Subject: Four Boys In A Hotel Lobby – Chapter 4 Four Boys in a Hotel Lobby — Chapter 4 Just a note — in the past in the story, in two places at least, I mistakenly said I was on a business trip in Nebraska. The trip was to Nevada! Sorry! I walked out of the bathroom, I had gone in there to take another little blue pill, I figured with four of them, I might need it. When I walked out – what a sight! Four teenage boys on the sofa, all naked and jerking each other off as they watched gay porn on the big screen. As one, four sets of eyes with four hard cocks, looked over at me. I immediately got hard as a rock! John said, as he jerked Felix off, “Why are you still dressed? We are waiting for you”. I smiled and said “well OK then”! I began to take off my clothes. The boys were all watching, with Brad and Bobby seemingly more anxious. I realized why — John and Felix had both seen me nude already. They knew what to expect. The other two didn’t. I took off my shirt and then walked over to the mini bar. I opened a bottle of soda and took a drink. Brad said “Come on! Are you going to get naked? Felix says you have a really big one”! I laughed and took down my pants. The front of my Fruit of The Loom boxer briefs were sticking straight out. Brad got tired of waiting, and got up off of the couch. He came over and knelt down in front of me. He leaned in and started licking my cock through the boxers. “Oh man it is big”! His mouth and tongue found the wet spot caused by my pre-cum and he sucked even harder. It felt so good! His eyes looked up at me and he asked without asking. I shook my head yes, and he proceeded to pull the shorts all the way down. As I stepped out of them, he took my cock in his mouth. The other guys were encouraging him. Cries of GO FOR IT, SUCK IT BRAD and TAKE THAT COCK BABY came from the couch. To my surprise, Brad took my entire cock all the way to the pubes. I put my hands on his head, but I just let them lie in his blonde locks. I let him be in charge. He was really good at sucking cock. As Brad sucked my cock, I looked over and saw that John and Felix were starting in on Bobby. Felix was sucking on his cock and John was licking his way up to his mouth. Bobby looked a little scared. I remembered that at dinner malatya escort John, Felix and I had found out that the blow job from Brad in the hotel room was the first time Bobby had done anything with anyone else. Of course, he had jerked off, he learned that from the internet. But he had never done anything else. “Guys”, I told them “take it easy with him, he’s not as experienced as you are. All of you remember what we said at dinner, we can do whatever we want, but if there is something you aren’t comfortable doing, speak up! No one does anything they don’t want to do” All four guys let me know, one way or another, that they understood. John stopped kissing and licking Bobby and said “no problem Mike we know! Right guys”? Felix pulled Bobby’s 6+ inch cock out of his throat and said “yup”. Bobby opened his eyes and looked at me to say “I want to try everything! This is so hot”! Brad — his mouth and throat full with my 7+ incher, just looked up at me and managed to smile. Brad was getting me very excited. I pulled him off of my cock and told him to sit on the bed. I went over to him, laying on his back, his throbbing, 5-inch cut cock sticking straight up from his thick blond bush. I am a very oral guy. I like using my tongue everywhere on a hot boy. I started on his feet. I took his big toe in my mouth and sucked it like a baby cock. I don’t think he ever had his toes sucked, as he started moaning loudly. (I should say, having stayed in this hotel before, I was well aware that what they called The Presidential Suite was quite soundproof, so no worries about noisy moans, groans and yells.) I sucked all of his toes and licked the sole of his foot. He continued to moan as I proceeded to do the same to his other foot. I heard moans coming from the other side of the room. I paused my oral work on Brad, at this point I had proceeded past his groin area (saving that for later) and was licking and sucking on his nipples. I took a look over at what was happening on the couch. By now, John and Felix had switched places and John was throat deep on Bobby’s cock while Felix was chewing his nipples. Bobby had a cock in both hands and was leaning over and about to take Felix’s cock in his mouth. I told them “remember maltepe escort guys I have only one rule here — I get at least one load from each of you”! Again, I got affirmative nods or grunts from each of them. After licking and chewing on his nipples I moved up to his pits. Have I said how much I love boy stink? It is a big turn on for me. I lifted his arm and dove in. He laughed and told me that it tickled. I asked him if he wanted me to stop? He shook his head no, so I continued to lick him clean and then I did the same thing to the other pit. After that, I moved up and licked and sucked on his neck. Then I shoved my tongue in his ear. This was another new thing to him, and he responded with a bouncing cock and more loud moans. “You like that, don’t you baby”? I whispered in his ear. “Oh yes daddy, it gave me chills all over”! He said. “More to cum baby, more to cum”! I promised. I turned him over and started to lick my way down his back. As I went lower I anticipated my tongue attacking his bubble butt. As I drew closer, I could feel my cock throbbing as I could smell the odor of boy ass, and nothing gets me hotter and harder than the sweet smell of a hot, sweaty and horny boy. Have I said that before? As I spread his cheeks the sweet, sour odor that I love so much (have I said that before? LOL) got even stronger. I dove in. “OH MY GOD! HE’S LICKING MY ASS! HE’S STICKING HIS TONGUE IN MY HOLE” Brad yelled. Bobby “OH WOW — HE IS” Felix — “OH MAN — I NEVER TRIED THAT” John — OH BABY — I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS! GO FOR IT MIKEY” Brad – “OH GOD! OH GOD! I’M GONNA CUM! MIKE I’M GONNA CUM”! Those words were music to my ears. I flipped him over and took his red hot, super hard cock in my mouth and started sucking him like crazy. I then reached down and grabbed his ass. I took my finger and slid it into his hot wet hole. That was all it took. “I’m Cumming” he shouted. I felt four or five of the sweetest tasting shots of boy cream in my mouth. I held the cream in my mouth for a few minutes, just to enjoy the taste. I looked up at Brad’s face and he was in extasy. Suddenly, behind me, I heard “Oh shit that was too hot! I’m gonna cum”! It was Bobby. I got up from the bed and, led mamak escort by my still hard cock, went over to the couch. John and Felix, now jerking each other’s cocks, moved over making room for me to dive on “little” Bobby’s 6+ inch hard as nails cock. The minute I swallowed him; he filled my mouth with his boy juice. It felt like 6 shots of delicious cum. “OH YEAH! EAT MY STUFF! IT FEELS SO GOOD”! I swallowed his big cum load. YUMMY! He fell back on the couch and closed his eyes. “OH SHIT! MY TURN”! Felix yelled. I dove down on his familiar, uncut 5.5-inch uncut cock. I grabbed his balls as I moved my mouth up and down and used my tongue all over his cock. I was in my glory as I got another big load in my mouth and throat. Delicious! He, just like his friends, just fell back and closed his eyes, enjoying his post orgasm. “My turn”? John asked. I bent over his smaller than average 4 ½ inch cock. I easily took him into my mouth and started my oral ministrations. But for me the best part of Johnny was his balls. He had the biggest balls that I had ever seen on a soon to be 16-year-old. They were bigger than most adult balls I have seen. I attacked those big balls with my tongue and mouth and just licked and sucked like a crazy man. “OH MAN! YOU KNOW I LOVE GETTING MY BALLS SUCKED”! I didn’t respond, I just continued licking and sucking. After a few minutes of this, John was ready. He didn’t have to tell me; his balls were pulling up tight and his cock was harder and redder than before. His cock head had swelled and was almost purple. I stopped licking his balls and took his cock in my mouth. With just a few more strokes of my tongue and mouth, he was gone. “OH SHIT! HERE IT CUMS! He yelled. I remembered earlier today and what a load he shoots. He flooded my mouth with his 15-year-old load. He shot more than all of the other guys together. I thought I was going to drown. It tasted so good! Johnny also just put his head back and just enjoyed his post orgasmic joy. I gave them all a few minutes to relax. As they all started to get over the orgasm enjoyment, I asked them if they knew that the suite had a hot tub and a really big shower? “LET’S GO”! was the group response. With big smiles. And partly droopy cocks, we headed to the other room. As we got to the hot tub, Bobby noticed that I was still hard. He wanted to know if he could take care of me. I told him I wanted to wait, since I was sure we were going to be doing more later. He smiled big and said “OK”. END OF CHAPTER 4. More to cum!

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