French Fantasy Fulfilled


It had been just another weekend. Another boring, uneventful Friday, with the usual trip to the bar after work, and I was pretty ready for the two days off. Especially since every weekend was a new opportunity to spend time with the lovely Cerise…

You see, I’ve been living with a French family for a while as I work.

Being from England, this made my life interesting and somewhat difficult, what with the language barrier and all. There were 3 daughters in the family… one lived in Paris, and one was 12. They were nice enough, but unremarkable…

However, Cerise was 18, close to my age, and I always got along with her the best. It probably didn’t hurt that she was very attractive to look at- petite, with pert breasts and tops that always complimented them. Her ass was perfectly shaped, and she seemed completely unaware of my checking it out whenever she bent to pick something up. It was maddening to see that lovely, sculpted ass and know I couldn’t touch it. And then she had this shoulder length blonde hair that was highlighted with dirty streaks, full and flowing… Every time I saw her, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to run my fingers through that hair…

But all this was forbidden. See, her whole family was very Catholic, and she seemed so innocent, so naive, I could only guess at how little she knew about guys. I knew that she was supposed to be out of bounds. Apparently Cerise’s family didn’t realize the fantasies their daughter inspired in me, a 19 year old student… That didn’t stop them from happening, though, and many was the night I dreamt of her in my bed. I didn’t know what she thought of me, either… and so I tried desperately to ignore this fine looking girl I was living with.

She didn’t make it very easy for me, though. The weekend before (I remembered it fondly) that she had been home sick, and I had returned home to find Cerise lying on the sofa, a duvet covering her. That would have been fine, I would have been able to handle it, say hello, and move on with my night… but when she stood to greet me, the duvet falling to show her wearing hardly anything. This lovely girl, whom I had only seen fully dressed, jeans, t-shirt and such, was now standing before me unabashedly wearing only a flimsy, girly pink t-shirt and what passed as boxer shorts.

These boxer shorts were thinner and higher cut, feminine shadows of what they were modeled after. The set did not cover much of her sexy body.. And to make matters worse, she was not wearing a bra (for when you’re home alone, and sick, what does it matter?) and I could clearly see her nipples though her top. The shorts, being so high cut, made me spend the night worrying if I would see something I shouldn’t every time she sat opposite me. Luckily (or unluckily, depending how you look at it) I never caught a glimpse of the French haven lying between those smooth toned legs.

Then, the next morning, after I had gotten my blood pressure back to normal and just about recovered, I decided to go watch TV. Coincidentally, the TV was located in Cerise’s room. She was about to leave for a doctor’s appointment, and so encouraged me to go ahead and enjoy. After she had left, I entered her room, only to find what must have been every pair of underwear the girl had displayed on her chairs and bed. It was too much.

Her bras, panties, and other bits of lacy lingerie were scattered about carelessly. Curious, I examined it… not a thong in sight, but many pairs of white panties with lacy edges taunted me from their positions, and a few pairs of pink confections. Visions of her modeling any of them were enough to get me hard.

Needless to say, the TV was not compensation for the kind of entertainment I was longing for.

So here I was, a Friday night ahead of me and wondering what this weekend would have in store. There was a note to letting me know the parents of the family would be out all evening, so it would just be Cerise and Juliette, the 12 year old, at home with me. Not something I was going to object to…

And so the stage was set.

We watched a French film during the evening… to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what the movie was about. Between the French going too quickly for me and the hot Catholic 18 year old next to me… I don’t think I can be blamed for my disinterest in the TV that night. Silently I prayed for Juliette to go to sleep so that I could spend time alone with Cerise…

It was 9 when my prayers were answered. With Juliette gone, Cerise got herself dressed for bed and returned to join me. I still don’t fully know if the reappearance of the insubstantial pajama set was a conscious attempt to catch my eye or not… but it certainly succeeded. And I vow that her settling down onto the couch next to me, her legs folded and arms curled around them, was a direct hint to check out her ass. With the boxers falling softly to the sides to expose even more of her legs… I was lost.

After a few minutes canlı bahis of being mesmerized by the smooth skin being displayed, I realized that she had left the door to the room open, allowing a bit of a draft to come in.

Without thinking, I got up and pushed it shut. As I turned around to sit back down, she looked up at me, her eyes coupled with what I would have sworn was a devilishly wicked (but definitely cute) little smile. Did she think I had closed the door so I could be alone with her? I hoped not… or did I? I had only closed the door as it was so damn cold in here. But if she thought I had other intentions, she didn’t seem to mind, an impish smile playing over her lips.

It felt like ages before I had finally sat myself back down, and as I did so, Cerise unfolded her legs and moved her arms closer in. Her eyes were on the television screen, attention focused on the show, but I think she knew exactly what she was doing to me. In a bizarre way (and probably only in a way that I would have seen), I swear it seemed that she had angled her body towards me. It was like she was teasing me without being aware of it at all… or was she aware, and just playing with me? I felt uncertain and almost uncomfortable as my natural reflexes took control of my body… but there was something about the whole situation that kept me glued to my seat, curious as to what would happen next.

As I tried to concentrate on the TV, I became quite aware of how hard I had become inside my jeans. To be honest, it wasn’t unexpected as I am guy sitting next to a fine looking and scantily dressed 18 year old girl. But it became ever harder to conceal, and being sat next to the object of my affections and the reason for my ever growing cock made it even more difficult for me to keep my composure. Slightly worried, I shifted, part of my mind wanting to get to it and fuck this girl, and part of my mind hoping she didn’t notice.

Cerise noticed. Cerise knew, I’m sure she did. I mean, she must have…

because all of a sudden, without a word of warning, she lent over me to apparently get hold of the remote control. Did she really want to change channels? It was impossible for me to say, but as she lent forward I could feel her breasts gently touch my thighs. With the right arm outstretched to obtain the remote control, she brought her arm back and ever so gently brushed my enclosed cock with it. I flinched. Cerise didn’t seem to mind though. The smile again danced in her eyes. Perhaps there was more to this girl than I had previously imagined.

She didn’t change the channel. I knew what she wanted and she knew the same for me. The only noise in the room was the TV. Our conversations were all being had through our eyes. She put her arm out again, and his time, there was no mistaking where it was going. She placed it right over the material that made up the front of my jeans. Cerise could feel what was beneath and she further teased me with a slow, sensual licking of her lips. I was about ready to burst through the zipper on my trousers but I was frozen with guilt about what was happening… I couldn’t shake the image I had of her, the innocent saint so clueless around guys. The tension in the room grew as I sat there, frozen in anticipation of her next move. The TV remote slid to the floor, forgotten.

Her hand was still on my crotch, a light but firm pressure. Slowly she began to caress and I duly responded. The cock inside my jeans begging to be freed and given to this catholic girl, to be explored by her. Cerise looked up at me and I looked down at her…. our eyes met and I saw lust in her brown eyes. Our heads moved closer together and met with a kiss, a kiss that was as passionate and fiery as my fantasies. Meanwhile, her hand was unrelenting in its sensual massage. My mind whirled, and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to contain myself much longer; just knowing that this blonde, dressed in skimpy nightwear, was ready to pleasure me like never before made me irrepressibly horny. Subconsciously I pushed my crotch into her hand a little harder, and she gently pushed me back on the sofa bed, crawling over me with a wicked teasing grin. She caressed my cheek, and, with her eyes never leaving mine, let her body slide over me as she undid the button, took the zipper to my jeans in her teeth and ever so leisurely pulled it down.

Just that simple little movement was enough to make me shiver. I felt almost weak as she slid my jeans down over my legs, sliding her hands into my boxers, her eyes still softly gazing into mine. I was enchanted by the teasing smile she had, and I watched her as she slid the boxers down too, removing them both and tossing them to a corner. Then, she wriggled over me again, her cunt, still in the little pink girly shorts, right… over… my …. cock. My tee-shirt was lifted from my now flushed skin, and, mesmerized, I allowed her to remove it as well. There was something especially erotic and innocent about the fact she still bahis siteleri wore her pajamas, and I was lying beneath her, completely naked. I felt exposed- but it only furthered my arousal. Slowly she slid back down, letting her pussy rub teasingly over my hardened cock. I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation… and suddenly, hot, wet, her mouth was on me.

I groaned as she took the head of my cock in her mouth, her tongue caressing the head softly, expertly. Her hair was falling over her face, and I reached out a hand to brush it away so I could watch her with my cock between her sweet lips. I went to tuck the stray locks behind her ear, but when I tried to move my hand away, she reached up with hers and further entwined my fingers in her hair. Realizing she wanted me to leave them there, I left them be, gently tangling my fingers in her hair as her tongue explored my cock, taking all of it in her mouth. I gasped as her hot little mouth wrapped around the bottom of my shaft, the tip of her tongue spiraling and creating patterns. She moved her mouth up, her lips tight around the shaft, and she plunged her head down again. My fingers clenched, just a little, and she let out a moan, her eyes closing and her tongue working away at my cock. Cerise’s head raised until only the tip was being attended to. Her tongue flickered over the bottom of the head, making me moan even louder and push her head down over my cock again. She began to fuck my cock with her mouth, and I felt the orgasm in me building, building… she seemed to sense it too, and right as I was ready to cum, she pulled her head off my cock and I let out a gasp as my cum spilled over her face, it was white and sticky and came to rest on her cheeks and her chin… She smiled, her eyes closed, and she turned her face a little to let the cum flow all over her lips. I looked at her, and her eyes opened, brown and knowing, with a little twinkle that hinted we weren’t done yet. I raised my brow in question… she winked and licked her lips once to taste some of my cum that was sitting on her mouth and then again but so, so suggestively this time. My heart, still going fast, sped even more as I wondered what else this not-so-innocent 18 year old had up her sleeve.

I took a minute to take in what had just happened. All of a sudden, it hit me that I was lying completely naked before this girl and she was sitting there with my jizz still flowing down her face. I felt so guilty all of a sudden, that I had somehow just violated her in one of the most personal ways possible, and that I had done so in her own home with her parents out and her little sister upstairs. I mean, I was the guest in this house! How could I repay the family for their kindness towards me like this?? Guilt rose up in me… and I looked away from her, feeling uncomfortable. However, my concerns were unfounded; she let one hand lightly trace down my cheek, lifting my chin. As she looked in my eyes, she wiped the remaining large drips of cum off her face with one of her little pink fingers and proceeded to place them in her mouth, licking her finger clean.

In what seemed to be a pre-choreographed moment, we swapped places and she sat there, in her pajamas, with me kneeling in front of her. My mind filled with the desire to pleasure her as she had just done for me. I started with her little pink top and slowly, tentatively slid my hands up underneath it. The sensation sent a tingling feeling all the way up my arm as my hand touched her soft, smooth skin. My hands went further up and came to the two pert breasts that I had pictured and loved and spent nights dreaming about. Cerise let out a small mumble of French as she arched her back in response to the feather light touch. Her nipples felt hard and stood out erect waiting, begging for my hand to touch them. I continued to graze over her skin lightly, until Cerise decided enough was enough and lifted her top over her head, dressed now only in her childlike pink night shorts, which had become particularly damp. I smiled to see a wet patch had appeared on the crotch.

I moved my head up and readied my tongue to encircle her nipples that stood before me. Meanwhile, my hands explored the rest of her upper body. My tongue flicked up and down over her breasts, teasing her nipples with my lips. Her body was so silky and soft; it almost didn’t feel like skin that I was touching. Cerise’s groans and whimpers signaled that what I was doing was doing the trick, but her hands on my neck, pushing my face into her made it obvious she wanted more.

I felt wicked. I had waited for months for this opportunity, and now that I had it I wanted it to last. I teased her for a while and made her wait before I put my hands where she wanted them the most.

Without needing to look up at her, I then decided to slide down her body, our bodies gliding past one another with effortless grace. My face came to rest just in front of her boxer night shorts. The moist patch was even wetter and now I could savor bahis şirketleri the sweet, musky scent. I became aware of her passion for me, and it was incredible. My warm fingers placed themselves on the inside of her thighs, she moaned again and without thinking, she widened her legs towards me. My fingertips moved up her legs, towards the French haven that I had dreamed about for so long. They found the soft flesh of her beautiful pussy and immediately I began to caress it. My right hand then pulled her shorts to one side and there it was, her pussy, wet and ready, seemingly begging me to pleasure it. I gave it an ever so light kiss and Cerise’s body, laid out before me, shuddered. With that, I put my hands on both sides of her waist band and pulled on her shorts, sliding them down her legs and off her altogether. Tossing them into the corner, I turned to gaze at her luscious body. I now had a full view of her . She kept herself well trimmed and had just a tiny length of hair on her pussy. The stereotypes about French women not shaving were clearly unfounded, I decided, smiling to myself. Then desire overtook me; without a word I plunged my head down so that my mouth could meet her waiting hole. With the first touch, my tongue could taste the sweet honey-tasting juice that had been seeping from her pussy, I lapped it up like a thirsty cat and brought my hands closer to give her all that I had got. My tongue flickered over her clit and Cerise had to use her hands to steady herself. I sensed that she was getting closer cumming… but it wasn’t time yet. Oh no. Like I said, I was determined to savor this moment.

My tongue left her clit, sliding over her thigh as I used one finger to slowly but surely slide up into her. She moaned, her head falling back and her eyes closing…I started to fuck her with my finger, then plunging two into her. Cerise kept murmuring quietly, her hands sliding to the back of my neck. The scent of her desire was overpowering, so I withdrew my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. I wanted more of her engaging taste and used my tongue to play with her, inside and out. Cerise couldn’t have held out much longer and as my movements increased in speed and roughness, she arched her back once again and, with one of her hands, forced my head in further towards her. It was time for her to cum and I knew it. She let out a release, a kind of cry, as more of her sweet juices come flowing out of her. They trickled down her legs and my chin. I licked it all off of her skin, savoring the taste. Finally, when I had licked away the last of her cum, I raised my head and smiled at her. She smiled back, her eyes, half open, glowing, and she stayed lying back, her legs open and inviting. I realized I was hard again… and I grinned.

“So, Cerise… you seemed all innocent… but you’re really a little whore, aren’t you?” I murmured, letting my fingertips slide over her skin. She shivered, a little smile dancing in her eyes. “Yes…” I continued, hands traveling over her hips, “a little French whore, trying to cover it up, hmmm?” She blushed and nodded, unable to look me in the eyes.

Lazily I let one fingertip rotate over her clit. “And I imagine you still want more, don’t you?” Another nod.

“Hmmm…” I considered it. My fingertip continued its movement relentlessly as she squirmed under me. I knew I wanted nothing more than to feel her hot, sticky cunt around my cock… and I smiled. “All right then, my darling little slut… get onto the bed.” I sat aside to let her up and she scrambled over to the bed, sitting on it on her hands and knees, impatient. I took my time, sitting on the bed next to her, pulling her face to mine for a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and lay back, pulling me over her. Our skin rubbed against each other, and my blood sizzled. She smiled coyly at me, spreading her legs and wrapping them around me, positioning her body so that the tip of my cock was pressed against her cunt. I could feel the heat and wetness against my cock head, and I felt like I would go mad if I didn’t start fucking her right then and there.

My eyes met hers, a question flickering in mine. In answer, she put her arms around my neck and back and pulled me into her. I thrust into her cunt, moaning as I felt her tight pussy open for me. She moaned as well, her legs wrapped around me and she pulled me deeper into her. Her legs were so smooth, sliding against my lower back… I became overcome with desire and started to fuck her, my cock pumping in and out of that beautiful cunt of hers. Every time I slid out, I would wait for a second before plunging into her again, feeling her body shudder under mine. I could feel her body tense when my cock withdrew, and could hear her exhale as I entered her again. Her cunt was so hot and wet, her hands sliding over my back, her hair tossed over the pillow wantonly… all these things made me want her more. I drove into her, fucked her as hard and deeply as I could. Cerise moaned again, a little louder, and I silenced her with a kiss, my tongue plunging into her mouth as my cock plunged into her cunt. It wasn’t quite enough though… I knew what I really wanted… and I was beyond the shame I would’ve felt for asking it.

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