Foursome FMMM

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Foursome FMMMGenre: Gay, Bisexual, Femdom, Gangbang, Intimate Male, CD/TG, Group Sex, Partner Swap, BDSMWe have been hanging out with a straight, couple we know. Mary and Justin are early 30’s, active and fun. Mary is naturally pretty, fit, brunette, breasts maybe a D, but her round ass makes her figure amazing. Justin is average height, dark hair, ripped abs and chest, and he is almost as sexy as Mary.After a couple of times coming over they had too much to drink and we let them stay the night. They had dropped a few hints about swinging and such. Mary was soon telling me that she knew that Justin wanted to fuck me. Daniel and I had discussed hooking up with them after we first met them. After playing games, then some poker and finally about four hands of strip poker, Mary started pushing a little more she maybe because was already topless . Then, she insisted that she and I go, ‘somewhere private.’I lead her to our room and she made her way to my closet, a small portion male clothes but mostly female clothes. She was already stripping down; she was wearing black and red lingerie, a bra and cheeky panties. Her body was more impressive in lingerie and heels. She immediately started diving in. It took her maybe 10 seconds to find my toys and my smoke. Then she found a red and black babydoll that admittedly matched her very well. She put it up in front of me, as to see what I would look like. She abruptly pushes herself to me and says, ‘this is gonna be so much fun. They will dick us down so hard.’ She kissed me and bit my lip when she pulled away to say, ‘I might even have to use that strap-on later. Now change, strip.’‘You can tell I like being told what to do,’ I stated. ‘As for the strap-on,’ I said as I was dropping my panties, ‘why later? If we are going to do this I might need a little warming up.’ She was standing behind me with her arms around me. Her hands feeling my nude body and her nails intentionally digging in were really turning me on. ‘Please,’ I begged, arching my back a little.‘Hmmm, babydoll on first,’ she ordered, smiling at me. ‘Do you have any black heels,’ she asked. I got my favorite ones, black ankle-tie stilettos before I had a chance to put them on she had the strap-on ready. ‘I wanna match,’ she said. I got a little lube and she had me on my back at the side of the bed. She pushed inside me, and then started working faster. Between the buzz, edging all day, light fabric tickling my body and beautiful girl opening my hole, I was quickly lost and almost as quickly brought back. Mary said to me, ‘don’t get too carried away. We have hot horny men to please.’ She paused for a few seconds and looked off sheepishly then said, ‘I saw your chastity-thingy in there,’ I felt my curiosity rise. She pushed the dildo deep; her hips on my ass, ‘I know Justin would be blown away if you wore it.’ I was biting my lip.I loved it. ‘Of course,’ I said. ‘I would love to.’ I went and got it out, sat down and started getting myself into it, which I have gotten pretty good at. I got into my panties, thigh highs and heels. She was watching me curiously the whole time.I stood up and we looked in the mirror and Mary said, ‘you are so fucking adorable,’ as she brushed my hair aside. Her face turned to mine and I felt her hand on the back of my head. Again surprised by her, she was already nose to nose with me. After a quick and very sexy kiss with almost too much tongue she said, ‘oh my god, you’re just like a girl.’ She was still playing with my hair, I had one finger in her pussy and then she kissed me deeply again. ‘Come on, let’s go have fun.’As soon as they saw us, Mary walking toward Daniel and me toward Justin, you could see surprise on their faces. I lost focus of Mary and Daniel; I got on my knees in front of Justin. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out; we were making eye contact the whole time. I sucked on his balls and then his cock a little until he was hard. His cock was cut, a little on the thick side and long, eight inches or more. What I loved was big head and the veiny look it had. After I throated myself a few times, I got up and lay on my back on the ottoman. I was still making eye contact with him, looking at him upside-down, licking my lips. He got the hint; he brought his cock to me.He put his balls to my lips. They fell into my mouth and I enjoyed them; I love getting teabagged. Soon his cock was fucking my face and his fingers around my caged cock. He held his cock down my throat, balls blocking my vision, while he fingered me until I choked. He pulled his cock out and I cleaned it as he watched me looking downward.I got up and went over to the couch where Daniel and Mary are. She had one knee on the floor and the other leg on the couch with her body resting on the couch getting fucked doggy-style. I lay with my ass on the armrest and my body under Mary’s. Her hand grasped the back of my head as I sucked her nipple. My legs were loosely in the air when Justin grabbed them. They naturally wrapped around him as his cock entered my body. He wasn’t gentle, hands wrapped around my hips, using me the way I like.Mary was starting to get loud. She moaned loudly for several minutes before Daniel gave it to her hard and fast. She was writhing on top of me, cumming uncontrollably. Justin was reaming my hole while Mary’s wet pussy was getting pounded inches from my eyes. After clenching onto me while she squeezed a screaming orgasm between gasps for air, Daniel pulled out of her and I immediately started licking her sweet, wet, dripping pussy.I reached for Daniels cock, I stroked it for a few seconds before both he and her disappeared out from my view. Justin however, came back to my attention he had been fucking me steady and hard for a long time. With his hand on my throat, he lowered himself to me, still fucking me. He licked my cheek clearly tasting the pussy that was all over my face. ‘Be mean,’ I whispered, ‘as rough as you like as long as I can swallow.’ As his grip tightened, his thrusting became a pounding. On my back, his hands were holding my ankles above my head while he was pounding my hole. He slapped me hard. I let out a long ‘mmmh,’ that was involuntary. My hand touched his chest he slapped me again. This time it made me feel like I was on the edge of an orgasm. bursa escort ‘Harder,’ I mouthed to him. He did it again, struck me hard and made my cock spurt just a little bit from my chastity cage.He pulled out and removed the condom then grabbed me by my hair. He dragged me into the floor and put me on my knees. He throated me hard without any easing into it. He face fucked me very fast and hard. With both hands on my head, I was a toy. He was using only the last few inches I was using as much tongue as I could. With one hand under my chin, our eyes were locked as the other hand worked for only a second. He came on my outstretched tongue and only a little on my lips. We kept eye-contact the whole time: when he came, when I swallowed and when I licked my lips and the last little bit of cum off of his cock. The power of a dominate male is sexy. He looked down and knew I was happy to be his bitch. He didn’t just watch; he enjoyed watching as I swallowed and licked my lips.Two sets of excited claps and suddenly I had just became aware that our partners had turned audience. They were across the room at the bar and enjoying the show. Mary was already having another drink. Justin offered me a hand because I was still on my knees. I stood up and walked over to the bar with them. After a round or two and maybe one too many for Mary she had the idea of playing spin the bottle where we would have to perform for the others.Mary spun first. The bottle came to a stop at Justin. He wasted no time putting her to the wall. He was fast and ruthless. He was balls deep in her ass. His palm holding her face to the wall, he was talking in her ear. Following the speed of his cock was a rising, ‘uh, uh, uh,’ coming from her. She sounded like she was going to cum then he pulls out. I saw her gaping ass for just a second, nearly dripping wet pussy just below. She was panting, her knees touched and she shivered. Still biting her lip stalled by the wall, Justin was already sitting down with a smirk on his face.After she made it back she joined us around the bottle. It was my turn to spin. I watched it turn until it landed on Mary. She stood up and walked across the room, hips swinging. We were all watching her; I was trying to stand without missing a second of this arousing scene. Stopping at a chair she turned and laid back in it, pointed her feet upward and spread her pussy in front of me as I got close. She was enjoying my tongue in her ass as much as her pussy. Her hands were in my hair gripping my head. Burying my face hard in her pussy, I could taste her getting wet. She was starting to rub her clit. I had to be the one to do it this time. I pulled myself back to deprive her of it just short of an orgasm.After returning to the bottle, it was Daniels turn to spin. Mary sat down with an evil stare of the sexiest kind. Daniel spun the bottle. It landed where I was hoping it was going to land on Justin. Daniel looked a little nervous more than I had seen from anyone all night. With Justin getting to his feet beside him, Daniel wrapped his hands around Justin’s cock. He stroked Justin cock which still wasn’t quite hard yet, as his head dipped down slightly and sucked on his balls. He put his hands on Justin’s hips and throated him. He choked the first time he tried to go balls deep. His head was bobbing fast, he looked sexy. I could only see Daniel from behind; his hard body flexing as he pleasured that cock, strong shoulders, and his balls peeking just below his tight round ass. He was really getting into it; his hands were exploring around Justin’s body.Mary had convinced me to go with her into the bedroom. The guys were enjoying themselves. They were headed toward a 69 position when we walked out. My room was barely lit; Mary asked me if I would take off my chastity cage. As I was doing that she says, ‘I want something.’ I looked at her quizzically, ‘like a fantasy kind of thing.’ I still didn’t say anything and just let her talk. After pausing, ‘I want all of you to fuck me,’ she says. As soon as it was free she was touching my cock. ‘Randomly,’ she said as my cock was hard in her hand, ‘I don’t want to know who it is or how.’She was touching around my body making me really horny. ‘I have an idea,’ I said, breaking my thoughts up a little. ‘I have just the thing.’ I got up and walked to my closet and pulled out my locking spreader bar. ‘This,’ I said, ‘it will make it way more fun.’She picked it up and played with it for a minute. ‘I have to get one of these,’ Mary said. ‘I know what I want,’ she stated. Almost like a bully, she pushes me on my back and holds the bar to my neck. She kissed me again (no matter how wasted, sloppy and sexy it was this is technically a bit of a no-no for us), then pushed herself upward push-up like and said, ‘make it a surprise, sometime tonight.’ She was almost looking for words in the distance, ‘arrange it with them.’ I agreed. After she kissed and nibbled her way down my body, not ignoring my pierced nipples and sucking my cock a few times she said, ‘I will make it worth it, I promise. We should go see what the guys are doing.’I had almost forgotten about them. After collecting ourselves we walked back into the other room. Daniel was hanging onto the armrest of the couch, getting fucked doggy style. Justin was pounding full length strokes; it was a nice patting sound in the room. Daniel’s head was facing away. I walked over to him and touched his face and he looked at me. I kissed him. For minutes it lasted, tongue, bitten lips and earlobes. It was making him breathe faster, finally he stopped kissing as a long, ‘ah,’ comes out followed by a few shorter ones, ‘ah, ah, uh.’ Justin slowed down and when he pulled out there was another one.I saw that Daniel had came into his cupped hand. I asked for it. I emptied the cupped part and swallowed it. I don’t really know why if it was drink, smoke or horniness that made me do it but I sat there on my knees and subserviently licked his hand. After a minute or so he kisses my cheek and whispers, ‘god I fucking love you.’It was quite late in the night and we had been working hard. I found us something to eat and we took a break. We even put underwear on for a while. I cooked and we took a few minutes off and another round of course. I bursa escort bayan took the first opportunity to quietly tell Justin and Daniel about Mary. Justin said, ‘I bet she wants us to bust in on her and lock her up. She likes it rough, sometimes really rough. You know, whips and crops and stuff. She’ll fight back a little.’This made things even more exciting. We had arranged how we would do it. Justin had his part, I had mine and Daniel had his. We all took a few minutes to make our own arrangements. It was simple and it fell together exactly as expected.When we were done snacking I got Mary to follow me to the basement to find another game to pass the time. I lead into the lie that would start it all. ‘Justin said he thinks we should do it another time.’ She argued and I said, ‘well we have done a lot of fucking tonight.’ She looked as though she agree but was a little skeptical. After finding what we wanted, she started up the stairs. Just as we reached the top I started it. I pulled my shirt off and pulled it around her eyes as Justin and Daniel came from each side of the door at the top. I got it tied while she (obviously in a playing manner) pushed back and swung.Daniel one arm and Justin on the other the pulled and carried her to our bedroom. Onto the bed and one shackle at a time she was locked, wrists between ankles, in the doggy style position. Justin sat down and used her mouth. Still blindfolded and bobbing on Justin’s cock, his fingers gripping her hair, I was supposed to start the next part. Justin and Mary had brought a few toys with them. I happened to have a new crop which was great as well.I started by spanking her. I made sure I got the back of her legs and her pussy a few times. Then I got out the butt plug that Justin suggest I use and dropped a little lube onto her ass. I worked it in slowly. I pulled it out once reinserted it and left it for a minute. It wasn’t a big one but it was the size I like to wear.Then it was time to put my SM skills to work. I got my new riding crop and started slow with it. Striking her ass and legs mostly, I would make sure to tap her pussy once in a while as well. I would stop and pull the butt plug out to see her gape and watch it close. I continued with the crop. Daniel was playing with her hanging breasts. Slapping them sometimes and playing with her nipples. I was getting harder with the crop not being so easy on her lips and clit. She was moaning at the crop in a desperate sort of way. Justin would pull her lips, a stringing mess, from his cock and she would never critique or object only, gasp a moan. Justin would tease lips with his cock until she begged ‘please.’ I took those opportunities to strike her a little harder. She once screamed ‘do be soft on me.’ I went even harder.Soon when I removed the butt plug her body was begging for something to be stuffed back into it. I would tease her ass. We were told to wait as long as possible before fucking her pussy. I continued cropping her more. Justin, controlling her whole upper body, was still sitting against the headboard, sliding her lips along his cock; you could see her mouth working, pleasing. Pulled that plug out and despite the taste of lube I ate her ass. I plunged the plug in until the fattest part and gaped her a few times so that I could lick around it.I cued Daniel in. He got over her and he pushed his cock into her wet ass. Thrusting a few times, teasing, he was fucking her in the same position I like best with the locking spreader bar, bulldog (I think it is, like doggy style with the tops legs in front of the bottoms legs and sorta squatting to go deep). I was still able to use the crop. She had red spots here and there. The swatting noise of riding crop on skin had become white noise. Only the moans and groans that accompanied them from time to time were heard. I focused on her pussy for a few minutes, the insides of the legs, lips and clit. She was groaning to be fucked. Daniel was just now really starting to do it.Justin throated a still blindfolded Mary. She choked on his cock for several seconds then he pulled it out let her gasp then did it several more times. Finally he pulled his cock out and got up. He left her with a sloppy mouth and face. The side of her face was pushed down by her inability to stop it. Justin was taking Daniels place so I was going to go for her mouth. Justin flipped her onto her back. He began smoothly and deeply fucking her ass. I got on my knees over her face and pushed my cock into her mouth.I was slapping her tits around and only giving her the tip of my cock. She was nearly begging for it. Justin was smacking her pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb only for a few seconds. Justin would fuck her really intensely and edge her close then stop. Her moans had a wanting sound about them. I finally got the ball gag out and put it on her. As I finished strapping it on her she was being edged again, body squirming for more. I struck her cheek a couple of times. Making her moans sound desperate.Justin pulled out of her and laid back. He moved her body onto his, still in the spreader bar. On her back, she was getting Justin’s thick cock. I smacked her pussy a few times and I was first. When I pushed into her she instantly sounded different. Hungry to just get fucked, I started fucking her tight pussy. The gag covered the moaning into a muffled, ‘unf’ which was getting faster. I fucked as hard and fast as I could hearing her orgasm rising. When she was almost there I pulled out of her, struck her face again and walked around while Daniel took my place. This time it was more of a weepy, ‘onf,’ because her body wanted it but Justin knew to hold out.I could barely holdout. I came on her neck and chest. Daniel was making good work of it. I rubbed the cum I still had left on her face and watched. She was going to cum. Her screams were gargled out by the gag. She was writhing, two large cocks filling her holes finally making her cum. Her hands clenched into fists, feet pointed and toes curled. ‘Mmmmmmh,’ came from behind the gag. Daniel was still fucking her hard; I could hear him close as well. He was pulled out and came on her belly. Justin was still fucking her holding her ass with his hands, using her hole roughly. He came in her ass; escort bursa the only noise left was heavy breathing.Justin pushed her off of him. Daniel had already opened the door, walking out. Justin got up and walked out as well. I had one thing left to do. She was still lying down, knees close together, unsuccessfully trying to hide her pussy. Turned down the lights, put her bag in the bathroom, along with a towel. I returned to Mary who was panting a little. I stuck one of my fingers in her ass and got as much cum as I could and licked my finger very audibly. I unlocked one of her hand restraints and put the key in her hand. I quickly left and closed the door.I found Justin and Daniel and told them I had finished it. Everyone looked like they were ready to go to sleep. I heard a running shower and waited a few minutes to replace the sheets on our bed. Justin disappeared into the bathroom as well. I turned my attention to Daniel. He was sitting in a chair. I approached him. I got to my knees and began servicing his, now soft, cock. With his hands on the back of my head he would choke me with his cock deep in my throat then pull it from my lips and lift my head to his and kiss me. He throated me then kissed me several times. He did this until the shower went silent and soon they appeared. Damp and clean they looked sexy, Mary in cute shorts and a cami and Justin in the sexiest James Bond shorts and shirtless.I headed to get a shower as well. Inviting Daniel to come with me, he nodded as I walked out. I turned the water on and stepped in. The warm water was amazing on my skin. Daniel soon joined me. He stepped in and wrapped his arms around me. Embracing me under the water, nibbling at my neck and ears, he had no lack of affection. ‘I want that,’ I said, ‘what we did with her. You know me well, surprise me, and be mean. I want to feel it later,’ I said.He pushed me to the cold, wet wall, ‘I would love to,’ he said softly as I turned my head over my shoulder. ‘I love you,’ he said pressing his lips to mine. We kissed several times then I was startled by the door opening. A whisper in my ear said, ‘they wanted to watch.’I barely had time to say, ‘watch what.’ He pushed my body to the cold wet glass. He squeezed my body to the glass with his chest, as he stuffed his fingers in my mouth. He pulled his slippery, dripping fingers from my mouth and pushed one, two then three of them in my ass. I put my palms on the glass above my head. Watching Mary and Justin sitting down, whispering I could clearly see Justin’s cock through his tight shorts.He pushed his cock inside me. I suppose I was still a little lube as well. I was a little sore from all the fucking but it was amazing. I kept closing my eyes as he pleasured my tight ass, his finger laced through mine he grasped my hands as he began to pound my hole with the angry sort of dominance I like best. I knew he wouldn’t make me cum again from anal but it did feel amazing. The cold water on my nipples and chest, the warm water on my back, two pairs of eyes watching me submit to Daniels cock opening my hole was a powerful feeling. My back kept arching and I would involuntarily clench my ass. I was making little moans that soon, turned to desperate gasps. I finally begged Daniel, ‘please harder.’ He slowed down. I cast an angry look over my shoulder. He looked me in the eyes and thrust hard and deep. ‘OH!,’ I cried. ‘Please,’ I said again, pushing my ass back at him.He thrust his cock hard and abrupt between words, ‘you- will- have- what- you- are- GIVEN-,’ I was moaning between words as well. I could see Mary touching Justin’s cock through his shorts. The pleasure was immense but then suddenly stopped. He pulled out of me. ‘On your knees slut,’ he said loudly. I turned around he grabbed me by my hair and started pulling me to the ground. ‘I said on your fucking knees bitch,’ he growled.With two hands grasping my hair by the scalp he started face fucking me. He started to push me against the wall again. With my head pushed to the glass he was using my mouth however he wanted. He pushed deep and throated me hard. After a fast, ‘guh-guh-guh-guh,’ I gagged and he pulled his cock from my lips and slapped me. It made my whole body tingle. He continued using my mouth putting the head near my tongue then throating me again. I barely had time to catch air when he would pull his cock out, my saliva running down my face. I was at such an awkward height I was struggling to stay there my hands gripped his hips. He was rough and unstopping, throating me and occasionally letting me use my mouth. He rammed my head to the glass holding his cock in my throat. I gagged until my stomach was contracting.He pulled his cock from my mouth. I thought for a second that he had came down my throat until he pulled me to my feet. I felt his large hands wrap around my ass; my toes came off the floor and my legs naturally wrapped around him. I barely had a chance to wipe my mouth before he had me pinned in the corner. I put his cock to my hole and he was holding me off the ground, spreading my ass and using my hole hard.My arms around his neck where the only thing maintaining the balance. He was really reaming my hole. Our wet bodies where making a loud slapping sound that was resonating through the room. Soon my moans and cries where getting louder when Daniel let me down. It was what I really wanted anyway. I quickly put my lips around his cock. Tonguing the head of his cock I felt the first hard squirt of cum. I slowly slid my lips up and down the head as he continued to cum. When it stopped coming I looked up at him so he could see me swallow. He brought me back up to him and kissed me deep, like he was trying to taste the cum on my tongue. His hand was slowly stroking our cocks together.He started to lather my body. I became aware of Mary and Justin again. After a very thorough cleaning and reciprocating Mary and Justin had walked out and Daniel and I were left alone. Upon stepping out he ran his fingers through long hair a few time while looking in my eyes and said, ‘I love you very much.’ He dried my body off and watched as I put on my panties and skimpy shorts.Justin and Mary were already curled up in the guest room. I went in to see them and Mary was nearly asleep. I bade them goodnight and went back to Daniel. I lay next to him and his body felt so comfortable against mine. I couldn’t fight the sleep at what must’ve been 5am.The next day we parted ways knowing we would be doing it again we all wanted it.

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