Four Teens


This is the story of four teens exploring the world of sexual pleasure. This is based on a true story, and has been adapted slightly for your reading pleasure. This is the first of what I believe will be a series involving the four characters portrayed in this piece, which I will try to deliver one every two or three months. The names in this story have been changed for privacy, but the basis of the story is the same, and hopefully will bring you, the reader, great pleasure.

It all started with a phone call. Dean was working on his blog, and suddenly he felt his cell phone begin to vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out, and read the text. It was a message from his girlfriend, Kate, telling him to call her, as Ashley, a mutual friend, was staying the night.

He called, and was greeted by his girlfriend’s laughter.

“Ashley has a question,” said Kate.


Ashley greeted Dean, then explained the situation.

“So Kate said her back hurt, so I decided to help her out and give her a back massage. A minute into it, she got an idea, and we were wondering if you are okay with it.”

“Okay,” Dean replied again.

“The massage made Kate feel a little ‘excited’, if you know what I mean, and I agreed to do something with her, as long as it is okay with you.”

“What are you getting at,” he asked.

“Well, we have some oil over here, and if it’s okay with you, she and I want to mess around a bit.”


“Is that okay with you,” Ashley asked.

“Well, um, sure, I guess,” Dean answered. “Will you send pics?”

“Maybe. Okay, thanks,” she said.

“Alright, bye.”

This call made Dean think about what exactly was going on. From knowing both Kate and Ashley for quite a while, he knew together they’d make a pretty hot pair, and that if he received any pictures, he would keep them locked up tight, so that only he could enjoy them. As he pictured what was going on, his cock hardened.

He could see Ashley’s hands caressing Kate’s soft and oiled up tits like it was happening right in front of him. Kate’s nipples were hard and tingled with excitement. Ashley’s nipples began to harden as well, and seemed to pop through her tight shirt.

Dean thought about a conversation he had had with Kate the day before, and wondered if he could get in on “messing around”. He debated with himself on whether or not to call, then finally decided to make the call.

As the phone rang, he couldn’t help but notice his cock was getting harder by the second. The phone rang eight times before Kate answered the phone.

“Hello,” she asked. Dean could hear Ashley giggle a bit in the background.

“Hey, so I have a question. Can I come over there and watch you guys mess around?”

“Um, let me ask Ashley. Hold on.” A short silence arose. A moment later, he heard Kate pick up the phone again.

“She likes the idea. When are you going to be coming over, so we can be ready,” she asked.

“Already on my way.” This made Kate giggle, then she hung up.

Dean was having a hard time concentrating on the road with all of the thoughts and fantasies running through his head. He couldn’t stop imagining all the things that might happen when he arrived.

Pulling in the driveway, the number of thoughts in his head almost doubled. From previous experience with Kate, he knew this would be something he would remember for the rest of his life.

He slowly entered the door, making sure not to wake the sleeping dog across the room. He made his way to the entrance to the basement, where Kate had set up her bedroom. He began to descend the stairs, only to hear the front door of the house open and close. In his head, he wondered who it could be, and whether or not they would interfere with the arrangement he had become a part of.

He waited at his place on the staircase, hoping whoever it was would find that no one was awake, and leave. The footsteps of this mystery person seemed to grow closer, putting Dean even more on-edge. The footsteps seemed to stop right in front of the door leading to the staircase Dean was on.

The door opened, and to Dean’s surprise, Ashley’s boyfriend, Samuel, stood before him.

“What the fuck are you doing sitting on the stairs,” Samuel asked.

“You scared the shit out of me, man. I thought you were Kate’s mom or something.”

“Oh, şişli bayan escort sorry about that.”

The two descended the stairs, to find the basement empty.

“Where are they,” Dean asked.

“Good question.”

A few moments later, Samuel’s phone vibrated. Dean’s followed. Ashley and Kate were on a run to the local grocery store for “supplies”, and wouldn’t be back for another ten minutes, leaving Samuel and Dean with time to burn.

“So, what brings you here,” Dean asked.

“Depends. What about you?”

“Well, to be honest, I thought I’d be getting into a three-way by now with Ashley and Kate. So now that I’ve been honest, it’s your turn.”

“Same, actually.”

“Do you think this was planned?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Samuel replied.

“Well, if we both want the same thing, how are we going to make this work?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we could take turns.”

“But what would the other person do?”

“Good point. Maybe we could start off one-on-one, then go from there?”


Upon the end of this conversation, Kate and Ashley had returned and were listening in on the conversation from the top of the stairs. By this point their giggling had become noticed.

“So ladies, are you ready,” Samuel asked.

“Hell yeah,” Ashley replied, jumping into Samuel’s arms.

“How are we going to do this, ladies,” asked Dean.

Kate said, “Well, we were thinking, and we want to surprise you two.”

“How,” asked Samuel.

“We’re going to blindfold you, and the rest is a secret. Are you ready?”

“I guess so,” Dean enthusiastically replied.

Ashley and Kate proceeded to blindfold Samuel and Dean, and made a point of being very quiet, to avoid giving anything away. Ashley put on a French maid costume, and Kate put on a nurse outfit. Kate then pulled up a playlist titled “XXX” on her tablet, and pressed play. Kate walked over to Dean, and Ashley to Samuel. They began to give their counterparts lap dances.

As the playlist progressed, the lap dances became dirtier and dirtier, until finally Dean and Samuel agreed that more needed to happen.

The men then moved the ladies into the bedroom, and began to strip them down. Before the men could start, Ashley interjected.

“How about a little challenge, we can’t make this too easy for you. If you want to get our clothes off, you have to do it with your mouths.”

The men agreed, and soon afterwards the game had begun. Samuel and Dean seemed to be competing with each other to see who could strip their girl down the fastest, while increasing the pleasure of Ashley and Kate at the same time.

After three minutes, the girls were completely naked, making it their turn to strip their male counterparts. Following a similar path as the guys, the girls also used their mouths only in the stripping process. With the girls on their knees, Dean and Samuel felt pretty dominant, which brought a new energy to the events of the night.

The two couples proceeded to get in the bed. Hard and ready to go, Samuel and Dean lay back as Ashley and Kate were set free to do as they pleased for the moment. Ashley began to run Samuel’s dick between her beautiful tits, first starting off slow, but then increasing the pace. Towards the end, she began to lick the tip of Samuel’s throbbing cock, which seemed to exponentially increase his pleasure. Kate took a different route with Dean. She took his dick, and starting from the top of her chest ran it slowly down between her books until it reached her clitoris, where she finished by rubbing the bottom of the head of Dean’s dick against her clitoris until her pussy was dripping on the sheets beneath her.

Next, Ashley and Kate began to make out between Dean and Samuel, while rubbing each other’s bodies. After their boyfriends had said they couldn’t take any more, things began to go full swing.

The two couples began passionately kissing as they explored each other’s bodies.

Five minutes passed before Kate stopped Dean, sat up, and said, “Wait, there are four of us, why are we split up? Let’s shake things up a bit!”

“How do you propose we do that,” asked Dean.

“Well, there’s this one thing I’ve always wanted to try, and we have the perfect number of people for it,” replied Kate. Ashley’s face seemed to light up.

“Oh, THAT,” şişli escort said Ashley, followed by giggling.

“What,” Samuel asked.

Dean looked over to Kate, who shook her head “no”, and then winked. Samuel looked to Ashley, who also nodded and winked. Kat and Ashley got out of bed, and left the room, leaving Samuel and Dean questioning what exactly may be going on.

Moments later, the two girls returned, both holding something behind their backs. The girls approached the two guys, who were hard and ready to go. The sounds of moaning suddenly came from Dean and Samuel as Kate and Ashley applied lube to their boyfriend’s cocks.

“Ready,” Kate asked seductively.

“Fuck yes,” replied Samuel, who was horny with delight.

“Alright. I want Samuel to lay across my bed, Dean, you stand here, and Ashley, you sit here. I’ll be sitting here, and then we can begin.”

Samuel lay across Kate’s bed as Ashley slowly let his cock slide into her vagina. She moaned softly until Samuel was fully inside of her. Kate sat above Samuel’s face, then slowly moved down until Samuel’s mouth and her pussy were perfectly aligned for his tongue to reach her g-spot. Finally, Dean stood in front of Kate, and let her tongue guide his dick into her salivating mouth.

At first, the movements of the four teens was very awkward and uncoordinated, but soon after starting everything began to occur in what seemed to be perfect harmony.

Kate moaned as Samuel’s tongue tickled the inside of her vagina. It had reminded her of her first time getting eaten out. It was a little rough, but also very pleasurable. Samuel’s tongue had a soft yet slightly rough texture that made the walls of her vagina tingle. Having Dean’s cock in her mouth felt so big, but it’s taste made it irresistible. She lightly nibbled at its tip and licked the bottom of its head as it went in and out.

Ashley moved up and down on Samuel’s dick as is she were riding a horse. His balls slapped against her ass as she rode her boyfriend’s huge cock. Although it brought him some pain, it also brought added pleasure. He couldn’t help but notice Kate’s vagina tasted like candy, as if she had coated it with sugar before the encounter.

As he was getting the best blowjob of his life, Dean relaxed and thought of more ways that this four way orgy could work. As much as thinking was a challenge while having Kate massage his dick with her tongue, he knew the night couldn’t end without trying something new. After thinking a while, it finally came to him.

Dean broke the series of moaning with the words, “I have an idea.” Kate, still holding dean’s penis in her mouth, looked up, and Ashley and Samuel soon followed.

“What if we do this…” Dean whispered into Kate’s ear, who then passed the message along to Ashley.

“Oh Dean, you naughty boy,” Ashley said.

Kate and Ashley whispered into each other’s ears, then finally seemed to come to an agreement. Kate moved to the edge of the bed and reached under, pulling out a double-ended vibrator. Kate put one end into her own vagina, then motioned for Ashley to come closer. Kate ran her fingers around the lips of Ashley’s pussy, then put the other end of the vibrator into Ashley’s vagina.

Dean and Samuel moved into the position they assumed they were supposed to be in. Their cocks slowly entered the girl’s ass. As his cock made its entrance into his girlfriend’s ass, Dean couldn’t help but to moan, which made Kate and Ashley giggle. Ashley then turned on the vibrator, thus starting the next round of sexual pleasure.

The vibrator was so strong that the sensation reached Dean and Samuel. Aside from having entered the tightest orifices on their girlfriend’s bodies, the vibrations coming from the sex toy made the experience even better.

As the vibrator went deeper into the tight, wet pussies of Kate and Ashley, the pleasure seemed to increase exponentially among the four.

Kate’s tight asshole gave Dean a pleasure he had never experienced before. It felt as his dick had been touched by the gods. Kate was feeling pure ecstasy as Dean’s cock and the vibrator penetrated her just the way she liked it, rough. She began to picture her hottest fantasies, which included leather and chains, something she knew both Dean and Ashley also liked.

“So, I have a crazy idea. Why don’t we break out the… kinky mecidiyeköy escort stuff.”

Ashley replied with a moan, which may or may not have been the result of Samuel slowly moving his thick cock in and out of her ass, but also acted as an expression of her agreement. The couples disconnected themselves, and Kate and Ashley left the room yet again.

“Best night ever,” said Dean in a relaxed tone.

“Fuck yeah,” replied Samuel.

Dean turned on the television in the room, which to his surprise was on an adult-oriented channel. He laid back and watched as he waited for the ladies to return.

Seven minutes passed, then finally Kate and Ashley returned. They were dressed in tight leather lingerie, and had handcuffs at their side.

“You boys have been really bad, it’s time you received your punishment,” said Ashley.

Kate giggled a bit as she said, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be held against you in the court of law.”

Kate and Ashley then approached the bed, and handcuffed Dean and Samuel to opposite sides of Kate’s bed. Dean and Samuel were arranged so that their arms were handcuffed to the bed posts, but their legs were handcuffed to the legs of the other guy, which left Dean and Samuel wondering exactly what was going to happen.

Dean and Samuel, secured to the bed and each other could only watch as Ashley and Kate made out while massaging each other’s vagina on top of the leather underwear. They moaned as they removed each other’s tops, exposing their beautiful breasts yet again. Ashley pulled a bottle of oil from between her breast and began to pour it onto Kate’s body. Ashley passed the bottle to Kate, who then returned the favor.

Samuel and Dean watched this for about ten minutes before Samuel and Dean agreed that it was time to beg for some attention.

“What’s the matter, can’t handle it,” asked Kate.

“Yes, just please do something to me, anything,” Dean replied.

“Well, okay.”

Kate and Ashley ceased their makeout session, then moved over to the bed. Kate and Ashley then sat back to back between the two boys.

“What should we do to them, Kate,” Ashley seductively asked.

In the same seductive tone, Kate replied, “I don’t know. Maybe we could fuck them dry.”

“I don’t think that’s enough, Kate, I think we should fuck them until they can’t feel their fucking legs.”

Kate and Ashley then repositioned themselves so that they were now on top of their boyfriend’s dicks, which could be described as being hard as a diamond at that point. Remaining with their backs turned on each other, Kate and Ashley began to fiercely ride the cocks of Samuel and Dean.

Samuel looked up at Ashley’s breasts, which bounced with her every move on his dick. She immediately noticed and smacked him.

“What do you think you’re doing, bitch,” Ashley asked. She then leaned back while slowly shoving his dick into her wet pussy, then resumed her upright position. Kate then gestured for Ashley to turn around. As they continued to fuck Dean and Samuel, they rubbed their tits against each other’s as they resumed their makeout session.

“Oh my god,” Dean moaned as Kate’s vagina became wetter. Samuel, experiencing similar feelings, began to feel pain in place of pleasure at the high amount of pleasure Ashley had dealt him. He let out a scream, and he quickly filled Ashley’s pussy with his hot, steaming cum. Shortly afterward, Dean came as well, filling Kate’s vagina to the point where it seemed to overflow, but the girls did not stop.

Dean and Samuel’s bodies filled with pain as their girlfriends continued to fuck them as hard as they possibly could. Although this pain was similar to being hit with a car, Dean and Samuel couldn’t help but continue to let out screams of pleasure.

Kate and Ashley suddenly began to feel similar feelings. After having stroked each other’s clitoris for what seemed to be hours now, both felt that they were about to come. As they came, they fucked their boyfriends harder and harder, inducing a second orgasm amongst Samuel and Dean. The four panted as their orgasms ran through their bodies as if they had been struck by lightening. Kate and Ashley removed the handcuffs from Dean and Samuel’s arms and legs, but no one seemed to want to move after that.

This would be one of many fuck sessions the two couples had, and as time went on those sessions became more and more extreme, until the point where no words could describe the resulting orgasms achieved by the four.

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