French Hospitality


“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the class of 2008!” Everyone cheered and a few mortarboards flew into the air. Marie looked over at Cindy and gave her a thumbs-up. Cindy smiled back. Yes, high school was finally over. Next there was college to worry about, but for now, Cindy felt good about achieving this milestone.

She hung out with her parents for a few minutes after the ceremony. There were many congratulations and hugs all around of course. Later, after things cooled down a little, she went and found Marie smoking over by the bleachers. Marie offered her a smoke but she declined. They sat looking at all the people milling about.

“Well,” Marie said, “no more tests, no more essays. For now, at least.”

“Yup,” Cindy agreed, “thank God for that. But I guess it’ll all start up again before we know it.”

“Mm-hm, did you get into Northwestern then?”

“Yeah, that’s probably where I’ll go. It’s a good school.” Cindy sighed.

“You don’t seem very enthused about it,” Marie said.

Cindy grinned half-heartedly. “I just wish I could take a break from it all. There should be more to life than work work work.”

“You don’t need to tell me,” said Marie. She sat and puffed while Cindy took her graduation gown off and folded it up. “We could take a semester off, you know,” Marie pondered.

Cindy turned to face her. “Yeah?”

“Sure, go hiking somewhere in Europe, you know. I have some money saved. Your folks are rich, right? You think they’d chip in?”

Cindy looked at her parents standing some yards away. They were talking with some other parents and teachers. “They have been asking about graduation gifts,” she admitted.

“See,” said Marie, “that’s perfect then.”

“Europe,” Cindy wondered aloud to herself. “I’ve always thought about going to France.”

Marie put her cigarette out. “Sounds good to me. We can stay in a hostel, get drunk a lot, fuck some French boys…”

“Marie!” Cindy laughed, slapping her lightly.

Marie shrugged innocently, giggling. “You’ll ask your folks?”

Cindy stared at the crowd again. 300 people or so still clustered together, most of whom she’d probably known her whole life. Same old, same old. “You know,” Cindy said, “screw it, let’s go for it.”

“Yeah? France?”

“France.” They high-fived, shrieking with glee.

Ten days later, Cindy and Marie had arrived in Paris and were in the airport, waiting for their luggage. “So where is this hostel from here?” Cindy asked.

“It’s a ways north from here. We’ll take a train. Probably be 45 minutes or so.”

“God, we’re really here,” said Cindy, looking out the windows. It was a warm, sunny morning. The street was abuzz with cars and people.

“Mm-hm, time for adventure. It’ll be a blast. Got all your stuff?”


“Okay, here we go!”

They lugged their bags across the street and down a block or two to the train stop. After a little while the train came and they got on. Before long, they were comfortably seated in a small compartment, riding smoothly.

“So,” Cindy said, “tell me more about the place we’re going.”

“Well, the site said the hostel is on the outskirts of a small town, so there’s lots of woods and naturey stuff on the other side, opposite the town, you know. I figure we’ll hike around, check out the village, meet the locals, and we can always take the train to wherever we want.”

“And French boys?” Cindy asked, giggling.

Marie smiled. “Actually, that’s the funny part. The hostel is unisex, so it’ll only be French girls. Or girls anyway, hopefully there will be some Americans, or Brits maybe. My French is pathetic at best. Whatever, Europeans are good at English anyway.”

“Huh, only girls?” Cindy asked grinning.

“Hah, don’t worry Cindy, I’ll personally find you some well-hung French boys to fill up all your holes.”

“Marie!” she laughed, throwing her magazine at her. “You’re so bad.”

Marie grinned. “Mm-hm, you’d be so lost without me.” They giggled as the train sped on.

The car pulled up the drive and Cindy looked out the window. The hostel was a wide, white building with lots of windows. It was surrounded by woods and grasses on three sides. Marie and Cindy got their things out of the taxi and paid the driver. They looked around as he drove off.

“The town is over that way?” Cindy asked.

“Guess so,” replied Marie. “Well, let’s check it out.”

“Bon jour,” said the girl at the counter.


“Ah, Americans?”

“Yes, my name is Marie, this is Cindy.”

“Ah, welcome, my name is Julie.” The girl scanned the book in front of her. “Ah yes, here you are. You are in room 26, one floor above. The stairw–” Just then, a girl entered the room. She looked like she was about 18, pretty, with brown hair in a ponytail. Marie and Cindy were surprised to see that the girl was completely naked. She was thin, fair-skinned. Cindy noticed that her crotch area was shaved bare, and her nipples were hard. The girl stood with her arms at her sides, her head bent downward slightly. No one said anything for a moment. They glanced Ankara escort at Julie but she just smiled and shrugged.

Finally, in a French accent, the naked girl said, “May I carry your bags?”

“Uh…” Cindy looked at Marie, who was staring back at her.

“We… we can carry them, it’s really no… no trouble,” Marie answered the girl. She looked at Julie, then back at the girl. “Is there someth–“

“Please,” the girl interrupted, “let me carry, yes?” She passed by Marie and Cindy and went over to the bags sitting on the floor. She bent down, slowly reached for the bags, and gradually straightened up again, as if to purposely reveal hints of her vagina and anus. Cindy and Marie could only stare blankly at each other.

Marie said, “Why aren’t you weari–“

“Room 26, Claire,” Julie interrupted. She smiled at them again. “She will show you around a little bit and get you settled in, won’t you, Claire?” Claire turned and bowed slightly, a sort of curtsy, then half-smiled in Marie and Cindy’s direction. From another room, someone called Julie’s name and she left.

They followed Claire up the stairway. “What the heck is going on?” Cindy whispered.

Marie shook her head, “French hospitality.”

Cindy didn’t laugh. “I have a weird feeling about this place.”

“Yeah,” Marie agreed, “let’s just get to the room and then maybe this girl will talk with us.”

The room had two beds, two closets, a couple chairs, and two big windows. Barred windows, Cindy realized, immediately trying to dismiss the thought. Claire put down the bags and closed the door. The three of them stood in silence for a minute. Claire absent-mindedly covered her breasts with her arm and her crotch with her other hand, half-smiling again shyly.

Marie went to one of the beds and pulled the blanket off. “Here,” she said, handing it to Claire, who took it and covered her front with it.

“Let’s sit down for a minute, okay?” Cindy said. Claire sat with Marie on one bed, Cindy on the other.

“Now, are you okay?” Marie asked.

“Yes,” Claire answered, “fine, thank you.”

“But why are you naked? Where are your clothes?”

Claire shrugged and looked out the window. “Mm, is warm today, yes? And… no boys are here, so…” She shrugged again.

“But you’re… nervous, aren’t you? I mean… you’re not comfortable this way,” Cindy said. Marie nodded.

“I am fine,” Claire replied. She set the blanket aside. “Is fine. Mm, supper is 7 o’clock, yes? Is in basement. You can walk outside, or relax here, yes?” She stood up and went over to the door. “Will see you again this evening.” And with that, she left.

Marie and Cindy unpacked some. They opened their windows and let the fresh summer air in. Cindy kept worrying out loud and Marie kept telling her they’d just have to wait and see, that there must be some misunderstanding. Cindy had a hard time believing that.

When 7 o’clock neared, they left the room and headed downstairs to find the dining room. Cindy was trying to relax. Maybe she was overreacting after all. She would have some food and drink and then maybe everything would feel fine. They were coming down the second staircase when they saw Julie again, chatting with another girl. “Ah, our new Americans,” she said. “This is Therese,” she indicated the other girl, “and this is Marie and Cindy.” Therese looked at Cindy for a long time, then stepped in front of her, pausing for a few seconds. She was starting to make Cindy nervous.

“You are very beautiful,” Therese said.

“Oh,” Cindy replied, blushing, “thank you.”

Marie cleared her throat, breaking the awkwardness. “Claire told us supper was at 7?”

“Yes,” said Julie, exchanging a knowing look with Therese, “right this way.” They followed them. There was a door ajar at the end of the hallway. Cindy could hear the sound of plates and chatter. Julie pushed the door open and Therese went in. Marie and Cindy froze at the doorway, their mouths dropping open.

“What the fuck?” Marie said softly.

There were four tables, each with six or eight girls sitting around them. Food and drink were on each table. That was all normal. What was making Cindy stare blankly and mutely were the four girls placed in the center of each table. They were nude, and tied with ropes in various positions.

One girl was touching the table with her lower back while her legs were raised up and spread apart, tied at each ankle to a horizontal bar running the length of the room. Naturally, her vagina and sphincter were completely exposed in such a position. Also it looked as though her forearms were tied together behind her back, making her quite helpless.

Another girl was lying flat on her back the length of the table. Her ankles were tied together, and she had lots of rope tied around her torso, though the soft flesh of her breasts was sticking out between the ropes.

The third girl was fastened the same way as the first, at the table right across from her.

The last girl was on her stomach on the table. Her ankles and wrists were all tied together.

The girls sitting Ankara escort bayan around the tables, while they weren’t eating, drinking, talking or laughing, would occasionally reach out and torture the center girls in one way or another. Grabbing at their breasts, pinching their nipples, smacking their bare asses, and fingering their crotches.

And, as if that weren’t bad enough, there were naked girls serving the food and water too. Cindy could see Claire moving between the tables, carrying a pitcher. Cindy suddenly felt dizzy. How could this be happening? Was she dreaming?

As if from far away, Cindy saw Marie step forward to the first table, stand on the bench, and try to free the girl’s legs, tugging at the ropes. One of the girls tried to stop her but Marie shrugged her off. She grabbed a butter knife off the table and started sawing at the ropes. She was attracting everyone’s attention now. Cindy could hear lots of shouting. Then, the next moment, Therese and another girl were dragging Marie away into a separate room.

Cindy finally snapped out of her shock, “Marie!” she shouted. She started to move toward the door to the other room but Julie stopped her.

“No,” Julie said. It wasn’t loud the way she said it, but very firm, as if she were commanding a pet. Cindy stood still, dazed. Suddenly, Claire was at her side, leading her to one of the tables. She allowed herself to be led and lowered into a seat. Moments later there was a glass of water in front of her and a bowl of what appeared to be beef stew. It smelled good and she was hungry and thirsty after all…

It was a dream. It must be. She probably dozed off while they were on the train. Yes, that’s what happened.

She picked up a spoon and ate the stew. She raised her face a few inches and found that she was looking at a girl’s breast. Looks like a C-cup, she randomly thought to herself. With a tan colored areola in the center. Well of course, she mused, and maybe this stew isn’t beef at all, maybe it’s ground up little French girls. She almost laughed out loud hysterically. Surely just a dream. Just a dream…

Cindy sat alone at the table. The dishes that were in front of her had been cleared away. Even the centerpiece girls were gone. Freed from their bounds apparently. But she couldn’t fool herself any longer. This wasn’t a dream. Now that she’d eaten, it all felt too real.

Marie. She had to find out what became of Marie. She stood up, crossed the room and looked out into the hallway. She didn’t see or hear anyone. She started down the hallway, but then a door opened to her right and there stood Therese. Cindy stopped. Her heart started racing.

“Where’s Marie?” she asked.

“Do not worry your pretty face,” Therese answered, sidling up to her. “She’s fine, you’ll see. Eventually.” Cindy feared what might be coming next.

“What do you want with me?” Cindy asked, taking a step back.

“Oh, as much as possible,” said Therese, moving up very close to Cindy until she had her pinned against the wall. Cindy knew there was no easy escape.

“Don’t hurt me,” she murmured.

Therese scoffed. “Well, that,” she said, “is entirely up to you.”

“What do you mean?”

Therese reached up and trailed her finger down Cindy’s cheek. “Just be still,” Therese answered. “Let me take what I want, hmm?”

She kissed Cindy full on the mouth, her left hand holding her neck firmly. Her other hand traveled down Cindy’s body and went beneath her skirt. Therese found Cindy’s panties and pulled them down by the crotch to Cindy’s lower thighs. Cindy gasped when she then felt two fingers probing her vagina. Her heart raced and her breathing picked up wildly. I’m going to pass out, she thought.

“Breathe deeply,” Therese said softly. “Slowly.” Cindy did. She felt a little better. Therese’s fingers kept plunging into her; firm, steady and deep.

“Do you feel pleasure?” Therese whispered.

“Let me go,” Cindy breathed, but Therese continued on. Her left hand moved down to Cindy’s chest and caressed her, moving from one breast to the other. Their faces were very close together.

“I think you do feel pleasure,” cooed Therese.

“You’re insane.”

“Oh? You are not resisting me, you are not screaming. So, you like it, hmm?”

Cindy blushed and remained silent. She didn’t know what she thought anymore, but she knew the fingers inside her body were undeniably well-trained. Cindy closed her eyes and focused on breathing, but she could feel the French girl’s lips and breath against her face, just to the side of her own lips.

Cindy could feel herself finally relaxing and submitting. Soon she would climax, and that was all that mattered anymore.

“Would you like to come?”

Cindy heard the question as if from far away. She licked her lips and nodded her head slightly.

“Say it.”

“I want to come.” As soon as she spoke the words, Cindy could feel Therese’s fingers increasing their pace and depth. Cindy bucked her hips and climaxed. She moaned as she felt the sweet release in her pelvis and legs. She couldn’t tell how loud she was being Escort Ankara and didn’t really care just then. She was dimly aware of losing her balance and Therese steadying her as she gradually came down off her high.

She opened her eyes to see Therese with a knowing smirk on her face. Embarrassment flooded her mind as she struggled to pull her panties back up, realizing that her crotch was wet. She heard laughter a few feet away. Some girls were standing at the end of the hallway. Oh God, how long had they been there? Cindy was mortified. She could feel tears on her face and didn’t know how long she’d been crying either. She felt so confused. She had to get away.

Somehow she fought her way through the girls, climbed several dozen stairs, found their room by random luck, went in and slammed the door behind her, finally collapsing on the bed. She noticed she was sobbing loudly. She tried to stop, taking deep breaths.

“What the fuck just happened?” she thought out loud. She lay there for a long while, collecting herself.

There was a knock at the door. Cindy sat up with a jolt. “Marie?”

The door opened and in walked Claire, naked as usual. Cindy stared at her in a daze, then flopped her head back onto the bed. Claire walked over and sat next to her.

“This place is fucking crazy,” Cindy said tiredly.

“Yes, but it takes time. Is not so bad,” Claire responded.

Cindy looked up. “You mean you like it here?”

Claire smiled briefly. “Some days yes, some days no.” Cindy collapsed on the pillow again and the two of them sat there for a few moments. “I’m to bring you to them,” Claire said eventually.

“Right now?” Cindy asked.

“Yes. They say they will return your friend if you obey, yes?”

Cindy sat upright again. “Marie? What’s going on? What do I have to do?” Claire just shrugged. “God…” Cindy moaned.

“Is not so bad I think.”

Cindy looked at her. “Will you help me?”

Claire shrugged again. “Mm yes, maybe. Is not my choice.”

Cindy sighed. “Okay, just… give me a couple minutes, okay?” Claire gave a small nod and left the room.

Cindy breathed deep, stretched a little, fixed her hair. “Okay,” she thought out loud, “so they’re sex freaks. Great. Maybe Claire’s right, maybe it’s not as bad as I think. I shouldn’t be such a baby. That thing with Therese just now… it was just the shock and embarrassment that upset me so much. This time at least I’ll be ready. And actually… Well, fuck it, for now I just have to get Marie back.”

She collected herself one last time, opened the door, and went out into the hall.

Claire was waiting for her near the stairwell. When she saw Cindy approach she started moving and Cindy followed without a word. They were going upstairs this time. Cindy stared at Claire’s bare bottom while she climbed the steps, wondering what was in store for her. One floor, two floors, three… Finally they reached the top floor. There was one door straight ahead. Cindy could hear faint sounds coming from inside the room. She took a deep breath again, readied herself one last time, and nodded at Claire, who knocked. The door was opened by Julie. Cindy followed Claire in.

There appeared to be about the same number of girls as from the dinner. Cindy heard some calls and laughs as she walked in but she wasn’t really listening. She knew she had to keep her cool and not let them see her fear. Some girls were nude, some clothed. The girls with clothes were sitting in chairs while the nude girls had to stand off to the side. Cindy guessed there were more than 20 girls in all. She saw Marie over near the far corner. It looked like her hands were tied behind her but she seemed fine otherwise. She looked at Cindy with hope and relief on her face, maybe some guilt too, Cindy thought. She saw Therese too, who smirked and winked at her. Claire took her place nearby with the other naked girls, leaving Cindy to stand alone by the door. The noise died down and Julie came forward.

“Well,” she said, “as you know by now, we have our new American visitors here with us.” There was some laughter and clapping. Julie quieted them again. “That is Marie over there. She is not very happy to be here, I think.”

“Fuck you, you crazy bitch,” Marie said under her breath.

“However,” Julie continued, ignoring Marie, “lucky for her, her friend Cindy has come to rescue her!” More clapping and cheering. Cindy looked at Marie. It was hard to read her expression. “Okay, Cindy,” Julie turned toward her, “first you have to remove all of your clothes.” Cindy halfway assumed that that was what would be required of her. At least there weren’t any boys around, she thought. The girls started clapping rhythmically and chanting something in French.

“You can do this,” Cindy whispered to herself. She got her shoes and socks off first. That was the easy part, of course. After that, she just had on a T-shirt, a skirt, bra, and panties. Cindy took hold of her shirt at the bottom with both hands and pulled it over her head. She put it with her shoes. Next she pulled her skirt down and off. Cindy started to feel everyone’s eyes on her as the chanting and clapping continued. There were other naked girls here, she mused, all she was doing was joining their ranks after all, but it still felt strange being the center of attention like this.

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