French Lessons – Séduction


With thanks to Le Beau Marquis for editing and several others for help with the French.


Li loved living in Paris. She found summer there was très magnifique. She could wander the streets and explore small shops. She was able to spend whole hours just sitting at a café watching people stroll by, lost in their own experiences of the City of Light.

Best of all, summer was summer dress season. Li loved wearing summer dresses. Short, flowing dresses with low necklines in bright colors. With a pair of sandals and her hair in a ponytail, she caught the eye of romantics as she meandered through the beautiful city.

Stopping in at a pâtisserie, she would thrill at giving the clerk a peek down the loose bodice of her dress to see her small but well-shaped breasts as she made her selections. Summer was when small-breasted women got to have fun. Large breasted women would complain about constricting bras and boob-sweat while girls like Li went braless and free, feeling cool breezes caressing them like the gentlest of lovers.

For Li, wearing a summer dress also meant going without panties. She loved the naughty sensation of having the breeze play with the hem of her dress and tease her pussy and ass. Having a stray gust lift her dress and reveal her nudity was an additional thrill she looked forward to whenever she ventured out.

Sitting at a cafe, sipping wine and nibbling a tasty treat, while an occasional passer-by got a glimpse up or down her dress was what summer was all about for Li and she thanked her lucky stars for the opportunity to attend university in the world’s most romantic city.

Still, Li looked forward to the beginning of the new school year. Her classes brought her into contact with a wide variety of other young people with diverse backgrounds. Not to mention a variety of professors.


Lying in bed, Li’s pussy throbbed at the thought of meeting her new professors. She knew they would maintain an austere façade during class, but would show their true natures in private. Handsome men and elegant ladies who would indulge in their favorite perversions after the class had departed or when they invited her to their homes.

Since arriving in Paris from her native China, Li had spent much of her time on her knees — sucking cocks, eating pussies, being fucked, or even all three at once. She had loved every minute of it and now she stroked her pussy while thinking back on some of her favorite experiences.

One such experience which she remembered with particular fondness as she played with her highly-aroused sex was the time she was sucking a professor’s cock after class when his teaching assistant walked in on them. The flustered girl began to apologize, but the professor commanded her to sit on his desk so Li could eat her pussy. The assistant began to object, but he insisted, so she hesitantly sat on the edge of the desk. Li lifted the girl’s skirt, pulled her panties aside, and dutifully began to eat the surprised girl’s hairy cunt. Not surprisingly, Li then felt her own skirt being lifted, followed by the familiar pleasure of her pussy becoming stuffed full of cock.

Li continued to bring herself nearer orgasm as she recalled inviting the professor’s assistant back to her apartment to get better acquainted and help her to embrace her sexual side; to discover who she could become if she freed herself from old-fashioned morality. Watching Li trimming her abundant pussy hair seemed a turning point in the girl’s sexual awakening. The straight and narrow path she had been on would no longer satisfy her.

Li brought herself to a glorious orgasm as she remembered the ecstasy of those first hesitant licks of her new lover’s tongue upon her clit — the first time the girl had ever eaten pussy. Li loved indulging in her submissive side — particularly with older, more experienced, and abundantly virile men — but that evening had awoken a part of her psyche that desired seducing women into submitting to her. Isabelle, the buxom blonde from Lucerne, was just the first of several girls Li had enticed into her bed.

Li drifted off to sleep thinking thoughts of finding other such women, starting tomorrow morning, the first day of class.


Li woke and prepared for school. In the past, the first day of school had been an exercise in nervous unease, but today she looked forward to discovering what delights the day held for her.

Dressed in a pale blue blouse and a short denim skirt, she braided her long black hair before applying deep red lipstick. White stockings and shiny black ballet flats completed the look she desired. Was she a school girl? Was she a call girl? She straddled the line between chaste and slutty to perfection.

Chances are there was an unsuspecting professor out there about to be hit by Hurricane Li.

Li headed confidently toward the campus.


Jenna wasn’t just new to teaching at the university; she was new to France. And to teaching. And, well, ‘ingénue’ pretty much summed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her up. Armed with a fresh university degree and two years of high school French, she had applied for a junior professorship to escape her unfulfilling life in middle America. She was elated to receive an acceptance for a one-year contract to teach English. Goodbye wheat fields; bonjour Champs-Élysées.

The last few weeks since arriving in Paris had been a hectic blur of settling into a new home, getting acquainted with ordinary life in a foreign country, and orientations on the campus. But she had loved the change, the positive step she was making in her life. She had looked forward to the first day of class with some trepidation, yet she felt up to the challenge.

With some kind assistance from the wife of one of her colleagues in the language department, she had selected an outfit for the occasion. Paris fashions had never been seen in her small town, but she delighted in putting on a matching bra and panty set in ivory silk and lace. She looked herself over in the mirror. The demi cups of the bra showcased her D-sized breasts while the smooth silk of the panties shaped and caressed her pussy and ass. She was reminded of the unexpected soft caresses that Joséphine, her colleague’s wife, had lavished on her pussy and ass as she had smoothed the material in the lingerie shop dressing room. Jenna had thrilled at the intimate contact at the time — though it had seemed innocent enough, and surely French women were known to be more free-thinking — but today, remembering the experience, Jenna realized that the caresses may have been more than just that. The older woman’s suggestion of grooming her pubic hair as de rigueur now seemed to have deeper meaning for her as well. Jenna’s pussy tingled at the erotic thoughts that had blossomed in her imagination.

Along with stockings and garter belt to match the bra and panties, a black leather skirt, and a silk blouse in pastel turquoise, she put on a pair of low black heels.

Jenna headed confidently toward the campus.


“Mademoiselle Na, please remain after class, s’il-vous-plaît,” the professor’s voice rang out commandingly.

Li’s heart skipped a beat as she heard her name being called. The first day of class and he was already requesting her services? It wasn’t as if he’d missed her over the summer; she had spent a Saturday night with him and his wife just a couple of weeks previously. She replaced her things in her backpack and approached the professor’s desk as the last of her classmates filed out the door.

“Oui, professeur, is there a problem?” she asked coquettishly, already kneeling before him and beginning to open his fly.

Li loved this professor’s cock. It was the largest she’d had yet and it challenged her abilities like no other. Its girth had become familiar to her over the last few months so she was able to accommodate it with little discomfort. The pressure of his hand on the back of her head had come to feel almost fatherly to her and she welcomed it as an expression of his affection for her.

Jean watched his cock disappear into Li’s delicate mouth. The girl was highly talented and enthusiastic in pleasing her lovers. Her Asian upbringing had instilled a strong submissiveness in her, but he was also very aware that she was nurturing a thirst for dominance — at least of women, if not of men. It was a trait she shared with his second wife.

“Li,” he began, once the girl’s lips had contacted his groin, “I have a task for you. One which I’m sure you will enjoy performing.” He stroked her long black hair and made eye contact. “In the classroom across the hall there is a young woman. A new junior professor from America, teaching English. Joséphine desires her very much, but as her department head, I cannot perform… la séduction.”

Li’s eyes sparkled at the thought as she worked her mouth along his shaft. She soon heard the familiar noises he made as his orgasm approached, felt the tell-tale throbbing of his loins. His cum burst forth and filled her waiting mouth. She swallowed it all with little effort and smiled up at him.

He stroked her cheek tenderly. “You will seduce her, n’est-ce pas?”

“Oui, professeur,” Li replied as she closed his fly, “avec plaisir.”


With her belly warmed by her professor’s hot cum, Li approached the indicated door. Laughter burst forth from the classroom. She stood to listen.

A female voice broke through the laughter, “OK, just one more before we end, who has something for me to translate to English?”

A male voice called out, “mes seins savent parler français plus que ma bouche.”

The class broke into laughter and Li did too.

The female voice, obviously the new teacher from America, responded, “my tits speak better French than my mouth.”

The laughter was renewed.

The teacher spoke up again, “Ok, that’s it for today. Please each of you select a recent novel written in English, by either a British güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri or American author, to read this term. I’ll see you all next time.”

Li waited for the class to file out before knocking and entering. The new teacher looked up from clearing her desk. Li liked what she saw and wasn’t surprised that Joséphine had taken to her. Like Li, this woman was taller than average and slender, but the comparison ended there. The teacher’s breasts didn’t just speak French, they appeared to shout it. Her breasts commanded attention, filling out her blouse in impressive fashion. Li would enjoy this assignment very much.

“Bonjour,” Li greeted the new teacher cheerfully.

“Bonjour,” the teacher replied, “are you one of my students? I don’t have a class now.”

“No, madame, you’re not one of my professors this term. I was walking by and heard the laughter.”

“Oh, yes, I was trying to break the ice with my class. This is my first day teaching.”

Li smiled. “And your tits speak better French than your mouth.”

The young woman gazed down at her bosom. “Sadly, they do, but I hope to improve my French while I’m here.”

“I’m sure you will have lots of help learning French and assimilating into the culture, just as I have, madame…”

“Oh. Well as you’re not one of my students, you may call me Jenna.”

“Bienvenue à Paris, Jenna.”

“Merci beaucoup…”

“Li. I’m from China, but I have fallen in love with Paris.”

The two women exited the classroom and headed out of the building, continuing to converse in a language both were trying to master.

Li had already begun to formulate a plan for her seduction of Jenna as she made her way home. Jenna was actually only a couple of years older than Li and that should make things a little easier; Jenna might not realize she was already being seduced by the exotic younger woman.


The week flew by for Li. She had sent a quick e-mail to her sponsor, asking for his tickets to that Sunday afternoon’s symphony concert and he had responded that they would be at the will-call office in her name. She then invited Jenna to attend the concert with her — to introduce her to some of Paris’ culture. Jenna had accepted without hesitation.

Now it was Sunday afternoon and Li was selecting an appropriate outfit for the concert — or did she actually want an inappropriate outfit? A wicked grin crossed her face at the thought, but no, she would still be seen as representing her sponsor, and embarrassing him in public him was not a good idea. Not good at all. Li shivered.

Still, she chose a dress that he had sent her for a different type of social function — she remembered that soiree and the debauchery it had included as she stroked the edge of the bodice where it dipped between her small breasts. This dress was shorter than the ones he had sent her for proper cultural events and it showcased more of her chest, but she hoped it wasn’t so revealing as to cause remark. The biggest risk was that her hardened nipples were likely to raise eyebrows — as well as other things — amongst any concert-goers who noticed.

Along with a tiny white G-string, Li had also chosen to wear a garter belt and stockings, which she hoped would appeal to Jenna’s desire to experience Parisian culture. Low white heels completed the outfit. Standing in line at the will-call office, she outwardly looked like many of the other young ladies who would be attending the concert, the main difference being that she was not accompanying a man today.

A few minutes later, tickets in hand, she saw Jenna approaching and greeted her with a warm embrace. She was pleased that Jenna had chosen to wear the outfit she had worn when they first met; it spoke of class with a hint of sex appeal.

Once inside, Jenna gawked like only an American can at her surroundings — the grand concert hall, the stylish Parisian madames et monsieurs — as Li led her to their seats. Jenna was further astounded that a university student had access to a private box at the symphony.

A glass of Champagne — real Champagne, not from California — during intermission was all Jenna required to conclude that she never wanted to leave Paris.

The concert experience threatened to overload Jenna’s senses — the sights, the beautiful music, the casual sexuality of the girl sitting beside her. Li’s exterior of exotic beauty seemed to accentuate some hidden secret just below the surface. Jenna found herself intrigued by Li. She also had to admit that she felt a certain amount of arousal in the girl’s presence and her eyes were continually drawn to Li’s breasts as they were barely concealed by the plunging neckline of her dress. Li appeared to be blending into the Parisian lifestyle just as she hoped to do and she knew she could learn a lot from Li’s experience. She would do her best to learn.


Leaving the concert hall, Li looped her arm through Jenna’s and pressed herself close. She breathed Jenna’s scent deeply. güvenilir bahis şirketleri “That was magnifique, I’m so glad you were able to enjoy it with me, Jenna,” she enthused as she guided their progress toward her apartment in the next block.

“You don’t live in student housing, Li?” Jenna asked in surprise when she saw the building they were about to enter.

“No, you’ll see,” Li replied cryptically.

Once in the foyer of the apartment, things fell into place — this apartment, the box seats, the beautiful dress that the girl wore so splendidly — “Li, are you a…” she began to ask as she looked around the sitting room. The view out the windows was breathtaking. This girl wasn’t just living in Paris, she was surrounded by Paris.

“Please don’t say the word, Jenna — c’est rien. Just think of me as a very lucky girl, which I am, though I can’t say much more than that. My sponsor owns this apartment and the box seats and he has made it possible for me to attend university here in beautiful Paris.” Li embraced Jenna with more force than she had intended.

Jenna felt the young woman’s body quake with some unspoken pain and instinctively hugged her in return, sensing some deep sadness in the girl’s life. She would not ask more, but she held her tight, providing the comfort and reassurance Li must require.

“Unzip me, Jenna?” Li asked after a moment.

“Of course, Li,” Jenna responded and unzipped the dress. “Who zipped you up?” she asked lightly.

Li giggled. “I had the portier do it on my way out.” Li lowered the dress and stepped out of it, being careful not to get it dirty. Folding the dress over one arm, she stood before Jenna wearing nothing but her tiny panties, stockings, and garter belt.

Jenna finally saw Li’s breasts in full, not realizing until that moment how eager to see them she had become over the preceding hours. She now knew that the peeks of the girl’s breasts she thought she had been stealing had actually been freely given. Jenna traced her eyes down Li’s slender frame. The white lace of the girl’s lingerie against her tawny thighs showcased her sex exquisitely. Obviously Li was an expert at whatever it was she did.

Li held out a hand. “Come,” she invited Jenna softly and led her to the boudoir. Jenna wasn’t surprised at how lavish the bed chamber was. A huge soft-looking bed commanded attention as she entered, and what appeared to be authentic Louis XIV chairs stood ready should anyone care to watch what happened upon it.

Li hung the dress back in its place in the closet then returned to her guest. She hugged Jenna again before placing a soft kiss on her lips.

Jenna felt herself melt into the girl’s arms. All previous thoughts she had had of what it would be like to kiss another woman paled in comparison to the softness and delicacy of Li’s kiss. She welcomed Li’s tongue into her mouth as her passion for the girl blossomed in her heart.

Jenna’s blouse dropped to the floor with hardly any thought from its owner. Li’s skill at unclasping brassieres meant that her beautiful bra joined it soon after. The zipper of Jenna’s skirt surrendered to Li’s fingers and the skirt was at Jenna’s feet. Then both women were standing in only panties, stockings, and garter belts as they kissed and explored each other’s body.

Jenna’s body was fuller, more feminine, than Li’s. Wider hips, plusher derriere, but she was fit rather than the stereotypical fat American. Li lost herself in hefting Jenna’s breasts and sucking her small nipples.

Jenna delighted in Li’s gentle touches and kisses on her breasts. She caressed Li’s hair as she moaned with her desire to experience all the girl could show her.

“Come,” Li invited Jenna onto her bed with a kiss.

Jenna found the bed to be as soft as it looked and soon the two women were lying together, kissing, enjoying each other’s caresses.

Li stroked Jenna’s pussy through her silk panties. Jenna moaned and spread her legs wider as her breathing deepened with her oncoming climax. The damp material clung to Jenna’s pussy in a way she hadn’t experienced before heeding Joséphine’s advice about her intimate grooming. Li eased the silken barrier out of the way and stroked Jenna’s bare smooth pussy lips.

“Li, oh yes, Li, I need to come, I so want you to make me come,” Jenna breathed between kisses.

Li plunged two fingers into Jenna’s wet cunt and began to fuck her with them as she resumed sucking her nipples.

Jenna was beginning to thrash on the bed, her breath coming in short gasps now as her climax crested. “Oh, fuck me Li, fuck me, make me come.” Her orgasm crested and bore her away to nirvana.

Li continued finger-fucking Jenna’s cunt, enjoying the sight of the woman’s large breasts shaking with each new shudder her orgasm produced.

After another minute, Li eased Jenna’s panties off her legs and tossed them aside. Jenna’s pussy was moist with her juices and deep pink with arousal. Li leaned forward to inhale the scent of her latest conquest’s sex.

Jenna felt Li’s tongue contact her clit and swirl around it several times. The gentle suction Li applied next was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. She felt another orgasm begin to build as she caressed her own breasts and rejoiced at having met a lover who could make her feel this good.

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