Friday Night


Sometimes Friday nights suck. It was a little after 9:30pm and I was stuck at home. No date. No party. No friends. Just my CD player, a book and me. All of us were sprawled on my bed on top of the pink silky spread. My dark blonde hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail. I’ve been told I look somewhat like Elizabeth Shue, only with a fuller figure. I had my sleep clothes on, a gray designer label half shirt that just barely covered my boobs, and a pair of powder blue baggy boxer shorts, also designer label.

I was tapping my foot and rereading the same sentence for the third time when Jackie burst into my bedroom. Jackie is my best friend. Our birthdays were only 11 days apart and four weeks ago we had a combined party to celebrate turning 18.

“Jesus Christ!” I gasped as I ripped the headphones off. “You scared the crap out of me!” I hadn’t been expecting her. She was supposed to be on a date with Brad, her boyfriend for the last few months. She was dressed to kill, with a satiny red miniskirt so short she didn’t dare bend over. The side was cut open almost to her waist and held together with three taut strings. The only panties you could wear with it was a thong, unless you wanted them to show thought the slit. I certainly wouldn’t have the guts to wear a thong with a skirt that short and tight.

Her halter top was a matching red with black streaks and sharp edged swirls. The material was loose and clingy at the same time. Although it could be worn with a halter bra, Jackie chose not to. Her nipples were clearly visible, poking through the thin material. Her B cup boobs were a little smaller than my C cup breasts, but the still jiggled and moved freely underneath the halter top. I’ve always thought she looked like a young Demi Moore, before the boob job.

Her deep brown hair was done up nicely, framing a face that was puffy and red from crying. Mascara and eyeliner streaked her face. She clutched a used tissue tightly in her hand. Her face looked like she was finely balanced between anger and despair.

“Oh, Michelle! Brad is such a bastard!” she cried out. Jackie fell into my arms, sobbing on my shoulder.

“What happened?” I asked. I was hoping to calm her down. My parents went to bed at 9:00 most nights and I didn’t want her to wake them up. I usually locked the house up around 10:00pm after letting the dog out one last time. Jackie released me and we sat side by side on my bed. The shoulder of my top was stained with her mascara.

“I guess it’s not really Brad’s fault, but I’m still mad at him.”

“Okay, but you still haven’t told me what happened.”

“Well, you know we were supposed to go dancing. When we got there, the DJ was really lame and the place was half empty. We hung around for a little while to see if we were just too early. Brad finally asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. His parents were out of the house playing bridge or something.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. You’ve been wanting to get into his pants for a while now.”

Jackie had lost her virginity two years ago. Since then she had screwed most of the guys she dated, although she and Brad hadn’t gone that far yet. She said sex was the best thing about having a boyfriend. I was still a virgin, but I got to live out some pretty wild fantasies though her stories. She always told me what happened on her dates, with all the juicy details. When she left I would masturbate while thinking about her beautiful naked body writhing underneath her latest muscular hunk.

“I know. I didn’t get a chance to tell you about yesterday. We were parked in his car making out. He was playing with my tits and teasing my nipples. You know how sensitive they are. Well, I unzipped him and took out his cock. Michelle, it was bigger than Ray’s!”

“Oh my God!” Ray was two boyfriends ago and he was hung like a horse. Unfortunately for Ray, he wasn’t very good at using his tool and she dumped him.

“Yeah! Well, a cop drove up just as he was getting my pants off. We got our clothes back on just in time. The cop told us to move along and Brad took me home.”

“You are so bad!” I giggled. Jackie was smiling now as she told the story. Just talking to me had helped calm her down.

“Well, I was so horny tonight. I even wore my ‘fuck me’ skirt for him.”

I glanced down and saw that her infamously short skirt with the slit was failing to hide her pussy. The thin gauzy material of her thong was partially exposed and the lower half of her plump pussy lips were clearly defined underneath it. I blushed and looked back up at her face.

“Yeah. Brad had that reaction too,” she said with a wicked grin. The effect was spoiled somewhat by the red, puffy eyes and streaks of mascara.

“Anyway, we were sitting on the sofa in his living room. He was sucking on my nipples. God, Michelle. I love it when guys do that.” Jackie’s hands cupped her boobs, her thumb and forefinger squeezing her nipples though the thin fabric. Jackie suddenly realized what she was doing and dropped her hands back into her lap. She only blushed for a moment though. Jackie Ankara escort had almost no hang-ups about sex. I had always been jealous of her. Making out with guys was fun, but I never seemed to get aroused the way she did.

“So anyway, his hands start playing with my thighs and ass, and I am just going out of my mind. He finally gets to my pussy and gets underneath my thong. I am so wet and hot by now that I just spread my legs wide for him. His fingers are playing with my clit and I am ready to cum. Then his parents walk in the door. They start yelling and screaming at him. I’m trying to get dressed while his father is just staring bug-eyed at me. I’m told to leave and Brad and his parents are still yelling at each other as I get in my car. Thank God I drove instead of him.”

“Wow! No wonder you are so upset.”

“Michelle, I am so horny right now. Two days in a row Brad has gotten me all worked up and both times he leaves me with blue balls.”

“Shouldn’t it be blue nipples for a woman?” I giggled.

“I think red nips would be more accurate. That’s what they look like right now,” she smirked.

“Why don’t you go clean your face off and we can listen to CDs and bitch about men.”

“That’s the second best offer I’ve had tonight, ” she said, smiling wanly.

I could see her from behind in the bathroom. As she bent over to wash her face, the lower part of her ass cheeks were clearly visible. Her thong was riding high, leaving a barely visible wedge of red squeezed between her smooth thighs.

With her face cleaned, she stared into the mirror, lost in thought. I saw her hand creep down her waist and up inside her skirt. She shuddered and leaned forward, her weight supported by her other hand on the edge of the sink. I watched as the muscles of her arm and shoulder flexed and released. The poor girl was so horny she was masturbating in my bathroom!Jackie pulled her hand out of her pussy and hung her head. I heard a softly muffled sob, and then she washed off her hand. She obviously wasn’t aware that I could see her.

She sat back down on my bed and we talked about boys and sex while listening to our favorite CDs. She sat cross-legged, which would have been obscene if she hadn’t kept one of my pillows on her lap. She kept shifting positions, moving her hips and ass every minute or so.

“I can’t stand it,” she finally burst out.


“Michelle, I’ve gotta get some relief. I know this sounds weird, but would you be upset if I…uh…you know, masturbated?”

“Oh! Uh…I…”

“You can just sit there if you want. I mean it probably won’t take long. If you thinks it’s too gross you won’t hurt my feelings if you go in another room either.”

“I suppose it’s okay,” I answered slowly. “It’s not gross. I mean I do it too. I’ve just never done it in front of anyone. I mean nobody has ever done it in front of me. Actually, both.”

I was flustered now, and beginning to babble. I didn’t want Jackie to think was she was doing was gross or bad. I guess I also didn’t want her to think I was a prude. She had so much more sexual experience than I did. I also didn’t really want to go stand in the dark hall.

“Thank you,” she said, giving me a quick hug. Without wasting another moment, she began stripping off her clothes. The halter top was first. I had seen her breasts many times before, but not under these circumstances. She was right, they were red and stiff. Her areolas were large and dark, matching her almost black hair. Her boobs looked larger than their B cup as the bounced fee. I felt my mouth go dry. I hadn’t realized she would get totally naked.

The skirt was next. It was so tight she had to shimmy back and forth to get it down off her hips. Her swaying breasts with their erect nipples mesmerized me. Once the skirt hit mid-thigh, the rest was easy and it was whisked off. Now she stood there wearing just her high heels and the smallest scrap of red gauze hiding her pussy. I only had a moment to look at her narrow waist with its firm stomach and the swell of her hips. It was ten times sexier than total nudity. My face felt hot and flushed.

The thong and shoes vanished in a heartbeat. Jackie flung herself down on the bed. She pulled her feet up close to her ass cheeks and let her knees fall wide open. I could see she had trimmed her pussy hair for Brad. The lips were smooth and bare. A dark triangle of close cropped pubic hair pointed straight at her clit. Her lips were slick with moisture, red and engorged with desire. Her clit was swollen and poking out from its hood. Everything was laid bare and wide open for me to see. I was having trouble breathing. I was caught up in the sensuality of the moment, unaware of my own growing passion.

For all of her rush to strip naked, Jackie now moved slowly. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed, and her back slightly arched. She took her tits in her hands and squeezed the nipples. A shudder rippled through her and her nipples grew even larger. She slid her hands down her stomach with a smoothing motion. Her fingers bypassed her pussy Ankara escort bayan and slid down her thighs toward her knees as far as she could comfortably reach. They dipped down to cover her inner thighs and slowly slid back up toward her pussy.

I watched as she took the fingers of her left hand and sank them into the slick folders of her pussy. Jackie inhaled sharply and another shudder rippled across her body making her tits shake like jello. She pulled her fingers out and traced circles over her outer lips. They quickly became coated in her slippery juices. Once the whole area was lubricated, her fingers slipped between her inner lips and began to slowly stroke her distended clit. Her right hand was gripping the sheets, white knuckled with tension.

My head was swimming and my nipples ached. I looked down and saw that they were poking through the thin material of my half-shirt. I wanted to cover them up, but that would just draw Jackie’s attention to them. I tried to hunch forward to open a space between the material and my jutting nipples, but it was no use. I casually let my hair down so that the tresses covered my condition.

Jackie stroked her clit for an eternity, emitting the occasional moan. She seemed to be having trouble finishing.

“Michelle,” she gasped breathlessly. “Play with my nipples. Please”

“Huh?” I answered, drawn out of my fog by her question.

“I’m so close, but I need help.”

I watched as my hands took on life of their own. They rose as if lifted by invisible spirits and softly cupped Jackie’s breasts. The flesh was warm and smooth. Jackie groaned and arched her back, pushing her tits into my palms. Wait, what was I doing? How had I let things go this far? Why was I turned on by this scene? My mind was filled with confusion, but my hands were filled with the soft, supple flesh of Jackie’s rounded tits. I struggled to find myself while my fingers rolled her nipples. I wanted so badly to stand up and flee, and at the same time lean down and kiss her beautiful breasts. Paralyzed, I did neither.

“Oh…Michelle!” Jackie moaned. Her hips were gyrating uncontrollably as her wet fingers caressed her throbbing clit. I could see it peeking out between her swollen, enflamed pussy lips, alternately hidden and revealed by Jackie’s trembling finger. The blood rushed to my head and I inadvertently squeezed her nipples hard.

“Uh…fuck!” Jackie wailed softly as an orgasm rocked her body. Inarticulate sobs wracked her body as her hips spasmed around her fingers. I watch, mesmerized as a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first. Ripping my eyes away from her wantonly exposed pussy, I looked up at her face. Her gorgeous features were distorted with lust and ecstasy. Her skin was flushed red and slick with a thin film of sweat. She was biting her lip to stop from crying out.

Jackie’s eyes opened, staring into nothingness, glazed over and unfocussed. With an effort she found my eyes and locked her gaze onto them. I could see longing and desire shamelessly flowing from them. Suddenly I realized that I was still squeezing her nipples mercilessly between my thumbs and forefingers. I desperately wanted to look down at my hands on her tits, but was unable to tear myself away from the heat of her stare.

“Michelle…Michelle…” she whispered as one last orgasm was ripped from her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I was freed. My hands flew away from her tits as if recoiling from a hot stove. I could still feel the soft warmth of her flesh against my palms. A peaceful, happy glow crept over Jackie’s features as she gasped for air.

I was light headed, almost to the point of being dizzy. I collapsed next to her on my back, our shoulders pressing lightly against each other. What had I done? I covered my face with my hands, hiding my shame. I could smell the faint aroma of Jackie’s perfume and the subtle musk of her breasts on my hands. My nipples were rock hard and throbbing. My pussy was wet and overheated. I desperately wanted to finger myself the Jackie had.

Was I gay? Why did Jackie playing with herself affect me like this? Why on earth did I grab her tits? I knew part of the answer. Because she asked me to. A second reason floated in my thoughts I almost sobbed out loud. I also did it because I wanted to. I started to tremble and shake with the realization that I had feelings for Jackie that went way beyond being her best friend. I had always idolized her, but now I knew that was just a mask for a deeper longing.

I felt something warm and wet brush my exposed belly. I was so wrapped up in my own inner turmoil it took me a moment to figure out that Jackie was gently kissing my stomach. I kept my face hidden behind my hands, frantically trying to decide how I should react. I felt her hair tantalizingly brush my skin and another warm, moist kiss caressed my skin. My legs became weak and I was grateful I was already lying down.

A pair of hands glided up and down my sides as more slow, soft kisses rained down on my stomach. Her tongue traced small, tender circles on my skin. Escort Ankara It was the most erotic, loving experience I had ever had. I felt my soul melting as my pussy heated up. I lay still, silently surrendering to her knowing touch, my face hidden behind my hands.

“You are so beautiful, Michelle,” she whispered, planting a soft kiss on my navel.

“Thank you for helping me,” as her fingers delicately stroked my ribs.

“Your hands felt so good on my nipples,” a gentle lick traced the outline of my bellybutton. I gasped involuntarily.

“I love the way your skin feels and tastes,” another kiss and more sliding fingertips. I was on fire. I could feel myself trembling, my skin vibrating with each touch.

“I want to touch all of you,” she whispered. Her hands slowly pushed my half-shirt up toward my neck. The lower edge of the material caught for moment on my erect nipples before sliding up to expose my large breasts.

“Oh! They are beautiful.” Her hands slowly caressed the sides of my breasts. I bit my lip silently.

“Your tits are larger than mine, and so soft.” Her fingers traced lazy eights along the sensitive undersides.

“I love how large and pink your nipples are,” she breathed. Her hot breath was just below my breasts. I could feel her hair brushing the undersides.

“Your nipples are so hard. I bet they will get even bigger in my mouth.”

A weak whimper escaped from behind my hands. I had never wanted anything more in my life than to feel her sucking on my nipples. I felt hot breath wash over my left nipple. I stifled a groan. The hand on my right breast eased up the fleshy slope and captured my right nipple between two fingers. The sensation made me squirm beneath her.

I was unprepared for the liquid heat of her mouth as it closed over my left nipple. I gasped and arched my back. Her lips and tongue toyed with the stiff nubbin like a cat with a fresh mouse. Jackie switched her mouth to my other nipple and her other hand took possession of my wet, engorged nipple. Time lost all meaning as I dissolved into a haze of sensual lust and desire. I writhed slowly beneath her, unable to lie still any longer.

Eventually her mouth left my breasts as she trailed soft kisses back down my stomach. Both of her hands toyed with my swollen red nipples.

“You liked that, I could tell,” she whispered. I groaned my agreement, undulated uncontrollably.

“I loved the way your nipples tasted. I could feel them getting bigger and harder in my mouth.”

Her tongue began to trace random figures on the skin beneath my navel but above my baggy boxer shorts. Her hands were fully extended and holding onto my quivering tits. Her hands left my tits and slid down my sides, raising goose bumps wherever they roamed.

“Your skin is so soft,” Jackie murmured.

I felt her shift on the bed. Her head left my lower stomach. Her hands gently gripped my knees and spread my legs while simultaneously pulling them up. With my knees half bent and partially spread, I felt her shift positions again so that she was between my legs. I couldn’t tell if she was sitting or kneeling.

“You have gorgeous legs,” she said throatily. Hearing that telltale of desire in her voice made my legs tremble. Her hands slid down the insides of my thighs, stopping at the edge of my boxers. They glided back up to my knees and then back down my thighs. This time they stopped a couple of inches inside the briefs. Up and down, each time moving closer to the heart of my passion. Each journey ended in slow circles traced on my quivering thighs.

“I love the way you feel right…here,” she said as her hands stroked the very tops of my inner thighs, just shy of the hollow that formed next to my overheated pussy lips. I moaned behind my hands. My hips and legs were shaking with need. I wanted her to touch my hot, liquid center.

“This is so deliciously sexy,” Jackie murmured. Her hands began to wander, explored all my upper thighs and lower belly. Her fingers traced the exposed curve of my ass cheeks and dipped into the hollows at the tops of the thighs. She caressed every part of me except for my aching pussy. I was grinding my hips, desperately trying to find her fingers.

“I wonder if you look as hot as you feel?” Jackie asked. I could here the hungry grin in her voice. Her hands left my hips and I cried out softly in disappointment. She gripped the elastic waistband and began to pull them off of my hips. My knees had to come together and she shifted backwards to make room. I heard her gasp as my pussy was revealed. I hate body hair and keep myself completely shaven at all times.

The boxer shorts were gone. I lay naked before her, wearing only my half-shirt, pushed up around my neck, leaving my tits fully exposed.

“Oh my God, Michelle,” Jackie said, her voice breaking. “You are so hot. So goddamn sexy. So absolutely fuckable.”

She gently pried my knees open again, much wider this time. I was aching for her to touch me. I needed her fingers to caress my pussy like they had caressed her own. I had been kept in a state of constant arousal for so long that I was on fire. Her hands slid up my thighs once more. No games this time, but straight to the very edges of my pussy. I silently begged her to move those fingers inside of me.

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