Subject: Four Boys in A Hotel Room II Chapter 1 – The Yacht Trip OK The following story is complete fiction. It is a continuation of Four Boys in A Hotel Room. It involves gay sex between men and boys, men and other men and boys and other boys. If this is not what you wanted to read, or if it is illegal to read this where you live, please leave. Enjoy the story. Please let me know what you think. My email is aol. I try to answer all emails. Flames will be ignored. I have written other stories; I will put links to those stories at the end of the story. PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY — KEEP THE ARCHIVE GOING! Four Boys in A Hotel Room — Part 2 — The Yacht Trip, An update. OK, first an update. After we returned to shore, we hung out at the “Cabin” for 2 more days. We had a great time! A whole lot more sex and fun! Juan and I went to his ex-boyfriend’s place and picked up his stuff. His ex was being an ass, and told Juan he wasn’t letting him in to get anything. He insisted Juan would come crawling back to him when he ran out of money. He wanted to know who I was, so I told him I was Juan’s new boss. He asked if I owned a restaurant. I told him no. I said Juan is now the executive assistant to the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company. “Oh, so he’s a secretary? Big deal!” “No, he’s an executive assistant and he will be making more in a month than you make in a year. I guess maybe you should have thought twice before cheating on him.” He still wanted to keep Juan’s stuff. I told him that I had so many lawyers, my lawyers had lawyers and I would have him in court the next day and keep him there until he spent his last dollar. Juan told me he really didn’t want anything anyway. He just wanted some personal stuff. The ex-agreed to let us in, so I told Juan to take everything that was his, not to leave anything. We took everything out front of the house. I told Juan to put what he wanted in the limo, and leave the rest on the lawn. Juan told me he just had two more things. He went inside, and I could hear the ex-yelling at him. I walked over to the door. The ex was telling him he couldn’t take the TV and playstation. Juan told him to “think back — when I bought them, you didn’t want to pay anything. I payed for them, they are mine”. “But now I don’t have a tv, what am I supposed to do”? “Get your new malatya escort boyfriend to buy you one I guess” Juan said as we walked out the door, smiling. We put everything else in a smelly garbage dumpster for the restaurant next door (so the ex-couldn’t use any of it without digging through the smelly garbage to get it) and we drove away. I took Juan to the new place. It was a one bedroom fully furnished apartment, one of 3 that my company owned in a luxury condo building. Juan was amazed. He kept thanking me over and over. I told him to relax and settle in. I also told him that I lived upstairs in the penthouse, I gave him his company cell phone, it had my number programmed. I told him he could stop by anytime. I said I would see him Monday morning. Then I went home. I had work to catch up on, phone calls to make. I also needed to let everyone at the company know that I would be taking a vacation for a month, starting in 2 weeks. My company can run without me. I hire good, smart people that I know I can trust. I also told them I would call in once a day, just in case, and could be reached 24/7 in an emergency. I introduced Juan to everyone, telling them that he would begin working when I got back from vacation. I showed him his office, he was very impressed. It was decent sized, and it had a nice view. I sent him to HR to fill out his paperwork. He would be getting paid starting today. Juan insisted on cooking me dinner that night, a small way to say thank you. We stopped and picked up groceries for him. He decided on a roast beef with all the sides. It was delicious! He was a very talented cook! After dinner, Juan took me by the hand and led me into his new bedroom. He took me to sit on the king-sized bed and started kissing me. I stopped him immediately. He looked at me and asked “what’s wrong”? I turned to him and said “listen Juan, I just gave you a job, a new apartment and a new company car. I did these things because I think you are a good guy and I think you will do well on the job. I don’t want you to think that I did it because we have had some great times in the bedroom. I need for you to understand that you DO NOT have to feel obligated to have sex with me. Just do your job well. That is all I ask.” “WHOA! He said to me. I’m not having sex with you as maltepe escort A thank you. I’m having sex with you because I really enjoy it. Yes, I am thankful for all that you have done for me, but if you remember we had sex a few times before you offered me the job. I don’t have sex with every guy that comes along you know. You are a hot guy with a big dick and I’m horny! I will always be grateful to you for everything you did for me, but if I didn’t want sex with you, it wouldn’t happen.” “OK. I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to get upset, I just didn’t want you to feel like you” “Enough already!” He said to me. “Just get naked and let’s have some fun!” We proceeded to do just that. I reached over and took off his shirt and leaned in and started licking his pits. (Did I tell you I am into boy sweat?) While I used my considerable oral gifts on his underarms, he was stripping himself and me. Did I describe him earlier? He is a beautiful, brown skinned Mexican boy. He is about 6ft tall, thin but not skinny, muscular, but not overly so. He has an uncut 7.5-inch cock, and has a nice black pubic bush. He is not overly hairy, but has a nice dusting of dark hair all over his body. He has a wispy bit of a mustache, not enough to tickle when we kiss, but enough that it shows. He has no hair on his chest, but he does have a nice treasure trail providing a road map to that hot cock. I licked my way down his body, sucking and nibbling on his nipples while I grabbed his now fully hard cock. I kissed my way down his trail and skipped right passed the big cock that I was playing with. I took his big smooth balls in my mouth and licked and sucked them. Finishing with his now saliva dripping balls, I pushed his legs up and attacked his hot, steamy ass with my tongue. As I was tonguing his beautiful, sweaty and slightly smelly ass (remember how I said I loved boy sweat?) he turned around so he could get to my now raging hard cock. He swallowed my 8-inch cock down to the root. I could hear him breathing through his nose, buried in my pubes. I left his wet, dripping boy hole and pulled his big, hard cock down to my mouth. I took him into my throat and we had a nice, long sixty-nine. We were both getting very close. I knew I was, and I could feel his cock starting to get thicker mamak escort and begin throbbing. I pulled off of his big throbber and pulled my cock out of his mouth. He looked at me with a question in his eyes. “Juan I need to calm down a little or I will blow my load too soon. I want this to last a little while, and you know that it would take this old man time to recharge.” “OK let’s just cuddle for a little while and then I want that big cock shoved up my hot ass!” “Sounds good to me baby” I said as I pulled him closer and started kissing him. He opened his mouth and pushed his long, Latino tongue into my throat. We played tonsil hockey for a while, as we were rubbing our bodies and cocks together. He ended the kiss and bent down to take one of my big man boobs into his mouth. “I love sucking on your tits Mikey” he said. “And I love getting them sucked Juanito” I told him. “Now it’s time for you to use that big weapon between your legs and make my ass happy!” I grabbed him and flipped him over. I picked up the lube and liberally greased up his hole. I knew that he liked it a bit rough, so I wasted no time and just shoved my cock into his hole. “OH MY GOD! FUCK ME!!!!!!!! GIVE ME THAT BIG HARD MONSTER!!!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD”!!!!!!! I knew neither of us would last long, so I continued to fuck him deep and hard as I reached around to find his 7.5- inch spike. It was leaking pre-cum like crazy. I grabbed his hot, wet cock and started jerking it fast and hard. “Oh yes baby! Jerk me off and make me cum! Give me your big load up my pussy! I need it so bad!” “I’m cumming!” He shouted. As his big load started spewing, his ass contracted around my cock and that was just too much for me to take. “Oh man here it cums Juanito! Take my big load in that hot boy pussy of yours!” I hadn’t cum in 2 days. I was too busy with work stuff. I knew this was going to be a big load. I felt something like 5 big shots go deep into his ass. When we finished cumming, we both just sort of collapsed on the bed. I rolled him over and gave him a big kiss and told him how great that was. I invited him to spend the night and he gladly accepted. We took a shower and then went to bed. He passed out right away. As I lie there looking at his sweet face, I wondered — could I be falling in love? Next chapter — the Yacht Trip begins! A boat filled with 12 teen boys and their dads, all gay and an all young, all gay crew. Could be fun! What do you think? Ideas are welcome. Email me at aol I have written other stories. I am including links below. fty//gay/young-friends/tommy-johnny-me

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