Freedom For Goddess Ch. 02


Part 2 – The Other Side of Training

Goddess was delighted at what a good round of orgasms, control and sleep had done for her. She anticipated the next session. Once again it started with dinner, but this time ant was instructed to wear no underwear and just an unlubricated condom. He was instructed to make sure that the condom stayed on, even if it meant using a string or rubber band around his soft member.

The anticipation of the next session had a profound effect on Goddess and the thoughts raced in and out of her mind all day. By noon the moisture in her crotch was growing and she soon found herself using a pad to soak up the juices. By the end of the day and into the hours before dinner she simply removed her panties and enjoyed the drips as they ran down her legs and onto a towel under her dress. Her engorged vulva would enjoy this evening and the hormones in her body made her both cagey and alive.

Goddess stared out of the window of her limo thinking about a revelation that she had thought about some months earlier. Through incarnations and life where women were viewed as the weaker sex, she had little experience with swollen testicles or the male response to such things. She believed that she had the answer after all. The male organs hung low. Below and behind the penis, not just to cool the sperm inside for reproduction, but for female access. The advent of the web and the discovery of submissive men lead her to the conclusion that the testicles hung down for the female administration of control and pain to rule the male species. Reproduction science had logic, but how could you explain the vulnerability for the rest of the time, which was most of the time. Clearly women were evolving to be more equal to men and the discovery of this placement and evolutionary reasoning made her sure that they hung this way for that purpose.

While this thought comforted Goddess, she had little real experience in these matters, but her subject would soon be her liberator and she stepped from the limo onto the curb. Her black leather skirt and top caught the eyes of all who were in the area and they stared in silence as she headed for the restaurant door. The valet smoothly opened the door to the restaurant for her and she moved to the bar where ant sat waiting.

Dinner was excellent and the combination of food, wine and pleasant conversation included some painful squeezes to ant’s swollen balls. He made some noises and was reminded to be still and silent. He complied, but the stress was evident on his face. Goddess instructed ant to talk and ask questions freely during dinner, but she reminded him with a squeeze that the private activities required silence and obedience.

ant wanted to know how Goddess would treat him as this continued and she countered with “how badly do you need to cum?” Do you remember licking a sentence:

“ant needs to have his ass and throat trained so that he can show his obedient to Goddess?”

He nodded in agreement. Well, then your training includes that, but that will not be enough ant,” she said. Goddess took a slow sip of wine and asked, “Are you willing to drink your cum ant?” He hesitated and shook his head no.

Goddess asked, “But what if I require that ant, will you agree to that when you are desperate to cum?” He responded with “desperate, yes if I was desperate I might.”

Goddess went on to ask ant about why not and he had several sound reasons that included, “it’s a woman’s job to do that” and “It seems so gay to do that.” After hearing these seemingly poor excuses, she reminded ant with a squeeze that this was not normal behavior that they were engaged in and that his only job was to be obedient.

“Do you want to be obedient ant, truly obedient and serving or do you want to be in the game?” You will do as I ask, without hesitation” and her wine glass made a pressured landing on the table to grab his attention. He shook his head yes in compliance.

Goddess asked about how his oral training had been going. Since starting on the Internet he had been instructed to work on putting objects into his mouth and throat so that he could learn to suck like a woman. This started with him brushing his teeth and then his tongue and he was able to brush farther back without gagging after two weeks of this. ant noted that he still needed to work on larger objects, but that he had been working on it for 15 minutes per day.

“We’ll see soon enough” was all that Goddess had to say about that.

During the limo ride to the hotel, ant was informed of what he could say. The words were:

– The numbers 5 through 9.5 to indicate extreme pleasure before orgasm or pain during punishment.

-More – -Goddess – -Thank you – -Please –

ant was also instructed to be silent when instructed and to remain that way until instructed. When allowed, he could use these words in any combination whenever he was played with, punished, given something, asked for something or granted any privilege or denizli escort denial that would please Goddess. She reminded him that it would be correct only when it pleased Goddess. On the other hand, excessive use was to be punished, so he needed to pay attention. Goddess knew that a few rounds of what was and was not appropriate would have him molded.

At the hotel, ant was immediately naked on his knees with the condom hanging from his penis. Goddess could see that his drip had filled the tip with salty syrup and he would soon enjoy the must of its chemistry. But the drip going down Goddesses leg would need to be cleaned up first. Ant used his tongue as instructed but her leather skirt remained on and he was denied even a glance at the fountain that had produced the nectar that he now consumed.

Goddess could tell that his testicles were more swollen than before and she squeezed them and pressed them up into his abdomen with no care for ant’s comfort. He moaned loudly and she reminded him to be silent.

“I’ll need to do that again ant, you violated my rule for silence and now you must try again.” While he was obedient this time, she could tell that he was suffering and his breathing became deeper. “I didn’t hear a thank you, I didn’t hear a plea for more, I didn’t hear more please,” she snapped. “I’ll need to do that all over again ant!” When he had complied with her training, he was spanked 10 times for his poor conduct.

“Would you like to put your dick in my ass ant?” She asked. He nodded for yes.

“Wouldn’t it feel so good to have that swollen dick of yours pressed into that tight little hole?”

“Yes Goddess,” he said.

“To have me spread wide open while you relieve yourself in my rectum. Would you like that ant?”

Again he responded “Yes Goddess” and with an enthusiastic up and down of his head as he closed with “Please.”

“How about being able to just see my naked body, would that be nice for you?” she asked.

The nods and limited words continued as she asked him if he would like to have his penis sucked, his penis in her throat or her mouth or across her nipples. He was becoming more and more aroused by all of this and repeated his “Please” on each new one.

Goddess scolded ant:

“You must be kidding ant? You have done nothing for me tonight and you don’t actually think that you will be allowed inside me do you? Don’t ever think that you will decide to have sex with me and certainly not inside my ass with your dick! I think that you’re way too horny to think like a submissive tool and you are to serve only my pleasure and not yours. Do you think that relieving you in my ass would give me pleasure?”

For each “Please” that you uttered (there were 9), you shall be spanked 10 times.

With each slap on his cheeks they grew more and more red and he said “thank you” after each one, ending with “more” after the 90th blow. Goddess complied with 10 extra hard ones to signify the end and ant ended with “more” after the last blow to his now red ass.

“Since we’re on the subject of asses,” she noted, “It is time to begin your anal training.” She once again produced a blindfold and the sack to cover his head with a slit for his mouth only. Once again Goddess had him feel the garments of clothing as she stripped before his blinded eyes. After the first “Thank you” for her clothes, she ordered silence and there was nothing but the sound of clothing being removed from Goddess and the slow breathing of ants muffled breath as he felt the items passed to him.

ant was called to the end of the bed and told to bring his chest to it again. Goddess invoked the order for ant to spread his ass cheeks apart as far as he could. His breathing became more rapid and his penis erect as he anticipated being analyzed by a dildo.

“Perhaps it will be a large dildo or a butt plug or just a finger?” He thought. He would soon know, but his mind was distracted when Goddess ordered him to stick out his tongue as she moved onto the bed to stick her ass into his face.

“ant, it is time for you to get your first lesson in ass licking. There is really nothing bad about it, you just need to be good at it. I want slow and rhythmic strokes until I relax and then you can probe my anus with that tongue.”

With his hands still spreading his cheeks apart, he began to lick Goddess’s rear, crack and anus. Within minutes she was moaning and relaxing and now he knew it was time to insert his tongue into that forbidden hole. He probed in short but increasing strokes until at last his tongue was performing analingus on her ass.

The juices flowed from her and ant would occasionally be required to lick them up too. She was becoming more swollen and aroused with desire. Upon realizing this, Goddess became stern and demanding as she kept her desires in check. Her end-game was clear and she focused on getting him into that game.

This went on for almost an hour until Goddess pulled away and dikimevi escort ordered ant, still blinded, to stand with his hands on his spread ass cheeks and come sit next to her in a chair. He did not know or expect a lubricated dildo to be held on the chair as he sat and the surprise of the one-inch thick probe crashing into his anus took his breath away as he yelped in disbelief.

Goddess was not amused by this behavior and she once again ordered silence.

“I will instruct you as to how to take this probe into your ass. But for making noise when you sat and for this lesson there will be a price. You will be spanked 25 times after the probe is inserted and you will not be allowed to cum tonight. You may speak now ant,” she commanded.

“Thank you Goddess” was all he said.

And with that, the lesson on anal insertion began:

“We will be using a water soluble lubricant called AstroGlide and I may add some K-Y Jelly to that. You must relax your muscles and listen to me carefully.” He could hear Goddess slipping on a pair of latex gloves as she continued he instructions. I have placed rubber gloves on my hands since I wish to be disconnected from actual physical touch with you. Since you told me at dinner that you are all cleaned up, then I assume that you have made a bowl movement in the last 6 hours, please nod if that is correct” ant nodded no.

“Then I shall need to clean you out before we begin this exercise and I am not pleased by this behavior. I will not be needing these gloves and you will do as I say.”

With that statement ant could hear the gloves coming off and the pain from her squeezing his balls and then pushing them up into his abdomen. He could feel the drip coming through his urethra and being deposited into the condom tied to his penis. This was not missed by Goddess and she commented “What a nice little drip deposit you have going there ant.”

Still blindfolded, with his ass cheeks still spread apart by his own hands and with a condom filling with accumulated drippings, he was lead to the bathroom to kneel on the floor with his face touching the tile floor. The sound of packaging being opened filled the air with cardboard box noises and soon he could feel a slight push against his anus as a tiny object was inserted pointing toward his belly button with Goddesses skillful knowledge.

Goddess spoke: “This is a disposable Fleet enema and you will now take your right hand and gently squeeze the contents into your ass.”

He could hear the sink running now as he began to fill his ass with the liquid. Once it was empty, Goddess removed the bottle and left the cap inside ant, while she filled it with warm tap water. In moments, it was reattached to the cap nozzle and he was again instructed to fill his ass slowly. By the end of that bottle, the cramping started and she again filled the bottle.

“Just this one more ant,” she noted.

And in a few minutes it was empty while his cramps grew more intense and frequent.

Goddess removed the bottle and nozzle and disposed of the entire matter into the trashcan with a clump. “Now, ant” she said, “You don’t want to have to start this over do you? Because if you make a mess, then you will need to clean it up and we’ll start all over again.” He shook his head yes. “Good then, let me see your suffering a little bit before you empty yourself. Within 5 minutes ant muttered “seven” to indicate his pain level. A minute later “eight.”

Goddess positioned herself next to ant so that her breast and nipple was near ants face. Now ant, when you were a child, your mother placed your mouth on her breast to comfort you when you were crying. My breast is before you now. Open your mouth and I’ll comfort you. While he could not see the beautiful nipple that he was now sucking on, it took his mind off of the cramps for a while. Goddess had positioned her hand on ants swollen testicles and was abusing them while he sucked with squeezes and soft spanking.

Ant muttered “nine” while sucking her breast and she knew it was time for him to empty his bowls. Onto the toilet he went. After a few rounds of the runs, he was instructed to take a rinsing shower and keep the head covering dry.

Back on his knees on the bed, ant found himself swollen and horny. “Now ant” you have not been completely and perfectly obedient, so your lessons will start with me watching you masturbate your ass.”

ant was clearly disturbed by this and he swallowed a hard gulping sound and froze in his place. “I detect hesitation ant, and I am not impressed with your response. So what if I humiliate you, so what if you are embarrassed? Get to work on that ass now and I will instruct you how to do it.”

ant was well aware that he had just washed out his lower bowls and was dry down there and that his fingers were dry too. Goddess spoke as he moved his right hand index finger to the opening of the hole and began to wiggle it in.

“That’s right ant, dikmen escort no lubrication. In general, too much lubrication is enough, but you have been bad and must earn the right to be lubed up. You will do exactly as I say or the punishment will become more severe.”

ant had worked his finger in to the knuckle.

Goddess was ready to issue instructions:

“You will tighten your muscles around your finger as tightly as possible until my count of ten. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten – now relax 100% and take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Again, tighten as hard as you can. One… ten and let it out slowly this time and take a deep breath and let it out slowly.”

This went on for five minutes.

“Time to learn to relax a bit more ant. Again tighten up on my count – one… ten and now press out as if making a bowl movement. Push out hard and you will feel the muscles let go. The sphincter muscles are stimulated to relax and let go by inward pressure”

His entire finger slid inside now and a pleased smirk washed across his face.

“I want you to fuck your ass ant and I want you to push out as your finger goes in. I want to see full-length finger insertions and withdrawls.”

This pleased Goddess and she poured the AstroGlide onto his fingers and the speed immediately increased. Again ant smiled from the results of this. She spanked his ass as he fucked it and then she gently spanked his dangling balls and he began to squirm. “STOP moving around ant or I will do it harder!”

“Yes” she thought, “they hang there for my control.”

He immediately complied, but the look of distress on his face was clear and he spoke out “seven” to register his level of pain. Soon that was “eight” and Goddess deftly controlled her pace and spanking pressures to keep it there. The power of her control over that organ filled her with emotional pleasure and she wanted more. Her power was beginning to come back.

“You seem looser now ant, I want to see two fingers in that hole, she demanded”.

He immediately began to work his middle finger into the hole with the index finger as the guide and soon he was fucking himself with two fingers. Goddess looked on with pleasure as he slowly quickened his pace. She began the spanking again and soon “eight” was muttered from ants now pressured face. The dangling condom was now filling with his drip juices.

All of this activity had made Goddess wet and she turned out all of the lights in the room so that she could remove his hood and eye cover to allow more freedom of his tongue. While the darkness was near complete, he could see shadows of her body. Goddess removed his fingers from his ass and wrapped them in a towel, but immediately inserted a 1″ dildo that was 8″ long into his rectum. He could feel it glide in so easily, he knew a woman and a toy had finally analyzed him.

He remained still, but was breathing heavily. “ant, I want you to lie down on the bed and she lead him to his place there. She rolled him onto his back so that the dildo could not come out. Goddess climbed onto the bed and positioned her vulva for his mouth to stimulate while she was on her knees, but with her ass facing his head. This gave her full view and contact with his penis and swollen balls.

For now ant, you shall again write out the following sentence on Goddesses vagina and clitoris:

“ant needs to have his ass and throat trained so that he can show his obedient to Goddess”

He began to spell out the words while Goddess recited each letter. “a n t n e e d s t o h a v e h i s a s s a n d t h r o a t t r a i n e d s o t h a t h e c a n s h o w h i s o b e d i e n t t o G o d d e s s.”

“Softer,” she demanded… and soon she came. As he continued to lick, her undulating hips formed a rhythm with his letters and the cadence was both hypnotic and wonderful as her juices continued to flow. She came again. Her final orgasm took longer and ant was slowing a bit. She ordered him to quicken the pace and his sore jaw and tongue found renewed energy until she was satisfied yet again. She spanked his balls as she came and his drip continued.

Goddess demanded that he lick up all the juices and sweat from her ass and when he had complied, she had him wipe up his face with his hand and lick his fingers clean. He was still on his back with the dildo in his ass and she would not let him see the front of her.

“Now ant, you have a condom filled with precum, what should we do with it?” He looked puzzled and she asked him to speak. He still looked puzzled and remained silent. What could he say without being punished? “More Goddess” came from his lips.

“You mean you want more play? No, not time for play, what should I do with that condom ant? What do you think I would like ant? It would be a waste to throw away that semen. Perhaps you should have a taste of that ant, what do you think?”

He was overwhelmed and could not speak. Answer or you will be punished and she grabbed his balls from behind his ass and began to make a fist while rolling him onto his side away from her. She grabbed the end of the dildo and began to pull it out slowly, only to reverse the direction seconds later.

“Please Goddess” came out of his mouth.

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