Subject: Freed by a ‘Glitch’ (6) I don’t know if anyone has seen the show ‘Glitch’ out there. It’s about a possible experiment that somehow brings the dead back to life. Or at least some dead. I am intrigue by this show and its cast. Especially the hot Aussie men in it. William and James in particular. Also there is a gay character in it. Charlie. So this is a tale of Charlie who in his past denied his love, finds his new life filled with men and really getting what he wants. Men and cock Enjoy. Freed by a ‘Glitch’ (6) First Fuck … … Charlie stood up for Russell. After a wonderful blow job Russell was ready to fuck the reborn Charlie. He was ready to give this virgin a grand a hardy fucking. And as Charlie was a fresh young ass, he knew this would be tight and a wonderful cherry pop. “Come on Charlie” Russell said “I need to get at that ass” Charlie finished taking off his clothes. He stood there in just briefs for the bear. Russell looked at the delicious lean body that Charlie had. He reached for him and caressed it. Moving his meaty hand over the smooth and tight chest. “Really fucking beautiful” he said “Love my boys smooth. Just like you are Charlie” “Soo gorgeous” Russell grabbed Charlie and pulled him into his big hairy frame. Then he kissed Charlie. A deep passioned kiss. Telling him after how beautiful he was. How he noticed him the moment he came into bursa escort bayan the bar. That he reminded him of a lover he had many years ago. Charlie was loving the feel of Russell against him. So he took another kiss from Russell. And he pulled on the mans arm to get him closer. “Come in mate” Russell then said “Then this butt around so daddy can fuck you” Charlie was so not used to this. Its what he wanted but he was still not used to it. Something that he never got to experience in his time because of the loathing if society to such things. But he was going to have it now. And it scared him. So ie pulled back from Russell. “Wait!” He chirped “Just wait” “Hey Charlie” Russel came back “Don’t you want it?” “I know I do.” “Come on baby. Lets do this” Charlie looked at the man before him. Russell was a good looking man. A man that could have been hus father. Or at least his daddy if he had him back then. And he pondered all this as he stared at the man. He looked older, but he wasn’t. And this was just something else that messed with his head. “I just want to be sure” he then said “Well are you?” Russell asked again “Don’t you like me.?” Charlie did like the man. A lot. He was just so confused. So he looked at the man for a moment before making another move. “Yeah” he said back “I do Russell” “So what’s the problem then Charlie” Russell replied “I like you very görükle escort very much” “And..” He grabbed charlie and pulled him to his body again. Charlie felt the mans body again. The chest at hus hand as he was pulled into Russell once more. He knew he wanted this. He wanted this passion and sex he had never had. And this bear of a man was a good place to start. Even if the one he really wanted was not to be had. Russell pulled in to kiss him again. And Charlie let him. And he felt the mans dick below. Pushing against him and his thigh. It sure felt good. He reached back down and grasped at Russell’s dick again. Feeling the nice heft in the man. He stroked at the mans cock once more. And he knew he had to have it. He had to give in to this man and his advances. “Okay” he then said “Just gotta take it slow.” Russell nodded as he understood the young guys trepidation. So he tried to take it slow. Regardless of his utter horniness. So Russell decided to give him a blowjob as well. He dropped to his knees and grabbed at Charlie’s cock. He quickly went down on the younger guy again. Slurping up on Charlie’s already rigid cock. He savored it and sucked on the guys cock to keep it nice and hard . Charlie moaned as he felt Russell in his dick. Loving the feel of the man on him. He rubbed at Russell’s head and cooed as the sensations in his dick felt out bursa escort bayan soo good. “Ooo man. That’s so great Russell” he said “You know how to suck” Russell continued to slobber in Charlie’s cock for a bit longer. But he was still very horny. He still was dying to feel Charlie’s ass on his dick. His hand had stayed in his own dick. Stroking it to keep it hard. So he pulled from Charlie. Then he stood up again and re-suggested the sex to the guy. This time Charlie conceded and said yes. Russell smiled as he got Charlie to turn. He then bent him over the sofa in the room. “This is gonna be great Charlie” he said “I promise you” Charlie felt the mans meaty hand in his backside again. Then Russell spit back down in his butt. Then he pulled his hard dick to Charlie’s ass hole. Rubbing it up and down the crack. Russell sighed as he felt the hole right against his cock head as he pressed it to the doorway. “Its gonna hurt at first” he said “Just a little bit at first” “But then..” And then he thrust into Charlie’s ass. Forcing his hard dick into rhe fresh unfucked hole.cjarlie grimaced as the man was right. It was a sharp and stabbing pain. Like a k ife had been shoved into his ass. Pain went through him. His face tightened and he felt a scream coming uo from his chest. But it did not come out as the pain took hold. No cry poured from his lips as the pain was too much to scream. All he wanted now was to pull himself from the wrecking pain in hus ass. But Russell felt the tug of the guy wanted to escape and he grabbed at Charlie’s hips and held him to his dick. “But then it will feel great” Russell added… More to cum

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