Fourth of July picnic

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Fourth of July picnicDavid and I have been friends since the second grade, and every weekend we’d take turns spending the night at each other’s house. We would stay up late watching tv and play video games. After going to junior high school we discovered something else we could do, and we enjoyed it. The weekend of Fourth of July was no different. We sat up watching tv till his parents went to bed. We waited a few minutes to make sure they weren’t coming to check on us, then stripped off our pajamas and underwear. Climbing under the covers we’d grab each others dicks and stroke them. David started to breathe faster and I knew he was about to cum, we kept a towel under the pillow to clean up after playing, So I reached under my pillow and grabbed the towel getting ready to catch it. He stiffened up and started shaking. I wrapped the towel around his dick and stroked him till he came. Soon I was about to cum and he did the same. After cleaning up we dressed and I went to the bathroom and dropped the towel in the hamper. Earlier the next morning I felt something poking me on my butt, I reached around to feel what it was. David had a hard on and during the night he slid up against bursa escort me. I heard some boys talking about putting a dick in their butt while in the shower at gym and thought it might be fun. I pulled my bottom down and snaked his dick through the pee gap in his pajamas. He was sound asleep so I knew I wouldn’t bother him. I spat on my hand and rubbed my butt crack and hole, then I rubbed spit on his dick. I positioned my butt in line with his dick and slid back. He woke up and asked what I was doing, I told him about what I heard and wanted to try it. He suggested I lay on my stomach and he’d get on me, I said ok. I rolled over and he pushed into my butt, but he was to little (I wasn’t much bigger) so I got up on my knees and we tried again. He put his dick against my hole and pushed in. It hurt like hell, but I put my face in the pillow to cover the noise. He pushed in and out a few times and the pain slowly went away. It was only a couple of minutes before he came in me. He pulled out and asked what it felt like. My butt hurt and I could feel his cum running down my crack , I told him it hurts at first, but that goes away and feels funny. He pulled down his bottoms and bursa escort bayan said to do it to him. I got behind him and spat on my dick, pressed on his hole and pushed. He screamed, which woke up his dad. We pulled up our pants and laid back down. Mr. Scott opened the door and asked what all the noise was about. David said he had a nightmare, and apologized for screaming. Mr. Scott said ok, and we may as well get up. My butt felt funny walking to the bathroom, after peeing I wiped the cum out of my crack and leg. After breakfast we all got in Mr. Scotts van and headed to the lake for the picnic. After a long boring drive we finally made it to the lake. After unpacking the van and helping set up our area David and I put on our swim pants and ran down to the lake. There were boats everywhere, but we finally found a place to jump in and swim. After an hour or so David said ” lets go into the woods and play”, I said ok. We went a few yards in and found a clearing to sit. We pulled off our pants and started stroking each other. I told David I never got a turn putting my dick in his butt. He said it hurt, I said I know but you owe me. He said to let him put it in me, then he’d escort bursa let me do him. I bent over and held on to a tree and spread my legs. He stood behind me and put his dick in my crack. He spat on it and pushed in, it hurt but not as bad as the first time. He pounded my butt for a few minutes then he came. I moved forward to get him out of me and to wipe my butt with my swim pants, then told him to bend over. I grabbed his hips to keep him from moving, and pushed into his butt. He covered his mouth to keep quiet. After pushing in him I didn’t move for a couple of minutes, then I pulled out some. I went in and out of his but till I felt like I was about to cum. I pushed all the way in him and shot my wad. I pulled out and wiped his butt. He just stood there shaking till finally he stood up straight. I asked him what he thought about it? He said it was weird. It hurt but felt good at the same time. I said I know. We dressed and ran back to the lake and jumped in. Mrs. Scott came down and told us it was time for lunch, so we went to eat. He mom said we couldn’t go swimming for at least an hour after eating so we went walking around. As we were walking around a boy( call him Jeff)we knew from school came up to us. He said he saw what we did in the woods. We got scared he’d tell, but he said he wanted to do it to. Still a little frightened we followed him into the woods where we were earlier.

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