Fran Next door

Fran Next doorAfter my divorce I moved into an apartment and for the first 6 months it was bliss. The amount of 30s and 40s women out there willing to jump into bed at a moment’s notice was unbelievable. One women who I tries like crazy to bed was Francesca. She lived in the apartment across the way. She was a 32 year old Latino, slightly overweight big tits but I always thought she would be a lot of fun. Now she did have a boyfriend / fuck buddy who comes around every now and then to see to her needs . One night over a bottle of wine she mentioned that he never makes her cum, I jokingly said, Give me a call if you need some help. She just laughed.Her BF only came around in the afternoon, he would stay for about an hour then leave, while he was there I used to imagine what was going on inside her apartment, is she fucking him on top? Is she giving him a blow job ? is he playing with her tits? On more than one occasion I would JO to the thought of those two.One rainy afternoon I watched him arrive and then leave about 45 mins later, I spied through my key hole and saw she only had on her robe, this gave me an instant hard on. I watched him drive away then I knocked on Francesca door, holding canlı bahis şirketleri a bottle of wine. She answered in her robe showing a little leg. I asked if I could come in and open the bottle, she said yes but has to shower first. I walked in and opened the bottle and then said that she didn’t have to shower for my benefit and handed her a glass. I could tell than she had already had a couple of drinks. She told me that Todd had just left, I joked that he was never going to make her cum if he hasn’t done already. She smiled In her drunk state and said that he didn’t this time either. I said , remember that I can help you out if you like, again smiling she said just how would you do that. I told her that I could have her cumming within 2 minutes of getting tin to bed.She grabbed the bottle and her glass and walked into the bed room. After about 30 seconds she shouted come on then. I walked in to the room to find her on the bed robe open, tits out wearing only a cotton pair of panties. ‘Show me” she said , so I placed myself at the foot of the bed and reached for her tits, they were just like I thought they would be. Her nipples hardened as she put her hand behind her head, perabet giriş waiting to be pleased. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked she loved it. While I sucked on each nipples I let me hand slid down her body reaching her panties, she opened her legs wide, breathing hard. As my hand reached between her legs I could feel the wetness, she was soaking wet. I rubbed her pussy lips through the wet cotton, I realized that she hadn’t had a shower so that wetness may not be all her. I pulled her panties off and positioned myself to give some oral pleasure, legs open even wider as I went down on her. She had thick latino lips which were very wet her juices and I guess some seamen. I slipped 2 fingers inside her as I licked her clit, as predicted I was able to make her cum very fast, she was trembling her whole body jerked with the excitement, juices flowed from her pussy down to her ass, I followed with my tongue, licking all that was in front of me. It was then that I saw Todd standing in the room, Fran saw him at the same time, she said ‘have you come back to fuck me some more ? and as she said it she pushed me to one side and motioned for him to come to her. With perabet güvenilir mi her legs open she reached for his jeans and pulled then open. No wonder she like him coming around, he was massive, he held his cock at her pussy entrance then pushed it all the way in. I t must of hurt her but her fat swollen lips and the fact she was so wet probably helped Todd started to fuck her with her legs up on his shoulders. I tried to lie next to Fran but she pushed me away again. I guess she wanted to concentrate on Todd. It wasn’t too long before he started to cum, From where I was standing I could see his balls start to pump cum into her and before he released all his seed he pulled out and sprayed her public hair and stomach with white cum. He stood up without ever looking at me, zipped up his jeans and left saying that ‘she’s all yours now” I looked at Fran as she turned over onto her side? I asked if she was ok and said she was fine as she dropped off to sleep in her drunken haze. Within a minute she was gone sleeping like a little baby, heavy breathing almost snoring. Still naked on her bed I moved to the side so I could see her ass and pussy lips, cum oozed from body, I took her cotton panties and sniffed them, and they were so good . I took my cock out and jerked off to Frans naked body in front of me. I came in her panties . I placed a blanket over her and left with her cotton panties, I will use them again.I left a note to call me when she wakes.

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