lot of blowjobs. I am not sure what that really is. Do I take the man”s dick into my mouth and blow in it? Where is the pleasure in that?”

They both laughed, which was not helping me feel less stupid. Dad turned me, so I was looking up at him, “I am not really sure where the term blowjob came from. No you don”t blow into it. By the way, boys have dicks, and men have cocks. You will take the man”s cock into your mouth, but it is more about sucking and licking the akdere escort cock to give the man pleasure. You will learn how to lick the cock and balls in a way to please your man the most. Then you will learn to use your whole mouth and even your throat to give the man the maximum amount of pleasure.”

“I am really scared about this. I am more scared about this than getting the skin cut off my dick.”

Dad pulled the sheet and blankets back to reveal his hard cock, it looked huge. I have seen it before, but never hard. He spread his legs and said, “Go down and get between my legs.”

I knew this was coming but didn”t expect it so soon. I laid there not sure what to do. I know if I want to be a Crossman, then this is part of it. That is when I heard Mom speaking into my ear, “I get that you are nervous about this, but go get between his legs and try it. Your decision to become a Crossman is not set in stone yet, this will give you a chance to see what you are getting into. You can stop at any time right now, and no one will be mad at you.”

I looked over my shoulder at a smiling Mom. I know that I need to do this, at least try. I moved between Dad”s legs and just stared at this huge cock that I am supposed to take into my mouth, “Ok boy, now lay flat on your stomach.” I did as he told me. This put me inches away from his cock and balls. “Good boy, now give me your hands” Again, I did as I was told. He wrapped my fingers around his cock. It felt hot, and I could feel the pulsing of his heart in it. As I moved my hands up from the base, it felt soft on the outside but really hard as I tightened my grip a bit. When I got to the head, I realized it was not as gross as I thought it would be.

There was some clear fluid on the tip that I thought was pee and caused me to pull back, but Mom stopped me. He took his finger and rubbed it over the tip. Then he brought his finger to my lips, “Open up baby and taste it.” I didn”t want to, but for some reason when his finger was inches away from my face, I opened my mouth. When he put his finger in, he rubbed the stuff all over my tongue. “Ok Roberto, close your mouth and suck on my finger.” I did, and as I was sucking he pulled his finger out of my mouth. The taste it left was a little salty, but not bad at all.

Dad said, “That is pre-cum. When a man mounts a boy or a woman, that helps to lube up the area for easier penetration. As you learn to properly service a man with your mouth, you will collect as much of it in your mouth as you can. This will make it easier on both you and the man, as he slides his cock into your throat.”

Now I was freaking out, “You mean you are going to push that huge thing into my throat?”

He laughed, “Relax Roberto, I am not doing it today. However, as time goes on, you will become more relaxed with a cock in your mouth, and we will slowly teach you to take it down your throat. Don”t stress about it, talk to your friends, and learn what it is about. Are you ready to get back to your lesson?”

I got myself out of panic mode and calmed back down. “Yes Sir.”

Mom said, “The issue now Roberto is that all of the Crossman kids, boys and girls, grew up watching mom”s, or older siblings servicing the men”s cocks. You on the other hand have not had that opportunity. Your brother will grow up seeing men being serviced and will probably see you doing it a lot as well. So, what I want you to do is move off to the side here and let me show you what to do.”

I moved out from between Dad”s legs and Mom, (still hard to call Drew Mom, but I guess I can understand it more now) took my place. “The first thing you do with every man is take in his scent. Once your lungs are filled with his manly odor all you have to do is let go and your body will do the rest.”

He pulled Dad”s balls off to the side and stuck his face in between his balls and his leg. Then he just took a bunch of big breaths and just smiled. He put one hand on each of Dad”s hips and used nothing but his lips, mouth, and tongue. Over the next few minutes he showed me exactly how to please Dad. I have never seen porn before, so I couldn”t believe what I was seeing. Before today, I would have never imagined that someone could find so much pleasure in doing these things to a man.

Mom finally stopped and moved out from between Dads legs. He guided me back in and said, “Ok Roberto, just go at your own pace. Don”t worry about getting anything wrong, no one will judge you.”

I laid flat on my stomach between Dad”s legs. I know this may sound strange, but as nervous as I am, I am kinda excited to. I reached up and pulled Dad”s balls off to the side, put my nose all the way in, and started taking deep breaths. After about the sixth one, I started feeling lightheaded and very calm. I moved up a little and put my hands on Dad”s hips. I started licking his balls, getting my nose and tongue all the way under his balls, and licking them all over. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, with the only drawback being that I had to stop sometimes to get the hair out of my mouth.

When I got to his cock I was just licking it like crazy. I couldn”t help but use my hands and no one said anything, so I kept using them. I licked up one side and down the other. Then I took him into my mouth. He jumped and I pulled off fast, I was not sure what I had done wrong. Mom laughed, “Is ok baby, you have to watch your teeth.”

I started to back up, “I”m sorry dad, I didn”t mean to hurt you. I knew I was not going to be good at this.” I am not sure why really, but I felt like crying. That in itself is weird because it takes a lot for me to cry. The deaths of my Mom and Dad did it and seeing Art happy for the first time in a while did it, but not much else get me crying.

Dad reached down and grabbed me. He pulled me on top of him and hugged me, “Buddy, this is all new to you, so no one expects you to get it perfect the first time. Now what I would like you to do is go to bed, think about what you were doing here. This is going to be your life if you choose it. There is still time to change your mind if you want to.”

“I can finish what I started Dad. Honest, I can learn how do to it right.”

“No Roberto, you misunderstand. I am not sending you away tonight because you did a bad job. For someone who only a few months ago said that there was no way I would have sex with you, you have come a long way. I want you to go think about what you did here tonight, because when you take the next steps to becoming a Crossman, I want you to know that you made the best decision for you. Now that you have done what you have done here tonight, you have some of the information to make an informed decision.”

I wanted to argue with him and tell him I am good, and I want to go on, but one of the big rules here is that kids do what they are told. So I kissed them goodnight and went to bed.



Authors Note:

I want to thank you again for all of the feed back you have sent me over the last 38 chapters. It means the world to me to know that you are willing to take your time to tell me what you like and don”t like about my stories.

As you have checked out my website, you will have noticed that I have many stories there. Most have only one chapter and a few have two. Most of the stories that I have posted there were story ideas that I had, pounded out a chapter, but never really found the love and connection in them to make me want to continue them. I am not saying that I never will, but not anytime soon.

Many of you have mentioned how much you liked a few of them and want more, so here is what I will say. If you like one of these stories and want to continue it yourself, I say go for it. This excludes Founders School for Boys and The Group. Write your chapter and send it to me. As long as it keeps within the story line and stays as realistic as possible, I will add it to the current chapter with the name you choose on it. Even if you give me a good outline, I will help you write it and still put your name on it.

Send your chapter to hoo. I look forward to seeing what ya got.

Have you written a story and not sure if you should publish it or not? Send it over and let me take a look at it. I only have two rules.

1.  Make it realistic. Nine year old boys with 7″ cocks is not realistic.

2.  Unless it is a story about yourself, is needs to be fiction. In other words, don”t attach real people to your story.

If you send it to me, I like it, and it follows the rules, I will let you know about any changes I would suggest. It is your story, so they will only be suggestions. Then if you so choose, I will post it on Stories from The Bear Cave, with your name on it, not mine.

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